Monday, 29 July 2013

judging the book by it's author and other bought/sold opinions

When they say "you can't judge a book by it's cover", is that because you are supposed to judge a book by it's author? If that is the case then I think I have a book to buy since Reza Aslan stands up pretty well in this character assassination attempt that FOXNEWS passes off as an interview. That must be the antithesis of censorship: they hate this guy, so maybe the book has some unique perspective that nobody is supposed to read about, unless that is the sales pitch... Because, you know, when they hold a book-burning somebody has to buy up all the books in order that they be burned, don't they? Yes, that's precisely what a book-burning does, which is the exact opposite of how the internet works.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

protecting the children and other sexual deviances

It appears we will soon have a choice put to us in the U.K. and Canada. That choice is the one where we willingingly 'op in' to having our names on the sexual deviant list, or we shut up and drink the kool aid... It hardly seems like a choice, but then neither does letting a bureaucrat decide what is art and what is porn when they are already so awesome at deciding what is rape, and what is 'sex outside of marriage'. I know they simply want to 'protect the children' because that's what things like this are always labelled, and well, we've seen how much they like to protect children. They love to protect children in the missionary, and protect them doggy style, or, their favorite: the curled angel. They protect them on the playground, and even have special harnesses to keep them from falling off the swing-set for their protection... Oh, yeah! They'll protect the children 20 times a day and up their rectum if they have to.

Friday, 26 July 2013

ha ha charade you are.

I understand that there is a cyclical nature to being human which is why there are periods of time which come about where one comes to being somewhat blaisé towards everything. It isn't that I am suddenly affected by the same old distraction techniques, nor that I suddenly stop asking "what the hell is wrong with people?". Often in times like this I will turn to music, and not your "whatever shit is on the radio or MTV" variety of ♪ooooh baby baby♪.

While my primary music genre of choice is Heavy Metal, I've always had a certain affinity for Pink Floyd. Maybe I've simply always read through the symbolisms of the writings of Roger Waters and always understood the irony that both 'Have a cigar' and 'Welcome to the machine' were recorded right after the first big hit they released known as 'Dark side of the moon' despite being their 7th studio album (though, there was also "Zabriskie Point Session" which wikipedia seems not to know about, but I would not call it their most interesting work). I love that the music industry whores portrayed, ask: "which one's Pink?". No, they never took the easy road, yet somehow, they got there.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

...And the Devil shall appear

Sorry for my lack of posting anything in the past couple of days. I've been reading this book with whatever free time I would normally be writing and picking up current events... Really good information, well researched, and, unfortunately, makes it pretty clear just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
I think I need to revisit an idea I had back when I started this blog, which is to build an interactive mesh (or web) styled organizational chart that brings names, locations, companies, affiliations, statements, dates, and official positions held into some form of schema akin to the 'Collusion' plug-in for firefox. I'm just not certain that I have the database or programming skills required... I'm also not certain if there is already a software that would allow this type of mapping, which would of course be much faster to build from...


Monday, 22 July 2013

Speak of the Devil...

I am so often entertained when I watch some 'NEWS' item of he-said v. he-said where the argument begins "well, this guy isn't who he claims and is talking out his ass, and loves terrorists, dictators, and strangling puppies" (06:26 in this video), now that I've eliminated my opposition's entire credibility BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Admittedly, some of my quote isn't "EXACTLY" what was said. Of course the retort @ 08:48 was pretty well said. Presstitute analysts like Kaplan need to be called much more often... It is too bad that his tactics of goading the opposition into a frenzied rage seem to have worked so well in this case. We all know that a frenzied rage is not the greatest platform from which to speak ones mind... In the end of this interview, I have no idea if Syria has actually been the topic of discussion by either party as it turned into a 25 minute shit-flinging competition, which means: working as intended.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

the walmartization of debt slavery

The war on whistleblowers has crossed the border into Canada, though I fail to see 'national security' being cited in this case. Maybe I simply have not put on my creative thinking cap yet, owing to the fact that I am presently waiting on the coffee maker... Oh, wait, I have it... They need to save a half million (per fraud auditor) to fix the sea kings, even though EI is not 'claimed' to be part of the general tax pool, and because the Sea Kings are part of the Coast Guard: National Security threat... and the Coffee is brewed, maybe I can math now.... IE has a maximum duration of 45 weeks and a maximum payout of $501 per week meaning someone reaching both maximums will have earned $22 545 from EI, so each 'fraud investigator' needs to kick a minimum of 21 people off per year, though not everybody gets the maximum (for example the government has been kind enough to provide examples, and I don't know how Sarah does it... single mom with 3 kids on 29k a year?!!), so I would put the number closer to 30.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

the Jay-Z wifebeater and other good or bad news

I would like to take a minute to thank society for this gem... To say that I am not a fan, would be the most ludicrous understatement I have ever made. There is one thing baffling me in all of this, where do all these people who can afford $120 plain white T-shirts live? Anyway, I have already dedicated more time to this than it was worth. Moving on...

Before we rejoice too hard over MySatan leaving Europe, let's recall that they left the wheat market years ago too, and that did not appear to work out as planned. In fact, it seems that so much 'good news' finds it's way into the 'bad news' side of the ledger with so little time delay that there is almost a refractory effect causing it to appear that I penned it in on the good side while it actually landed on the bad side... I'm not suggesting witchcraft, but something more simple, like when you plop the net into a fish tank and the handle appears to be bent from a variety of angles.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

the cesspit of ironic disparity

Is it any wonder that I feel the system is so beyond repair, when, the 'arrested for fraud and conspiracy' ex-mayor of Montreal, steps down (either from a prison cell or while vacationing abroad because he's apparently no flight risk, except that vacationing abroad involves 'flight'), still manages to get a severance pay of over a quarter million dollars?!!! Worse still, HE WASN'T EVEN MAYOR FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!!! I think the next phase in this man's life is probably a fine (of not more than $100 000, leaving him $167k in severance to eat franks -n- beans on), and a short stint in prison (likely time served which was probably just shy of a couple of hours). All of this will most probably be followed up with a full partnership in some law firm (like Satan, Lucifer et associés) followed by an honorable mention on the Nobel peace prize nominees list for next year... What a fine specimen of humanity, perhaps he should be dissected (while hopped up on sniffing salts and other adrenals so he may enjoy the experience as long as inhumanely possible) to see what causes such nobility...


Monday, 15 July 2013

the race riot has been postponed until next hockey season

Well, Zimmerman has managed to escape punishment. So of course this means that Youtube has filled up with Vancouver hockey riot videos:

Makes perfect sense, except in the longer videos, he says 'Seymour and Georgia'. Trolls!

This makes it somewhat difficult to find any real coverage when such things are labelled 'chaos and riots after zimmerman found not guilty'... I am not sure when the U.S. forgot how to make Chaos or Riots, but this CNN video does not depict such things, nor does this one. Angry protests, sure, but not riots... Canada, on the other hand, knows how to make a statement.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tea, Crumpets, and Hedgemony

I don't know if the of lack of international events is because everybody's on vacation. Certainly there have been local oddities in weather and ghost trains, interspersed with uprisings in Turkey, Syria, Egypt, and Brazil to name a few. And the unsurprising "the world is more corrupt than it was" report that's been floating around.

The Snowdon case continues it's incredible end run around certain realities as does the whole Hastings thing. All of these are not 'new', really... Maybe I've finally fallen prey to the new normal and it's plateau of police brutality, power abuse, and spying. Maybe I've finally become desensitized to people being mowed down by militarized vehicles and shot in the face with tear gas canisters, while someone sodomizes and decapitates their dog in front of a live studio audience.

No, that doesn't sound right at all. Somebody has to be on holiday or a golf escapade and as such we are seeing only the two-bit criminals running rampant... It's certainly been quiet for the fact that both the G8 and Bilderberg met up for tea, crumpets, and global hegemony in the not too distant past.

I guess the apt question here is when is the next ramp up? Does the NSA buzz need to quiet down first, and then, blammo! A big fuckload of bad news!?? Seems plausible once you understand the modus operandi of the twisted circle-jerks hiding in the deepest and darkest planes of existence, or right under our noses.

Surely the surly beasts will resurface owing to such a voracious and insatiable appetite. These are not bears which could sleep 5 months a year, or since 2008 when the economy tanked.


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hellfires and flooding

I realize yesterday's post was lacking in the requisite anger and cynicism, so I've spent part of my day reading some of the collective works of duh, no shit, and wow really? to see if I can't find my momentum. I feel almost lodged somewhere between a pillar of hellfire, and maybe it's time to build an ark... It's a weird place to be between such diametrically opposed elements as fire and water... Maybe I simply need to think of air and fly away.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Burning down the avenue at a leisurely stroll

There are certain things I really enjoy about where I live. I can have whole conversations where neither party utters a single word in the other party's native tongue, and neither party really gives this much thought. Bilingual panhandlers are not uncommon (think about that one for a second)... Walking the crowded sunlight summer streets of downtown, you encounter just about every race, creed, culture, and even language in just a few minutes... You'd hardly believe the politics of a language war had been ongoing for almost half a century aside from the occasional douchebag.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The breakneck speed of stupid

There are so many curiosities which seemingly have no true answer. Can I not land a job in IT because I am over 30? Or is it a simple factor that there aren't any real jobs out there? Some numbers suggest that it's most likely the latter, but I am willing to bet the former compounds the issue thus making me doubly unemployable. I suppose it could be argued that I might be slower than I was when I was younger, but I don't think this was part of the official speed tests:

This was already gone 4 minutes after it was posted on WRH... Wow!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

A name for namesake only

So the big brother watch has turned up in France now, as well. So let's see, there's now: U.S.A., Canada, U.K. Australia, and France who are about as bad as China in how they abuse the internet... Sure China actively 'censors' what's available, but do you not think that all this surveillance and logging of everything that is coming out of these other places has a similar effect? If people become paranoid enough over being monitored, that tends to lead to passive censorship which is actually worse in my opinion, because the first means nobody can read it, the second means nobody is saying it (really, no 'dislike' buttons because nobody wants to feel the sting of criticism? What are we, kindergarten children?) to begin with. France, of course, chose to put their own ironic flair on things by griping about the U.S. before any of their own problems became known.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

have a nice day†

The amazing legal caveats of not owning your data has started to cause a backlash against cloud services... I did see this one coming, though I did not foresee it's catalyst. Whatever the cause, the effect might mean I get a job soon... But like anything I've ever said, we'll see. Some of this hinges on how things are interpreted locally, and whether or not Montreal companies feel naked with all the recent spying and other breaches of privacy. There have been other developments in the technology space, I'd cut up my Visa or Master Card in protest, if I were owned by either such thing.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

transplanted talking heads

Every once in awhile I come across something that really makes my mind wander... Not to other bodies, mind you, but to the to the question as to whether this is the ticket to immortality for some future dystopia in which the Emperor of Earth lives for over a thousand years by grafting his head onto a, 18 year old clone of himself every couple of decades... I'm neither a doctor, nor scientist so I am not really certain about the semantics involved... I'll try to hope that the brain eventually gets old and dies rather than to continue to think about the horrors of being ruled by someone who's had alzheimer's for the last 600 years...

Let's move on to something a little more here and now, shall we?

If this doesn't make you think, it's possible your brain is malfunctioning.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

death of a used condom salesmen

I'll admit it... I've fallen behind in my reading in the last 24 hours and now find myself trying to make heads or tails of things... Some things have presented some great irony:

Funny, but I find the irony of Kosher bacon double cheeseburgers to be even funnier

It always stresses me out to find hundreds and hundreds of unread items, and it tends to lead me to feel like I have to rush my decision making process (or forgo it altogether), and often leads to making bad judgement calls.