Saturday, 27 October 2012

Honestly, this sentence is a lie.

We tell ourselves all manner of lies in order to get through the day. Today is Friday, the last day of the humdrum routine of earning paper for the elites who actually work for the banks who work for Zion which prays to Satan. But it's not really the end of this routine since it all begins anew on Monday meaning the routine is really about this 5/7 split where I get to spend more of my life feeding the vampire squid than fighting it.

I am late to my fate again on this date. But in reality I shall arrive exactly when I am meant to. I'll claim to have overslept when in reality I haven't slept enough in weeks owing to the 5/7 split that devotes too much of my time to feeding those who are already overstuffed while the remainder goes to those who truly have need. Thus a deficit is incurred where I claim I'll pay myself back tomorrow, even though I won't (because who has the time?). It's easy to say I'll make time for that tomorrow, but, does anybody know how to "make" time? More lies to ourselves, to cover the gaps in previous lies.

So we say: I'd love to make a copy of me to divide this overflow with. But that's not true either, because if I were confronted with a copy of me, my gut reaction would be to kill me without hesitation (preferably with fire). But maybe that's also a lie, with so many juggled lies, it becomes difficult to know when we've stopped lying to ourselves, doesn't it?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Illuminate the underture

The world can rest easy knowing that the terrorists are short a flashlight. Yes, now the terrorists cannot operate under cover of darkness for fear of bumping into walls, and stuff. So now maybe that "see something say something" neighbourhood snitch program will work more effectively with the terrorist ninjas forced to operate @ high-noon. I will certainly sleep just a little better at night.

Oh, but wait a second... They still have internet, so maybe I should continue to lie awake rocking back and forth all night cowering in my fear that the boogerman is busy surfing porn and buying thermonuclear devices on eBay. Maybe some government body can protect me from evil terrorist porn surfers when they are done blowing up flashlights, or fleshlights. Maybe the UN can simply declare that using the internet to surf terrorist porn, or buy thermonuclear devices on eBay, or sending encrypted messages in a plot to take over the world via USENET is illegal (I'm pretty sure the only encrypted messages on USENET are CIA bait). The UN declaring torture and other such war crimes as being illegal worked splendidly just ask convicted war criminals Cheney and Bush... (And I am surprised if there isn't already some law about thermonuclear devices being sold on eBay... Maybe that was a 5 per client limit...)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The life and times of Diamond Dildos

I'm surprised to hear this sudden revelation wherein governments should be issuing a debt free currency instead of borrowing from international banking cartels at interest. Well not at the statement so much (since I've made this statement myself) as I am about the originator of the statement: the IMF. I always had them pegged as being in league with the sad sacks at Goldman Sachs. My gut feeling still doesn't state otherwise, so I'm at a bit of a loss for what to make of this situation. Might be a trap embedded in their schematics, so tread carefully.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Decrypting the MATRIX

Many out there use The MATRIX trilogy in reference to the conscious awakening which appears to be happening (and escalating) in recent years. I also do this because there are many, many references in the movies which directly illustrate the real world and the 'American Dream' (world) even if it's simply at a symbolic level. I've decided to dedicate this post to all of the references and their translations.
Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure it was real? What if you were unable to awake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world, and the real world?
Technically, regardless of whether we are fully awake or not awake at all, life and everything we may need to survive in this world costs money. Money in most countries is part of the system enslaving us as it is borrowed by governments at interest from international banking conglomerates. This is the exact same thing as personal loans, mortgages, and business loans, and even credit cards, in that, interest is added to interest in perpetuity ad nauseum. Skip a payment, add two extra payments down the road... The trouble is that for each dollar printed into existence there is an added percentage, I hold a $10 bill in my hand, but to those it was borrowed from it is worth $10.10... So? So ask a simple question: how do we find that 10¢ when the dime would cost 10.1¢? So we'll print 10 dimes and 1 penny which owes $1.01101. It never actually ends and there is never enough money in existence to cover the interest because new money costs more money that doesn't yet exist... But without money we are homeless, naked, and starving, just like NEO would have been after being flushed from the power plant when he woke up were it not for Morpheus' rescue. Most countries actually had a solution to this problem at one time, but were convinced by international banking conglomerates that printing money was far too complicated for mere mortals and should be left up to, none other than, international banking conglomerates... Fancy that... This only ends, when money is printed by governments without interest, true, it must be carefully managed so as not to hyper inflate or hyper-deflate, but at least $10 won't have a dime nobody can see somehow embedded into it... And we are finally able to wake from the dreamworld.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Atlas needs Robax Platinum®

The world has felt heavier than normal this week. It's possible that this flu has just been kicking my ass, and my sluggishness has given me the perspective of a heavier world, but that doesn't sit properly in my gut. Especially when combined with my inability to stop blogging. So, I couldn't really be all that sluggish if I'm reading the same volume of information, and writing more than normal. Could I?

But if there is more to this heaviness, what could that 'more' be? It isn't even as though it's only me, because I've been observing unusual reactions from people around me as well. People who are normally quite calm appear tense and over-stressed. I'm starting to think I need to take a closer look into all this Kali Yuga talk in Les Visible's writings. Not that Vis has given me reason to doubt his sanity, but that he sometimes speaks over my head where words sound pretty but don't resonate inside of consciousness long enough to become a cohesive thought pattern.

Thursday, 18 October 2012



A glitch in the MATRIX

Federal worker charged in hacking of Quebec government website:
An employee under contract with the RCMP and House of Commons faces charges by RCMP after the government of Quebec website was hacked.
NEO:    Programs hacking programs. Why?
ORACLE: They have their reasons, but usually a program chooses exile when it faces deletion.
NEO:    And why would a program be deleted?
ORACLE: Maybe it breaks down. Maybe a better program is created to replace it, happens all the time. And when it does, a program can either choose to hide here, or return to the source.

Insofar as we're willing to look

The Local News this week has been in hyperdrive
Charbonneau commission won't explore federal parties:
Officials at the inquiry have explicitly stated that federal politics is none of their business while Elections Canada wouldn't confirm whether it planned to follow up on testimony emerging at the probe.
They claim that when you don't spray the whole building for roaches, you never get rid of them because they'll all scurry into that one place where there is no poison and thrive until the poison is no longer an issue

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

No good deed goes unpunnished (by douchebag controlfreaks)

Editors note: This post was actually written in the last week of September, but stayed in "Drafts" without me realizing it... Technically My article on October 9th refers to this article... Forgive the odd timeline.

There has been a death in the extended family lately. By extended, I mean not a blood relative, but a relative of my girlfriend. This relative had no children and is survived only by an elderly Mother, a handicapped Brother and a Niece and a somewhat estranged Nefew of barely adult age. She was also somewhat handicapped and had been in a nursing home for the past year as she was deemed unable to perform many of the basics required to be self-sufficient (cooking, laundry, bathing). Given that she was not extraordinarily old we can say the death was rather unexpected, was completely not planned for, nor even paid for.

Knowing that planning a funeral was going to take a great deal of effort and strife. I requested 3 days off unpaid (2 to plan and get all the paperwork in order, 1 for the funeral) and explained the situation person had nobody and would be left to the care of the Government if nobody stepped up. The H.R. manager agreed that these were in-deed extenuating circumstances and that this family was more akin to a dependent child, than to adults.

2 long and stressful days of realizing that I either need to make and pay for my own arrangements now, or learn the secrets of immortality. I return to work for some much needed rest (or at least a more finite day). Some people had concerns and there were the well-wishers around who are being sympathetic, and that is nice, but it hardly compensates for the Management...

More fake terrorism

It's funny how all bomb plots seem to originate from "undercover" agents. Not funny 'ha ha' though. I'm not laughing


Monday, 15 October 2012

Antibacterial: Now with Bacteria

Antibacterial hand soap recalled:
Avmor's Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Soap containing triclosan may be contaminated with bacteria
Is this some kind of joke? How do you infect disinfectant?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Walk your own path

I tend to subscribe to the idea that my view of the world is fairly unique. True, others might see portions of the whole, but then bizarrely suggest that the solution to a particular problem is something I would identify as yet another problem. Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot. Or between two rocks and four hard places, 6 in one hand and half a dozen in the other, however you choose to measure it is irrelevant. It's like attempting to quit drinking by taking up recreational cocaine use: it ends badly.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Douchebag controlfreaks

Once, over a decade ago, I was suspended for not telling a manager in my company what my network password was while I was on vacation. He wasn't even my manager which seemed even more strange. I shrugged it off and took 3 days unpaid vacation added to the 2 weeks I already had. I did not use that time to think about what I had done because according to documents I had signed when network access was given to me: "I will not share nor reveal this password to anyone."... It seemed to be quite clearly written in a language I could understand. I later pulled that document from my file to dispute their failure to pay me for three days. This really pissed off that manager to know that not only had I not learned to meekly obey, but I had learned how to use their own rules against them while it was convenient to me. He never spoke to me again, and any interaction that was required from that day forward was sent in writing via 3rd party messenger.

At the time, this was rare behavior from 'the management'. That no longer appears to be the case as I read more and more horror stories atop adding my own to the pile.

Flash forward over a decade. My gestapo for the last 4.5 years has routinely stated that I am not important enough for a company cell phone, yet has complained for 4.25 years that I do not have a cell phone (I know, this is already retarded, but wait! There's more.). Three months ago, I was completely fed up of finding myself in these situations where, I was waiting for someone, or just waiting at a bus stop in the rain for far longer than I should have, or even just needing to get some quick bit of information from somebody but realizing I lacked change, or a phone booth anywhere within range of visible acuity (Phone Booth? do they still make those?). So I finally get myself a cell phone... I bought it, and I pay the plan, MY phone.

3 months go by and it is not mentioned. I do use it to jot down notes during my day, or photograph some computer screen, to remind myself of later. So I have not been hiding it and have found ways to assist myself in my job and/or memory, but I am not really using it as a phone while at work. I do not answer it when it rings, I reply to texts during breaks because I know that I should not be on my personal cell phone at all hours while at work... Besides, it's been at least 5 years that nobody could reach me 'right now' so most folks are used to me calling back when I get the message. Things are going well, I can augment my professionalism and not detract from work hours (by stealing time), so I have found the perfect balance.

Until last week.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The choice is ours

So it should be fairly apparent to everybody by now that the food chain is nowhere near as diverse as it needs to be, and that we are no longer on the top level of the food chain since our food now kills us, possibly for sport, and certainly for profit. It might also be apparent where all the trouble stems from, but, as you've likely heard, appearances can be deceiving. Truly you cannot judge a book by it's cover, but we can no longer judge a book by it's pages either.