Thursday, 14 March 2013

You can't run away from the morning

Some days I wonder who out there likes me enough that I am always fed new ammunition... It's only been 1 day since I ranted about inflation and how it does not consider energy, and immediately I'm told the same liars who hide these numbers are the ones who wanted the biggest increase of them. It's like shooting fish in a barrel after somebody emptied it of water. Maybe it is simply time to move on to different points in order that, they too, prove themselves, but I shall have to contemplate this for a short while before determining if I am leading or being led...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lowest common dominatrices

So there are yet more numbers games being played in the 3-card-monte of economic development. It's funny just how sterile it all becomes when real numbers are eliminated: 20% will hire, 5% will lay-off and 75% will do nothing.

While it looks good on paper that 15% increased jobs are the net balance of this meaningless equation, it is decidedly worthless data because we are not told if 20% of 1900 companies will hire 1 person or 20 people nor if 5% plan to terminate 1 or 20 people. Think about it for a second, if 380 companies are hiring 1 person while 95 companies are terminating 20 employees the total new jobs are -1520, while if those hiring are going to take on 20 new employees while those terminating will do away with only one there are 7505 new jobs... That's a 9025 person gap and I am just making random well-rounded numbers. Even taking things at a 1:1 ratio a whopping 285 jobs are created in a country of 34.5 million people. When stacked against the absurdly false 'reported unemployment rate' of 7% there are 2,415,000 unemployed people in Canada, which none of my imaginary numbers even dent more than 0.31%.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Stoned in bankrupt nation

The so-called "experts" have started with their warnings (although, they're still pretty tame and toothless at this point)... After 'a period week economic growth' I suspect we'll find ourselves in a 'short period of moderate economic slowdown' followed by a 'mild recession' and ending with 'you should have bought gold in 1990'... But don't worry, the housing bubble hasn't collapsed because other experts are suggesting we'll have to wait ten years before a two bedroom condo becomes affordable... I am not surprised by any of it, and I'm sure I've mentioned these things before. Quite simply put: there is no way that debt as a currency compounded by interest can maintain status quo indefinitely.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Politically-correct soft-core pornography

Anyone who still doesn't believe there's a massive shitstorm coming our way probably never will. How does one gain tactical advantage in a hostage situation from the safety of their bullet-proof death machine? Anyone? No? Okay then, how do sound cannons assist in negotiations? Because, unless the hostage taker also has a sound cannon, being heard a kilometer away is a rather one sided negotiation...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ring of power

Get some popcorn, and free up your schedule. It's five hours long and it appears to cover the history of the last 4000 years, give or take... All I have to say is wow. (I just wicsh I could find a better copy that doesn't get all mpeg'y at the end

This 'playlist' might be a better quality version:


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The long unwinding road

Some days I think the frogs know the water is approaching the boiling point, unfortunately, they still don't seem to have much desire to jump out of the pot. I guess it's simply a case of 'the more things stay the same, the more things change.' even if neither really happened... Did they? Something changed, but I think it was in name only, unless the name is still "assclown", which means I am wrong...

I try not to be wrong in these matters, but am not mortified enough about being wrong that it really matters all that much. Besides, a wise man once said once you realize you were wrong you are no longer wrong. I might be paraphrasing, mind you, it's not out of fear of being labelled a terrorist or whatever they're calling plagiarists these days, but mostly because that is how I typed it and how it feels like it fits in with the other sentences surrounding it. Maybe I have simply gotten too lazy to copy and paste... No that doesn't sound like me.

Monday, 4 March 2013

one for you 385 for me

That is quite the income gap... I'm pretty certain Canada's math is similar these days.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Semitic symantics

The next time you are called anti-Semitic, remember to retort that you have no quarrel with the Palestinians, Iranians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Libyans, or any other of these countries of Aramaic descent. Because, the reality of the Israelis being 'Semitic' is, that they are not very, if even at all. Don't worry, I'm not the one making such outlandish claims, a Jewish doctor is, and, is even going so far as to call any previous research which claims to have discovered the 'Jewish genome' to be a work of scientific fraud.