Thursday, 30 April 2015

Insert Colourful Adjectives Here

I'd discuss the state of policing in this area, but I'm not sure that's legal anymore. There are plenty of colourful adjectives I could use in the process but that hurts people's feelings which also happens to be a crime around here, so we must be cautious not to be politically incorrect at all times.

Dafuq just happened? Where am I? I just had the most horrendous dream...

(Eyes rescan the page above, right hand pinches left arm... Twice.) Fuck me! I wasn't dreaming!!

So it would appear that the police are now their own race and criticism of them now constitutes a hate crime, or something. This politically correct coddling epidemic is now way beyond too far if posting a photo of street art online qualifies as harassment. If we've grown this thin-skinned already we probably need to step up our grooming regiment to include showering every 3 hours to prevent the bacteria from permeating it lest we fall victim to the phage.

Am I being ridiculous? Perhaps, but it does not seem to top the level of canned laughter I feel should be a soundtrack to those first 3 links in this post.

We've climbed to new heights of stupidity, and, had I not been watching it happen, I'd likely never understand how we got here. It is, however, still possible that despite my understanding that we'd reach this point sooner or later, I never wanted to believe I'd live to see the day. Maybe I didn't...

[huh-ras-muh nt, har-uh s-muh nt]
  1. the act or an instance of harassing, or disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly; persecution:
REPEATEDLY seems to be the operative word which has now been removed from the definition. Or were we aiming for persecution?

verb (used with object),
 persecuted, persecuting.
  1. to pursue with harassing or oppressive treatment, especially because of religious or political beliefs, ethnic or racial origin, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
So, um, yeah... Police are their own race now, I guess.

Is it not yet clear that they aren't interested in pursuing the real criminals?


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Flipping 'the Bird' at 'Life's Lessons'

I believe I mentioned this effect in a previous post. I'd say that worked precisely as planned given the outcome. Far be it that they point the finger toward their own ineptitude or complicity in having put as many people on the wrong lists as possible and providing an unmanned call center to correct the issue. They don't even try blaming the last guy who quit politics rather than face a jury of his plebs who would likely demand trial by fire. I mean, let's face it, his peers can hardly find time to show up for work to vote yea or nay on turning bills to law even if that's a majority of the job description... Too busy kissing babies or something... And that last rat-bastard now has a nice cushy 150K of my money proving that doing the devil's work pays immediately.

Some fear-mongering is just to good to die, note how the very first paragraph has ensured a biased jury by leaving a columbine survivor in their ranks to get all hysterical about mass-shootings. We want to raise awareness of PTSD but not point directly at it. It's funny how reading a weeks worth of news at once can turn up all the idiosyncratic tidbits. Mapping technology creating ice, what will they dream up next?
Question asked, and answered... 

Strange... I just bore witness to why j-walking is illegal as I watched more than half a dozen people get off the bus and look the opposite direction of oncoming traffic. Sure the first two people were fine because they knew how to cross the street, but the remainder of the group stood doe-eyed in path of oncoming traffic until the oncoming car had the nerve to honk... You can bet there were more than one nasty hand gesture thrown in that direction... Life imitating life, I almost started laughing and pointing were that not so cliché. I know I was meant to see that otherwise I wouldn't have.

I know it's hard to admit to being (in the) wrong, and much easier to flip the bird at that which conscientiously tried not to kill you for being wrong, but it still doesn't make you less wrong. I'm sure I had more to say here, but this post just feels like it ends right about there... -dirtykid©

Monday, 20 April 2015

Thick and Crusty Apathy

A good point was raised in a recent smoking mirrors posting... Or maybe it wasn't actually raised but my brain slipped into a tangent while reading, which is very close to the same thing from my perspective...

Why do I come here?

I had thought that I had some obligation to finish what I started years ago except it's been a while since everything concluded itself... Sure there are the ongoing dramas of political corruption, brutality from the 'protect and serve' (the bankers) goons, and the never ending wars against the enemies of our greatest enemy, but these were always there and ever obvious and are evermore so now as they've escalated and accelerated. Pointing to those things which everyone plainly sees can only serve purpose while illustrating that none of the limelight perpetrators, though guilty, were the actual mastermind behind the crimes...

I've tried many approaches to get there because I know everyone interprets things according to their own familiarity with the subject matter. And as I write this I understand that most who come here likely already know what I was going to say because on some level they've already felt it.

I still haven't answered my own question yet...

For the most part, I come here because I haven't come to terms with whatever is supposed to happen next. I don't even know what happens next, at least not on my own path. I may still see a whole lot of what comes next in terms of the cause and effect laid out by those who think they are in control of the results they are attempting to lay out but I know such things are 'generic' and not specific to just me.

Damn this time-lapse blogging... I've lost focus and have no idea where I was heading with this... I'd almost day this will fall into the chronic 'draft' and unpublished status... Except...
Days later...

I come here to draw attention to things which illustrate that things are just as bad, or even worse than they had been in hopes of waking people enough to wipe the crusty bits of apathy from the corners of their still half-sleeping eyes. Maybe I'll succeed, and maybe I won't but at least I'll know that I put in an effort after coming to understand that any effort to fix it from within the confines of the system are designed to fail... Even a small victory where a petition appears to stop something only delays it until no one is looking or three hundred pages are added and the bill renamed.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Crackintosh Access

I'm occasionally surprised how little information as to why we are asked to believe MSM news... HOW... How do pipelines put more greenhouse gases out there than their counterpoint: massive freight trains turned fireball? I know I am part of that group deemed too stupid to breathe on my own called: the public, but really, could we maybe put a fancy incomprehensible word into the sales-pitch... Just one! I am not even asking for a fancy string or catchphrase like cart-before-horse, oh wait, that was the catchphrase, wasn't it? Shouldn't the official story pushers be trying harder to justify their side of the story in the wake of so many official stories unraveling moments after being published? I was recently asked to hack my late aunt's Macbook to obtain certain contact information out of it. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being impossible if have to rate OSX password security a negative 3. Two keystrokes and two short commands later I was granted full access, while standing at a bus stop without internet access on the way home from picking it up. So easy a child could have done it. At least with Windows I'd have needed some special software which could still permanently damage the operating system if done wrong. I haven't checked if I have full access to her Facebook and gmail accounts yet, but I'd imagine that's another two-step hack to access the password keychain. Maybe that part of it will prove to be more difficult. We shall see. -dirtykid©

Monday, 13 April 2015

The Unwillingness of Intelligence to Rain Over Genpop

What can I say about the world that we didn't already know? Probably not much, but I suppose it's worth repeating.

The world is morally and financially bankrupt. Yet despite that the sheeple flock in droves to give cause to officials to force companies who manufacture something to pay companies who manufacture nothing for the privilege. This, in turn, drives up manufacturing costs and prices of goods even further, unless it costs jobs as they move to places cheaper than here. Hmmmm, banks manufacture nothing, don't they?

Not that I disagree that renewable energy is a fantastic goal, but, thus far, it has proven unsustainable. By now we should have all had a 'Mr. Fusion' attached to our flying cars, but it wouldn't be the first time a sci-fi movie was wrong on the dates. Technology has come such a long way over the past century that we can now fit more tech on the edge of a nickel than there was in the Apollo lunar lander so you'd think we could come up with better uses than to spy on every minute of everyone's day with it.

No, free and renewable energy (not just electric cars) is not a project governments (nor their owners) want to see come to fruition. This would remove an element of control and bankrupt those who are busy stealing from the poor to give to themselves. Just imagine a world untethered from the wall outlet or gas pump, what would we do with all that money not going to the fossil-barons? Would they be able to find another hamster-pellet dispenser to get us to all line up for? iPhone 7 maybe, but once people have one they tend not to need another one two or more times a week.

And while I'm talking about Apple, I read something about this monstrosity a few weeks ago... I'm thinking it doesn't turn brown because it's not made of food, but I'm not a food scientologist, or whatever these people call themselves.

People talk out of one side of their mouths while we have reality kicking us in the nads and we wonder why people seem to be going batshit crazy everywhere.

Still, those questioning it are called batshit crazy even if it's simply a question nobody wants to answer. There can only be two causes for questions being vilified: nobody knows the answer, or nobody wants the answer known, and most people don't have a problem in claiming not to know. I certainly don't have problems admitting when I have no knowledge on a given topic, but then, that tends to be followed up with 'but I'll learn what I can right now', which is what so many seem unwilling to do.

I suppose that's what eats away at me: so many who seem content to be spoonfed answers which can't hold up to logic... I saw a soundbite on the news the other day which seemingly blamed the water shortage in California squarely on illegal marijuana grow sites... I laughed to the point of tears while I was shown a hybrid satellite map of all the grow-ops in the golden state plastered to the screen during a national Canadian news broadcast with one simple thought that the news failed to raise: if 'we' have a map which pinpoints all these illicit sites, shouldn't the police also, even by proxy, have this same map? Of course, there was a second thing I was laughing about which was also not explained: how does growing pot cause a drought? Maybe God just doesn't want California to have locally grown weed... LOL!!!!

If only this were some isolated incident, but the news no longer gives a fuck how credible it sounds in the ears of someone who asks all the wrong questions.


Monday, 6 April 2015

The Unsaid Value of Wooden Nickels

I've come to realise that the more I seek to uncover the truth the less of anything I seem to believe. It leads to the consequence of further alienating myself and being cast even further adrift in a cesspool of unfriendly harbours. Speaking of cesspools... Pot: kettle, kettle: pot. It all starts to melt together into an unrecognisable parody of its former self if you watch it overlong. I'd say I try not to watch it to closely, but it really is like watching a train wreck in that you'd rather not see it happen but it's hard to avert the eyes once they're fixed on it.

Here it is, Easter Monday and I'm doing what all good Christians do to commemorate the resurrection: wandering around a factory outlet mall being told by guys in G4S uniforms that smoking outdoors is prohibited... Aren't they the company who was in charge of security at every false flag terror event? When did they turn legit? Come to think of it, I never saw G4S anywhere until a year or two after that correlation was made and now I see them standing around in front of banks and wandering shopping malls that never had much security presence before... Obviously it's the keeping you safe and secure ploy hard at work trying to prove how much such a service is needed, keeping the world safe from terrorist nicotine addicts everywhere... Maybe it's just coincidence, or maybe there really is no such thing as negative press exposure, but all the same it just feels odd.

I do remember a time when the retail sector in this area was closed on such holidayShoput in this period of collapsing retail empires I suppose the idea is they must be open 24/7 in the hopes that someone will buy something even though most can't afford it. Sharing economy be damned, and as promising as this may sound, I feel it to be highly unlikely. In fact, the article even mentions that Amazon is making space for 800 people, which is a fraction of the numbers shed by Future Shop, Target, et al, and the rest of the work shall be done by drones who will work for free.

Eventually it'll be time to pay the piper and the only thing left will be wooden nickels, provided you had the sense to cut up some popsicle sticks prior to past due... Not that this type of currency will be deemed acceptable, but at least rubbing two wooden nickels together long enough makes fire, whereas pocket lint does not. I know that common sense is on sabbatical and has no intention on returning until we clean up this mess and others like it.

Not that I am by any means implying these are the only things to be concerned with, but if you want to find others it's as easy as following the bankers... Anything they are betting your money on is bad, anything they are getting insured with your money is worse, and anything they are both betting your money on then insuring with your money has to be a lose/lose situation...

Speaking of losing my money, the fact that this author is 'unclear' how much this helps leads me to suspect Canada sold 4 billion in shares for 3.3 billion, but due to a complete lack of figures the best I can do is invent the initial purchase price (or whatever fancy jargon word needed to be used to determine if "unloading" these shares was a sound investment). I think the word 'unload' might be the key to the entire article, but, I am merely trying to interpret what hadn't actually been said...