Friday, 17 June 2011

The Cyber war part 2

RSA: Hacked
Lockheed Martin: Hacked
L3 Communications: Hacked
Citigroup: Hacked (most retardedly, I might add)
... The list is already bigger than this and has probably grown since I started typing

Reports are in. The cyber war has started. The open unregulated internet is about to be declared a threat to 'national security', and therefore a bad. The cyber death squad members have already been chosen and are waiting in the wings for the green light. The last gateway to truth and freedom of expression shall be welded shut. All communications with the outside world shall be forced down your gullet by the ministry of internet truth. Enjoy your Soilent Green and shut up.

Government is good. Government loves you. Government knows best. Here's some funny lol-catz videos, and maybe some more pictures of Weiner's Wiener. Go back to sleep until we wake you, it's all a bad dream. Here's a blue pill to help you sleep (the red pills are evil and should not be taken orally).

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Cyber War

Those who know me tend to ask me to help them to fix their computer. People who don't know me somehow find me in a crowded bar and also ask me to fix their computer. Let's just say having had a computer since 8 years old, and having been employed in IT for over a decade I know my way around computers and networks.

Computer and network security use terms like 'best practices' and 'industry standard' for a reason: quite simply you cannot and never will completely secure a computer or network that is connected to the internet. I like to say to completely secure your system take the wire that connects your computer to the power outlet, and throw it away, then don't replace it.

Huh? But then how do I use it?
--- fill it with earth and plant some seeds, or convert it into a magazine rack.