Monday, 22 August 2011

They aren't even hiding it anymore!!

NATO bombed the heck out of Tripoli this weekend (they were humanitarian bombs no doubt) and already the oil barrens are in-fighting over who gets to steal the supplies.

Remember when carefully laid out strings of lies and deceit were broadcast over the propaganda-waves to our idiot boxes. Well that apparently took too much time and effort, and now the story just ends and it's business as usual?!!! That just seems so abrupt. will the media now turn us on our next target? or do we get to watch the bidding wars (remember BP really cannot afford to pay restitution for all the harm they've already done to the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding coast, but they'll still muster up enough dough to grease a few palms and get their piece in the raping and pillaging of the Libyan people)?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

So what now?

OK, so I was on vacation for a couple of weeks and cut myself off from the world... Then I spent a week reading about what I missed and now I have no idea where to begin.

U.S. loses AA+ rating, stock market begins to crash: I can't say this is unexpected... I'm willing to bet that the banks would stop giving me credit cards after a dozen or so. Maybe that would not cause walls street to crash, but I've never attempted it so I can't even be certain of that. Regardless, Wall Street sometimes spooks at it's own shadow.

RIOTS and anarchy in the U.K.
Maybe this is a good place to start...