Monday, 17 March 2014


I have come to understand a great many things in my endless thirst for knowledge, and have grown to a point where certain things are completely obvious... At least to me... For example, I know full well that if the news needs to lay blame on the dying pacific scallop there will be nary a single mention of Fuk'y'all'shima, because YOU still own a car.

I know that any usage of the word Palestine, in any form that isn't past tense is now synonymous with Jew-hating anti-Semite, even if I understand most Jews to be descendants of the Kazars, and therefore, not Semitic to begin with.

I know that it makes little difference whether I see the money in my wallet as the contract to my own enslavement because so few others appear to grasp this concept.

I understand that both religion and language are mind traps and am even vaguely aware that the sounds of unsilence emanating from the rings of Satan are somewhat involved "in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit -- Amen (Ahmen, Amon, Saturn, or any other name selected by the father of lies)". God, and the devil, are me... And you, at least to some sliding scale ratio, so we really do not need to look any further than within.

... And finally, I know that my recent hiatus did nothing to improve my chances in acquiring any form of employment... I needed to test that theory, but, the last headhunter I spoke with suddenly had phone issues in the form of the line going dead mid-sentence... They did not call back, nor had they given me sufficient callback information... I am starting to suspect there is some to secret employment blacklist and I rank fairly high on it, but would rather not entertain such paranoia too strongly. But then, in a place where all the big fish keep eating up all the little fish, the number of prospective employers shrinks weekly into a brand under a different name to maintain the illusion of choice while all the money ends up in the same place.

But then, as a self taught technologist, perhaps it is my lack of initials that are not actually part of my name which makes me as obsolete as last month's cell phone... I know I am never actually obsolete because I troubleshoot by intuition, whether my former taskmasters could appreciate my ability to pull the correct answer out of thin air is not really 'my' problem... And the last one absolutely hated just how infrequently I was wrong, as well as just how easily these answers came to me... Or he hated that I could not fix his computer without actually touching it... You can decide that one because I've stopped attempting to find that answer.

I know that if there is a loophole in the system that it will not apply to me yet all the cracks are large enough for me to fall into and slick enough for me to stay down there a long, long time.

I just followed a 'drop in and meet a job counselor today', advertisement to be told to call and make an appointment... Because irony is never lost on me, and therefore tends to follow me around to make sure the "kick me" sign has not come unglued...