Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Extremely Moderate And The Extremely Moderated

I've been contemplating a great many things outside of my normal news feeds lately. Maybe it's the unusual weather we've been having, or maybe it's that most of my sources of reading material feel so totally compromised that they are no longer worthy of noting, fully reading, or posting here as an example. I've stopped reading at least 4 articles this morning at points when they cited San Bernardino as though it were a thing which happened as we've been told it happened, or which cite Russia's actions in Syria as being the start of world war 3, which actually started much longer ago and had nothing to do with Russia at all. It's somewhat off-putting to have come this far to find myself alone in an empty room, yet at the same time, I knew I'd eventually reach a point akin to this.

Corruption and mould spread in the same unseen manner yet can cause a change in the host in just a few short hours. These changes start out minute and barely discernible but can accelerate at amazing speeds at times, until eventually the host looks nothing like it's original form.

I've already stated my take on the sharing/gig economy, which is really just corporate greed disguised as empowerment of the people. All that whooshing noise in the background? That's the sound of the vampire squid struggling to suck blood from a stone. Nobody can pay back what banks think they are owed while most struggle to keep up with the increases in the cost of living, and living worse than we lived last year (provided we keep living). And, worse still, most of what the banks think they are owed, they owe each other in a bet where the last man standing will still be owed more dollars than exist

I suppose once realisation that all those dollars are not actually worth anything at all, and are little more than debt notes valued highest by those feel driven to keep them all to themselves for no other reason than to own the whole set, then not much else noteworthy is going on. Everything in the perverse, corrupt world of the real but not really real, was greed borne. It all depends on currency and it all falls back to currency, none of the terror wars, nor anti-terror riot squads, nor pro-anti-terror moderate terrorists, nor warmonger media exist without the currency granted them by those who'd really rather not share but do to suit some even darker agenda. None of it exists without vast amounts of currency which is seemingly very difficult to come by for Joe blow, yet Ahmed ala Alibaba the moderate extremist has a steady flow by the boatload. Wait, maybe he was extremely moderate, I forget at this point, but you catch my drift.

I mean, if you really do the math, terrorists are selling cheap (stolen) Syrian oil to Turkey and suddenly the price of oil drops globally. They'll probably blame that on us somehow, then steal our bank accounts whether we own cars or not.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

...Isn't Really News

Either I've failed at math, or the government has, especially when considering the claims I posted a week ago about the economy improving. Not that this qualifies as news, but these days most news is actually the furtherance of an agenda, which also isn't news to many of us anymore. Maybe it's yet another case of bad headlines chosen by deliberately bad journalists. Except that the first story chooses only to state we aren't doing this in the sixth paragraph, which, in newspaper terms is like continuing the front page story on page twelve. Opinions are already formed, emotions already emote, and fear has already taken hold. Once the bogeyman is in your closet, he isn't willing to up and leave without at least a few sleepless nights.
I may never understand why experts don't seem to merge ideas to the point where people owe more than they own because life is more expensive than can be afforded? It's more hard math to figure out that the inflation index is likely higher than 10% but claiming such would cause a ruckus with the masters the serve. Maybe they'll claim to see it as a problem, but in reality, debt is the financial system... Which is, in turn, a threat to humanity.
Not that it's the only threat, mind you, as there are many threats created to keep people from seeing the whole picture, and I mean many... And I do mean created, as in made up.
So much is made up these days, for example I'm not sure how one thing implicates the other here, but apparently this is the state of the law these days. However, I can totally see how this could occur, as I have almost witnessed it. What's worse is that there will soon be a hall of fame for all these political low-lifes. It should be interesting to watch them all fight for the lowest of the low spot, maybe they'll be televised awards for them some day. "And the Troll of the year award goes to" [sigh]
We have some more evidence concerning where all those Toyota trucks are coming from, which leads me right back to the place who was seemingly concerned with them to begin with. Again, this isn't really news...
I suppose, since I appear to be on a roll with non-news there's a few other things to add. Like the ISIS refugee crisis, or that the acronym was created by ISraelIS, so we can't actually be fighting ISIS if we are with them. It's not like I alone believe such things. Others are doing the math too.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Quite Some Time...

I don't feel I really need to say much in regards to San Bernardino because majority of what I might have to say has already been said elsewhere. Obviously there is something amiss when the MSM cannot decide if he was a normal guy who has been radicalized for quite some time:
This is all under the same Google News headline... It's not at all the same headline
I'm loving the scientific precision we're getting from that timepiece. I guess it has been more than a little while but not as long as a dogs age. And I could likely joke about it forever and a day... But I've spent enough countless minutes on that already [wink]. I also had a link in my feed that stated a patsie's shooter's father claimed his son supported ISIS and was fixated on Isreal, but the story it's linked to has been about the FBI and this "quite some time" thesis. When you can't read the original story because it is now a different story less than 12 hours later you know something is not right.

And, as expected, there were drills and training exercises happening at the time.

I know why the back story on the shooters is mutating from normal people to long time subscribers to terrorism weekly. There is no real way to defend against the average guy next door suddenly turned serial killer, so obviously, if laws are to be introduced to guard against home grown terrorists, there would need to be evidence that these people weren't normal. Which is also why the press got a guided tour of their home so quickly despite that the place is a crime scene. The press had to find obviously fake id's to get the word out that these were not normal people so laws and mandates written months ago could be paraded out as a means to prevent such things. Handy.

I actually agree with Bubba's wife on something [marked on calendar as the end of days], even though I don't see this whole 'disrupt' institution as actually being disruptive. I just can't quite see how you disrupt anything that's funded by the source of all currency?

So instead, let's fear our neighbours, or simply let our technology rat us out.

I'm about to put the kabosh on my whole news feed since every 3rd headline is 'radicalized for quite some time'. Otherwise I might start to actually believe it...


Friday, 4 December 2015

The Sharing Economy And Other Dream-States

I was reading something about 'the sharing economy' which seems to think not being able to find permanent full-time employment is a good thing... I figure it was written by corporate big-wigs who like not having to pay into benefits, retirement funds, unionised wages, and all those other things that used to be taken for granted while you could find a job that would keep you for thirty plus years. We shouldn't need to be working 6 jobs at a time but under these by the corporation, for the corporation governments created and run by Zionist bankers who don't like having to pay anyone but themselves, here we are.

But cheer up, there's good news, or maybe there isn't really... This is how that looks in my feeds:
In just a couple of hours they completely changed their minds about the future of the economy negating that things don't look so bad. Of course, I cannot see the original story to determine if it simply had a misleading headline yet spoke of darkness and poverty for the next hundred years, which is entirely speculative anyway, [shrug].

While I'm on the topic of speculation, I'm just going to leave this here. Discuss amongst yourselves...

I am pretty sure I know why men in their 50's are committing more suicide than anyone else: they wake up one day realizing that all of their efforts, which have been, for the most part, thwarted, to achieve 'the dream-state' of happily-ever-after were all in the furtherance of the massive lie. They've enriched the banks in attempting to buy the white picket fence and are not happily-ever-aftering, while their retirement funds are worth less now than they were then, if they even still exist. And being in their 50's there is not enough energy to rail against the system that fucked them over, and not enough time to try to rebuild 'the dream-state'. No amount of trying to go back to sleep at that point will ever place them 25 years ago where they can do it all differently and their future from this point is grim at best. Maybe they have equity in the house that's not enough to cover the cost of fixing all that has withered and broken over time, and maybe they don't even have that anymore. I've lost everything I'd accumulated, save whatever fit in the trunk of a car, more than once... Then lost the car too. I never had the illusions that the dreamland wanted me even if I may have lacked the clarity to see the big picture as I see it now. My life as a misfit never gave me the false impression that I belonged to 'the dream-state' so I never felt the same sense of hopelessness as those who cannot afford their midlife crisis little red corvette do now.

That dream, which used to appear less grim, is now ruled by fear, and being backed into a corner, while the illusion is constantly being manipulated. Fortunately for us, fear doesn't remain contained very well, and it leads to panic in the plans which are far too hastily carried out. Why else would they be so easily exposed? I suppose it doesn't help that some people refuse to play by their rules. They wanted a global community, and we created one for them, but it's one where we look outside of our narrowly painted narrative and see there is so much more to it.