Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fuel surcharge consumerism in the land of wrung out pelicans

Well, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place for me just recently in that movie "collusion" which I posted a couple of days ago. Not that my opinions on money, banking, the elite, nor the ruling class have been altered greatly, unless you wish to add stupid to evil...

In fact most of my opinions have not changed on topics like 'climate change' not having anything to do with human activity, or economics being about creating false scarcities where none exist, or corruption and greed being the current drive of the legal, political, medical, corporate, and agricultural realms... All recent wars are still all about money, oil, or other natural resources that 'local' governments are not willing to hand over to international corporate hegemonic interests. The media still lies about anything they can think to lie to us about in the name of keeping us docile and eager to consume. And capitalism is still a thinly veiled consumerism all about owning the latest over-priced garbage engineered to break 15 seconds after the warranty expires.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Urban Decay

If it's not painfully obvious yet, this image might help clarify things... This is not some natural disaster at work. This is the city that the automotive industry built, then forgot about: Detroit... Looks like Robocop got this part of the future right. Detroit had a peak population of 1.8 million in 1950, which 60 years later has fallen more than 50% to 713 777 by 2010. This street is not some isolated situation either. Try it yourself, take a google streetview tour of urban decay.


There isn't much more I need to say about this... Just watch it.


Saturday, 23 February 2013

The spaghetti incident

There was much ado about pasta this week, until there wasn't. I don't have any real beef with this, unless it's still horse, because I understand the charade. It's intended that we expend all of our anger on such stupidities before noticing who's hand is really in our pockets. The real politics is that there is not really any politics in reality. Right, left, both are completely off balance and meant to keep your eyes from focusing on center stage. They've both continuously failed to replace the burnt out bulb in the spotlight meant for center stage purposefully. True the purpose behind trapping the French among their own ignorance might appear anti-globalist, but, most globalist plans need cannon-fodder, and who better than those who refuse to learn the international language of business: Chinese. Or was that corruption?

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

All's well that ends.

Well, I'm sure it isn't the first time I mention my job might quit me, on my blog. But it's the first time my job has quit me. Ironically, I've been terminated for breaching the corporate policy against harassment in the workplace, because I dropped the computer I was carrying in my manager's doorway in response to him saying "you're suspended! Go home NOW!".

The irony is that this same policy is the one the corporation has failed to follow more than once when I have complained about the constant public insults, condescension, and idle threats my manager l believes is supposed to act as a motivator... He felt threatened that I followed a direct order? So what if I dropped what I was doing at the time? He was always insistent that he controls me, and that I'm not to ask how high, when he says jump, I'm too fucking jump until I've jumped high enough to satisfy him....

The invisible people

I know I haven't been around much lately... I have not fallen off the edge of the world, or did I? I guess maybe I have ended up in some kind of limbo. My employer and I parted ways 2 weeks ago, as my gestapo had stepped on my last nerve, and I broke stuff, literally, stuff got broken. The trouble is that I do not have any idea if there are 'employment insurance benefits' forthcoming or not...

It is possible I fell right off the map from 'gainfully employed' to dregs of society whom are not counted in any statistic whatsoever... Because if I do not qualify for employment insurance, I have not landed in the bucket of Canada's unemployed, but rather end up straight in the gutter. I don't much care one way or the other and I am not asking anyone's pity, I simply find it interesting that I might truly have become nobody overnight. Again, I don't take issue at being nobody, especially if it means that the telemarketers will stop calling because that would be a huge bonus.

But then even if I do qualify for these benefits I've payed into for the past five years uninterrupted, I might be forced to spend 4 hours a day on the bus to ask 'do you want fries with that?' thanks to a government I did not vote for...

And don't give me that bullshit that the ones I did vote for could have screwed me over too, because wasted the ballot by putting X's of equal size next to every candidate on the ballot. I would have voted 'none of the above' had I been presented with that option. That option does not exist here out of fear that 'none of the above' might win by a landslide... And then, all of these politicians would suddenly become nobody overnight, because we fired them.


Monday, 11 February 2013

To all the NEWS I've unread before.

Let's do a little house-cleaning... I have a number of NEWS articles that don't really fit together, nor have they found their way into other posts, but I'd really like them to stop cluttering up my news reader...

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Juggling road apples

It appears that playing politics must be really difficult. On the one hand you promise cheaper or even free education, then on the other you think the schools are over-funded. Obviously, not having the students pay for school would mean that the money has to come from somewhere, this is not rocket science. It's a well known fact that you can't please all the people all the time, and the more you try, the more people you piss off with the juggling act. Especially when you promise two exact opposites in the same week.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Who would you kill for a Klondike bar?

Are we supposed to be surprised that Canadian income inequality and poverty is growing? Probably not. We tend to follow the U.S. pretty closely, and they have plummeted even further down this 'report' than we have, so I doubt we're anywhere near finished this descent. I am pretty sure most of us feel the same thing happening to us: we make less than we did, or at minimum, our grocery carts, rents/mortgages, and gas tanks cost a larger percentage of our take-home pay. It's all fine and well that the government looks after the poorest among us, but, if they continue to not look out for the rest of us, we'll all be the poorest, and then there will be no money to look after any of us. The math is pretty simple really, any% of nothing equals nothing so it doesn't really matter what the tax rate is at that late stage in the game. That doesn't mean that I approve of those out there who feel so hopelessly dependant on the government that they will sue them for even more.

Foreign companies favouring foreign workers over local workers is akin to thumbing their noses at us while their other hand is still in our wallet. It's easy enough to get away with when you front-load the system and give too many rights to corporations, it's even easier when the media isn't fact checking or figuring out how many millions there are in 38 thousand. Who am I trying to kid, it isn't like the government to take a stand for the people unless it's the people who can finance or even rig their next campaign.

We are not 'the people'.
We haven't been 'the people' in many years.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Censured or censored

It's been a couple of days since one of my YouTube subscriptions passed away. So I thought maybe a memorial service would be appropriate.