Monday, 30 September 2013

business as usual

I know. It's been awhile since I've come around here. It's not like I've been on vacation or forgot to pay the internet bill... Nor did I stop reading the endless one-sided narratives sometimes called headlines, but rather they all appear too say the same things as every other headline which from an eagle eyed view read "trust me, I'm untrustworthy!" in their sublime subliminal.

I no longer feel an outcast for expressing my opinions, and often no longer feel my words go unheard, or shut down in ignorance or indolence, but still the apathy is so thick you need a well heated knife to cut through it. Do these people not realize they are being dangled over the edge of a cliff by creatures with not a droplet of empathy over who lives or dies? Only they have the power to decide between fate or destiny and in the end it more about making the choice than it was about how to proceed once the choice was made... Because the choosing itself is destiny.

I won't try to paint any pictures of rose filled gardens becoming the de facto because the way forward is neither clear cut nor easy. But then, it's possible that I am wrong, just as it always has been. It's been so long since I made my choice that I don't really remember how things looked before I did the choosing. That doesn't mean I can't see or feel how small and incremental changes have modified the general perception of normal, or as they say, business as usual given just how subjective and elusive the word normal truly is.

Maybe these statements are the reflection of my own apathy or simply an understanding that my past attempts have not had the desired effect. Things have changed, but only slightly, and not even slightly enough to alter their outcome, only the timetable in which it occurs. In this time we've bought ourselves, I feel it best not expend my energy pointing out all those things I've already said since all those words still exist in these pages even if all the examples I've cited and linked to do not... That's the funny thing about this age of digital press, and having an unprinted past which could evaporate or change itself to suit the needs of whoever has control over those archives in such simplistic revisionism.

I'd say more, but seemingly the words have stopped flowing.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

WTF? Really?!!

I don't really have anything to write today, and was actually just going to post a George Carlin compilation video... Then it happened. My phone rang, it was a headhunter, who said:

We see by your profile that you are not a 'programmer / developer' but rather a 'tech support and networking tech' person. We have an opening for C++, Java, and Perl developer is there anybody you know and could recommend for this position?

Needless to say, I lost my shit on this person!!! Does my profile suggest that I am going to do your fucking job for you? You are the headhunter, not me, I am an 'out of work' Network Administrator who isn't getting paid by anybody, so you can go fuck yourself!!! <click>

Did that really just happen? What the hell is wrong with people???

Anyhow, enjoy some George Carlin while I go smash my head into a wall until I am unconscious.


Saturday, 14 September 2013

ask the experts in your regularly scheduled programming

I know it has been a while since I have asked why do we trust 'experts' to give us our opinions? I mean here's one expert we can't trust to give us a copy of her diploma, so what else might she lie about, hmm? I am an expert in one thing, and that is knowing better than to call myself an expert at anything even if I do know that Egypt borders neither Syria, nor Iran:

Iraq'ed my brain trying to figure out what's not right here...

I mean, experts came up with the idea that NAFTA would be good for Canadian consumers via lower prices, but instead we get this kind of thing happening. These kinds of things usually end poorly, yet we still have politicians negotiating TPP, CETA, & FIPA (oops, too late on FIPA) behind closed doors... If there really was some concern on their part, for foreign investors, then there would be a whole lot of people in prison for all those Triple-A rated junk bonds known as Mortgage Backed Securities which were purchased by the American taxpayer, rather than prosecuted. Nobody has gone to jail for that, but somehow, we now have swat teams sent out to establish who pissed in the pool, or something along that vein.

Do we really need an expert to tell us that 'bus boy' is such a complex career choice that it should have unpaid internships associated with it? How twisted and backwards do things need to be before everybody realizes that we left the boundaries of anything even resembling normal a long time ago, and that the only way to get back to normal is by stopping the rank-in-file march into insanity.

I know it's hard to hear oneself think over the 'regularly scheduled programming', which is why you should start in a small and targeted way, like, for example, "why do they call it programming?" seems like as good a place to begin to question things as any, does it not? Eventually that single question leads to a "Could they really be this blatantly NOT hiding this 'program' from the 'programmed'?" at some point down the line... I mean, the word "program" itself seems to have some very interesting meanings, most of which pertain to 'plans of action', 'encoding operating instructions', 'inserting instructions', 'causing automatic responses', or "a radio or television production".... Hmmm, that's interesting, isn't it?


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Inspirations and revelations

This morning I don't have a ton of things to discuss, in fact I haven't figured out, yet, why the urge to type has hit me except for some very profound things I have just read. So I present this "letter from Vladimir Putin" (republished at Land Destroyer in case the NYT paywall kicks in). Now I will not speak to the veracity of the author because looking at text on a screen tells me nothing about whether or not this really is from Mr. Putin, but then I wouldn't know his handwriting nor signature, would I? Despite this potential of not being who it claims to be, the letter itself is very thought provoking and contains a pretty powerful and inspired message, which is something I feel needs to be read by a whole lot of people, otherwise, why would I have bothered to put it here, as I still have no idea why I am continuing to type.

There was also this blog entry "why we are confused" which aligns pretty perfectly with something I was mentioning yesterday, being the magic highlighter drawing focus to non-issues in order to divide us. It really does help to connect the dots and bring realization that demoting a religion or culture in favour of promoting another religion or culture serves neither purpose effectively. That said, there must obviously be another purpose behind it all... I won't deny that Marois has played her role as a racist nutbag well and that she likely has a great future ahead of her, starring in the Hollywood 'B' movie circuit as a deranged psychopathic killer for just how well she sells crazy in real life (if that's what this place really is)...

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Olympic bullshitting competition and other égarements linguistiques

So the quebec government has succeeded in getting us divided on a non-issue while we stop talking about real issues, well, at least some of us as there is still the occasional editorial and open letter here and there. But these are still taking time and effort away from discussing the fact that Quebec is now shedding 5000 jobs a month, and that giant craters are opening up and swallowing backhoes in the middle of downtown Montreal. Of course, this all goes towards a goal of evacuating the province of all those who are affected by this 'dress code' because these are not people who make up the desired demographic of morons who would vote for an independent Quebec that uses Canadian dollars (oxymoron intended). I am aware that outside of Montreal and Quebec City there is a large population of backwoods hicks who have never even seen a muslim except for those being labelled as a terrorist on the evening 'nouvelles', and who can't speak a word of "da H'english" save for having a "craque dans le windshield" or "un flatte dans le ti'er", or who eat at their backyard BBQ "les 'ot dogs et les 'amburgers" (note to non-Quebec readers: Quebec Francophones speaking English cannot pronounce "H" when it's at the beginning of a word, but somehow add an "H" to the beginning of any word starting with a vowel, without some level of practice). I mean it isn't like they are planning to remove the Catholic found just about everywhere... Majority of Quebec townships and streets are "Saint(e)" something-or-other, but that's OK because this is part of Quebec's heritage (of double standards). I mean, really, this doesn't even ban opening prayers at municipal council meetings, separation of church and state my ass...

Monday, 9 September 2013

♫♪ don't worry, be fucking hostile ♫♪

Quite obviously we are asking the wrong questions of politicians when we ask them not to raise tuitions, or fix the roads, or stop bullshitting us about how they are going to fix the economy by giving money to corrupt bastards, who are, at the same, time stealing money... What we need to ask them is why we are using these people as if they were simply a ratings agency, when they are OUR bank, meaning we own it and even if they were to charge interest that would be interest we earn instead of them, because their profits, don't seem to hold any bearing on the real economy, and they certainly don't help the poorest of people, as those are not the people eligible for 'low interest loans' if they were eligible for loans at all. Not that I am advocating digging a deeper hole in the effort of climbing out of a hole, but, sometimes when one cannot find employment, they might need money to try to invent their own employment.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

twerks twerking so jerks can be jerking

Sometimes it takes a long while to answer some of the most basic questions in life, until you realize that it wasn't answering that took so long, but rather coming to terms with the answer, or owning the answer that takes all the time and effort. I understand and own the answer to the most basic of all questions now. It's the question that just about every single one of us has asked at one time or another: 'why am I here?'. The answer, is much simpler than the question: 'because I chose to be here'. Every single day I make the same choice in waking from my slumber and getting out of bed, while the whole time I could just as easily have chosen not to be here anymore.