Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How Turkeys Celebrate Thanksgiving

Just in case there's not enough proof 11/13/15 was a Zionist false flag.

I'm now done with the topic... Or am I?

All I know is that sooner or later the politically correct side will have won and my message simply won't exist. Obviously with with numbers like these we are less than a generation away from a 'censorship is good' mentality. I am mildly entertained that the numbers are higher in the less educated since that seems to pair up with the group more likely to be racists. I'm not saying it makes sense, only that it amuses me.

In what appears to be my usual precognitive fashion here's some censorship right now.

Not that I go out of my way to be an ignoramus bigot, but I won't tiptoe around calling things exactly what they are either.

For example, bankers are the scum of the earth and we'd be far better without them. Don't believe me? Ask the economist magazine they'll likely not say it directly, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Then again why do we need false flags when you have turkeys messing things up all front and centre like. I mean they really made sure nobody could claim this was in error. I even read somewhere that the prime minister of Turkey claimed to have sent the order... I guess that's how turkeys everywhere celebrate thanksgiving.


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Non-metal Death with Real Metal Bullets, Maybe...

I've learned to expect just about anything over the course of my lifetime, but that doesn't mean I'm not taken by surprise from time to time. Not that this is something I see as life changing in the Middle East, as it still leaves the provision for bombing anything seen as terroristic in nature, which, as we've seen, is determined by people with no moral compass at all.

It is interesting to note what date a Parisian concert hall was sold so it's former owners could retire to Crime Syndicate Nation... Also interesting to note that there is an 'Ozzy makes kids worship the devil' element in play with a band, who is not actually metal, nor death metal, yet whose name contains these genre headings is implicated somehow... Nearest I can tell, this band is Spinal Tap, which is to say, they take themselves as a joke to such extent that everyone else does too. Otherwise, they might have earned some notoriety in the almost 20 years they've been around outside of 'people were shot at their concert in Paris'.

Some may claim encryption is a real problem in trying to prevent these attacks, but then, these people are known liars. The big brother surveillance state is not a workable solution, it wasn't designed to be. Sure there is encryption, but that doesn't beat cunning linguists who replace all the bad words with innocuous bullshit frivolity, does it? Mob bosses did it and most of them weren't known to have bachelors of English accredited to them.

One thing is certain, or maybe a lot less than certain... Um, never mind, I have no idea where that was going.

Oh, now I remember, the fictitious world has you. It has us all in some shape or form regardless of how aware you are of the bindings. We all interact here on some level, we are all slaves to currency even if we are debtless and want for nothing, there are still some day to day needs that somebody's charging to deliver. The obviousness of the collapsing fake narrative is closing in on the corrupt fucks who propagate it is growing. (Not sure who signed off on that search warrant, but I suspect they'll be thrown under the bus soon enough, possibly literally.)


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Am I Still Charley?

No, and I never was.

So it would appear that they sacked Paris, apparently over prostitution and obscenity... Despite that I've heard of no hookers in the headcount. I would think a more likely target to be Amsterdam or even Las Vegas to lash out at for such reasons, but then I'm not much of an event organiser.

Retribution doesn't make much sense either when you consider U.S. coalition air strikes have been dropping weapons and supplies instead of bombs, unlike Russia... I have to assume this is intended to keep the charade out of focus and keep up appearances of how effective the (ineffective) ZATO campaign has been. Admittedly, I could still be very wrong in my conclusions as I have only read a couple of MSM featurettes this far. One thing is certain everybody wants in on this photo opportunity.

There is still the fact that most successful terror attacks were not carried out by supposed terrorist groups at all, but we are not supposed to remember such details. Something I just saw on the idiot box: a Syrian passport was found near one of the suicide bombers.... I'd love to know how terrorists manage to obtain these indestructible paper booklets... I mean, they found passports 12 blocks from the utterly destroyed WTC which had survived exploding planes and falling skyscrapers...


Oh, wait, there's talk of heightened security at 'soft targets'... I guess this was needed so we could be strip-searched prior to being seated at popular pubs and eateries. Oh, and let's not forget the complete lack of public support for carpet bombing Syria, Landdestroyer has it pretty well illustrated already, no sense rewriting everything.


Monday, 2 November 2015

The Show Must Go On

It seems that I need to write more often... I was going to mention something about a billion dollar bailout and how it probably would backfire... Too late... I've just rechecked the numbers, and, well, I'm not all that late to the table, but, rather, the announcements are only a couple of days apart. I've also all also run some numbers and figure with the 8.2 million people here, and 1 billion of our dollars invested, we should all receive our 100 stocks in bombardier Inc. in the mail shortly... Because then we can be charged the capital gains taxes that the government will need to make up for the fact they didn't have a billion dollars to begin with... If I had a billion dollars, if I had a billion dollars I'd buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress: that's cruel.

Pragmatic, I know, and even optimistic since there is an already speculation against the theory of gaining anything. Of course with 8 million equal shareholders suddenly added, or even a billion in shares in government holding, fat cats would get fatter and we'd be left holding an unfinished jet and penny stocks.

There really is no winning while we continue to play by the rules of a game they created. This much should be obvious by now. There is a deliberate setup, failure by design, because nobody could really be so inept.

Maybe that's wishful thinking since I've met people that inept more than once, one of them was even called 'manager', which is what I'm told is a title bestowed on those who cannot do whatever needs to get done. Not that I think the figureheads are truly managing anything at all, simply maintaining appearances so that the show may go on.

Sidebar: I've just read this and cannot figure out how not being able to open a bank account or get a credit card is a bad thing... Not that I agree with centralised tracking of 'human capital' either, but the writer really needs to better contextualise his subject matter... Anyhow... Moving on

I know why my writing has slowed. It's very simple. There is so much that is simply more of the same that it holds no merit to write about it again, and when it isn't at all the same it still boils down to the same base components. I started hearing the record skip and no amount of rephrasing tallies to more or less than the original sum. Sure there are blank spaces where the paint-by-numbers were missing, and they always will be, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough picture to extrapolate it's remainder.

The principals remain true to themselves throughout which is to say they lie in in total inverse of reality we already know whose side we are on even if we continue to claim otherwise, and despite knowing the lie is who we thought ourselves to be. It's not possible to be both for and against the same thing at the same time yet they manage to do it via our apathy.

People are to busy singing the praises of freedom nation where you have to piss in a cup for a job and get ass-violated in order to travel because terrorists, while most terrorist are armed and trained by freedom nation to be what we call terrorists while not bombing us: freedom fighters. I think it's important to remember how language works for just a moment... Fire fighters and crime fighters fight against the prefixed noun, pit fighters and cage fighters fight in the prefixed noun... So what the hell are freedom fighters?!!