Saturday, 28 February 2015

Suing Slithering Sellouts

This is a long read and is kind of a big deal... Not that you'll read about it in the papers or see it on the news. No, the news continues merrily along in the land of make believe, even if they are merely suggesting that Canada's top 3% are prospering which is 200% better than only the top 1% which only really means we have 2x more people stealing from the poor than most other places. I mean, sure they make up pretty sounding numbers, like this group earned 2.4% more than they did 4 years ago, but if the inflation rate over that 4 year period was 1.2% average per year then money devalued 4.8% meaning they can buy 2.4% less than they could 4 years earlier. and stating that 3.6% more people earned $39900 or more is still less than the -4.8% value of the dollar. They then skew things even further with "the three middle brackets representing 60 per cent of Canadian families took a 1.8 per cent larger share of net worth in 2012 than in 2005." yet a longer time period in which money became more useless... They at least do not pretty it up for the poor, nope, they are pretty sure the poor are fucked because "The bottom quintile remained stagnant"...

Statistics is the art of finding the best dataset that can illustrate whatever lie you are selling... For example, 100% of all income brackets earn more than they did 75 years ago and all income brackets are pegged from a higher start point than they were then as well, except the poor which starts at 0... The trouble is that 75 years ago, the $700 per month required to pay rent would have bought a car or 10~25% of a house and without knowing the value of a dollar from then, the numbers become utterly useless... The fact that $10 in 1940 bought $240 worth of 2015 groceries and that $10 was a days pay while $240 is more like 2.5 days pay for lower income earners is far more important than how many there might be in each group... Granted, I made up these numbers straight off the top of my head and they are quite likely inaccurate, but I do know that I used to spend $100~150 on groceries every 2 weeks 20 years ago and now spend $200 or more per week, and, worse still, the quality of the food in my basket has gone way down...

I'm sure you can feel that sticker shock at the register, we all can, that's not even up for debate anymore. What is up for debate is why people seem to think the pencil pushers who are owned by the bankers who brought us here are left to fix it? Sure I still go to the voting booth on election day, but it's only so I can spoil a ballot, lest they take that so-called freedom away from me too.

Maybe I'm in the epicentre of the revolt with this lawsuit against the government and minister of financed sellouts, and maybe I'm in the epicentre of the next major nuclear disaster as the other nineteen G20 nations accidentally push the big red button... Either way I'm ready to face the music, I've already stared down my demons and none of them came anywhere near the level of evil that's rooted itself at the very core of our apparent society.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Perpetually Oblivious to the Obvious

I was reading somewhere that city councillors are investigating new snow removal methods, this got me thinking back to before the great Montreal merger when the city I lived in did a great job of removing the snow. I pondered over the fact that the old way seemed to work effectively so why not just do that rather than reinvent the wheel? Then I realised that the system had somehow drawn me in and enticed me to feed it energy... That's really not me, and since I was walking around in the poorly cleared streets at the time, I immediately began j-walking across the street, then j-walked back because this chicken didn't need the other side, but simply needed to inject an incoherent decision into my immediate surroundings. Yes I inflicted my will on the world simply to reinforce my desire to be in control of myself.

I know it changed nothing outside of myself because nobody else's path was even the slightest bit altered. That wasn't the purpose of the exercise. Now maybe someone watched from a window and wondered why someone was drunk at 7:00am, and maybe I was the sole person to witness my little demonstration. It doesn't matter either way so long as my mindset was changed. I do things like this all the time as I find it changes the mood and resets the tone, sometimes only for me, and sometimes for everyone around me.

I don't always have any immediate justification behind what I say, do, or think, but I am usually immediate in doing or saying what I think. Often I even feel that this is almost a unique trait that sometimes loses potential allies, business relations, or even friends, but then, I suppose having to constantly explain or justify myself to people all the time doesn't make for good friendship material to begin with as it saps the energy right out of you to constantly explain things, especially if they aren't yet fully understood internally.

Knowing may well be half the battle, understanding is the other, often much harder battle. I sometimes don't get the 'why' of things for many years after they've occurred yet other times it is immediately apparent. 9-11 was a great example of only half realising the 'why' for many years, even if something wasn't right about the whole situation from the beginning. Building 7's collapse being foretold by the media was one such example of not quite right and the disappearing eyewitness accounts of bombs in basements was another. We all pretty well know the why by now even if all evidence was sped off to China to be turned into battleships to later be deployed to the places who would be accused of having aided and abetted the act with their fictitious weapons of mass destruction.

I'd post links, but don't feel it's even required at this point as I've done it all before.

I've lost my train of thought...

I've lost many other things too, but I've learned I didn't really need them in the first place otherwise I might have tried to replace them by now. No, my stuff could be reasonably packed into a small closet should the need arise and the things I might need access to would fit into a shopping cart. Though I can't see actually doing that given my loathing of both shopping and the cart you rode in on.

Speaking of which, my girlfriend was noting at the grocery store, that planning out healthy home made meals seemed to cost as much or more than eating at restaurants... She might be starting to finally awaken to the reality of the engineered world of consumerism, but I'm still not sure she's ready to be pushed off that cliff yet, pity, but I really don't think she can handle the trauma of the entire world unraveling into the control-matrix I see no matter which direction I attempt to avert my eyes to. And yet, I'm still missing a few pieces in the grand puzzle of the big picture, at least I think I am.

There's always something akin to the other shoe dropping, and I frequently question when they'll run out of shoes, but then anyone in the business of manufacturing something out of nothing probably never runs out of the nothing used in the creation of something, if that makes any sense. It likely doesn't but I wasn't the math genius behind the equation where I somehow owe more of something I didn't borrow in the first place than I'll even earn in the end... And to people I've never met to top it off... I know it sounds crazier every time I explain it, but that the planet seems to continue to run on this crazy in perpetuity is the craziest concept of them all. With so many versions of the exact same story cropping up from all over the place it should, by now, be obvious even to the most oblivious yet that's somehow not the case. Maybe it's all in just how insane it sounds and that stigma inherent in the word insanity.

I suppose it's also in the idea planted from as early as ideas begin to take shape in our youth(s) (or yuuts, as my cousin Vinny would say): shipped off to indoctrination camps and rewarded for hive-mind group-think... Little Johnny got an F minus for 'plays well with others' and was shipped off to remedial play camp to stitch sneakers all summer.

Maybe I paint a graphically over-exaggerated story or maybe I paint a possible future as mapped out by our possible past and present. And I say possible past only because the parts of it I was around to remember are somewhat different than what we're currently being told, and since our present is all biased towards the current rewritten history of events as they never happened before I'm inclined to wonder if now really exists at all...


Friday, 20 February 2015

In Comes The Flood

Say what you will about the latest Machine Head album, I agree it's not their strongest effort in recent years, but it has given me a new theme song given that I couldn't have said it better myself.

Well, it's closet cleaning time again as I try to post up all the links I've been collecting for a month... For example, wouldn't labeling all food that contains DNA mean labeling everything but that fake wax cheeze-phoud™ and sopht-drinque™ [hooked on fōnix worked for me®] product shit we probably shouldn't be in the same room with let alone ingest? It's been a while since I was in biology classes, so it's possible I've mixed things up...

The people who create job statistics still have jobs, I'm not certain who else does... ANYWHERE! Or, conversely, maybe their days are also numbered, it's tough to decipher at this point, but it certainly won't be helped by a finance minister who doesn't know how to pay a hotel bill... There are probably courses teaching how money works out there somewhere, not that they teach how money actually works in any classroom.

I know my rantings go largely ignored, but hell, we live in a society where everyone ignores everything, so I don't ask for special treatment really. Eventually I will get special treatment, likely with rubber gloves and will not have asked for that either... Sure it will all be in the interest of keeping me safe from, um, me, and that will likely be just fine with everyone else until the glove turns on them too. It will most assuredly turn because the glove will be warn by people of a thousand deviances or whomever else they may grant access should they happen to be too busy for you at the given moment.

Sure, you can try telling me that I'm seeing some pattern where none exists. My argument to that is how can you not see a conclusive pattern? You can't use the adage we see what we want to see, but I'd really rather see something kinder and gentler than what's actually under the facade. I have my vision of a better world and am fairly certain it's not to late to get there.

I think I'd like to sign off this post with a hey'y'all to all those people who actually know me, and might still read this blog, I know I said I'd keep in touch, but time isn't kind, and I feel I've got a bigger purpose in things than to be sending off personalised hey y'alls... I'd apologise, but that's not like me at all.


Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Price of 'FREE' Things

So almost 2 months ago, I had my first visit to a doctor since nearly forever... I think my last doctor gave lollipops for good behavior... Well he prescribed some tests to be performed at a hospital like: blood, glucose, x-ray, and a piss sniffing. These tests cannot be scheduled and are on a first come first served basis for whatever stupid reason... So I show up, on a work day retardedly early and 'take a number': 31... Now serving 4... 2 hours later they call my number and I am sent into another room full of people. I am, due to transit times, already late for work meaning I've lost money, I woke up too early, thus have lost sleep. I've been fasting since yesterday, so I've lost stomach lining, and I've been holding a cup of my own piss since I pissed it 3 hours ago, so I've lost dignity. Best still, this line is not for radiology, for that I have to go somewhere else

A. Can we not schedule this?
B. Does this have to be done between 6am and noon on days when most of the world works?
C. Couldn't my doctor have drawn blood?
D. Does this 'free' service cost about 45% of all the taxes I've paid over my entire life?
E. Am I still waiting 3 hours later, hungry and afraid to go piss because I might miss my name being badly mispronounced?

So, the actuals of drawing blood and getting an x-ray took about 15 minutes. Thankfully I don't have to wait for results. I still wonder how paying all those taxes for all those years made all this worthwhile... I've used the healthcare system maybe 3 times in the last 25 years which I calculate to be a metric-fuck-ton of money for the occasional need to see a doctor... Which, I actually no longer need to go to a hospital for thanks to some good timing. Most people in this province aren't so lucky.

In the end, it appears I'm only missing an hour and a half of work, partially due to the bus schedule working in my favour, even if none of the buses arrived at their scheduled time.

In other news...

Apparently bill C-51 is still 'a thing', strangely, this blog started there almost 4 years ago... Funny that it's still called C51 considering these things tend to be renamed, like the TPP has been, or did they simply make a 2nd one for the Atlantic. Not that I find it surprising since politicians everywhere think we need to pay companies when we don't want them to steal every natural resource in order to sell it back to us, meaning now they don't even have to sell a damn thing to get the same money... It's a far better situation for companies than having to try and fail all on their own.

Heck, why bother pestering companies for failing, government agencies can't even figure out their own rules, but they will freely give up your info if they are asked nicely.

And on the endless war channel... ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS: friend... Faked proof of Russian involvement nobody is allowed to see, which was likely found unmolested at the epicenter of a 3 mile radius of a completely napalmed and strangely radioactive area nobody will live to find for the next billion years... But we'll have to wait and see about that one.

And, by the way FUCK CHARLIE!!!

I know my posts have become disjointed and jump topics to all over the place over recent months, and there is a good reason for that. You see, in a concerted effort to disprove the age-old adage that "time is money", my posts tend to form themselves over the span of days instead of hours as they used to... Sometimes they can even take weeks which even explains the age of some of these links. You see, when I started writing this one, Wednesday, I'd left the house at 5:45 am and returned home at 10:45 pm, it is now Thursday, and I'm likely still not going to hit the magic publish button today either... And for all that time I don't have, and the complete lack of rest or relaxation, I've barely earned enough to cover how much more expensive life is only 24 hours later than it was just a day ago. I'd do the math but really can't afford the time that takes while currency=debt in the unending cycle of borrowing what doesn't exist now to pay back more of what didn't exist back when we borrowed it last time... And last time was not even the first time we borrowed it... Just don't ask your economics teacher how that works because chances are he won't understand the question in much the same way as economists don't understand the universe, or, for that matter, mathematics... In fact, time is inverse money is a theory I proved a while ago when I opened a tax free high interest savings account and left $5000 there for 3 years... After the interest I'd not earned enough to buy the same quantity of what I should have bought 3 years earlier... This worked out just as I'd expected, but at that point the person I'd made the bet with couldn't afford the difference due to having been downsized... Even when you win, you lose...

-note: this posting took extra long thanks to the sudden death of my 2 and a half year old phone... Thanks Samsung. At the cost of a "free" phone, I've signed my life away for another two years...

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lies From The Tablecloth

It's true that I have absolutely no idea what nor when my ultimate purpose shall be self-evident. That's never really been a focus or concern of mine. Will I fall victim to wrong-place/wrong-time-itis? Will I martyr to a cause understood by no one in my inner sanctum? Will I know when to duck, cover, and survive on the meat of harpooned rats until it's safe to return to a society in a chaotic state of complete renovation? None of these outcomes matter in the framework of the here and now, none of my prior failures or shortcomings dim the path ahead, even though there isn't really a path at all given that so few appear to be where I am.

Not seeing my own future does not mean I don't see any future at all, as I am still able to observe what awaits down the road and around the bend. True this is not a "psychic" ability, but rather a skill of reading the unwritten trends, and calculating the odds based on history... Whether that history was meant to be remembered, or swept under the tablecloth with a perfect replica of a rose in a replica crystal plastic vase placed over the the inevitable lump also makes little difference in my opining. For example, I saw this coming back when this merger and a new corporate head office would be great for the Canadian economy (facepalm), but there was no magic eight-ball involved. If politicians and economists were honest people rather than the retched comoditized soulless cowards that they are, they too, could have crunched the numbers and come up short-changed. Chances are, no numbers were harmed during the course of their original forecast and that crunching we heard was someone eating celery in a sound room.

I find myself wondering all too often, why do so few see the world as it truly exists? Sure, people corral themselves into some kennel of a 'cause' while failing to realize that a single cause was it's own narrow gorge of rock and hard place easily turned prison. Boycotting brands doesn't work, boycotting currency can't work for long while the whole chain of survival requires currency at every avenue. Even jumping off the consumerist treadmill (or being forcibly removed as the trend has been going) simply puts more things of tangible value into the possession of banks and corporations as the 'wheel of foreclosure' lands on the exponentially growing number of 'bankruptcy' spaces; Vanna, show them what they might have owned were the game not rigged.

Things lost their appeal more and more at each juncture where I've lost whatever I owned at the time... It's happened a few times now and I've spent no effort attempting to replace the things I used to own this time around. There is no value in this s stuff that I can't take with me into the next plane of existence. You can be assured that the emotional attachment people seem to have with their inanimate stuff was falsely implanted there by the marketing department of a company that overproduced something not realizing nobody would even want it, let alone, pay to own it.

The heralded information age we entered with the birth of the internet was stunted at birth by vulture capitalists and their dot-bomb, then hobbled at every step in copywrite takedowns and intellectual property lawsuits ever since. It is probably easier to write a book containing everything that is still legal to do without a permit than to do the inverse. Maybe I am a rebel without A cause, but, then I've already stated that pulling on a single thread in the interconnected control web simply ensnares you in an easy to find locale... No, I am more the hit the web with a lighter and hairspray type... It's really the only option remaining when one can no longer see the system through the corrosion (or corruption as it were). It's already teetering over and you can feel it of you sit still enough. I know I've been saying this for years, and, honestly, I am rather surprised at just how long they were able to stabilize things by borrowing from a future which could not exist then, and has less chance of existing now. That future where we can pay back what they borrowed and then some is no longer even a plausible movie plot, even from Hollywood.

Its the death cycle. The government borrows from banks to offer incentives to insolvent corporations because even the banks won't loan to them, and it's done in the name of job creation in the hopes that those jobs created will generate the "more" tax revenue they need to pay the loans plus interest... Then the insolvent company does what insolvent companies do: shed jobs, fail to reinvent themselves, then move to the next country throwing around borrowed money, or, close permanently. While corporations still holding a positive balance sheet are likely sitting on a gold mine of intellectual property and patents they use to flog others with or they simply buy up their competition until they too become part of the insolvent group... It isn't that humanity has run out of imagination and has simply stopped trying to invent the next earth moving technology, but that patent trolls are trolling and have engaged the law firm of Dewey, Falkham, and Howe.

It's all orchestrated at the central bank level and in secret meetings of think-tanks and other shadowy groups whose members contain disproportionate numbers of high ranking political figures of past, present, and future, and everything is tied to everything else. It's allowed to happen despite any conflict of interest because the law is their law not ours.

But greed is as greed does, and greed wants more even when there's none left... And I'd have to say it doesn't look like the is much left right now, so the point where evil destroys itself cannot be much farther now... It's almost easier to leave them to fight over the scraps left on each others plates now, than it is to try and get involved... In the meantime I'll continue to vote with my conscience, which means I won't be voting at all. Why play into a gamed system when it ultimately aims to make me responsible for someone else's actions?