Friday, 28 October 2011

Why don't you get a REAL job?

Senator Nicole Eaton has decided that it's time to waste OUR tax dollars fighting to change our national symbol from a Beaver to a Polar Bear... Maybe the Coca-Cola company has put her up to it, and maybe she has come up with this idea on her own, but either way I DON'T REALLY CARE!!!

I think we have much more important issues to deal with in this country than it's official animal. Like cutting ties with terrorist nations like the U.S. and storing some gold in the national vaults for when Europe collapses, and disassociating ourselves from organizations that mis-use the term 'humanitarian mission' like NATO, the U.N. and the G20, even if 'we' started some of these organizations ourselves.

It's true that maybe the beaver is the wrong animal for us since it re-shapes it's environment to suit it's needs whereas the polar bear has adapted to fit into it's environment instead (but the beaver certainly sounds more like a human born in the world of western capitalist nations than the polar bear when you examine it under this light)


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Border tax? Tax on airport servers more likely

The U.S. is looking to cash in on Canadians to fix it's budget. Yep, there will (sometime) be a $5.50 tax on crossing the border by sea or air. With an average 7 million Canadians crossing the border a year that's $38.5 Million in border taxes from Canada alone. I guess that will exclude all the Mexicans streaming into the south illegally since that is usually by land.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

#OccupyWallStreet - They just don't understand it, do they?

I've been reading a fair bit about the Occupy movement and find the MSM coverage to be rather hilarious. Sure, they have ignored it for as long as they thought possible, and have attempted to infiltrate it to ramp it up to a point of violence, and are doing their best to label it a pinko-commie-unwashed-hippie-grandstanding event. They are even trying to go so far as to paint it 'left' or 'right', not that these terms have any real meaning as the Dumbercrats and Repugnitans do not look any different from each other these days. I expected no less, these are all familiar tactics they use to attack what they choose not to 'investigatively report' on.