Monday, 28 September 2015


September is ending, and it's true that not all things I've expected have come to pass. It does bring one to wonder if they've only not happened because so many have been keeping an eye on the situation... Not that this keeps bad people from doing bad things from the secret day-trader operation centres in the control room of their bat-cave who's entrance is hidden behind a bookshelf in the study of their stately manor, but maybe it has some level of cold-shower effect on the need to steal everything not already stolen.

This is not to say the the stock market is finished it's wild mood swings, because it really isn't... It just hasn't been a single day event, nor has it been fixed to a single locale. But that is how I expected that part, slow, steady, and everywhere inch by inch. The last 14 years have worked so well in terms of loss of liberties and increased random cop-a-feel checkpoints that it's become a template for the fake money industry... Hmmm, weren't all those post 9/11 war on terror lemme stick mah hands in yo pants or take naked pictures of you stations, and the list of places needing bombs dropped on them, and 9/11 itself all fabrications from the same people still running the fake money scam?

Yes... Well, OK, the cover story of 9/11 is a fabrication and calling it such is political suicide no matter which 'free country' you live in... I don't need to look at videos of buildings falling to understand that buildings fell... I've never contested that part of the narrative... There were buildings, now there aren't... Sadly this is the only real part of that while story, and reality doesn't even agree with how many buildings fell which is why I've not put a number in that statement.

Well, I guess this is what I get for telling myself I wasn't going to do a 14th anniversary post... I'm still not going to...

Ah, but most of this dream world started then, which is why more expensive trumps most inferior in the circles of power. Obviously somebody important stands to lose their own money if nobody buys this flying Edsel which, strangely, does not have submarine capabilities in it's 'one model for every purpose' design. Anything designed to do everything tends to excel at nothing... My coffee maker does an excellent cup of Joe, but I don't even want to talk about how badly it fucks up toast., I am NOT a morning person

I can't put my finger on it, but, something smells funny here. Maybe I've misunderstood something, which won't be the first of last time, but, are we going to buy things for those who can't afford them so GE can still reap massive profits? Or are we financing things for a customer who also owns GE Capitol (and if a predatory financing company isn't interested, obviously it's a wonderful opportunity)? Maybe we are going to subsidise these products so that they don't overshoot all other competitors... In all cases we appear to be left holding a flaming bag of road apples for the benefit of 350 jobs.

One thing I possibly mentioned, or maybe just read, years ago... Dunno I read a lot and talk a bunch too... Anyhow, eventually the elite will bite the hand that protects them. So not only have they started messing with several aspects of the collective agreements, now they are outlawing the protest of such. And why not? They've outlawed every other form of protest so why should this be different? Maybe they've forgotten that these people protect the bankers and serve corporate interests, and maybe they are finally running out of people to steal from.

It has to happen eventually and given that tangible proof of the supposed recovery since 2008 doesn't really claim to have actually recovered, now seems as good a time as any. It matters not whether the word recession is used or not when people feel their asses pressed into a corner because they can't pay the rent.


Monday, 14 September 2015

Wake Me Up, When September Ends

When politicians put their money where their mouth is, I realise just how bankrupt they actually are. I mean, when you lose an election, you are no longer prime minister, unless there was something else in that C-51 anti-terrorism law I've railed against since starting this blog which allows the PM to override the democratic process... If there really is such a thing. I'm not bothering to go back and read that now as it already became law and won't really help a whole lot any more.

One thing's certain, though it can be read in two ways: either we're paying too much, or, we aren't getting what we are paying for. Neither of these is particularly desirable. Not that any outcome of buying banker debt helps to pay the bills. But we're not supposed to understand such things as they would claim their process creates wealth...

Well, it does, kind of, as they lend the same dollar to ten people and are somehow now owed 15 dollars while still holding the original dollar for someone else... Maybe my numbers are off, and maybe I'm oversimplifying the process by not using fancy words, but the end result is the same. They get rich and anyone buying into the process gets fucked in the largest ponzi scheme ever legalised... Well, it's illegal if I try to do it without bribery, government approval, and taxpayer backed insurance. Not that I have any desire to follow such dark paths.

I'm not sure why I'm bothering to point it out anymore, but the government gives our money to shortsighted corporations too stupid to to smell the scent of death on themselves, then tries to claim it's somebody else's job to spend our money on us. I suspect once that near quarter billion is safely moved to offshore accounts that the plant will shutdown anyway, and I'd give it 5 years maximum.

I'm not sure why I'm so focused on the local and nearby events today, but then, I never really know what I'm going to write until it's been written anyway. Maybe it's that I've been looking for a multitude of signs that haven't fully appeared yet. Not that I've taken all predictions as absolute, but there are a good number of dire September predictions which I believe are waiting in the wings, and many which are well past due.

Now that I've mentioned it, my attention was grabbed by that warm ocean blob which appears to be caused by not Fukushima, and yet, by something new and different every time it is mentioned... I could be wrong, I could always be wrong, and if I am I accept that, but it is hard to swallow a different cause for the same 'phenomenon' every other week without concluding that either they don't know, or they don't want us to know.

Kind of like how real estate isn't demonstrating the recession, nor the general state of personal finance.

Well, I'm talking in circles, so I guess it's time to go elsewhere.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Vacuous, and the Realm Without Mass

Human behaviour can be a real mystery at times... The other day as my manager and I had closed up shop, we went to the bus stop we normally wait at to read a sign stating that the stop had been moved around the corner. When we arrived at the new temporary stop we were alone but eventually were joined by others who'd obviously read the sign. One lady, who might actually need (or has an addiction to) happy pills, paced back and forth muttering love poetry, or gypsy curses from the moment she got there eventually calling someone on her cell to gripe. The bus was not yet late... The following day, knowing that the stop had been moved, we didn't cross a busy intersection-less 6-lane boulevard twice to read the sign again, but noted that there was a girl waiting at the cancelled stop. We tried to get her attention to no avail, and I reminded my manager that no good deed goes unpunished: crossing the street twice to be good Samaritans would likely involve a trip to the hospital... We pressed on. When the bus arrived, the driver made a point to advise all those already on the bus that this was the stop for the mall, 1 person darted out the door, while another lady signaled that this was not her stop. After the bus turned the corner and passed the cancelled stop, my manager and I laughed that there were now 7 people waiting at a stop which no bus was going to... Then it got funnier... The lady who didn't need this stop, about 150 metres from the cancelled stop, realised that we'd passed her stop she protested that the driver let her off immediately... We laughed until it dawned on us that maybe the present incarnation of mankind is not meant to survive much longer...


Now it's true that I believe about 5% of anything that I read, which can become problematic considering I do read warning labels, but, that out of the 11 people mentioned in my story, (7 at the wrong stop, 2 needing to get off the bus, myself and my manager, waiting at the right stop) that only 3 people could figure out the mystery of the roaming bus stop, despite signage and verbal warnings is a very sad average in deed.

During all of this fiasco I had been pondering the fact that the collected work of knowledge of present times won't survive a millennia even if some of the things we've made will. Consider that we are presently digitising all things and that a hard drive seems to live no longer than about 5 years, a CD or DVD might live 20 years in ideal conditions, and, in our infinite stupid, DVD and blu-ray media has encryption meant to make it hard to copy, or, for that matter, play it back in a different region from where it was sold. The blueprints need specific software to be read, and the formulas are corporate secrets which are likely encrypted even further. Yet, sometimes we find ancient papyrus filled with glyphs from a dead language... Obviously the most advanced knowledge of a society on the verge of utterly decimating itself is stored on an environmentally friendly medium, or in a well protected and difficult to decrypt manner.

Would a newly evolved version of ourselves a millennia from now even understand that the mirror-polished perfectly round hard disk platter contained information stored in magnetic frequencies? Or would they think 'wow those poor bastards had very large coins'? I can't presume to know the answer, but I doubt that disc would still contain data even a few decades from now were it buried in silt and seawater. I do know that advanced hard drive recovery currently involves special equipment in clean rooms and quarantine suits, so it seems unlikely there would be enough 1's and 0's unscathed to rebuild the information. I have no idea how to play back a CD without a device made to read it, but I can play a record with a lazy Susan, sewing needle, and a paper cup...

I've long felt a déjà vu about the here and now and never wrote off the idea that it has all happened before, just like it did last time. Not that such things can really be proven one way or the other. But we are certainly in a situation where all recent knowledge would be the first portion obliterated if all human DNA suddenly turned to dust tomorrow... Even our long-range space probes like voyager 1 could roam the galaxy for eons and never encounter it's predecessor in there vast beyond. Though it's more likely to find itself sucked into the gravity some star and melted at the first available opportunity.

Ironically, my own words here in this realm of electrons passing through a datastream could disappear without a mass extinction event.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Redefining Words When Fudging Numbers Wasn't Enough

I know that I can tend to get fixated on all the artificial sciences, and other rigged statistics we are too often bombarded with. Let's face it, sometimes it's like shooting fish in a barrel to point out that 'the unemployment rate remaining steady for months' is not a sign of moderate growth, and 'the rising price in the housing market' not actually levelling off to meet an apparent non-growth in household income is more likely a sign of bad people doing bad things... And as for the stock market rebound, if you drop a dead cat from high enough, it will bounce, but that does not mean it's alive.

I am not angry about such things regardless of my tone, in fact, I find much of it makes me laugh. I simply point things out as I see them because I am acutely aware that all of these things are generating a hypnotic hum outside of the auditory spectrum that even dogs can barely hear. It's not really about trying to resist the vacuous draw of the entire freakshow because that's impossible. But once recognised as being exactly what it is, it loses any ability to draw you in at all.

I do realise that some level of my awareness was quite likely gifted to me because on a certain level, it's always been there, but, on many other levels it's been a practised skill fed by endless curiosity.

Here is a curious question: is a 5525 mile-long wall meant to keep people out, or in? I know that Canada has already defeated the U.S. invasion in the war of 1812, and burned down it's own parliament once, but most people have forgotten all about these events, so they could hardly serve as proof of present intentions. Besides, we've built the underground railroad once too, so I'm really losing sight of the purpose here. Maybe, just maybe, a wall is in Canada's interests in keeping out the riff-raff.

It looks as though I'm ending where I started in the science of bad numbers... Except now we are redefining words when we can't fudge the numbers enough to match a desired outcome...