Sunday, 12 June 2016

Firing Off a Text in Sniper Vision

Highway robbery. We're all used the term, yet suddenly I no longer think it means what we used to think it means. ...But then neither does global warming, it's almost the summer solstice and this sweater is not thick enough for outdoor activities. And forget about swimming. I know nobody invites me anywhere and that should be reason enough to stay indoors, but I'm not a big believer in online shopping because it makes the only regionally available jobs 'delivery guy'. I know there's a more politically correct means of saying that, but I could give a fuck. 

I normally don't condone the actions of Walmart, but even a busted clock is right once every 43200 seconds. I mean not only is there interest to the cardholder, but fees to the vendor. There are also fees on refunds... how do you get 6% of the price of a purchase and applicable taxes when an item does not sell? 6% of zero = profit? The money changers are the only people who have figured out how to divide by zero and somehow make it everybody else's fault that the universe imploded. 

I swear I've read the headline "Orlando shooter texted his wife during attack" twenty or more times... Admittedly, I've not read any of the articles associated, but I'm very curious to why this is supposed to be such an important detail that I need it to be programmed and force-fed to me by every news agency, blog, editorial, and cereal box I read. It doesn't make things more convincing or believable. If anything it leads me to ask if there supposed lone-wolf, might-be killer has some stubby thalidomide third hand with which to text while firing an AR-15 with his other 2 hands? Fuck me! I just moved 1 headline from where I was to find there are Facebook posts also.... My original math may be flawed, this person was Kālī...

It bothers me even more that the alt-media seemed incensed that the MSM 'knew to call it terrorism immediately'... they call everything terrorism these days otherwise the sleeping denizens, whose attention never strays from whatever the masturbatory must-have-it fad of the hour is, wouldn't know what to be afraid of... we should be more incensed at that than who called terrorism when. Because, really, those are the people whose attention needs to get got.

Well, I've been writing this post long enough that there news contained herein is getting stake. I guess I'll publish it now.