Sunday, 5 May 2013

the illusion of truth sets no one free

I know there's no amount of effort that I can personally put in that counteracts the effort of some others out there pushing one agenda or another, and some are pushing every agenda in under ten minutes, but that's not enough of a reason for me to give up hope. Bad people are doing bad things and for all the wrong reasons, no less. It is the same as it ever was, only now with less pie than ever before, and because the numbers lie, we actually don't have any clue how bad things actually are. With such disbelief and uncertainty is it any wonder that everyone is extremely jittery? And I say jittery simply because I can't find a better word for it, maybe I'll have to invent such a word: Terrorificified.

I speak out because I feel I have no alternative. I can see through most of the lies and cover stories and I've poked at them privately for years to no one's benefit, unless my neighbours have listened attentively while I shouted at the TV: "Does nobody else see the hidden agenda here?!!". I bear no envy towards those who've twisted the histories, and bent language into the crobar used to kneecap us routinely. Why are we making and accepting excuses as some kind of doctrine which changes the meaning of 'act of war' into 'keeping the world safe'? It's pure bullshit! That bullshit feeds some smug sense of self-righteousness to which we really are not entitled that leads directly into some holier than thou stupor which is exemplified more and more every day.

Why are we hearing the opinion of an alleged economist on a topic so contrived we invented a science for it, especially when you consider just how fucked the banking system is? Paleoclimatology tends to disagree with the idea that the climate has even noticed we exist, let alone that we have somehow upset it into being some angry god requiring human sacrifice and burnt offerings rather than logic and reasoning. Where do we find all these crackpots?

Why are we still fooled by the 'this is only a test' when so many other tests have obscured reality in the past? There are other 'tests' in other places too, but the actual copy can no longer be found (5 minutes later), so here's the google cache of it. Action, cover story, regulations passed while you were stunned, reaction. Notice I've elected to end that sentence? It's a very deliberate illustration that "reaction" is now your new normal until the next action sequence: there ain't no coming back, because it's the really real world.

Of course not everybody in the media circus has the script because they occasionally let some real gems slip out, until they are never heard from again... Rule #1 in liars academy: pick a story, rehearse it, stick to it. Eventually it becomes the truth, just not the kind that sets anyone free.


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