Tuesday, 29 April 2014

the 'Family' value of Cow Pies

So, I realize that it is going on three years that I've been writing this blog, and that the scope of it has broadened from local issues and copyright stupidities to global issues... I also realized that since I came to understand the heart of all issues that I have had very little focus on any of the day to day humdrum churned out by a slowly dying machine. Part of this stems from a level of self-regimented radio silence wherein I gather my news by simply opening my ears on a crowded bus or starting into the silent faces of those who look as though they are beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors show played out again and again in the controlled periodicals.

I hear it out loud in the voices of others: how are the Crimean referendum and the Afghani election different? Quite simply, they aren't until you examine which military was doing the occupying and then you come to understand why one was 'a great stride for democracy' while the other is 'a crime against humanity'. It is still unfortunate that not enough people are registering this level of duality in all things because that is what brings to question whose agenda is at play... I'd call out a name if I didn't suspect doing so to be a means of summons and a pox on my day.

I know I have been posting fewer links to stuff, but I honestly question whether it's worth doing as I have seen the content I've linked to change and even disappear, sometimes before I'm even done writing... There are copyright laws to prevent me from republishing many of my sources, and there is the fickle nature of digital content which can be rewritten or deleted at any time. I have, in the past, illustrated this point with pics and screen captures which is time consuming on a 30:1 scale to simply typing out a posting, so, it often turns into a lost thought or unfinished idea. I've had many of those in the form of deleted draft posts or mentions of going into greater detail later which turned into never so I do try to steer clear of such.

I may never have published my thoughts on the whole Russian anti-gay propaganda thing, but, again, this is a small-potatoes issue meant to stir up outrage over very little... I honestly feel that children should be taught to respect other people so long as they are worthy of respect regardless of their differences... I get some pretty bizarre ideas sometimes, don't I? It all goes to breaking the family unit, just as women's lib turned out to do...

Don't get me wrong, I consider women to be equals, and partners and they deserve rights to vote, work, and choose how they want to live. It's just that something has been forever lost in half a century or less... The right to be a single-income family. Yes. Now couples and heads of family need to both work for diminishing pay while someone else instills values in their children, often under some government program like daycare and public schooling... How many families can actually afford to have a housewife or househusband in their ranks these days? Yet it used to be the norm, didn't it? But we're supposed to get mad that Vladimir Putin doesn't want Russian children being convinced that it's awesome being gay... On another unpolitically correct note: my phone is rather partial to: hay, hat, gassy, grassy, and essentially any word that isn't gay, that's kind of funny in the ha ha way. Don't misinterpret my thoughts, I have no issue with homosexuality, other than its inability to naturally propagate or species except via expensive means, which, conveniently (for those who see most of us as cattle) limits parenthood to those of moderate wealth... Wow dirt©, that's a lot of dots connected in one paragraph :-)

Connecting dots becomes so much easier once you understand where money really comes from. Once you see that governments are controlled by money and not the other way around preconceived ideas all begin to lose their credibility while suddenly appearing to be very much the opposite of what you'd been taught since the womb. I know how isolating it can feel to think for yourself and how infuriating it is to realize that so many have (albeit often unknowingly) propagated such huge lies so repetitively. It was the only way such big lies could ever take hold, and the clan of subhuman refuse who've been carrying out the slow silent enslavement of everyone else knew it all along. But impatience, greed and a lust for power has them ramping up the plan too fast while also infighting amongst themselves. This is why so many have begun to see past the charade. "Evil destroys itself"

It's been a long time coming, to get to this point and to one degree or another I've always known we'd eventually be forced to react in unanticipated ways to counteract the slowly tightening noose. That time seems closer than it ever has while some elite moron gets caught red handed calling things what they so obviously are not almost every other day now. For now they only seem to be dodging flying shoes but sooner or later a more effective projectile will be discovered. They know this which is why they've been building more prisons than schools for decades and why they are so quick to label patriots: terrorists. They've forgotten a golden rule which is that propaganda can only be spread so thick before it begins to resemble cow pies.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

the pungent scent of incensed

I wish, sometimes, that I could find even the smallest bit of shock and surprise (or do I mean awe?) when a dead horse comes home to roost... It's actually laughable to watch the media break out a long cremated phony thoroughbred Jackalope to launch from a confetti canon in an effort to demonize an entire nation for undoing the efforts of those who are out to steal anything nailed down or not. And in other news: the sun rose on schedule...

Quebec elected a brain surgeon, and I got a job... It pays less than the job my 19 year-old son was hired for on the same day, has zero benefits, and is paid out in the loathsome currency of debt which everyone still seems fond of calling money, yet strangely, doesn't feel like I shall be treated with the same: worthless lower than dirt, we could train a monkey to be smarter than you in two hours, corporate mindset that seems to have proliferated the ranks of management far and wide... But we shall see...

Yes, I've found the disposable job in which I might not be treated as a disposable person, hopefully... yet somehow, I still doubt it

Spring is sprung, the grass is rizz, the media still wonders where that Malaysian plane is... But that's the whole bait and switch which will be used to limit air travel to those who will soon need to rapidly escape the rest of us... I love the smell of unrest in the morning.

Ah, but, I still don't smell it... I see the plans unraveling all around, and not in any orderly or apparently planned fashion and yet the scent of incense, or the burning wrath of the incensed are still in such minor undertones that only the nose of bloodhounds seem the least bit alerted. I suppose it's possible that these things are only seen by those who are actively looking, yet they appear, to me, as obvious as walking around with dog shit stuck to the heel of one shoe.

One only need look up a chart of the inflation rate to understand what happens once bankers are green lighted on running the economy of nations (into the ground), or look at the state of any nation who was promised prosperity by the IMF to realize what the plan has been all along. Oh, you said austerity... I suppose with enough lisp the two sound similar enough.

Nobody can borrow happiness... Happiness can only be given or found... Anyone who tells you differently is obviously selling something, and chances are it isn't something you actually need.