Friday, 9 October 2015

The B Movie of Life with Described Video

I know I'm going to sound curmudgeonly in saying it, but I'm going to say it anyway... You have either an innie or an outie in your pants, there is no real transitory state in this regard, I hope this alleviates all the confusion... Until such time as this is changed you are a man wearing a dress or a woman in, um, man clothes, if there really is such a thing... Deal with it so we can stop walking on egg-shells or being sent off to sensitivity training (read reprogramming centres). The rest of us are not confused about the birds and bees... I can sympathise that these are very confusing times thanks to the constant media bombardment of reverse psychology, and I know this causes a great many of us to feel we don't belong here. This imbalance is the intended effect and we play right into it when we channel all that negative energy inward... No there is nothing wrong with you. Yes there is something wrong with the world.

Just to prove how wrong the world is, I have 2 headlines, back to back to demonstrate: nuclear material may be in the hands of ISIS so officials want to know why they have all those Toyota's. Not that buying a Toyota is very difficult, nuclear materials, however, are rather more difficult to come across at your local strip mall... Besides, officials already know where they got them, and maybe there is no nuclear material... It's not like I am inventory control in the CIA terror network. What other reason could there be for the world's most expensive military being so ineffective for years, while another country manages to kick ass in a week.

I know that, were I a patriot, I'd be on the wrong side of history while my country supports the terrorists yet arrests citizens for shipping railway components to Iran. A country is off limits but moderate rebels killing innocents in Syria are fine.

Well, enough time has elapsed that we can consider this a new post, so here goes. Bear in mind that I've just gone away for another week and have little idea what's currently going on.


I can say that Canada has now pulled a sequel like the Bush saga, though, that could still become a trilogy. I sort of knew it was going that way because campaign attack adds 'he's just not ready' do tend to sway the vote, just ask Jean Chretien. Given that young Trudeau is the same age as I am, I think he might just be young enough, ambitious enough, and foolish enough to do a number of things that really need to get done. A prime example being to borrow enough from the bank of Canada to pay back the international banking cartels, not borrowing more from the aforementioned cartels, killing any funding for F-35's, not signing the TPP, and putting whatever 'surplus' created by Harper back into the services it was stolen from in the first place. There are other things which come to mind, but we shall see where all this goes in the coming months.

Besides, the first two items are likely enough to get disappeared for, so, again, we'll see...

Regardless, with a majority government, there will be little resistance, which is a double-edged sword. More speculation based on not having payed much attention to the electoral campaigns.

Speaking of campaigns, is the campaign circus formerly called the united states supposed to vote this year, or next? My research seems to indicate that farce is supposed to end in thirteen months which beggars the question: why? Does it take that long to program Joe public to like the candidates, or do we need to watch people à là celebrity big brother reality show to vote for which clown amused us the most? Neither of these pairs up well with the deteriorating attention span inherent in the now generation.... Maybe it would be simpler if, in about 56 weeks, they start us out with a 'previously on' intro, because that's what the video kids are accustomed to.

Maybe I've given a bad idea to the wrong people just now. But I see no sense in what polls seem to suggest from so far away from the event horizon that the event cannot be seen with the naked eye except to serve as yet another distraction to duck and cover from what is going in the present...


Not that I hold any faith in this hope for spare change process which is owned and operated by those who own and operate everything so long as enough people grant them the ability to continue owning and operating in their blind faith of system that they use to lord over everything. I know this is a paradox but you really cannot fight the system from within the system. No amount of 'money' or stolen power can negate the power and 'money' we continue to feed it from ourselves so long as we see the system as real. Yet, here we are, another day of work fighting for our less than fair share of currency, which, regardless of its denomination or country of origin is worth less by pay day than it was the day we earned it.

Well this post of getting long in the tooth, and has been in the works for longer than I care to admit. There are always other posts... But I will leave you with this irony of life imitating art: it appears a zombie movie broke out at a zombie movie fan convention. <sigh>


Monday, 5 October 2015

Moderate Extremism and Other Idiosyncratic Iconoclasms

Well, my news reader is all kinds of fucked up, so I am not certain what is going on out there. I am aware that Russia is getting involved in Syria because any headline to that effect was repeated plagiarised no less that four times back to back. Obviously, there is nothing more important to the banker owned media than someone sticking their nose into the banker created crISIS situation. Meanwhile, in Canada, there is some confusion, you see, there is little point fighting your own creation... Maybe, we'll start openly funding them as they do to our south.

Now, maybe that's always been the plan, as I'm certain all the goading was intended to lead here. However, I'm inclined to think claims should still fit a timeline. I have been known to have high expectations at times, so it's possible that I am asking too much. Speaking of goading, and while also proving points made in the 1st paragraph, yet, still asking myself why McCain is still relevant and limelighted... Nope. No answer materialised when I wrote the question... I half expected a blimp, or plane flying a banner... I guess I'll have to live with the 2 word answer: FOX news. The spin machine is certainly in high gear, and with any luck, they'll simply fall face down into a puddle of their own vomit.

And the band plays on. Not that I would call futures, speculation, or derivatives wealth because most of the money on the roulette table evaporates as soon as the ball stops.

Apparently, secret trade deals have been finalised, and I'm lead to think it was under duress. Amazingly we've still not been told much outside of 'history will look back on this as a great thing'... Mulroney likely said similar about NAFTA, which is why his kid is hosting entertainment news instead of running for prime minister. Thus far, from what I have read, 'labour mobility' sounds far too innocuous to be, well, innocuous... Maybe it's just my political correctness radar that's too sensitive, and maybe it's dead right. Time will tell, and we shall see.

Maybe I won't even be here to care, but, I can't figure out where I'd go... Can I claim refugee status elsewhere if I have no citizenship, or passport from anywhere? Better question, do I still have to pay taxes? There are certainly some grey areas to be found down this rabbit-hole.