Monday, 29 June 2015

Backdoor Tango with Sexually Deviant Eunuchs

I am quite certain that we've been told for decades that default backdoors do not exist in our devices, unless, they actually do, in which case... Well, um, I don't really have a case, and if my case were a Cisco product, I might have a Viking funeral for it.

The smart money is not going to listen to those who think they know smart money. Not that I think there is smart money, but, I'm less inclined to have faith in the 'everything's fine, go back to your own business' approach. I know they don't want to start a panic, unless it's in Greece, or Italy, and I think Portugal's pretty well on the verge of similar... Well, technically, everyone is very near to one missed debt payment from homeless, which is where the overall plan was leading us to. Correction, it's a plan. There are other plans so real you'll wonder if it's live, or Rolodex, or however the saying goes. I try not to figure out how these peoples minds work when buying twice as much for only 75% more cost was a good reason to vaccinate boys against cervical cancer... ............. Nope.. I'm going back to not trying, it hurts far less.

They are out in full force in order to assert their superior weaponry, because they know the veil is slowly being torn away, and we are less likely to go willingly unto our doom while they write checks nobody can cash. ... And I mean nobody has that kind of cash, I've checked the couch cushions, and found myself $49999.45 short of my portion of the 350 trillion... But I'll gladly send them the 55¢ I found there... Except that it costs more to mail it. Besides my math is still flawed in that I've counted newborns as having the same share, but, technically, so did they.

OK, maybe the veil isn't being ripped off quickly, like a band-aid, but it is becoming so much easier to to read between the lines and see the motives written in lemon juice while the pages are being backlit by yet another unseen force. It must be as frustrating as being a sexually deviant eunuch, to watch such plans unraveling so easily.

Speaking of unraveling, this has to be one of the shortest 'head of the bar association' appointments ever... I suppose being married to the minister of justice affords some gratuitous rug sweeping.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Good, Old-fashioned Flag Burnings

Media whores gotta keep on whoring, witness the white/black, straight/lesbian who will be anything for 5 more seconds of fame... Just remember, without Kaitlyn Jenner none of this is possible... And that's all I have to say about that.

Obviously the distraction is working, though I'm not certain why the CBC is reporting on this... Maybe that's a distraction from the Greek/Ukrainian double-standard, or, maybe it's just about Greece. Who knows? I certainly don't. I've seen a a completely worthless chart depicting it which tells me not a whole lot thrown out there like it's the holy grail of collapse theorem, despite being a tweet of an image with little source data. Maybe there is something to it, and maybe it's just 2 lines on a chart, but I tend to prefer seeing the thousand words behind the picture before I judge the veracity of things.

In other financial arenas, the last time something like this was announced was on September 10th, 2001, then, the very next morning, a large section of that building collapsed having been struck by a high speed incendiary flying thing... They probably have the same accountant as these people. Just making an observation.

While I'm on the topic of bean-counters, which I've arrived at unintentionally, we are fast arriving at the point wherein we shit on a scale with a direct uplink to government databases as they'll tax it on the way out too. Imagine the money they could make selling that data to perfume companies trying to create new 'designer shit scents'. Win/win. I mean it's not as if they are making money via their old bag of tricks, at least not since the banks figured out how much enslavement they can amass with these same tools. Why steal the cow when you can foreclose the entire farm for free?

I'm confused by the progression at some of the sites I read... On the one hand you should train your kids to be a bank slave, then on the other you shouldn't be one yourself. I know these are two different sites, but the progression in my feeds puts then in immediate progression of each other. Maybe it's all part of the confuse and distract campaign... Hmm, I think I've found a proper slogan for the next political race. Or, maybe they won't even need to do that anymore.

The politically correct Nazi camp has seemingly banned a flag. Now it's true that this flag seems to make an appearance at any and all staged events of bigotry, but, that wouldn't likely have been the flags fault... It's all part for the course because the course is all about changing how we got here and forgetting about it completely. If we don't talk about it, eventually it never even happened. Of course, you probably can't read about it unmolested these days either, at least not without taking a government sponsored timeout.

All expense paid vacations to an unmapped S&M Gulag, well, not precisely, you have already prepaid the trip. Strangely, the media seems to be conditioning us for it already as the summer box-office releases contain a number of U.S.A. VS U.S.S.R. depictions. Only this time around nobody knows which side we're actually on. Of course, the vast majority will come out chanting U.S.A! U.S.A! thanks to their conditioning, but I digress.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sunshine, Rainbows, and McCarthyism

I admit it, I do not twitter. Which means I could be wrong here, but, isn't the service a 'one-liner post some random thought to the publicly viewable internet' type of thing? If I am correct in this assumption, then this type of thing should not be happening. Obviously while the internet is viewable by the general public, every single word posted to it could, potentially, be aiding the enemy... Though, the definition of enemy is kind of a grey area in present times while posting a one-liner that a group may read is criminal yet selling or giving that same group weapons is not. One simply needs to read the signs to see the picture emerge, provided you are taught how to read, which you likely are not.

Some information age this is turning out to be while, we revert to days where clerics controlled the information by being the only ones who could decipher the strange glyphs on a page of papyrus and it was criminal to even gaze upon the page were you not a member of that class which knew only to read every second line so as not to publicly announce the true intent of the scripture.

New-age McCarthyism meets Salem witch trials in new Sodom. Confuse the distracted masses with objects so shiny they reflect darkness...

I witnessed a commercial yesterday reflecting the new normal and highest standard of living we are expected to achieve: "You bought your car. You named it Fred. You loved Fred. He survived 2 boyfriends and 3 jobs, until, 4 years later, you totaled Fred. Then your Allstate agent calls you to tell you 'how easily replaceable Fred actually was, and life is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns'." Yes, I am paraphrasing, mostly because I had to stop listening before throwing the television, which I don't own, out a second story window. Consider the statement made by the young supposedly heterosexual and fertile lady about the state of the nuclear family and job security that she's more broken up about failing to maintain a relationship with an inanimate object which she owns (or the bank still owns, this portion was not made clear). I was rendered speechless by the undertones in this attempt to sell car insurance... I, kind of, still am. Of course, I suspect the homosexual version should start airing soon where Allstate covered the funeral arrangements and expenses, the remainder of the mortgage, and the university degree of an adopted Chinese daughter, after the sudden death of someone's life-partner. But I digress...

Well, this post took a sudden turn... But, as we'll soon be forced to say in this province, c'est la vie.


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Public Dental Extractions and Failed Call Centres

It's the beginning of a bad stretch of road that I'm fairly certain nobody knows how to navigate at least not properly. Just ask the movers and shakers of the criminal investment banking cartel where we go now, it won't be an answer you like, but they'll likely all agree that it's the only place to go. There are meticulous blueprints being followed in efforts of creating the perfect enemy and environment to lead us exactly where we are supposed to be led.

What other reason could there be for all the criminals who are still controlling their criminal empires, while wholly responsible for more death and suffering than any mob leader ever was... These monsters could make Al Capone blush.

It's compounded by retards in crown sponsored monopolies, who will want to raise the price of power to make us compensate them for their incompetence. Yet this is probably the same equipment Iran is not allowed to own... Not that I believe this cover story for a second. Far too suspicious and unlikely that it would be sold as scrap. Not to worry though, the equipment won't be used for terrorism because we're getting 2 calls a day at the anti-radicalization call centre, which, from a business perspective, is a huge failure and would be outsourced were it not government run... Them again, you never know, one thing is certain, they have something most do not: job security. Not even douchebag engineers at previously mentioned crown sponsored monopolies are safe while committing heinous douchebaggery while not working. Not that I'm condoning his idiocy, but I think a more fitting punishment would be to hold him down while the reporter in question kicks out a few of his teeth.

What does it matter? The news never puts all the pieces together, like in this gem which claims a warm blob in the ocean might be caused by a low pressure system yet fails to consider Fukushima radiation as a factor. Except it's probably exactly that, low pressure systems seem too too benign especially while there is a perfectly plausible cause to both problems. Scientists likely can't draw this conclusion though, so don't wait for the results of that study. Even in the unlikely event some scientists were left unmolested long enough to conclude my suspicions are true, it would never get through the second filtration system of lying journalists.

I'd say you could search the web to find your answers, just don't try to cover your tracks, because deleting data is criminal, unless you happen to be in a government committee, in which case, knock yourself out.


Monday, 1 June 2015

Hairspray Jihads

So it's been a while...

I like to sit back every now and then to take a birdseye on my own views. It doesn't change my position on things very often but it sometimes changes my approach.

Needless to say, I've still been reading a number of things I wish I could unread, and may find myself dodging certain topics out of self-preservation, which gives me a great deal of despair. But the politically correct Nazi movement can't stand up to criticism, and as such, it is now illegal. I can find plenty of links to back up this thesis, but, going too far may qualify as deliberate, and besides, there's little point talking about things if nobody can find the discussion in the first place. Seriously! Say what you will, but I'm not convinced these 8th graders are wrong.

I could generally make that case against a metric shit-ton of things which we are told are good by the same people we shouldn't have trusted the last time, yet we aren't allowed to read it and decide for ourselves. If I had to guess, I'd say the whole thing is more about protecting the wealthy from this, but, having never read it, I can't be the judge. What I can say is that the IMF is in a completely different line of business than rescuing nations from financial catastrophes.

Speaking of financial catastrophes, it looks like some people closer to home are preparing something. I understand that the economy needs savings in order to loan out 10 times that money (more than that, in reality, but 99.999 times that just feels like such an alarmist number, which is likely still not accurate given that I've not done the math) to people who don't have money in exchange for more money they won't have later. Speaking of not having money, I think I may have found a charity who's proceeds actually end up in the hands of people who really must need it badly.

I know this is rhetoric, but, you can't get there from here, and soon enough, there's going to be nowhere to go. Maybe a second opinion will make things clearer even if no charges have been brought against them, yet... It is noteworthy that concerned parents, not communication snooping started this ball rolling, which leads me to wonder who they are... That seems like it might be important information given how it's going to affect so many people while the ten teens may simply have been plotting a trip to Europe against a parent's wishes. It's unlikely that anyone in the media will raise that concern though, because that's not one of the major 'W' questions: 'hoo' are these parents? See, no 'W' at all.

I may have missed the memo, but I don't remember anyone admitting to backdoors being installed into encryption technology. I wouldn't put it past them to do it or anything of a similar vein because that's just what they do, except when doing even worse. So many things can be swept under the rug that protects national security because that rug covers a bottomless pit. Ask the bankers, they dug it and continue digging it, well not literally because we've been digging it for them. Bankers can't put their back into anything work-like because they are invertebrates... Xenophobic invertebrates, no less.

I read there was some prophecy regarding 05-25-15 and drought stricken California becoming permanent wetlands. While it didn't happen, I did hear a strange commercial from an online radio station the day before regarding earthquake preparedness the night before which had me nearly convinced. You see, I had headphones on while that commercial came through over speakers and thought about how I normally don't hear commercials and had a headset playing a different sound source... The whole of the circumstances just struck me as odd and I'm still not sure what it was supposed to mean, or even if it was supposed to mean anything. Maybe we will revisit this some day...

I just got an image in my head of some misguided group running jihad with cans of ozone unfriendly hairspray.