Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Half-chewed table scraps

This is what the world needs... I am sorry, I see nowhere this type of thing fits in with anything I normally talk about, so I started with it... It's like Matt Groening's Futurama has come to life with a robot that serves absolutely no purpose. But then there are plenty of things which serve little purpose like spending 125K to add 'Du' to the front of metro station names while the Transit employees get their pensions fucked with, even though “For the common people, it’s not going to change anything.” because they are not changing signage or maps, only the awful recordings nobody understands in the 1st place are being changed...

But this is the way of bureaucracy, a bunch of people with zero creativity living on the government teat trying to leave their mark on history by finding whatever means they can of wasting money that wasn't theirs to begin with... I'm certain we can all think of dozens of recent examples of such in whichever tier of government we wished to point a finger at so I'm not going to get link happy with it. Besides these are the small outrages which I often consider as designed to distract us and keep us looking at the small picture within the larger picture. Currently that larger picture is aimed at starting the next war to end all wars with a side order of genocide. I'd post links, but, if you actually need them at this point, you are not paying any attention and have likely stumbled this way by accident while looking for this.

I'm not implying that Putin is a saint, especially given my opinion on the gang of child molesters who govern entry into sainthood, but he certainly appears not to be fulfilling the role of willing banker stooge mixed with Zionist which appear to be prerequisites for entry into the political dimension of late. I'd have said sphere just now, but a sphere is an object of perfect mathematical symmetry as a function of a number calculated to never end, while politics is a contrived place in which logic either cannot enter, or, at least, cannot escape... Yes, a logic vortex... A black hole where logic divided by zero, and it somehow worked. We can all hear the sucking sound of this vacuous black hole, but can't see any discernible effect beyond the aftereffects of legislation or decrees which seem to have no place in a world where we expect things to make sense. The only logical conclusion that can be made has to do with going beyond not biting the hand that feeds them, no they bend over backwards to appease their source of sustenance even if those are the meager pittance of half-chewed table scraps.

Sure, they may appear to have all the fancy toys right now but these objects of envy are the same disposable garbage after warranty plus 2 hours which leaves them trying to reload the cork-gun when the shit hits the fan. What good are toys when there's nowhere left to buy batteries anyway?

They get us all caught up in some contrived left-right paradigm keeping us from realizing that after a 180° turn what was left is now right and you're still in the exact same place as you were just a second earlier. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! We expend our energies debating the issues that the media bring to our attention never stopping to wonder whose agenda we are pushing while the media is owned by a very small number of people who are likely all members of the same country club and share the same secret handshake to distinguish 'they' from the rest of us.

It does not matter which evil corporation is closing down it's factories or stores in which city or country, when so many are doing it for the same reasons: to cut costs. Moreover most are using the same bullshit lines “We are very mindful of the impact these changes will have – particularly to our employees, and we will help those who are impacted through their transitions.” then pulling the same bullshit tactics closing 2 plants in one country then opening 1 in Malaysia and another in Thailand. Help people through their transitions how? A 2 hour seminar on how to write a resume?!! Yes, because all those boarded up factories and shops full of homeless squatters (who used to have a punch card in that very locale) will only mug you if there's an improper use of bulleted lists... Why do they need to cut costs? To make the interest payments on loans they took out to build the factories they no longer occupy, whether those loans were bank loans or shares purchased by investment bankers makes little difference to the end-sum if the equation when they promised to return more than they borrowed in the future they sold out that very same future as nothing can grow infinitely and indefinitely.

Yes, the hand that was feeding them has begun feeding off of them (we were already the half chewed table scraps) as there appears to be not much beyond skin and bones left on the original food source.


Monday, 28 July 2014

were you planning to eat that?

I am a sympathetic person, most of the time. That is to say I don't feel bad when people get exactly what they ask for and are somehow think it's some great world-ending catastrophe, even if it isn't. The fact is the customer is very often wrong despite whatever brainwashing might be @ play. I know sympathy is a difficult commodity while murderers claim it's in self defense that they bomb hospitals and even schools, or when the 'supposed good-guys' openly endorse rape as a means of 'avenging the deaths of'... Um, was all this bombing not about 3 dead teenagers? I must have missed an important memo somewhere... Now where was I? ... ... Actually, I'm lying, is easy to find sympathy, just not for those who feel they deserve it. Strangely none of this stops the support checks from being sent.

Meanwhile, in the Ukraine... Ugh. I could fill pages and pages with the history, the heresy, and official lies, but that likely wouldn't slow the endless waltz on broken glass. The IMF really needs to own them because their collection is worthless unless they have a full set. Of what? is a good question, and can only think 'of whatever is left standing' as being the proper answer, given that Iraq and Syria are still war zones...

Strangely I get a sense that some portion of all of this is bubbling just under the surface of others I encounter. Not all people and not all things at once, but it's on the tips of tongues in some dialect of a long dead language nobody remembers how to pronounce. Maybe that's just a vague optimism on my part, or maybe it's all the oddly misplaced rage which suddenly escapes certain people over things which should be considered trivial at best, and thoroughly unimportant at worst. The gen pop is either three short steps from bankruptcy, or already batshit insane, even if that is the new normal that does not mean I have to like it.

Eventually the last straw has to break the camels back, and it won't be over some triviality like that customer who could not return a $40 item purchased four months ago and became so incensed that he threw the item across the store and stormed out.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Uh, did you say "common cents"?

It's true that I am known to change my mind from time to time, but this, in combination with this, plus defectors and accidents while Russia had no involvement yet somehow created the conditions... Wait, where was I? Damn, I think I just got dizzy in the spin... The future U.S. President, Darth Vader, already told us Putin fired the missile himself when he inadvertently slid his android lock-screen left instead of right to answer an incoming call because that was what facebook said and there was a poorly produced youtube video to back it all up... Open information is common sense, and anything that might state otherwise is obviously wrong...

Undeniable proof from the same assholes who brought you WMDs in Iraq, and toxic gas used by Syrian Governm, er rebels? Wait, who's side were they on? Yes it was the government poisoning it's people with toxic chemicals (even if it wasn't), and let's not forget that Israeli terrorists flew planes into 3 buildings and knocked down 4 of them... Wait! Shit! I think I was supposed to say Arab terrorists! Fuck it! Cut and let's to a reshoot or overdub. What's that? We're live on air? <this station is experiencing technical difficulties, have a coke® and a smile™ while we subliminally reprogram your brain in this 'test signal'>

I am not going to claim that I have undeniable proof to back my claims, but I will state that the bankers set up the conditions under which this plane was shot down. It's common cents™ and undeniably logical that the weapons were purchased with currency that was printed by a bank, or created with a few keystrokes and a signature in triplicate (and of blood) on the dotted line of a contract guaranteeing that someone would owe more money than existed on the date of signing, in what is commonly called "the economy". While it could be argued that there is not one single smoking gun out there to back this accusation, there is also no solid proof against it either.

I am glad to see that the trance appears to be wearing off, and that 'social media' is not convincing enough argument... and as for the 'it was taken down quickly afterwards' well, honestly, when you read the sources I read, many things are gone in 2 hours time. I am sure this blog contains a great many dead links to things that were relevant at the time but mysteriously vanished under the guise of 'offensive content', or 'copyrighted material', and often held some key to unlocking a truth even if none directly depicted things being swept under the rug. This does not stop me from posting links to things while I can still see them, in much the same way as the finger-pointing never ends in the efforts to start WW3.

Sure you could call me an armchair critic but I have a sudden fear that it would be a crime to leave the country to investigate things myself, of course, not that air travel looks too shit hot right about now. Not sure who put these ideas in my head though.... Maybe it happened so long ago that it's nobody's fault.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bugs in the Viral Code

Maybe it`s bugs in the software, or maybe it`s something more sinister @ work, but I do not get these results from checking the history of MH-17 in this tool... in fact I get 3 identical flight paths over the region in the 3 days prior with the largest variance on the 12th... many flights flew the Russia / Ukraine border near Mezentev over the course of a week, so either this youtube video is using falsified data, or the tool now is... But both cannot be accurate @ the same time. But then neither can all the finger pointers who are busy trying to implicate one side or the other. So we are left to believe that Russian/Ukrainian/Rebel/US/Terrorist/Aliens shot down the plane with missiles or lasers on their heads, or an engine exploded... All the mis-matched information about this downed flight is listed here. And While I am mis-matching information let's just remember who else wants to get their hooks into the country and why.

Meanwhile in Israel/Palestine...

It seems that others out there are warning of the same thing I routinely bring up, and have for months, albeit, in a much more 'calm' and 'nothing to see here' manner. It's odd to think any of this makes it to print given that the news is owned by so few people these days, and that number is getting smaller all the time. And while I am mentioning numbers being reduced it tends not to get any better if nobody is working, not that corporations are empathetic or anything remotely human-like. It's not a situation where feeding the head until it explodes is actually going to work, because currency has no calories and never did, which is why everybody seems to always need more. Shut up! Eat your gruel! And get back to work!

I'll admit, I may have mistakenly used the words 'U.S. / Mexico border crisis' or some variation in a previous post, but, now the bigger picture is emerging. Maybe I watched too many X-Files episodes in the 90's, or maybe, under all that alien virus garbage there really is some allowance for FEMA to overthrow what the U.S. laughingly refers to as their democratically elected government during a national emergency... But as is often the case around here, we'll find out, likely after it's too late.


Friday, 18 July 2014

Exiting The Bermuda Triangle

I almost thought I had nothing to say and was going to have a mild case of coma for a week in the redundancy of 70% of all my reading materials being 'blah, blah, blah, Gaza', 'blah, blah, blah, ISIS', or 'blah, blah, blah, Kiev'... But then I read it... So far as I've been able to read, based on what's available, terrorists, or Russians (which, based on prior early infotainment 'news' intelligence, most likely means neither) found that Malaysian plane everyone was looking for... Now we just need to figure out where the one bound for Kuala Lumpur disappeared to... I could be wrong because it is still early in the morning and the thin film of sleep still coats my eyes... And, as per my usual stance, I'd rather be wrong because the implications of being even partially right are huge...

If only this didn't coincide with other timelines I already suspect to be going on any minute now I'd have some reason to doubt myself, but I smell catalyst in the stew in much the same way as I taste sucralose in my 100% fruit juice to the extent I can no longer detect the fruit...

I read the Snowdon excerpt concerning 9-11 and while I will stop reading anything else this strawman has to say, I do agree with one portion of what I read... The haystack... This is the thing that has always stood out in the 'NSA recording everything' thing... Where would you keep "everything" and how do you make any sense of it? Majority of people consider the internet as a virtual place which does not actually exist... This virtuality is only partially true, as these very words are stored as a magnetic resonance in a physical location on the surface of a physical disk platter. As small a space as that might occupy, it still takes up space as the 1s and 0s a computer understands. So, the first problem is space... The second problem is the needle in a haystack... The easiest way to find a needle in a haystack involves gasoline, a match, and a magnet. Adding more hay tends not to work, so this is the part of the Snowdon statement I agree with... AI is not advanced enough yet to decipher as much data as I suspect is gathered, and I doubt there are enough staff to actually read/listen to all of the data gathered either... Add to that the list of words that have everyday usage like 'cloud' that flag conversations into the dragnet and you have a complete overload of data. I do disagree with the entirety of the rest of the statement based on all other available evidence.

If, however, AI capable of making sense of all the gathered data does actually exist, then we are likely too late to do anything useful to prevent a catastrophe.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Apple Π ÷ 0

I'd like to start by wishing Les Visible a speedy recovery... Best wishes Mr. Visible.

I had some really odd encounters with people yesterday which, seem to have as much to do with the coming full moon as they do anything tangible. Almost everyone I dealt with in the computer boutique store I work in expected some kind of gratuity or discount for patronizing (hahaha, I was trying to write 'patronning' but this is fine) the store... One couple, who I should have left 'waiting for the other salesperson', kept feeling 'guilty' that I might have stolen his sale, actually stormed out because I couldn't discount their purchase by 10% despite the markup on their desired purchase having been only 7%... If they truly felt guilty they'd give us back the combined 3.5 hours of life they leached out of us during our interactions with them... I'm done whining now.

I'm not going to bother mentioning all the Israeli business as usual Gaza goings on outside of this sentence, because it's already everywhere I look... it might be time to consider moving out of town but I will have to consider my options carefully since I'm apparently not part of the "in" crowd, not that these fads ever last all that long anyway.

<long pause... days pass and I forget I was writing anything>

Call it what you may, but it looks like someone is doing some 'cleaning up house' from my perspective, maybe this is not as ironic as some of the things I like to point out... But this is. So is the fact that the media is finally catching up to me in certain statements I've made in regards to staged opposition in the political sub-universe, and yes, you have to scroll a while to find it... It's almost amazing how unsurprised I am at certain headlines these days. It's almost as if I have to fake outrage at certain goings on except for the fact that a part of me was already outraged by the fact I already suspected as much to begin with. But in other news, WE'VE FINALLY FOUND THOSE WMD'S BUSH WAS LOOKING FOR. Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

I know I visit this topic a lot, but it's getting way out of hand given the situation that the job market is in. I suspect that this is the next great land grab approaching even if I have no proof of such, or maybe I do to some degree... One thing is certain, the banks understand that currency ownership is not wealth even if they have so many others convinced this currency is money and so they will need to own something tangible if they are to survive to feed off of the misery of others after the shit hits the fan. There are plenty of signs out there for the astute, just none with an event schedule... except maybe the 20th as was stated earlier (even if a Sunday makes no sense).

But then, what, here, does make sense? It's a well observable fact that those with the worst math skills are highly paid to fudge the numbers, yet, instead of a lynching we end up with everybody else reciting 1+1=potatoe in hopes of one day fudging the numbers even better. Yes, that guy seems to have it all and so we grovel and ego-prime chanting out my 'hero who can carry the zero' in a mystical long-division of hieroglyphs and never repeating decimal places disguised as apple π.

Somehow we still manage to placate ourselves with such asanine statements as 'better the devil you know...' When the reality is better no devils at all. Why do we cower in fear of the unknown? I've come to realize that the unknown has much smaller teeth than I was trained to believe and as such I poke the unknown with a stick just about every chance I get... It's a process some might call learning even of most call it heresy.


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fabricated crises, fabricated solutions, and the placebo effect

It is a time of many wonders. I wonder if Christine Lagarde really did declare a timeline commencing on the 20th of this month or if that is simply paranoia. Neither of these rings as particularly untrue, but that whole 'number compression' thing leads me to think 7+2+0=9 which does change things a bit. I must say that the 9th (being a Wednesday) makes much more sense than the 20th (a Sunday) given it's placement on the calendar. I suppose only time knows the true answer to that riddle. Regardless (or Lagardeless [grin]) of how you chose to look at it, any promise made by the IMF should be viewed as a false hope as wherever that organisation goes, misery soon follows, and this was a 'global' outlook. Fuck economists!

There are certainly enough goings on to be concerned with between the U.S. border crisis, 3 dead Israeli teens, the Ukraine, ISIS, ISIL (or whatever else they are calling the new 'evil' al qaeda), Iraq, Syria, Russia, and well, a metric shit-ton of other things. I'd say the sleeping masses are likely to accept whatever crafted solution has been prepared to solve all the fabricated situations even if the best solution really is 'the Fletcher memorial home' for banksters, tyrants, and kings.

Most people seem to believe the UN stepping in to mess with the border crisis is the be all and end all, but they still have that humanitarian back-door via the Detroit water shutoff, so, the reality is that they've laid the backup plans and could squeeze the US from both the north and the south at the same time if need be. Sounds almost like they are going to pop a zit... Of course they are going to continue to ignore Israel with their humanitarian interventions because humanitarian missions in Israel are anti-semetic and therefore bad.

Maybe I am wrong, and maybe I am simply crazy, as there seems to be a bunch of that going on. There's likely a placebo to fix that condition but I am not much for taking pills made legal via bribery and other such corruption. In fact, outside of the occasional beer, I only tend to drink water, coffee, or tea these days because I don't take these with sweeteners of any kind. I've run out of fingers to count the number of products containing aspartame and sucralose even right along side of cane sugar or sucrose/fructose and these products are labelled 'all natural' and are not 'diet' versions which makes it all the more wrong. Maybe it all comes down to this or maybe it's some other nefarious plan, the end of which was yet to be determined, but in the meantime, I'll just have my unsweetened bland beverages, thanks.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

un-popular math geeks vs popular math


Every action comes with some degree of good or bad possible outcomes. Even a three-year-old child stealing cookies from the pantry is aware of consequence. It is for that reason which I find it difficult to believe a grown man expressing shock at his actions having consequences. You'd especially think somebody with so many advisors and a minion of cronies might have been told or at least advised of this possible outcome. But then, I suppose one can be surprised by a negative outcome after being surrounded by yes-men for long periods of time. Maybe I'm so adapted to hearing 'no' or 'that is impossible' or 'you are fucking crazy' that I am more inclined to expect failure, even despite the many times I have managed to pull off something impossible. (wink)

No. I'm not fooled by the charade and I am aware that it is meant to sound the alarms in a populous that's too deep into it's own bankruptcy trial (both financially and morally) to do the simple math that: the F-35's cannot be afforded and are so bad that I doubt they'd even make it to their intended location in one piece... So it will work exactly as intended. (Sigh)

Yes, the world is backwards when we expect terrorist attacks as retribution from a country that routinely states it wishes to be left alone and not from a place that used to be the demon of the cold war. -or- When spending more on an identical product is good because it drives profits into the hands of those who don't share and somehow this raises or consumer index even if that rise was simply the price of fuel being handed down to those consumers who did not make more currency on the initial profit taking done by the oil industry... Somebody, somewhere must have managed to divide by zero to come up with these statements as I fail to see any other equation which fits... Speaking of doing math, maybe I have misread this, but it would appear that the police force is growing at an alarming rate when "the number of Mounties facing formal discipline has reached a 13-year high" yet "although the total number of members facing formal discipline is on the rise, the overall proportion relative to the size of force is declining"... OK, so there was no actual math involved, but it is the only explanation for a 'growing subset' to be 'shrinking proportionally' to it's parent set, oops, sorry, I lied about there not being math involved.

Hypocrites and bastards all seem to agree with each others assessment, but then, I suppose admitting to being on the wrong side of the truth might cause a serious case of financial ruin while the currency controlling clique straight-jackets them for being a loony conspiracy theorist. These threats tend to scare people who believe they, can take it with them when they die, into submission for some reason. I suppose the inverse is also true: no currency is exchanged for my opinion and thus I had little to lose in expressing it outside of the possibility of alienating myself... Oh, wait... Too late, I'm already fairly alien to most people as I dare to think that I was never in the imaginary thinking box to begin with. I mean, I did rationalize this very article over 25 years ago, while I was still in high school, so I was rather unpopular, even then. (wink)

I was watching that television docu-drama series called 'local news' last night which was unfolding the drama of some dead Israelis, when, they claim there is concern in the non-Jewish population as well... Immediately they cut to an interview with some woman named something-or-other-'stein' captioned "son is in Israel" IN A SYNAGOGUE NO LESS. I laughed out loud and said 'if this is their non-Jewish community they are not trying hard enough!' My girlfriend caught it too, much to my delight, maybe my influence has finally been wearing off on her. Of course this morning I can find this same woman being introduced as someone who's son is in Isreal rather than the initial "even the non-Jewish community"... It is not the same clip at all given that the clip I saw mentioned the 1 dead Palestinian teen.