Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trumped Only By Sheer Insanity

Unless you are clinically dead, you've probably heard, read, or seen smoke signals informing you of the stock market's wild mood swings. If you hadn't, then my condolences to those who shall mourn your passing.

As an outsider looking in, it appears as though the market has begun it's death throws, or maybe it has simply entered menopause... Either outlook would seem to be bad news, but then, as an outsider, I will not mourn it's passing, nor will I send a donation on lieu of flowers... I'm not sending flowers either, mind you, but I'm certain this shocks nobody who comes round here.

September hasn't even started yet and its already looking like it'll be one helluva year, and before we know it we'll have to choose a worse solution or create a better one for ourselves. I have many ideas in the second category and absolutely no idea how to implement any of them in time... Worse still, almost none of them could be accomplished by a single person save for the "inquire within" phase, which I do not see helping anyone but myself.

But enough doom and gloom...

How about a joke? I'm sure there's a punchline in there somewhere... Actually, if I were allowed a computer in my cell I'd likely commit a crime, because the only 'life changing' thing that would be missing would be the 40 hour work week... I probably wouldn't mourn over that loss either.

Outside of all this, I've been finding that the level of stupid seemingly grew during that week of being unplugged... Here's a gem depicting just how stupid bureaucracy is. There are others I could regale you with, like closing a business on religious grounds, or um, I'm not sure what to call this one. And don't even get me started on how there's a breaking news item every time Trump passes gas. I swear there were 20 links to that last story in my feeds. I suppose I should expect nothing less than pure insanity in a world that's clearly lost its mind.


Friday, 21 August 2015

Playing with Fire on Black Transgender Monday

Reality kicks in, in full force when you emerge from the information-free forests and outlying regions far removed from civilization... You simply cannot please people who are already unpleased with themselves, I'm sure there have been studies into such matters, but I'm really not going to bother looking. Just know that no matter how we attempt to appease them, it will always be too little, too late. In the end, there will not be a language left to describe anyone aside from institutionalised neutered drivel...

That's likely the goal as we blend the faceless with the soulless in a tango of touchy-feely diddley do... You don't really have to feel anything to know you're getting screwed, unless you are doing the screwing.

I understand that China exploded at some point during the week. I haven't looked into the motives, but since I'd recently mentioned they've been outsourcing their jobs to India so I'll assume this was the quickest way to fire everybody all at once... Bad pun? Perhaps. Still, I am saddened by the loss of life. Not that lives mean much to those buying and selling them for fun and profit.

What's been on my mind lately is why does a Google maps search for 09/23/2015 point to a location? Is that when CERN was planning to implode the universe? I mean, I've heard claims of trying to create a micro black hole which they believe to be child's play... Children have occasionally played with matches, despite repeated warnings and threats from parents.

Maybe it's coincidence, or maybe it's synergy, but it appears my vacation ended on Black Monday. It's definitely one of those signs of danger I've brought up recently, and I expect much worse things to follow.


Friday, 7 August 2015

Financial Instability and Digital Insecurity

It's been a long journey getting to the mindset in which I currently reside. So many distractions and pitfalls, and so much opposition from people trying to convince me that my cynical contempt with a world I've already seen as fundamentally broken stemmed from depression that I've almost been convinced they were right. I suppose it's may be hard to convince some people of this given the vague symptoms associated with such a non-descript mental affliction.

It's much easier to be convinced something is wrong inside, than it is to convince others that almost everything is wrong outside. But I haven't really let that stop me from trying. Let's face it, given how enamoured people are with the endless quest for needless things the infinitesimal odds of getting anyone to leap from one speeding train to one speeding in the opposite direction is less likely than getting struck by lightning in the middle of the third basement of a parking garage. So maybe some level of crazy is required in continuing to try despite it all.

History is spattered with misrepresentations of those who've tried, and even those who've succeeded in beating back the greed demons even if for only a short while. And some such people lived in times while demons were much less worshipped and revered than they are in present times, would similar successes even be possible today? Maybe, but I suspect the process would be much more intricate today while considering the feds 100 year lease on the U.S. monetary system expired and they persist regardless...

I won't outright call the U.S. elections but do see patterns emerging from the media parrots. If I had to guess, I'd say Trump will be forced to step down very close to the day itself causing a large rift in any opposing votes and Hellory will get a landslide victory. If I'm wrong, I suppose I shall have to make amends by donation the entire income generated by this blog to charity... Oh, right, there is no income generated by this blog... There are more pressing things to be wrong about than who wins a rigged election anyway.

In fact, here's an example right now of pressing issues... Maybe there's a good reason for China to be running scared, and maybe it's all part of the timetable. I wasn't at the last shareholder meeting, and as such can't confirm anything one way or there other. There's likely a word document with the meeting minutes somewhere out there, which, like all things digital, can be hacked with the proper tools, keystrokes, and know-how. There is a well known rule in the back-end of technology being that the more we simplify the usage of complex devices and software, the easier it becomes to hack them. If you want the most secure computer in the world, simply leave it in the factory sealed box it came in... Even that's not a perfect guarantee, but it's as close as it gets.


I'll be in the middle of nowhere next week ignoring all my gadgets as they don't work there anyway... Feels like it's been so long since I unplugged.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Colour By N...apalm?

The ridiculous nature of our cause and effect society never seems to veer off course... I'm not certain what the pastor thinks can be done to stop the illegal gun violence... Speaking of which, I would shoot the guy on the bus who thinks we all should be listening to his shitty music via his low-fi cell phone ghetto blaster speaker phone if such actions were available to me... It's some of that 'black douchebag who needs a synthesiser in order to sing... BADLY' music mixed with self-important ego-maniacal douchebags like this. He's in the seat right in front of me so the the chance of collateral damage would be minimal... As expected, he won't turn it off when requested either. And on scanning Bluetooth I am not surprised to find his phone listed as "mj the great"... I should hack it and play back the ugliest metal in my library.

Maybe I'm simply in a bad mood from yesterday's being dragged into the first Walmart I can recall my girlfriend actually wanting to strangle more than a dozen people in... My count was much closer to simply going down every aisle with a flamethrower and maniacal laughter, but I feel that way in close proximity to most Walmarts, give or take the laughter...

Things are just too blatant to ignore at the moment, and I know that creates its own stress which has to find an outlet somewhere. It's been claimed that there are places which 'help' integrate those who've succumb, but I don't fully trust the end results, and I've not even touched on the motives aspect which is where my imagination runs wild.

I know we are supposed to be completely dependant on the provided system instead of eschewing it as is my preference. Not that the system provides even the most remote sign of being a safe place to live while it continues to prove my point for me. So many things keep proving things I've said at another time that it, maybe, worrisome to some people, it's not worrisome to me to think my online privacy is easily compromised because I worried about that years ago and am finished with worrying.

You see, I've come to understand that if I am to be offed, disappeared, or silenced for writing things that drift through my mind during my analysis of what's being passed off as existence, then I will be. There's nothing at all that will change that... I know there are methods to hide, but then I also know I could easier not write anything at all... Not that any of what's been written here to date can't go into the ether in the blink of an eye, but I tried. I was compelled to by forces better described by someone with a better grasp of karma and other metaphysical forces who is not me... Not that I do not understand the process but simply lack the verbiage to adequately describe it.

Funny though, as I have just read some bullshit on the elites fearing 'flat earth theory' (link deliberately not provided) and delete yet another information source I find myself more reliant on my inner compass. I suspect 'divide and conquer' tactics at play, but suppose it could also be some evolutionary leap in consciousness. ...I won't lie in having done no research into flat earth theory, but the article I read started out well, then became a sales pitch of 'drink the tainted kool-aid' which I simply cannot buy.

'Global warming' or hell on earth? I'm not passing judgement, heck I've barely pondered that last link outside of its fucking hot over there... I'll leave judgement to my betters... But the global warming ideology was already replaced by climate change by those selling carbon credits, who are mostly behind the bombing to hell of the same locale... Hmmm, maybe I just judged, and maybe it's all part of the connect the dots colour by napalm world we exist in.