Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bankers And The Hairless Cucumbers They Play With

Not that it should come as any surprise because I routinely make mention of such things, but it's all right here in some black and white: somebody has had a 25% raise in 2 years while it's likely that those who work for him got 4.3% during the same time frame (except, of course, for those people who were outsourced, because those people got nothing). I can't decide whether it is because he is a scumbag CEO, or because he is scum of the earth banker that these things are considered normal, but it's probably both. Oddly enough, some of the names in this list dropped in salary which is likely still a far cry from having to eat beans and franks. Even less surprising, though, is that the chief of gold sacks tops the list...

I suppose there is truth in the statement: "shit floats" after all.

These people (emphasis intended) do not enhance society in any way. They steal, cheat, defraud, and lie while lending out money that does not exist yet expect it to be paid back ten times over. When that act losses all joy, they then bet money that doesn't exist against 'sure thing' investments they sold knowing fully that 'sure thing' = 'zircon encrusted, fools gold plated turd'. Then, after they've lost all their invented money betting against their own bets, when the bet was 'who could go bankrupt first?' they cry to mommy like some bully stole their lunch money, and some how manage to win the bully's home, future income, and offsprings income.

It's happened once, shame on them, it'll happen again, shame on us.

I know that there is plenty of blame to go around for the present state of backwards and outright odd behavior, whether it's the toxic drugs prescribed to cure fictitious mental illnesses, or simply something in the water. But the simple fact is that, when morally reprehensible near-humans are the most highly rewarded (and under-punished) members in society we should expect to see great numbers of monkey see, monkey do atrocities emerge in their wake. I don't think a PhD in psychology is needed to realize how that works.

I suppose it could be something in the food... It's too bad this story is fake because, it really is sort of poetic in an ironic sense. Funny thing is I don't discount this as a possible side effect since there was very little testing (or absolutely none, depending on who you ask) done by MySatan prior to their getting approval to experiment on everyone without our knowledge, so, really, it could still happen like that some day... Maybe some day all boys will be born with shiny green hairless junk, though I still think that would be too easy to point the blame.

What I can say is that MySatan likely managed to push through approvals on these wide-ranging generic experiments because a banker helped to grease the wheels, so, the reality is, it always points back to the same place, no matter what or who we might think was to blame.


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