Saturday, 11 May 2013

colour by numbers or connect the dots?

So they've been playing fun-with-numbers again. I would like to add that it's troubling that the gains have been in the public sector, while private sector jobs are still in the negative. They don't really highlight that fact enough, but it is really a matter of halting the $15000 welfare checks by paying them a government salary of a much larger number... It cannot help things for very long, and I doubt it will spawn a sudden recovery to anything but personal bank accounts or debt ratios for those newly appointed bureaucrats. It certainly does nothing to curb the outflow of tax dollars, nor generate new tax income. So I presume this is an exercise in making things look good on paper, I wonder who the potential buyer is?

I just read an interesting take on conscription, i'll agree it's a little long but it certainly illustrates why millions in the late 60's would come out to protest Vietnam, and few come out to protest Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/Mali/Syria/Iran despite the large differences in duration between that war and the present day wars. It's worth a read.

So do elected officials know what they are doing, or don't they? I would have to implicate that they know exactly what they are doing given that both gaming the numbers by hiring (instead of reducing government expenditures as they might have us believe), and not forcing military service on our youth, have the effect of placating the masses and leading us to believe (falsely) that they have our backs. We know who's backs they have, and who can do no wrong because these are openly and repeatedly demonstrated. The most blatant of lies is the one followed by the combination of two words: trust us. Why do we always seem to fall for that?

I would not even bother to speak if I felt I had to back it up with 'trust me' every fifteen seconds. Is that simply the portrayal of one who has a conscience against those who've already sold themselves into the eternal enslavement of evil?

Some days it feels that this most simplistic (albeit convoluted and dogmatic) of answers is the answer to everything. I don't claim to be religious and yet something deep within me feels that it is a war of spirituality which I have thrown myself into; the politics and policies melt into the background and everything comes down to what is right or what is wrong. How could that even be coming from a self-described agnostic who only looks to 'ancient texts' to examine their control mechanisms? I am not sure how I could even learn morals in an amoral society, or even if that is what has happened. I do know that many things, for me, appear to be very much black and white in a world covered in grey areas.

Nirvana is the only word that could seem to explain my lack of emotional response to the present state of my financial life. I know that I am facing many personal obstacles and challenges in the coming months without consulting an oracle, yet I find myself more affected by the state of the world than by the state of my own trivial life. Otherwise, why would I even be writing? Nothing I say here makes me more attractive to an employer, and nothing in my conclusions make it any easier to pretend that I want to be a wage slave. But I can't outright make such a claim of being 'enlightened' because that would suggest that I would have no desire to lash out at any of the fakes, phonies, or forgeries out there who may look human but appear to lack any humanity, wouldn't it? Again, I am agnostic so I am way out of my comfort zone in choosing words like dogma or nirvana to describe anything, but they are the closest to an accurate depiction that I can find.

Maybe none of this spirituality is real, and maybe I've simply latched onto linguistic elements that appear to make sense because there is no other language that exists. It is still plausible that there is some kind of collective brain damage which did not affect me... At least I am not suggesting that the omnipotent and all-powerful creator of everything cannot fix things, which would seem to contradict the title "omnipotent and all-powerful creator of everything", like some other mentally defective people out there are. You brought God into this, not me, and I believe this qualifies as 'speaking the name of thy lord in vain'... Not that it is up to me to dole out sentencing for such things, so please go punish yourself accordingly, or, in the very least, shut the fuck up, because we know there will be no visible punishment when such punishment would promote a lack of faith in the current control systems.

Still one must wonder about the grand designs and plans of the universe when things like this occur out of the seemingly impossible.


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    A video of that seemingly impossible occurrence happening in a different place... Crazy stuff.