Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Matrix of Circular Thought Process

I was thinking the other day (well, OK, I think every day, but that's not really the point), and my mind wandered into the matrix and it's algorithm of perfect mathematical harmony, which, according to the very person who wrote and claimed the equation's perfection, was not perfect. This thought led me to the equation governing all things economic in our apparent reality, which would likely also be described as a perfect balance of mathematical precision and harmony by those who wrote it so many lifetimes ago, but somehow forgot to carry the one after dividing by zero thus leading us to the imperfection of what was supposed to be perfect... Are we still with me? Not sure I am either, but I wasn't the one making up the equation or fancy terms that all mean theft, so understanding it all was not really that imperative, but understanding that the world economy in it's present state is a paradox that should not exist is.

Understanding that it is perpetuated by people who claim to know more than anyone else but are actually used car salesmen who aren't actually selling cars is another important factor. So the world is, in that essence, a programmed reality based on an intangible concept which can't physically exist despite it's constant attempt to convince everyone that it does and therefore has to exist...

The mind makes it real...

We accept it at face value because nobody is taught to think, or ask questions. Of course nobody is taught to spell or write a proper sentence these days, but that's probably a side effect of teachers not being taught to think and society's present acceleration beyond ludicrous speed. Probably all going as planned according to the agenda of darkness, but I'm not going to try to prove that theory today.

I have, in fact, strayed from where I intended to go just a little bit, but all points get wrote when they mean to get written...

The thought of the faulty algorithm we've been made to think perfect actually led me to ponder that programmed reality in the matrix. I realised that here cannot be there based on my understanding of computer programs... You see, with all the malicious software that runs rampant on the internet we'd have one of 3 things happening which are not happening:
  1. The system would nullify this malware in an attempt to protect itself, and keep itself secret.
  2. Malware code would have evolved to hack apparently unhackable things as, in this type of environment, all things would technically be programs themselves.
  3. Every now and then, some code glitch would be introduced, like the code monkeys behind the scenes forgot <? Include $gravity> or ObjectIsSolid=True.
Unless that blacker than black material is proof to the fact that someone (though I suppose something is more appropriate) forgot <? ObjectReflectsVisibleLight=True>.

And what of all these AI developers? Would they not be thwarted for trying to build code that would directly compete against the AI controlled machines who locked us into the matrix? Unless this is what has people like Steve Wozniak suddenly so fearful of AI development...

Hmmm... I'm starting to think this might be harder to prove than originally thought... Ah well, if nothing else, at least I'm demonstrating how a thought process works.


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Confessions Unsworn Under Oath

Hindsight is a funny thing. It does not change anything at all but is seldom wrong. It also does not pardon you for having been banker puppet and industry stooge... In fact, it doesn't even exemplify the that you are not still puppet and stooge to the same masters. I won't claim to know the motives behind admitting mistakes were made given the circumstances that there aren't votes at stake... Not that votes really mattered much to begin with when creatively accounting numbers like this into an 'all is well' scenario.

I suppose it's all part of the loose-ends blame game where those who won't matter next year pin on their donkey tail and hee-haw off into the sunset leaving future asses an apparent clean slate from which to promise less of the same to any and all who accepted the brain wipe. But there won't be less of the same just like there wasn't last time. It may carry some slogan which sounds pretty, like 'hope and change', no wait, that one was just used... Can't give 'em 'deja-puke' can we? Of course sometimes more of the same actually seems to work, though I'm not certain why... Scratch that... I already stated the why earlier: voting doesn't matter.

If voting made any difference then a difference would have been made already, instead we get worse or even worser at each increment. There are many ways to measure the passing from frying pan to fire, but it's easiest to figure out how much a hundred dollars fills a shipping cart, what portion of that cart is actually healthy, and how many after-tax hours you had to sell sell someone to afford it in the first place. I figure that equation puts most people into the how am I even still eating category if they could examine now vs 10 years ago.

And while we're discussing the selling of souls... Or was that saving? [shrug] There's this fun little tidbit from the sold out nose-goblins nobody voted for... They still make all western policy because they hold the patent on our brand of freedom, which is manufactured by PepsiCo. Obviously their growing desperation shines through given such a transparent effort to deny Washington isn't already funding both... Wait, what? The CFR writer's name is Barak? Must be a coincidence... But probably isn't. I mean, he's not less than eight years old is he? Though I suppose that would explain this great game of global hegemony the CFR keeps playing.

Getting back on topic... Did I have a topic? I usually don't so it'd be a shocking change if I suddenly did... Speaking of changing, it's kind of nice that there's an uptick in mortgages that neither I nor my not yet existing great grandkids will have to pay back, but that statement sounds like I must be dreaming, so it's likely not real.

I could have sworn I had something else to add... Well, actually, I couldn't have if I lived in this town, thankfully, I don't.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Waking From One Nightmare to Be Trapped In The Next

I've hit a new patch of bad juju these past couple of days... Insomnia...

Don't get me wrong, I have had absolutely no problem falling asleep, staying there for longer than about 3 hours, however, is another story altogether. It's not like I ever slept much longer than 5 or 6 hours at any given time so I've not begun to suffer any serous consequences yet... Unless you count the occasional overwhelming feeling of palpable dread which appears to be situational and brought on by some combination of time, location, or possibly even people nearby at the time... I've not fully registered the cause yet, only the symptoms, which is always the first step in uprooting the cause. I'm not even consciously aware if this 'disturbance' is the echo of a local or global event on the event horizon, but, I've felt like this too many times to discount it to indigestion.

On the level of global events there are so many things which could be pressing on the boundary between the conscious and subconscious given the fashion parade of designer wars created to fuel banker profit and elite depopulation agendas... I'd list the many, but the Ukrainian debacle seems far too chock full of all the wrong stuff to override the Isis and Jihad John false flags. Not to undermine the fact that government spooks seem to pop up in every 'random act of violence' these days. While it's nice that so much is being unearthed, it's the rule of cockroaches that concerns me... You know that rule, don't you? For every one you see there are a thousand you don't which is why, if you see 50 of them scurry under the stove when you turn on the kitchen light it's cheaper and easier to napalm your house than call an exterminator.

Of course I haven't ruled out the possibility that my girlfriend these past nine years might decide I have to live elsewhere, or some other life-changing, but not, universe-changing event could be coming... Not sure how I'd handle that one either, but at least if I'm thinking of such possibilities I'm likely planning the workaround. What I wouldn't give for the memory of some bizarre and symbolic dream to interpret, alas, not even a fading image from the space between when I was sleeping and when I wasn't any more.

Funny though, how some things seem almost predicable... One CEO says something stupid, then before you know it the next largest competitor is cleaning up this mess. Me thinks someone doth protest too much... But, sure, let's worry about all those foiled rail bomb plots more than the trains which actually explode. Maybe I'm seeing the wrong angle.. Well, honestly, I usually see my angle from the only place I can, my eyes...

Well it's been a couple of days and the insomnia has subsided, so I guess it was indigestion from all the Mexican breakfast cereal being sold in these parts. Maybe it's that "not so fresh, er, safe feeling" of knowing that my safety and security are priority one in the halls of a hundred monkeys (parliament). Maybe I was simply working out who Scotiabank's snazzy tagline was targeted towards, of course that's not really a secret anymore. Maybe I'm simply preparing to defend myself in court at some future date for not submitting my most recent password lists to the ministry of thought crime.

The possibilities are pretty endless on what maybe a road to a possible future I'd prefer never to see. But then the present is already fairly close to a prior vision of the future I never wanted to see either...


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Engineered Anarchy in the Devil's Playground

Many have come to realise that this part of the world no longer manufactures anything tangible, and to those sceptics I present our manufactured ruin. It may not be much, but we sure know how to turn something into nothing. We've become so good at the manufacturing process that we export our skill and know-how all over the world. To call it "the American way" is a falsehood geared towards reengaging a populous generally perceived to have an exorbitantly high sense of national pride.

I used to take pride in my nation... Though I can no longer remember why. It's probably better that way as it likely prevents a relapse in a period of time when there is simply not enough time left to enter rehab and make a full recovery... It took years to flush my system of such easily manipulated externally inflicted emotions, in fact, it took almost as many years to rid myself of such notions as were spent putting them there to begin with.

I know it's not easy to fight an enemy you cannot see, nor smell, nor touch which is precisely why these things were done in the manner in which they were done. We live in the devil's playground where all avenues point in the same direction. In defiance of logic or reason and with nary a twist or bend in the road you end up back at the intersection of 'how did I get here?' and 'get me the fuck out of here' which is exactly where you just left.

Speaking of climate change, which we were not, I'm wondering when that warming thing was supposed to happen? I mean, we aren't even getting seasonal warming over here as it's eleventy billion below zero a week into March. If I need to eat more beans to add to the methane content of the atmosphere I'll gladly do it without reservation. Obviously this voodoo science is wrong just as the meteorologists are; they are now in a constant state of predicting it will warm up next week... Eventually they may even be correct (the meteorologists, that is), but in the interim I'll continue wearing 2 pairs of gloves.

I had a really confusing conversation with a client at work pertaining to big-pharma, the end of which I gave up on despite that this person's argument seemed somehow in support of what they originally were adamantly against... I suppose it simply wasn't worth the effort to have them back-trace what they'd said... If this is people waking up, they are only half flushing the dreamworld... Fact is, I'm not really sure how the topic got to there in the first place given that I work in a retail computer boutique. I know how to keep the charade masquerading while the cameras are rolling lest there be a trail of formerly aggravating clientele turned stinking rotting carcass all the way to the dumpster out back. I'm not sure if it's better that people are using such buzzwords incorrectly, or if total ignorance would be better... I suppose time will tell, but, with so many shills who knows if it ever gets better?

It seems people are attempting to wake, yet are in a bed surrounded by bear traps convincingly camouflaged to all but the most astute people, who aren't the type to seek out that particular venom unless it's to strip the ounce of truth out of ten tons of lies as an exercise of mental acuity... Or to point and laugh at the sheer lunacy of lies themselves. Lies only work while everybody has their story straight and can remember what the official lie of the hour was. Seems there aren't many who can keep the official lies from mutating which is what's fueling the desire to seek information elsewhere, hence the aforementioned bear traps which spew unofficial lies on their behalf; engineered anarchy, ordered chaos, organised disarray... Lullabies for the recently awakened who may no longer wish to sleep, but are not truly ready to face the consequences of actually having to think for themselves.