Monday, 27 May 2013

Entrance exams of the apocalypse

Why is it not bluntly obvious to everybody yet that the criminal class have declared war against morality, justice, and common sense? They've been busily indoctrinating our children into the confinement of mind-game driven prison. Did any of these 28 students speak out against this gross injustice? When I was in grade 10, I would have flatly refused to submit myself to being strip-searched because I knew my rights, and I am not one who often refuses requests to get naked. I'm even more bothered that none of the reports I've found bother to tell us if the missing cell phone was even found!!? This leads me to think that it was not found. The other egregiously horrible reporting flaw is that this search is being called 'a disproportionate reaction' instead of 'an illegal search and seizure' (and in my cited example, an RCMP officer was present, and there is not even a mention of 'strip searching' a minor, but simply that a 'warrant' must be 'justified' and issued prior to a 'search and seizure').

Not that the European theme: 'necking with or unnecking with soldiers' sounds any better to me. Terrorism or kiddie porn, stealing money or stealing votes, somebody needs to fire the writers and burn the script because it's getting so repetitive that it's boring me to death. I'd say sleep, but I do not sleep, I never really did unless I was sitting on front of the TV. They claim there is less brain activity while watching TV than while in a coma, which explains why I tend to drift off while waiting for the contrived plot to unfold.

I'm sure the internet is somehow going to take the fall for this, because nobody in their officially elected capacity would ever dare wag a finger at Hollywood or the mass media, because that goes against the program(ing). Not to mention how could they ever get face time should they lash out against those who keep the world mesmerized and dazed waiting to accept the next line of hard coding into their brains. Even if some inside the entertainment industry aren't afraid to call a spade a spade (read the last line, then read the rest of the story).

Your opinion brought to you in glorious HD and surround sound by the makers of war and famine. Where we won't strain you into trying to complete your own thoughts because we've already got the perfect soundbite to tell you which country's at fault and who's to blame. Another day goes by while we pray to the false gods in ivory towers made not of ivory but human bones.

I read a comment the other day which said the OWS had the numbers wrong because it's 1% elite vs 1% free thinking minds. It made me just a little sad to realize that even if the numbers are somewhat off (and I have no numbers to confirm or deny this), that it's still pretty close to the truth. 98% of people do appear to go through life on autopilot never stopping to ask the pertinent questions such as why am I doing this? Why do I never get even a little closer to that goal line on the horizon? Why, with all the hard work, do I get such small incremental raises while the corporation doubles it's profit every couple of years? Who benefits from all my hard work, if not me? Even these simplistic and very self centered thoughts are the beginnings of the realization that this is not a game that can be won because the rules are being changed while the referee is being distracted. The rat race does not have an exit while the walls rearrange themselves the minute your back is turned, oh, and the cheese is a lie. Maybe there was cheese once but somebody figured out how to make cheese flavoured caulk so it would not spoil while we weren't finding it.

Politicians claim to represent us, and occasionally someone with a conscience might even slip into the ranks. Those that do soon find that they have their own special version of rat race but the price of admission forced them to sell out to corporate sponsorship and remortgage the mortgage putting them in servitude of whomever (or whatever) bought and stamped their ticket. If they ever do reach that bone/ivory tower it's with the knowledge that their cause is no longer their own as it's time to work out that repayment plan... They may see and know full well that they had wanted to fight the corporate and banker owned control system ruled by Zion but cannot bite the hand that owns them and so one by one all the promises to take action are given cement shoes as they do exactly what everybody else in the tower before them has done: the opposite of what they said they'd do.

It's true that you can't please all the people all the time, but you'd be hard pressed to find 5% of anybody who is truly pleased in any of this. And so the rat race begins anew in the morning, complacent, brain dead, and possibly just a slight bit tipsy to silence that conscience.

So we're led to believe we want more surveillance and more totalitarianism because it worked so well the last time, yet we are still not asking the pertinent questions... Why did it work so well the last time? Is it possible that it was meant to demonstrate how well it works? I don't know about you, because I am not you, but I am aware of the presence and proliferation of cameras because they've always given me an uneasy feeling of being watched regardless of what I was or was not planning to do, and what I was not planning to do was bomb, maim, or murder so I am inclined to think that someone who was planning such things would be even more aware of the location of cameras. So why, if I were planing such things, would I not map out the best way to avoid cameras as an integral part of the plan?

I've decided that the events in Woolwich were done by MI5 dropouts. People who were almost recruited, but failed the entrance exam by a few points , because real spies do this sort of thing via proxies and manage never be the ones in any real danger. I'm not suggesting that the claim of a beheading, followed by police shooting 2 suspects are phony, but that this script was not written by 'lone wolf' terrorists. The most important detail in the whole story is not that blood was either added or enhanced in an 'official' ITV News video, but that these 2 people waited around for police to show up... Another interesting question is, if there were 2 people, why would you not have one record a video of the other, and instead go to some random person on the street (of which I have counted 3 people who were recording from a similar vantage point)? Why, if you had a plan to do something like this, and get shot, would you not tape your message and send it (or post it to a blog) on a delayed schedule?

It would be much easier to fake the resurrection of Christ in
a digital age... Maybe they should make 'in 3 days' or on
Easter Monday an option...
I suppose it's possible that this was the entrance exam, but we'll see how it all plays out.

I haven't fully examined the France incident yet, but I suspect I am going to find similarities and the punchline is going to involve cameras and internet control, and a lack of questions as to why an 'on-duty' soldier is 'on patrol' with police in a metro station? Soldiers are not police, are they? Would France be on 'high alert' if it weren't busy waging a war against Mali? I do find it interesting as this story unfolds, that cameras seem to have missed all the important bits. Interesting, but hardly surprising.


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