Friday, 31 May 2013

Mermaids and God's Milk

There are days when I ask myself why I bother to write anything at all. It's true that I look around and see corruption, greed, and moral decay. It's also true that this is not where or how I want to live, but I don't think that I alone can fix things so I publish my thoughts and the things I've read which may contain much of the same sentiment, or a more detailed and researched concept.

Then I read things like this and wonder if maybe people are too stupid to be educated or enlightened, especially given the kind of educational programming they seek out.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bankers And The Hairless Cucumbers They Play With

Not that it should come as any surprise because I routinely make mention of such things, but it's all right here in some black and white: somebody has had a 25% raise in 2 years while it's likely that those who work for him got 4.3% during the same time frame (except, of course, for those people who were outsourced, because those people got nothing). I can't decide whether it is because he is a scumbag CEO, or because he is scum of the earth banker that these things are considered normal, but it's probably both. Oddly enough, some of the names in this list dropped in salary which is likely still a far cry from having to eat beans and franks. Even less surprising, though, is that the chief of gold sacks tops the list...

I suppose there is truth in the statement: "shit floats" after all.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

photocopying a replica of a forgery of an original counterfeit authenticated as a genuine fake

I've made no large secret of the fact that I do not much believe in 'prayer' as advocated and prescribed by so many a commandeered religion, but that does not mean that my non-prayers are unanswered. Occasionally, I do get what I've asked for, or a reasonable facsimile so long as I'm not being unreasonably selfish. While I take some comfort in these small victories, I do not allow them to lull me into any sense of security because I know 'Security' is a counterfeit word trying to emulate an emotion which never truly was. Some of these victories, are really only an admission of what everybody already knew, which is not actually a victory at all, since, they serve to draw everybody back into the system in the thought that 'sometimes the system actually works'. Circular logic, I know, but one does not have to stare into history very far or long to see it's circular patterns emerge.

Of course, sometimes, things are simply put up as road blocks meant to trap you in the wrong place for a while, and others are outright distractions put out there by those who choose to see monsters everywhere. It's true that I think most things public servants do are against public interests, but, I have yet to see such a generalized statement as being incorrect. I am not going to call myself a psychic for being able to read between the lies, though I might be an 'empath' for seeing the lies in the first place. Then again, it could be much more simplistic math at play that 75% of everything 'official' is a lie, so I will make no claim on divinity.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Entrance exams of the apocalypse

Why is it not bluntly obvious to everybody yet that the criminal class have declared war against morality, justice, and common sense? They've been busily indoctrinating our children into the confinement of mind-game driven prison. Did any of these 28 students speak out against this gross injustice? When I was in grade 10, I would have flatly refused to submit myself to being strip-searched because I knew my rights, and I am not one who often refuses requests to get naked. I'm even more bothered that none of the reports I've found bother to tell us if the missing cell phone was even found!!? This leads me to think that it was not found. The other egregiously horrible reporting flaw is that this search is being called 'a disproportionate reaction' instead of 'an illegal search and seizure' (and in my cited example, an RCMP officer was present, and there is not even a mention of 'strip searching' a minor, but simply that a 'warrant' must be 'justified' and issued prior to a 'search and seizure').

Not that the European theme: 'necking with or unnecking with soldiers' sounds any better to me. Terrorism or kiddie porn, stealing money or stealing votes, somebody needs to fire the writers and burn the script because it's getting so repetitive that it's boring me to death. I'd say sleep, but I do not sleep, I never really did unless I was sitting on front of the TV. They claim there is less brain activity while watching TV than while in a coma, which explains why I tend to drift off while waiting for the contrived plot to unfold.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

I find your lack of blood disturbing

I would post a bunch of pictures of the alleged events in Woolwich to back up my thoughts, but, quite frankly, somebody already has.

I am no expert on the topic, but, I do understand that there is a red fluid contained in most mammals which tends to leak all over the place when one's head is detached from one's body... Especially if that somebody was alive at the time the aforementioned head became a separate entity. Maybe the Brits have a special kind of fluid that evaporates before it makes a mess of the pavement which warrants further scientific study, and possibly the full-out quarantine of the Corporation of London to prevent possible contagion --OR-- maybe there is something not quite right about the whole scene. Sure there is some blood on the sidewalk, but the body has leaked less fluid than the car did... Chances are that the official story on what has transpired here will be changed a few times, so pay attention and take notes, because eventually people involved will begin to have mysterious life-terminating accidents, and there will be nobody left to tell the gruesome truth.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The omnipotent and ever-watchful eyes of "iGod­ the Scornful®"

It would appear that Boston worked exactly as intended. I am not sure if Abby Martin or RT have filtered their on-the-street interviews to include only those who might be the drooling fist waving mouth-breathers who routinely chant "USA! USA!" whenever it's announced that they've chosen to invade yet another country whether overtly or covertly, but it is sad that there is not a single alternate point of view from the 'man on the street' saying they felt it was overkill.

Obviously, the plot is to make sure you are all sure to smile for the camera, which is everywhere, and to make sure you always have a fresh vat of coffee at the ready in case you suddenly need to welcome two dozen armed and armored law enforcement personnel into your home looking for whatever or whomever they don't trust you not to be hiding from them. All this and I haven't even gotten to the fact that I doubt the official Tsarnev brothers story to begin with.

google me this, batman

So I was thinking that maybe I could see about making a buck or two from this blog using the tools provided by Google known as AdSense, and built into the Blogger interface. I was not expecting this would become a salary in any sense of the word, but seeing as I have $0.00 as an income, anything at all would be an improvement. I was, of course, incorrect for assuming that Google, who essentially makes all of it's money via advertising, would have anything to do with me...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The myth of TOR

This video claims, quite outrageously and erroneously, that 'It scrambles web addresses into a jumbled series of characters" then they display a 'startpage' search for leucochloridium paradoxum as some form of proof of this random shit they are speaking of... Ironic that a parasitic flatworm should be their chosen example of random text.

What it can be used for is obscuring your IP address while you surf the web, which does mean that criminal activities on a forum or message board are harder if not outright impossible to trace back to your ISP account. So the 'add an an ounce of truth to ten pounds of bullshit' equation does rear it's ugly head.

There are sites operating in a .onion domain and the silk road they mention is one of them, These sites are not easy to find and they are not accessible from your main browser. These sites are slow and do not give me a warm and cozy feeling that I would like to send off my bit-coins in hopes of actually receiving a box of cannabis seeds. But I can still see how they might be useful in a freedom of speech context, though, I am not about to start hosting a blog there as I doubt I would ever find any readership that way.

I'd post examples of what I saw there, but, in all honesty, just being there granted me a paranoid nervousness that felt I was being tracked for whatever reason. I will say that the silk road is mostly a drug den looking site with over 10k worth of items in the drug category and 640 items under digital tools, which mostly related to TOR.

The TOR software itself is really just a firefox launcher which obtains an IP address from the TOR relay, then opens a 'private browser session' in Firefox using the TOR relay as a proxy...

Each time browse to a new site your IP address will be reported to the server you are interacting with as being different than the IP the last server you interacted with knew because your traffic is running through a relay:

That is not to say that this will hide your 'surfing while you are supposed to be working' activities because there are many underhanded ways that corporate networks can still spy on you while you are using their equipment. So this is not a license to spend 6 hours of your workday on facebook, unless you work at facebook, in which case, knock yourself out. I'm also not sure that this works if you are contained within the great firewall of China at all... Most importantly, if law enforcement suspects you are committing heinous acts from your home computer, it would not prevent them from tapping your traffic at the ISP hoping to pick up any non-encrypted traffic...

So I would not suggest that this is a 100% cure to becoming invisible online... In fact, at best it simply throws off all the data mining ad selling companies who seek to spam you out with ads 'geared towards you' while you surf, and even then, you have to remain very conscious of what you are doing in this 'anonymous /semi-stealth mode' because once you've checked your Gmail or started making online purchases all bets are off.

And forget about Torrent and illicit copywrong downloads, because first: the download speeds would be horrendously slow, and second, your torrent software rats you out by ignoring the slow tor proxy and finding a fast connection, like the direct one using your ISP assigned IP address.

So TOR, is something you might use to hide anything from dissent to human trafficking, but it isn't really user friendly. And I would not even call it 100% idiot-proof as a means of covering your tracks, and it's VERY VERY slow.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

I'm losing interest in interest for interests sake

Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today♪ --Pink Floyd

Everybody appears to know that it's a rigged game where the punishment appears to never match the crime, except maybe in China of all places. We have so many 'sayings' concerning money to help propagate it's myth, legend, and social status that it's a wonder that anybody has bothered to look beyond what it appears to be. Myths like: 'Money doesn't grow on trees' or 'Money makes the world go 'round'' or 'Another day, another dollar' or 'Rolling back prices', okay, maybe that one's an ad slogan, but it wouldn't feel right not to incorporate dead Walmart babies somewhere just for kicks.

The most common of these myths would appear to be that 'monetary supply and issuance is controlled and governed by the government'. These are the fairy-tales we tell our children as we try to impart our flawed knowledge upon them. Aside from being untrue, which I will get to in a moment, are we really supposed to trust people who put us into this much debt with the money supply? I wouldn't trust them to handle paying my phone bill. So why is it untrue? Well, think about it for a second or two.

Give up yet?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

The goose that laid the rotten egg

There appears to be an acceleration in the rate at which scandals tarnishing the ruling class are being discovered and reported on. From my perspective, this acceleration has very little to do with the number of scandals in existence, nor the number of back-room, underhanded, 'you scratch my balls, I'll scratch yours' deals that these narcissistic control-freaks get involved in. No. The way I see it, the only acceleration is in how many of these come to light, and how quickly they are discovered as compared with the good ole days (if there ever was such a time or place).

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

the polarized polarity of poles not properly polled (i think?)

I'm not certain where science went, but, I don't think very much of it went into this conclusion which appears to suggest that a cause, was actually the effect... It's as if they are blaming the pedestrian struck and killed by a drunk driver, as though that pedestrian had fed the driver excess alcohol and handed him car keys then suddenly appeared further down the road in the exact correct time and place to be killed. In fact, what I've taken away from this story is that we 'should' expect to see more ice forming in Greenland in the coming years while the Northern Ice Cap shrinks some (possibly even at the exact same rates), but I am no scientist nor 'climate witch doctor' so I could be incorrect in my assumptions. Time will tell.

Now for some more local events.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

It's pretty black & white, from my perspective

I've been aware since long before I started writing that there could be consequences to speaking my mind, especially once things get down to understanding the motives behind the conspiracies. The name-calling started long before I got here, and I could see it for what it was then: a thinly-veiled attempt to change the subject and discredit anybody whose evidence could not be disputed by any 'expert'.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

colour by numbers or connect the dots?

So they've been playing fun-with-numbers again. I would like to add that it's troubling that the gains have been in the public sector, while private sector jobs are still in the negative. They don't really highlight that fact enough, but it is really a matter of halting the $15000 welfare checks by paying them a government salary of a much larger number... It cannot help things for very long, and I doubt it will spawn a sudden recovery to anything but personal bank accounts or debt ratios for those newly appointed bureaucrats. It certainly does nothing to curb the outflow of tax dollars, nor generate new tax income. So I presume this is an exercise in making things look good on paper, I wonder who the potential buyer is?

Friday, 10 May 2013

curiousity killed the prostitute

Many, including myself, have pointed out that the CIA won an Oscar, this should remove any doubts of that fact. They know, all too well, that moulding public opinion these days requires some Hollywood pizzazz because those organizations claiming to report on the NEWS are losing credibility, because they routinely fail to point the finger where it was supposed to be pointing. We've become increasingly aware that NEWS is no longer the 'unbiased' information it would have us believe itself to be (if it ever truly was to begin with), because now it paints the agenda of it's owner in a much more obvious manner than it used to.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Boil ice cubes, or watch paint dry...

It's hard to swallow anything calling itself science, when that science makes claims that melting ice is causing more ice... I'm debating putting an ice cube on the stove and waiting until the more ice appears, maybe somebody will pay me for such valuable data, like GE or White Westinghouse, or other companies that could manufacture a refrigerator or weapon of mass destruction effectively based on the principle that I unlocked the secret to forming ice cubes in a pot of boiling water.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

of shit-flinging opinion builders and the language pirates

Ah, the news... Sometimes I find it 'unshocking' (really, the chief sexual assault prevention officer accused of, well, it was in his job title, what would you have him do?), others it's 'unsurprising' (wait, did you not just... Oh never mind then, if you are just going to pull the anti-semite card), then there is the expected flogging the boogeyman at the precise right moment, and BINGO! We've finally evoked the expected response (they were beginning to think the sleeping dragon might be dead after all the other poking and prodding).

Monday, 6 May 2013

I think, therefore I am... depressed

I know that so much that goes on these days is for the purpose of demonstration, because someone else told me so (many times)... It doesn't really matter what anybody else thinks of that source, so long as I believed him, and it doesn't hurt to have suspected as much long before being told. So I am happy to state that it would appear that the human memory hole is getting smaller, which means that they are going to have to try and find more crisis actors if they intend to keep the smoke and mirrors game in play:

The whole video is here (for now) this frame is @ 8:13

Sunday, 5 May 2013

the illusion of truth sets no one free

I know there's no amount of effort that I can personally put in that counteracts the effort of some others out there pushing one agenda or another, and some are pushing every agenda in under ten minutes, but that's not enough of a reason for me to give up hope. Bad people are doing bad things and for all the wrong reasons, no less. It is the same as it ever was, only now with less pie than ever before, and because the numbers lie, we actually don't have any clue how bad things actually are. With such disbelief and uncertainty is it any wonder that everyone is extremely jittery? And I say jittery simply because I can't find a better word for it, maybe I'll have to invent such a word: Terrorificified.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Crazy, Lazy, & Free, oh my!

I'd say I am amazed when the news of the day proves something I said about Montreal having become the city of protests, but I'm not really all that impressed with being right when police somehow manage to arrest 447 people at once. I did the math and the city will rake in $284739 in fines for 'unlawful assembly', which, according to a special kind of math that accounts for corruption, should fix 3 potholes with subpar asphalt. Granted that is only an estimate since there is no real math which accurately accounts for what the government actually does with money.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

burning down the lake, among other things

OK, So I've finally been reading some news... I'm not sure if he knows what sociology is... I would think using the word implies that he does, so this is really just a way to dodge the real issues, like whether there is any 'real' terrorism anymore (or was there ever any to begin with)? I tend to think motive and origin teach us a lot, so maybe that's why we are not looking too deeply into such things, and are instead, attacking anyone who suggests we should. I'm also not sure if he realises that if we are backing the so-called 'Free Syrian Army', he is guilty of number 6 on this list of horrible. And just in case you think I am wrong about Boston forwarding an agenda...

Consumerism kills. That's what I think that headline should read... But it doesn't, and never will.

mayday, snafu mayday

Well, it's mayday... Not that this means a whole heck of a lot. My life is it's usual snafu, with the added benefits of owing governments money, despite their refusal to grant me the services I paid for. I'd call it even and not bother hunting them down, but it's doubtful they'd ever stop hunting for me. I suspect something else is about to happen to me personally but haven't determined whether it's a health or a domestic issue...

There's always another shoe, so I doubt that the recent flurry of interest from headhunters goes anywhere but down dead ends, and then things go dark.

It isn't really where I aspire to be, but, then again, neither is this backwards place where we are herded like cattle "into the valley of steel". It's funny how relevant Roger Waters still is, and even more funny he wasn't declared an 'enemy of the throne' in those later Pink Floyd years...

I wish I had a better outlook on things, but I have really been lacking in inspiration lately. It isn't like the news out there has been much better than my reentry into the rat race. I read somewhere mysatan now owns Blackwater XE, or was I dreaming? Maybe it's that lack of inspiration, but I can't seem to put these two things together in any way that isn't scary as all fuck. I can understand the want to own a gun, but this is akin to having a flamethrower to ward off home invasions... Eventually 'a bigger hammer' is too heavy to wield, and I suspect that's what's going on here.