Friday, 30 August 2013

Damnit! Someone *did* shit in my mouth...

I've come to understand recently that I am fast approaching an impasse from almost every angle. It's as though it some point very recently I saw the whole picture enough to completely understand the intricacies and nuances, which is not really enough to name the names, but that I can now point out where's waldo on every single page and the entire exercise no longer holds any interest. While it's true that there might be some other points of interest which I missed along the way, they are likely going to grow scarcer and scarcer. I know that some portion of this apparent boredom is generated by some portion of my information feeds which sometimes like to trumpet the same thing about every 10 minutes as though this were something new that wasn't here 10 minutes ago and 10 minutes before that. I do try not to repeat myself, because that's dull and defeats the purpose of simply putting a link to the last time I said it, because it's still exactly where it was, but is no longer 'new' in terms of how information is managed and displayed here. But I am aware of how some of my informational sources are actually fed by many people, whereas I am the only contributor here so I do try to give the benefit of the doubt in these matters and don't simply unsubscribe.

All the same I presently only have 4 unread items right now, and I've been ignoring many of them for several days (actually, I've read all 4 but have not seen where they fit with whatever I've written lately)...

Poop! (which explains why in a blindfolded taste test I tend to ask, 'did someone just shit in my mouth?'). There, I've fit one in and have 3 remaining, I guess that was easier than I had originally thought... Oh, wait, Aspartame was a creation of Monsanto, who probably wants nobody to know about this radio wave treated water stuff, because it could bankrupt them. I wonder if this could be replicated using 2 hoses and a chamber containing an underwater speaker playing some Mozart or Beethoven downtuned by 8Hz? Couldn't hurt to try it at the very least. (and I am down to 2 because that '432Hz thing' I read awhile back)

Now I will make a prediction that Hungary is going to become the enemy of the free world at some point in time and that there will be all kinds of bad things for which we will need to drop humanitarian bombs on them. Don't ask me what the reasoning will be, since chemical weapons don't seem to be going over all that well anymore, but something will be found to be some egregious offence against humanity and nature and it will somehow be an us or them scenario to which the utmost urgency is implied... Stay tuned...

The last one I actually hadn't read called "how to keep the NSA out of your computer"... I suspect my first instinct will prove to be correct, and that will be to not own one, but if it has anything worthwhile maybe it will appear here at a later date... So apparently I told an untruth, you will have to forgive that as it was more of an oversight than a deliberate lie.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

the doublespeak dreamworld

I am certain that I have mentioned, in past posts, that the world is a pretty backwards place. I know that this is done to upset the human equilibrium and keep us just off kilter enough to maintain some vague resemblance to a dreamworld in which those generating the dream feast on the confusion and imbalance created while working out the next phase. What other reasoning could there be for a country giving $1.2 million to another nation to promote religious freedom while a section within that generous nation is moving to outlaw religious freedom within it's public institutions, after having already made international headlines for trying to ban the hijab from soccer games (this was overturned only after FIFA stepped in, by the way). This off-kilter confusion is not limited to politicians, nor religion as the schools fuck with the heads of our youth and tell them you can't wear that in a classroom of 30 kids, but you have to wear it in front of a much larger audience for a sporting event at the same school.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

so crazy it just might...

I am aware that I have not made much mention of this whole 'Syria false flag chemical weapons must be stopped by bombing the shit out of them' thing, and have now summed it all up in a half a sentence, and so, don't need to say a whole lot more on the topic. I don't see much reason to say what everybody else is already saying because I have no urge to become part of the static which I see both sides of the argument becoming at the moment. Syria has always been on that list of 7 countries in 5 years, which, because of being a plan executed by a government has taken longer and cost more and not actually progressed in the same direction as it's originally advertised goal line because the advertised goal was never the intended goal in the first place. That is simply how these things are, and will continue to be so long as we continue to fall for the lie and chant their slogans reinforcing the programming so we'll accept the lie again next time they need to use the very same one.

In case it is not absolutely obvious yet I will spell it out: they don't give a fuck what we think, say, or do about it any more this time, than they did last time... Unless... Well, I will get to that in a little while.

What have we done over the past decade? We have to recount these things in order to understand what hasn't yet worked.... We've written pointed letters to elected officials, and nothing has changed. We've voted new faces into the seats of apparent power, and nothing has changed. We've filled the streets with protesters and signage to be meted with tear-gas and major police brutality, and nothing has changed. We had an 'occupy' movement which was completely misunderstood by the press until it had been hijacked and divided into camps each with it's own cause of focus, and then that too was brutalized and illegalized, and nothing changed.

We know boycotting product 'a' simply promotes product 'b' which is ultimately owned by the same boards of directors, which puts the pawns making product 'a' in whatever area out of work, while product 'b' buys up new machines or a new factory in some slave-wage nation to make up the production gap which makes us the real loser while the 10 out of 12 people who own both companies laugh at our misconception of who has the power...

We are failing at these things because they are ready for them... They know how not to lose money by taking ours. They know how to make a somewhat discontent mob into an angry one, and then how to respond even more violently. They know how to infiltrate and polarize a debate about something into an argument about nothing in order to keep us divided and against each other...

What is the common theme? Every single one of these things we've tried have had a very basic, and likely unrealized foundation. They've all been rife with negative emotions, they've all been born of discontent, been simmered to a mild outrage, flambéd into anger, and extinguished with fear or pain while greed managed off with more of what it didn't deserve in the first place. They have also all boiled down to certain 'causes' or certain 'injustices' allowing our focus to be drawn away from other causes or injustices which were being done just outside our peripheral vision which leads to what appeared at the time to be a small victory for one cause which was not really that cause we were focused on taking a step back, but every other cause we weren't focused on taking a step forward.

I think the next movement, which is just so insane that it might even work, needs to be one not born of anger or focused on all that is wrong... All is wrong because we helped it to become wrong, and as such we need to forgive ourselves and each other to begin the healing process...

I suggest a nameless and wordless protest with no cause and every cause. No slogan, no marching, no signage, and no words, no dress code, and very few instructions to fuck up... Here are the instructions: at noon every Wednesday hug someone... whoever happens to be around whether you know them or not, same sex, opposite sex, heck hug several people. No groping, no bear hugs, no sexual innuendo, just a simple hug. During this hug, think of your cause, think of how you want to change the world for the better, don't say it, just think it and focus on it...

I would even suggest that this hugging period be 30 minutes from noon to 12:30 during which time, no words are spoken, and no financial or commercial transactions are made, nothing outside of true emergencies like fire fighters or ambulances or genuine 'life or death' situations should be handled for 30 minutes a week. Stop the world, and freeze time to the best of our abilities while doing nothing but hugging our fellow human and thinking about how to make the world a place we truly want to live in again. In the absence of anybody anywhere within range, hug yourself. Don't block roadways, don't block doorways, don't obstruct those who might think that they have something better to do, or more important places to be. This is not a show of force, it is a display of affection and forgiveness, so accept and forgive that there will be some who want no part in this. We need to remove all the negative energy in the room, and by extension, the world. The world, and the human psyche are wounded from all the abuses they've suffered and can only begin to heal after we've stopped wallowing in our own misery.


Monday, 26 August 2013

be careful what you wish for...

I don't claim to know everything, and often don't even claim to know very much at all. I simply have a perception of things that allows me to understand where the lies and injustices are. I become incensed, and outraged by injustices, while the lies have a varying emotional and even physical effect on me depending on the level and degree to which they are orchestrated, and I am probably not alone in this category. I say that I am not alone, except that, when I look around, I think a great many people do not recognize these symptoms and have no idea where to lay blame, which leads to odd behaviours, or worse, or, well, I don't know what to make of this one at all, especially considering the 'getaway' car (tractor).

Friday, 23 August 2013

Statistically speaking, you've likely already stopped reading this sentence

There are times where I wonder if that BEMDAS rule of operations in mathematics might actually apply to space time... I have altered nothing about the order of the following headlines in my "NEWS" category in my subscriptions and yet this RANDOMLY (har-de-har-har) appears in a sequential fashion:

These articles from the same news source, on the same day within 30 minutes of each other would appear to be complete contradictions... Go on, look at the published times posted in the stories found here and here, and follow whatever logic you see fit... I am already dizzy and have decided I no longer want to think about it, outside of the fact that somebody is fudging the numbers somewhere along the line since both cannot be true at the same time in the same economy unless 4x3²+2=324 or 196 instead of 38... Or, maybe I have simply forgotten how to math... What I am undecided about is which side of this is selling us something we did not want not need.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

a bus trip through the 3rd world?

So I resorted to an old strategy, which predates the internet, I used to use for finding work. Go through an industrial park and wallpaper it with applications and resumés in hopes that someone would call back... I will assume that I picked the wrong industrial park since I could not find a single block that had no visible 'for rent' or 'for sale' sign throughout my journey, which I took the liberty of cataloguing as a photo journal... Rather than bore you to tears with a slideshow of poor photography taken mostly from the seat of a bus, I compiled it all into a single contact sheet which displays the map of the journey:

For the purpose of scale, an entire runway at the airport is clearly visible on the map
That airport is an international airport, and not some rural cessna airstrip.

Those are all the for rent or for sale signs I was able t get a picture of... Sometimes there were signs on opposite sides of the bus, and I deleted some which were completely obscured, and still ended up with about 32 signs... And not a single "we're hiring" sign in sight... I went back to one of the more promising streets to be turned away at every door. You would think that an area which is between an airport, and the train yards (not shown) would be much more sought out real estate for industry... I mean there is no lack of hotels along route 520 and not a whole lot of sight-seeing to be found in an industrial park, which a majority of the displayed map is, so what gives?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

X-files, the fall guy, and the pukes of hazzard(ous goods)

There has been an apparent admission that the honest and transparent government entities out there, will tell the same lies for as many years as they see fit, and blame whatever natural phenomenon they can dream up to make people who don't believe them sound like tinfoil-hat wearing wingnuts. I left behind the idea that E.T. lived @ Area 51 in favour of the more credible idea that it was an aerospace testing site, but I am not completely writing off the concept that maybe the original 'crash' could have been alien in nature... I simply don't push that idea because portions of it seem uncredible, the biggest of which being if there were some 'flying saucer', a type of aircraft we still cannot replicate, why have we not been able to replicate it yet? Think for a second about a helicopter as it works on a similar principle, but in order to remain stable and controllable, the helicopter requires a tail rotor otherwise the helicopter itself would begin to spin out of control... For that simple reason alone, I tend to write off the idea of aliens and alien technology. You can believe whatever you want on this issue, what I take away from the story is that 'a non-existent secret military base' does exist, and, someone's been telling lies about it for over 60 years.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

better the trolls you don't know, than the trolls you do.

I've decided it's time to stop posting links to this blog on facebook altogether as it would appear that some of my 'friends' have moved from supporting me to ridiculing me. I was always aware that this day would come, but was never quite certain when. Oddly enough, the ridicule came about, not after posting any link to this blog, because I haven't done that for about a week, but when I posted a link to this story about the ineffectual Quebec language police, with absolutely zero commentary of my own. Of course this compounds itself with the realization that I've now had my very first dealings with an anonymous troll... Maybe it's the very same 'friend', and maybe it isn't, I am not really curious enough to investigate it, and am not certain I even have the resources required to do such an investigation in the first place since this is not my own private server which provides me full access to the log files. Knowing 'who' would not really change anything anyway, so we'll try to move on.

I probably asked for this to occur with my last posting in a single statement, which I will repeat here for effect: "I'd rather leave this world an outcast and a pariah than to have never stood for anything at all."... Why do my immediate results only occur when the net sum is a negative balance? It's almost as though everything else I said in 7 or 8 paragraphs was completely ignored... And I was trying my hardest to keep the overall feel of that post, positive, and hopeful... Maybe I am simply not meant to deliver messages of hope, unless this is the universe (or trolls) trying to re-enforce a fact that there is no hope. I won't deny that hope is not easy to conjure up from the free fall my personal life has become, and which I don't think has bottomed out yet. I admit that I don't always know how to read the signs, but that is not the same as not seeing them at all.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I'll go over here, while 'egoes over there

Maybe there is hope for some of humanity, just not all of it as the apparent conservative vs. liberal equation (morally, not politically) would appear to be at exactly the opposite of their expected stance on things. I do believe that you are allowed to be gay, if that is what you are, and do not consider such things to be a disease. I also believe that it's everybody's right to want and have a family... I also, however, believe that people have a right to not condone such things if that is truly how they feel, but think the referenced example in the linked video goes overboard on the commentary and preachiness... She is entitled to have an opinion, and should even have the right to voice it, but was there really a need to bring the whole restaurant into the debate? It hardly seems like the appropriate venue for such things.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

a cartoonish super-villain doing the dishes in a rainbow-bright robe

I think the Vladimir Putin looked at the cartoonish super-villain portrait much of the western media has painted of him and pondered deeply about how he might be able to get that touched up by PRISMACOLOR into an even more cartoonish hue. So he banned gay propagandizing... I'm not really taking sides on this issue, and am by no means homophobic, but from a point of logic: there is not one single occurrence of a 'hetero-pride' parade that I can recall ever hearing about. Maybe it's that nobody feels that a school of sea bass in the open sea is as visually appealing as 10 variants of tropical fish trapped together in a salt-water tank, or maybe there simply has never been any agenda meant to promote procreation as a means of species propagation (unless I am simply in the wrong country). I suppose in the end I don't see why straight sex is still such a taboo subject while being gay is something to be openly proud of. It's a world of double-standards from that perspective... I fuck women, and as such there is zero celebration, but if I fucked men there's an an(nu)al parade... Not that I need a parade concerning whomever I choose to fuck because I consider such things to be nobody else's damned business in the first place so long as the other participant involved was both coherent and willing... But go on and paint bizarrely homosexual crimes as homophobic ones if you want to. I see someone ass-raping someone else with beer bottles and torturing their man meat and I doubt a truly homophobic person would approach either act with a 10-foot dildo.

Wow dirty, tell us how you really feel...

Monday, 12 August 2013

I HOPE you HATE this posting

I've realized through a recent conversation that HOPE no longer makes any regular appearance in my blog. That is not really to say that there is no hope left, since, the reality is hope is the only reason I have to do what I do, or to write what I write. That HOPE has always been to get the point across that REALITY is fundamentally broken. I don't offer the ultimate solution to correct the situation because I don't have all the answers, I don't know where nor when correcting the flaws ends, only where those corrections must begin.

I can't solve the debt crisis on my own, all I can do is point out that borrowing more money from Rothschild banks is how we got in this mess in the first place, so doing so again simply speeds up the decline into debt slavery. I alone cannot not believe in money as it exists today because everybody else does and so I have to speak out on such topics in hopes of making others realize that the beginning and end of a majority of all that is wrong was the money itself. When money is owned by private interests and issued at interest there is never enough money to pay back more than the principle, ever, because the interest did not create money. Further that to the point that when private interests own and print whatever amount of money they want there is nothing those same private interests cannot afford to own, infiltrate, or infect.

This is why the media rejoices about how Libyan rebels are so organized and self-assured to have already set up a Rothschild controlled central bank. This is why the media cares more about the stock market, than the price of a loaf of bread in terms of the labour cost required to afford it. The stock market is not a REAL thing, it is an artificial wealth exchange between wealthy speculators and gullible sheep led to a slaughter house. Until the walls and confinements of the present perception of reality have been broken down in enough minds, I am absolutely trapped here with the sheep.

I can claim to choose my path and go against the grain, but I can only go so far as the leash allows, because eventually, I have to pay for something using MONEY regardless of how non-consumerist I have become. In the end I am still a slave to money because no other form of payment is accepted.

Usury is considered a sin in every religion that's ever come into being, including judaism, except that in judaism it's only a sin when committed against other jews (as are so many other things according to the Talmud), so why is it only the Muslims who appear to remember this fact? Remember also, that 'Muslims' are 'the enemy' and ask yourself why? The answer has very little to do with 72 virgins or terrorism, as the wars have been openly reclassified as opposing states which are "against U.S. interests"... Maybe that change happened because nobody could keep a straight face anymore while the U.S. military-industrial complex strutted off to commit terrorist acts in order to fight terrorism in some bizarre 'fight fire with fire' tactic of what is now obviously a match of shadow boxing to the death...

No, I am trapped here, and my only power to fight it remains in my articulation of the problem in hopes of reaching others... And not others who are of like mind because I obviously don't need to preach to the choir... I need to put a dent in the colony of drones wandering around aimlessly consuming the latest fashion trend and watching whatever scripted reality their television claims is the really real world, and hope fades once the realization sets in that in the age of information, ignorance is a choice, and that the majority of people choose to care what goes on in the lives of the Cardassians and Honey Boo Boo's in this world... Your superior knowledge of what colour nail-polish Kim and Chloë are inclined to wear and your impressive famous person brand of plain white T-shirt are not something which you should feel give you the right to any smug superiority, they should be a source of ultimate shame. And I HOPE these words have offended somebody out there enough to become incensed at themselves.


-- in regard to the lack of links in this article: I HOPE you've heard of Google.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Gaddafi my desert you filthy vermin.

Not only is there a 2% difference here, but one of these will
take effect 4 months ago in some odd interdimensional travel

Sometimes the news gives me very good and obvious reasons to not believe in it. I suppose it's possible that there was a typo because these things can happen. Then I ask myself: if I manage to find most of my typos before I publish a simple blog post, how do they get through in an organization with a staff full of 'editors' and 'proofreaders'? Then that goes further down the road of kicking the can to land on: if the editors and proofreaders aren't really doing their job, what are the 'fact checkers' doing? I don't even have fact checkers, and yet I do my best to make sure that I am at least being honest with my readers, which, granted, might not always be enough to prevent the occasional psy-op or satire from slipping through, but I AM the staff, and I am not even paid enough (or at all) to give a shit... Yet I do.

Speaking of satire, I just read a headline so good, it didn't need a story... In fact, it didn't have a story.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Immunity and bankruptcy in the gangland gameshow of life

I was aware that this was in the works, I even wrote about it two years ago. Not that I'm going to say I told you so, because nobody was reading my blog at the time, so I really only told me so. Obviously there is a very good reason for doing such things, which is quite simply: to do whatever they want whether against our laws or not with no consequences to them. While I am on obvious topics MM&A is going to leave Canadian taxpayers holding the bag whilst also screwing U.S. taxpayers out of about 27 million that was on loan from the USG. Well done!

I am on to your little corporate scam... Yes I understand why you think you need foreign workers to fill the jobs that Canadians 'cannot'. Funny, where are the language police when you need them? French isn't even a required language in this job (see the bottom in preferred skills)... Funnier still, just below that the go on about how 'ethical' they are. How long do you think it'll be now before Tepco declares bankruptcy? I'm honestly surprised they've held out this long given that the entire system is pretty much bankrupt (morally as well as financially).

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Zero Power, Zero Hours, thirteen orgs stealing what's ours

So there I was trying to find out if anybody anywhere knows why the Middle East has been canceled until further notice, when all of a sudden the power goes out. Nice mild sunny summer day with zero to complain about in the weather category. So I run through all the possibilities and about 15th on the list was terrorists (if there really is such a thing) so I stepped outside to see if marital law was in effect... I was disappointed. No smoke, no sirens, no cyborg army... Nope. It was lightning. The lightning happened hundreds of kilometers away which was likely why I missed it. Maybe it was terrorist lightning!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

act casual; like we've never met

Well, I found out that there is already a project mapping who connects to who out there... I played with it for a while and came up with this:, and that was just randomly following some things while not attempting to prove any point... But I did prove a point that the elite can't very easily claim not to know each other, can they?

Feel free to build your own, I am going to play with a few more ideas myself


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lost on the path of least resistance

Sometimes we need to set reminders for ourselves because we have a tendency, and even tenacity for droning on day in and day out. Some changes in life occur so slowly that we don't even notice them. Night becomes day, day becomes night, and there's been bad news on every channel for so long that unhorrendous news is now the good news, and it's still worse than the bad news was just a few years ago. Unless it's just a rehash of the exact same news that went nowhere any other time it's been in the news.