Saturday, 11 January 2014

Superhuman Subhumans and Subordination

So... I have hit a new low in the quest to find a paycheck. I failed the entrance exam... There was no interview, in fact, I barely saw or spoke to another human during the process. I didn't fail the entire test, but rather, I passed the math and English portions of the test, but failed the French... It was a written exam to try to determine if i am qualified to answer the phone for an insurance company... Obviously spelling is an important quality in any conversation... I know others who already work at this company who are more bilingual than I am, or are actually French in mother tongue who said the French portion of the exam is hard... Well, enough about that...

This is where we've arrived at, companies are now middle school. Of course, this does match up quite well with the fact that management in most companies seem to treat their position as though they are some kind of kindergarten teacher.

How did we get here? How did we come to the point when a job interview requires that you pass a written exam? Corporations are not people... Corporations don't treat people with even the most miniscule attempt to appear human... The rejection came as a prefab email which even goes so far as to claim that they value social media and i may follow them via LinkedIn... Bah! The only human interactions were a phone call to set an appointment, and a receptionist leading me to the sterile closet in which I was to write my test... Social what?

OK, now that's really enough of that...

We've been chided and cattle-prodded down this corridor to this new normal by those who would like us to simply keep going down this road because it's the only apparent road. It isn't. That's all lore created for us to think there were some kind of 'freedom of choice' which is a failsy (my spell check hates this word, kill me if it's wrong). for example: when you drink an orange crush to wash down your Doritos and Caramilk all of the proceeds ended up at PepsiCo (funny, my spell check has no problem with the word PepsiCo and even capitalizes if twice, i made no such intention to make this word look like it's trademarked namesake as i thumbfucked it into my phone).

These are simple things we should always ask ourselves: why does PepsiCo correct itself on my Android phone while i can't seem to hit the '...' on my virtual keyboard in order to manually add thumbfucked? (Nope it autocorrected to thumb tucked, which coincidentally, also does not predict itself while attempting to tuck one's thumbs... wherever one might tuck their thumbs...

I know that i could go back to never-never land if only i had my ruby red slippers, but without a flow of income i was not allowed entry into that exclusive auction. My girlfriend and in-laws grow ever more tired of 'this charade' of looking for work and are not easily convinced that i don't deliberately throw the match as though i have bet against myself no matter how many 'fruitful possibilities' are sent my way. Instead i get bullshit feedback on 'the law of averages' (or was that Murphy?) suggesting that i simply want to milk off of others, while that being a total inverse of the truth... I WANT OTHERS TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD, yet, people see it via the narrow scope of the lens of whatever they choose to believe, often citing reports of Canadian job growth while failing to note that the job market in Quebec continues to shrink. Some truths are simply less convenient than others and are therefore discarded, that's simply how it works in the mind of most people.

How hypocritical is it that those closest to me have only learned and accepted a small portion of the much larger picture? My girlfriend accepts that i am completely anti- consumerist, but that only leads to her asking if if mind joining her at the mall while i am hostage in her speeding car, it doesn't lead her to not go to the mall or to make less trips to it. Is this a total failure or only a partial one? It feels pretty complete in those moments while I carry bags of newly purchased garbage so her hands are free to open her wallet to the next register, yet not so complete in that I was hijacked in order to find myself in this situation to begin with.

I suppose I will end this posting by explaining the infrequency of my writing these past few months. I had seen a pattern forming in which I would publish a post then suddenly receive negative feedback on employment opportunities... Well it would appear that this pattern had no direct relation to itself, so maybe I'll start writing more frequently now that my little experiment has disproven the theory.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mythology in a Dying Age

Obviously there is a need to normalize the criminal misdeeds of certain pariahs, and in times like this, who better to engrave the myth and legend into our subconscious than the fake land built on stolen dreams and forged copyrights, and the masters of retelling a story with more car explosions, and lens flairs than had ever previously existed. Granted this is the telling of a story where a group of greedy corrupt soulless bastards are going to be represented as 3 to 4 bad-egg (the 's' is silent just as it is in the movie title) because that is much more palatable than the truth... Yes, they will possibly give up the ghost and find some lowly janitor to be hung drawn and quartered for having accidentally pressed a few keys on a keyboard and causing the near complete collapse of the artificially created economy while dusting... But only because we have not quietly moved on to our next shiny polished turd stamped 'made in china by someone who stole your job for pennies on the dollar'. Yes, we are being led down the it can't be real because it's a movie path as if to set the stage for us to accept it as being really real

Maybe this is a prediction, or maybe it's simply a rant, only time can make that distinction... Speaking of time, how is a movie about Nelson Mandela ready for release already? I will try not to read too much into that one, yet, since it really is an unresearched inquiry I've made aloud.

Why do we continue to buy front row seats to witness our own demise as we drift from rational person to zombified lunatic for simply having sat in the seat too long allowing the flickering hypnosis of projections or magic boxes to leave permanent impressions in our minds? Was it live or was it Memorex? History recounts only that which we don't allow to fade from memory enough to be rewritten by those who would deliberately omit certain details for the purpose of changing the whole tone of what happened.

It's really very simple to do. I could say I am broke enough that I shall soon be forced to eat cat (food)... Simply omitting the last word leaves you calling the SPCA or those Nazis @ PETA instead of sympathizing with the situation, does it not? While this is a pretty simplistic example, it really doesn't need to be much more complicated to alter public perceptions and evoke an engineered emotional response which is contradictory to the response which should actually happen.

That said, I can think of no more proper emotional response than to laugh at "climate scientists" who've not only gotten stuck in the antarctic ice in their search to disprove it's existence, but who's rescue has been hampered by poor weather conditions... It's a perfect storm of irony meets stupid. Sometimes I can barely count to ten between the headlines of this happening, and the expected (and engineered) reaction. But then, there really have been a lot of train derailments this year, so I suspect we are also being groomed to let the TSA play with our testicles more and take the train less... I wonder if taking a few Viagra and slathering my groin in mayonnaise prior to my next flight would be considered as going overboard? It would certainly be fun until it wasn't fun anymore, and could still be worth trying purely for the statement it makes.

I suspect the next big bait and switch false flag to be sometime soon but have little worries as to how difficult it will be to break apart the fictitious cover story with as many people paying attention as there now are. I figure early spring we'll see some assault against logic and common sense to be blamed on Iran which will be meant to drum up support for wiping them off the map, but, due to the levels of desperation ingrained into those plotting scheming which trends to lead to some major shortsighted mistakes, or, better still, being unable to find anyone with no conscience to carry out the plan.... It won't be pawned off as a failure of imagination this time, not that it truly was last time either. {wink}


Note: I thought I had published this last week, obviously, I was mistaken.