Thursday, 27 November 2014

This Shrinking Hexagonal Glass Room

I've just read a comment from another blog author, somewhat better known than myself, about having to treat people with kid gloves more and more lately... Normally this would compel me to reply in the comments section, except that, this time it seemingly warrants an entire posting of it's own. Not that I have any differing stance or opposing view but rather a huge expansion on the whole concept.

Yes, people are easily enraged by some of the most bizarrely, out of context, misunderstandings of just about anything overheard whether directed at them or not. Most of genpop here in mind prison, chained to the bed in debt-shackles simply are not attuned enough to realize that we are all slowly being kettled. Between the lowering of a 'food basket inflation rate' by tossing 35% government subsidized malnutrition items into the basket, and the police brutality state of affairs on the street while the uppermost echelon of bandits and pirates rape and pillage anything not already raped and pillaged.

By now, most people feel the room getting smaller, but haven't noticed the glass walls getting closer leaving them with a seemingly unjustified claustrophobia. This illusion leaves an unfettered frustration, or, at the very least a misdirected anger in a single direction when every direction is applying pressure. Obviously more than one release valve is needed otherwise people wouldn't be so edgy...

It's true that I was never lulled into thinking life was fair, but for those who were, it's a shock to see stealing a loaf of bread being punished for ten thousand loaves in labour, while stealing ten million dollars gets hit with a quarter million in fines.

The fact that the next election in the land of the asleep and the home of the slave is shaping up to be a battle of the dynasty families (seriously? Bush VS Clinton? Again? Really?) seems to send a pretty clear message that voting counts for nothing. Not that I honestly think this phases enough people to answer the age old question: if there's an election and nobody votes, who wins? I'd love to see that (grin).

Originally I was thinking I'd dedicate an entire posting to police brutality since I seem to have an overstock of saved links to such things, but really, that's just doing the same thing I've been speaking of... Pushing against one of the walls of this shrinking room, which is probably hexagonal between politicians, bankers, lawyers, media, police, and corporate personhood... Yup, that's six sides.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Morons Hyped on Oxy and Terror Dandruff

It's true that I blame many of the world's ills on the sadistic Zio-cons and their stooge army of useful idiots, while trying not to lump those Jews who are not privy to the master plan into it... Though, this instance could still be a useful idiot, time will tell... Maybe he could found an affirmative action group because, I'm fairly certain there isn't one for poor, underrepresented Jews unable to break into such prestigious fields as janitor. I mean, there are so many things you just aren't taught outside the ivy-league price-premium schools. Obviously there was some government conspiracy behind this 'freedom of choice' given to the Jewish community while the rest of us Quebecers can barely chose to be educated in our own mother-tongue, unless it's French... Also quite obvious: our parents and the hasidic community at large cannot be to blame for failing to teach common sense...

(Sigh). I promised myself not to break out the snake venom this week... Oh well... I suppose the fact that some of these links have been kicking around for a month waiting for a proper introduction was the catalyst.

Sorry if I seem a tad bitter this morning, the deep-freeze has finally hit Police state, Canada, so I'm an itsy-bit bitchy.

Cue the inevitable fear-mongering over the unknown, notice how evil death machine always takes precedence over the benign? Is it really so hard to say we've found something that isn't what we thought it was? I mean, I find things in my fridge which aren't what I thought they were from time to time, but, I suppose that doesn't garner the same shock-n-awe attention that this sleeping public requires. Everybody is going through the motions and reading their script flawlessly to reinforce the obvious Hollywood rule of bad guys wear black despite a majority realizing the supposed good guys wear egg on their face. They don't care, the numbers show that 5 out of 4 surveys are manipulated numbers unless they are completely made up in the first place, and somehow these expert mathemagicians dupe a vast swath of genpop into a sense that everything's just fine (except in the rare circumstance linked above). Why should we trust these people?

I deliberate my random to avoid being trapped in the automatic filters, marginalized, categorized, then ostracized. Obviously the world of new order is terrible at doing random, thus, must be terrible at predicting it as well. Yes, random makes 'the order' run scared and wet itself in a 'safe room'. The very fact that plans are not going according to plan has many in the planning industry jumping too far ahead in the plan and finding that too, ends poorly. No amount of phony security is going to make things more secure, it simply means buying overpriced shampoo at your tourist destination since yours was confiscated at the airport... Even if you could easily pack the right combination of chemicals in TSA approved sizes, a half litre of head and shoulders says terrorist all over it. Terrorist with dandruff, no less...

And while we are speaking of high-tech security, which we weren't, I will reiterate that those two words are almost antonyms, and thus the idea of high-tech security is an oxymoron... The more technology you throw at a problem the greater the distance it can be hacked from, maybe not today, maybe not next week, but eventually which is why I still say of you don't want naked pictures of yourself going wild on the internet, they shouldn't exist in the first place...

I think I've ranted on long enough for this posting


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Voting For Spare Change

It is my understanding that there are a great many changes happening to my south, nameplates on desks are being switched from John Jackson to Jack Johnson throughout the great hall of political entitlement, to be followed by a tsunami of 'more of the same'. Granted the issue of the day will shuffle in it's order of priority but will likely contain the same top ten items as the two-faced coin flips to the other side, but since the coin was pressed by the banks who own the currency, we should expect the face value of that coin to be a prime number of infinite decimals from which real 'change' cannot be made.

On a personal note, a long-time acquaintance of mine was murdered on Friday. Worse still, it took place about 100 meters from my front door (to clarify, he also lived on my street)... I'm beginning to wonder if there is supposed to be some 'between the lines' message to the recent proximity of headlines targeting me with near pinpoint accuracy... They say that psychics and tarot readers alike can't generally see what's in store for them, and maybe this is a similar circumstance... Who knows? Not that I'm claiming to be either of these things, as I am simply a watcher of tends and observer of the world as it devolves into whatever state is required for it's rebirth. Since I cannot sense whether this is an omen, a sign, or purely coincidence, I figure I should stay my course.

Here's an interesting local piece, Quebec school board elections were conducted in a different way, general vote, except that, many people were on the wrong lists and thus could not vote, or would have to vote for the school board of a different language. There was a number to call or form to fill out, we opted for the number which went unanswered in many attempts. Finally, 'low voter turnout' will lead to sweeping changes @ both boards, whatever that means. Sounds like things are working as intended from my perspective

Getting back to the Parliament shootings for a moment, I have yet to decide whether it was a horribly botched false-flag, or simply a disenfranchised person with nothing left to lose, except that most people who plan a shooting spree tend to find a double barrel shotgun to be somewhat inconvenient... OK, maybe I have decided after all. But it is nice to see others trying to not blame terrorism, even if they are still making incorrect assumptions. The one thing I can say is I'm not demanding that the people likely behind the whole thing, also investigate it... They will anyway because there is already money earmarked for it, like a performance bonus or something. Yet another cycle in the quest to take away that which we never really had to begin with.

Well, I suppose it's time for a moment of silence to remember all the bankers who's lives were enriched by financing the wars they sent others to die in under the guise of fighting for freedom...