Friday, 27 December 2013

Boxing Week Bonanza of Privacy Invasiveness

Well, I suppose I should begin by wishing everyone a joyous 'near winter solstice' festive season sprinkled with 'get out of slavery' free days, and I hope Satan's Claws were gentile on your pocket book... Or... More importantly I should say fuck that noise: Merry Christmas, which thanks to predictive typing and auto-politically-correct took 4 times each to type before I finally gave up and tapped each individual letter to obtain the desired result of "Merry Christmas" (this time copied and pasted because I know predictive means nobody would ever type the same words twice in a sentence)... Sure, Christmas may have come and gone but we all know full well that this doesn't need to end our relationships with the merchants who have now gone about marking down the prices on all that useless crap we didn't find in our stockings, because those filling our stockings were busy being told that their holding company refused to extend them the debt required to pay full price in what used to be known as boxing day, which worked so well in keeping us giving away our money that it was extended to boxing week, and finally some kind of octa-seminal period ending just in time for valentines day...

Much the same as how American Thanksgiving is followed up by the throat punching frenzy called black Friday, it really is about giving thanks to the bank for letting us spend the blood of our children in exchange for a wheelbarrow full of overpriced shit we didn't know we needed until it went on sale. I don't hate Christmas, but I do hate that it seemingly misrepresents love and joy as having some monetary value which must never be underspent lest we find ourselves disowned. Because we all know who benefits from that portrayal: the bankers, merchants, and corporations who invented the spirit of giving, and the most notorious child labour law breaker, Mr Claws of Satan himself...

Think about it, Tolkien's elves are tall and slender, Santa's are short like 5-year-old children. There has to be some reason for this discrepancy as to size, and I'm figuring it was meant to be some kind of inside joke which until this very moment I had never given a moments thought. As incredible as it may sound, I've realized just how deep the social engineering project gets... I just saw a commercial for a grocery store points program which: gives you 200 points per dollar spent, and gives you 1 dollar off for every 1000 points collected... Now it's possible that I wasn't really listening, because I am prone to paying no mind to the magic box... 1 free dollar for every 5 I spend? (again, I might have the exacts wrong, but still I am to be rewarded for logging all of my purchases to my name, perhaps I shall try to video tape this commercial) …And all I have to do is allow you to profile my purchasing and eating habits and sell this data to the highest bidder? Well, it's starting to sound like somebody should probably be paying me as well as letting me walk out the store with whatever fits in the cart for free... Doesn't it? When you look at it from that perspective, this no longer sounds all that implausible, does it? And yet, with just the right focus, or lack thereof, you start to see just how interconnected and interdependent this whole system of control really is.

But surely this is just crazy talk rantings of a disgruntled fellow who fell off the world and was denied reentry into it? Right?

I've never stated that I have the requisite qualifications to have any idea what I am talking about, nor that I even know what those requisites might be, so, you are left to ask yourself if anything I have said was worth listening to in the first place... Ah the quandary of freedom, to accept the truth in it's naked ugliness, or, garnish it with the trimmings of your own perspective thus transforming it into whatever it isn't, yet is more palatable, even if it is no longer true in the fashion of it's original intent...

But that is a choice I leave to you.


Addendum: I was planning to, at some point, make mention of the hypocrites openly declaring the now dead Nelson Mandela a hero to humanity despite the role their country played in bringing the terrorist version of Mandela to justice all those years earlier... But it really did not seem to fit the tone of everything else I have said here. Sometimes that's just how these things go.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

life, imitating art, imitating life

You never need to look very far, or very long to find the ironies this corrupted world spits at us. We always hear about the punishment should fit the crime, and the politicians want to get tough on crime, and yet we find the criminals not being punished for their crimes so long as they fit into a certain category of person. Yet there is certain poetic justice which appears from time to time (or maybe it was art imitating life imitating art) just to mock the whole system. These things happen just to remind us that the system was not set up by geniuses, but rather by those of a single-mindedness who are rather hellbent on fucking everyone over and sending them the dry-cleaning bill to boot in the belief that they somehow deserve more than everybody else for reasons of their own creation.