Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Politically Incorrect Hand Gestures

I'll admit that there are things I occasionally do not understand. I am, afterall, human, and do not have a masters degree in linguistics and wurds. Not that I feel such a paper is an open license for permanent douchebagery and fuck-headedness. Then again, I suppose if you really want to split hairs (offense intended to all the genetic phreaks born without the ability to grow even a single eyelash, fuck those people), then everything is offensive to at least one humourless half-wit in the 7+ billion people currently sharing this planet. That said, I think we must do away with language altogether since anything I say can be used to offend somebody... I shall begin this protest to this offensive and racist bigoted dictionary by using only hand gestures to communicate... Unfortunately, at this time, I only know one universally understood gesture, and I think it's likely offensive to everyone.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Long Division Based Addition

I've been highly focused on local news in the hopes that there would be some mention of that bus corralling episode. Alas, there has been nothing to suggest it actually happened, maybe I need to check the French papers...

What I have found instead, is that politicians in this country seem to think the economy will fall for reversed psychology. I can see no other way to exemplify how introducing tariffs is supposed to lower prices... Can you? The optimistic and hopeful side of me wishes that these proposals were simply the rantings of idiot savants who still have no idea how they managed to land their cushy seats of presumed power, but the realist in me knows these moronic ideas which will come into being law are in repayment of blood-debts they owe to those corporate sponsors and bankers who made their undeserved jobs possible.

Worse still, this is from the same political party, who, years ago, opened the floodgates to all kinds of 'settled out of court' lawsuits by corporations against the government for cutting into their profits by introducing tariffs, or 'clean up after your own messes', or 'no you can't turn 5 lakes into swamps of toxic gelatinous orange goo' types of rules all those years ago when Mulroney gave us free trade. I challenge you to find a single corporation v Canada free trade case that made it to a verdict, or even one which the government didn't put the citizens tax moneys into the pocket of a corporation that cried out 'no fair!'. If I still had rights as a person I'd start my own lawsuit... I simply don't have the financial backing to become a corporation and, as such, reclaim my right to personhood.

Come to think of it, I have no idea what I am in the eyes of the law now that corporations are human... A garden slug? No that can't be it, I'm pretty sure even they have rights thanks to the terrorists @ PETA and/or Greenpeace.

I suppose it is part of the effort to criminalize free thought that leads to the identity crisis some of us face in a world surrounded by automatons not ready to accept the ugly face of cold hard truth. Everything is founded on a blind faith that voting brings about change and money is an asset, and thus far, blind faith has kept things going. The trouble with blind faith is that one only need lift the blindfold to realize that where we are is a very different place to where we'd assumed we were. The only reason for not lifting that blindfold is the fear we don't have the resolve to accept that we were misled because we allowed ourselves to be.

Sure there will be some who are too invested in the lie to back out now, but I am optimistic that the numbers will ultimately be low. This is why the bean-counters have been recording our every word in order to try to gain some kind of leverage to hold us in check. My past is well known to those I am closest to and I own my fair share of not so proud moments, but the past cannot cloud the future. If I disavowed my past I'd doom myself to the exact same failures I should have learned from last time, which, is similar to how we collectively ended up exactly where we should not want to be. The history of our mistakes was written to be the nostalgia of the good old days even if there was little good about them at all. Why else would a name like the great depression be chosen? One might think the awful depression would serve as a better testament to just how shitty things were, but no it was great...


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Drop-n-sniff Checkpoints And Full Access Pants

Maybe it's the constant barrage of headlines I'm supposed to be outraged by constantly being lobbed at me from all sides of the media and the not so media, or maybe it's the obvious and self-evident nature of the A to B to C to D action plans which were always hiding in my peripheral vision just on the edge of plain sight, but presently there is not much impacting on me. Maybe I've become jaded, or maybe it's the reassurance that I've not been insanely ranting over nonexistent shadows of things which will only worsen over the years. Maybe I've simply run out of ways to reword myself such that even a copyright lawyer wouldn't find traction were I to attempt to sue myself for plagiarism... -OR- maybe we are finally nearing that pivot point where sudden change can happen in the blink of an eye making things infinitely better or worse...

Admittedly, I've never been great at reading the present moment for being exactly what it is, but generally understand that something big is in the realm of 'very soon' in much the same way as one can smell the rain before it falls.

(Long pause between starting and ending work)

I found out that, had I taken my regular bus home from work yesterday, I would have been held captive (by armed thugs) along with every other bus through a busy bus terminal for four hours without explanation, only to be questioned by someone who doesn't speak my language... Yes the TSA style terror checkpoints have started on the Montreal public transit system, even of the news media is apparently unaware of it... Maybe this counted as something big, but I doubt that this is that... It certainly does change the conversation though.

Nope just scanned local news about 24 hours after the event and there is no mention of it... That likely means they did not find whoever they were looking for, and if it's me, I won't be there again today. It's unlikely that I'm a big enough blip on the radar to cause a rush hour transit blackout for a quarter of the island of Montreal on a frigidly cold evening, but then I read all kinds of outrageous stories even more clandestine than this scenario I've invented. It's unfortunate that in these times we are left to fill in the blanks with or wildest imaginary story, only to realize it doesn't even sound extraordinary next to the real (if that's what real even is anymore)...

I've lost my train of thought, or maybe it hit a drop-n-sniff frisk-n-measure terror in the front drugs in the rear check-point... I'd heard they were planning that with trains too.


Thursday, 27 November 2014

This Shrinking Hexagonal Glass Room

I've just read a comment from another blog author, somewhat better known than myself, about having to treat people with kid gloves more and more lately... Normally this would compel me to reply in the comments section, except that, this time it seemingly warrants an entire posting of it's own. Not that I have any differing stance or opposing view but rather a huge expansion on the whole concept.

Yes, people are easily enraged by some of the most bizarrely, out of context, misunderstandings of just about anything overheard whether directed at them or not. Most of genpop here in mind prison, chained to the bed in debt-shackles simply are not attuned enough to realize that we are all slowly being kettled. Between the lowering of a 'food basket inflation rate' by tossing 35% government subsidized malnutrition items into the basket, and the police brutality state of affairs on the street while the uppermost echelon of bandits and pirates rape and pillage anything not already raped and pillaged.

By now, most people feel the room getting smaller, but haven't noticed the glass walls getting closer leaving them with a seemingly unjustified claustrophobia. This illusion leaves an unfettered frustration, or, at the very least a misdirected anger in a single direction when every direction is applying pressure. Obviously more than one release valve is needed otherwise people wouldn't be so edgy...

It's true that I was never lulled into thinking life was fair, but for those who were, it's a shock to see stealing a loaf of bread being punished for ten thousand loaves in labour, while stealing ten million dollars gets hit with a quarter million in fines.

The fact that the next election in the land of the asleep and the home of the slave is shaping up to be a battle of the dynasty families (seriously? Bush VS Clinton? Again? Really?) seems to send a pretty clear message that voting counts for nothing. Not that I honestly think this phases enough people to answer the age old question: if there's an election and nobody votes, who wins? I'd love to see that (grin).

Originally I was thinking I'd dedicate an entire posting to police brutality since I seem to have an overstock of saved links to such things, but really, that's just doing the same thing I've been speaking of... Pushing against one of the walls of this shrinking room, which is probably hexagonal between politicians, bankers, lawyers, media, police, and corporate personhood... Yup, that's six sides.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Morons Hyped on Oxy and Terror Dandruff

It's true that I blame many of the world's ills on the sadistic Zio-cons and their stooge army of useful idiots, while trying not to lump those Jews who are not privy to the master plan into it... Though, this instance could still be a useful idiot, time will tell... Maybe he could found an affirmative action group because, I'm fairly certain there isn't one for poor, underrepresented Jews unable to break into such prestigious fields as janitor. I mean, there are so many things you just aren't taught outside the ivy-league price-premium schools. Obviously there was some government conspiracy behind this 'freedom of choice' given to the Jewish community while the rest of us Quebecers can barely chose to be educated in our own mother-tongue, unless it's French... Also quite obvious: our parents and the hasidic community at large cannot be to blame for failing to teach common sense...

(Sigh). I promised myself not to break out the snake venom this week... Oh well... I suppose the fact that some of these links have been kicking around for a month waiting for a proper introduction was the catalyst.

Sorry if I seem a tad bitter this morning, the deep-freeze has finally hit Police state, Canada, so I'm an itsy-bit bitchy.

Cue the inevitable fear-mongering over the unknown, notice how evil death machine always takes precedence over the benign? Is it really so hard to say we've found something that isn't what we thought it was? I mean, I find things in my fridge which aren't what I thought they were from time to time, but, I suppose that doesn't garner the same shock-n-awe attention that this sleeping public requires. Everybody is going through the motions and reading their script flawlessly to reinforce the obvious Hollywood rule of bad guys wear black despite a majority realizing the supposed good guys wear egg on their face. They don't care, the numbers show that 5 out of 4 surveys are manipulated numbers unless they are completely made up in the first place, and somehow these expert mathemagicians dupe a vast swath of genpop into a sense that everything's just fine (except in the rare circumstance linked above). Why should we trust these people?

I deliberate my random to avoid being trapped in the automatic filters, marginalized, categorized, then ostracized. Obviously the world of new order is terrible at doing random, thus, must be terrible at predicting it as well. Yes, random makes 'the order' run scared and wet itself in a 'safe room'. The very fact that plans are not going according to plan has many in the planning industry jumping too far ahead in the plan and finding that too, ends poorly. No amount of phony security is going to make things more secure, it simply means buying overpriced shampoo at your tourist destination since yours was confiscated at the airport... Even if you could easily pack the right combination of chemicals in TSA approved sizes, a half litre of head and shoulders says terrorist all over it. Terrorist with dandruff, no less...

And while we are speaking of high-tech security, which we weren't, I will reiterate that those two words are almost antonyms, and thus the idea of high-tech security is an oxymoron... The more technology you throw at a problem the greater the distance it can be hacked from, maybe not today, maybe not next week, but eventually which is why I still say of you don't want naked pictures of yourself going wild on the internet, they shouldn't exist in the first place...

I think I've ranted on long enough for this posting


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Voting For Spare Change

It is my understanding that there are a great many changes happening to my south, nameplates on desks are being switched from John Jackson to Jack Johnson throughout the great hall of political entitlement, to be followed by a tsunami of 'more of the same'. Granted the issue of the day will shuffle in it's order of priority but will likely contain the same top ten items as the two-faced coin flips to the other side, but since the coin was pressed by the banks who own the currency, we should expect the face value of that coin to be a prime number of infinite decimals from which real 'change' cannot be made.

On a personal note, a long-time acquaintance of mine was murdered on Friday. Worse still, it took place about 100 meters from my front door (to clarify, he also lived on my street)... I'm beginning to wonder if there is supposed to be some 'between the lines' message to the recent proximity of headlines targeting me with near pinpoint accuracy... They say that psychics and tarot readers alike can't generally see what's in store for them, and maybe this is a similar circumstance... Who knows? Not that I'm claiming to be either of these things, as I am simply a watcher of tends and observer of the world as it devolves into whatever state is required for it's rebirth. Since I cannot sense whether this is an omen, a sign, or purely coincidence, I figure I should stay my course.

Here's an interesting local piece, Quebec school board elections were conducted in a different way, general vote, except that, many people were on the wrong lists and thus could not vote, or would have to vote for the school board of a different language. There was a number to call or form to fill out, we opted for the number which went unanswered in many attempts. Finally, 'low voter turnout' will lead to sweeping changes @ both boards, whatever that means. Sounds like things are working as intended from my perspective

Getting back to the Parliament shootings for a moment, I have yet to decide whether it was a horribly botched false-flag, or simply a disenfranchised person with nothing left to lose, except that most people who plan a shooting spree tend to find a double barrel shotgun to be somewhat inconvenient... OK, maybe I have decided after all. But it is nice to see others trying to not blame terrorism, even if they are still making incorrect assumptions. The one thing I can say is I'm not demanding that the people likely behind the whole thing, also investigate it... They will anyway because there is already money earmarked for it, like a performance bonus or something. Yet another cycle in the quest to take away that which we never really had to begin with.

Well, I suppose it's time for a moment of silence to remember all the bankers who's lives were enriched by financing the wars they sent others to die in under the guise of fighting for freedom...


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pulling the Door Marked Push

The oddities of the parliament hill shooting are already starting to surface. For example there is no license plate on the "hijacked" car, the driver of which does not appear to be a suspect. Except that this does not appear to be a hijacked car but rather the car brought there by a homeless lone wolf... Hmmm. Given that it's not yet winter in Canada, one with a car is not truly homeless, at least not until the snow flies.

I'm also seeing reports to indicate that an armed gunman slipped past a number of police who had already gathered @ Parliament for no apparent reason... Maybe they were conducting a drill where a lone gunman enters the Parliament building as so often occurs when 'bad things' happen. Not that it matters how long draconian laws aimed at changing online hate speech or police powers has been on the table, these things tend to be enacted while the urine in the pants of elected stooges is still warm... I've got dozens of links to follow up on (unless they are different now than they were) before declaring the picture as complete, but this doesn't even sound farfetched in retrospect of some of the other events of our present age. I seem to recall an official story of a 2nd gunman who hijacked a green car, and even an interview of the carjacking victim who is not a suspect and now nowhere to be found... I am not the only one who recalls this but can I find videos of him getting into a gold corolla then there are these which show 3 "RCMP" vehicles of officers who apparently ride without a partner, oh, and a carjacking to get from here to 100 meters from here. Not sure where that corolla got too...

It's a broken record you just hear the same things, sometimes EXACTLY the same, and they propose to keep us safe via increased police powers and villainizing the internet. Now, I DON'T condone terrorist acts online, whether by bankers or useful idiots, on our soil or the countries where we employ our own terrorists via proxies and 'accidental' care packages parachuted into 'enemy territory'. I have no idea how they accidentally loaded those crates into the bomb chutes instead of the garden variety explosive bomb-shaped care packages for which a bomb chute was most probably designed, unless I am reading the name bomb chute too literally... I have, on occasion, read things too literally, which might be the reason I've never eaten silica gel... Where was I going? Yes, I remember now; I may not condone such things, but they've redefined a great many other words throughout the years of politically correct sanitatization, that, for all I can tell, my words now might be 'condoning' by the definition of the word condone next month.

Queue the patriotism, queue the rhetoric, queue a police state.

One of the questions I'm not hearing in all these calls for increased security, is how existing security failed? Sorry, failed is too mild a word, unless there is less security @ Parliament than there is @ the CN tower... At the great Toronto phallic symbol, a building of little strategic importance other than to add a landmark to an otherwise bland skyline, there are guards, bomb sniffing devices, and metal detectors, whereas Parliament seems to have a pull door marked push which might explain how our elected officials miss so many days of work, but does not stand in the way of homeless gunmen, who probably didn't bother to read the sign in the first place... Oops, homeless gunmen was supposed to have been sanitized to read homegrown lone-wolf Islamic extremist,... An obvious misspelling and I shall update my autocorrect , NOT!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Marionette Brigades, Deadly Headlines, and Other Attack Vectors

I've long understood that I live in that darkened area on the highway at 3am between major population centers where the road ceases to exist beyond the gleaming of headlights under cloudy skies on the eve of the new moon. There is a solace found here which goes unbroken for periods long enough to hear nature's eerie chorus overlaid on the backdrop of timelessness. It sings, it screams, it cries out in joy and agony all at the same time. Here the wind whispers what's come to pass and what's yet to come in the same breath and if you listen closely enough you can hear the ancient dead languages overlaid in a myriad of suggestive undertones calling on you to, well, that's where it starts getting tricky... Dead languages are not a specialty of mine. I know there is something that needs to be done, just as I know a number of catastrophic event horizons are plainly in view for anyone choosing to pay attention, and some are becoming plainly visible to any who simply look in that direction.

This is not to suggest that the journey has been one of complete solitude, as I do have friends and family, but that I'm used to being on an unpopular side of the debate.

I can't say what triggers what else in the order of dominos but that's likely to be both irrelevant and unimportant. Between the sudden spread of engineered diseases, to the death cloud from the Nile to the Crimean river, to the collapse of debt money and other areas where the greedy bet everything on nothing and expect more than everything win or lose, all while the clock counts down to midnight despite that this clock doesn't even tick... or there are always slower deaths.

It's obvious that all the Ebola foibles are by design otherwise they wouldn't be patting themselves on the back, would they? Not that I'm suggesting that this is as virulent as the press coverage is making it out to be. But then, I trust doctors about as much as politicians these days. I'm not sure if I'm wasting my breath by accusing anyone of making up false diseases, but figure there's plenty of breath left in me... There is certainly no lack of speculation and hype to add an air of confusion into the mix.

Speaking of hype, this story has gone from 'police shoot hit-and-run suspect' to 'police save world from Jihadist' in 3 evolving headlines. I'd show you the progression, but I failed to bookmark the first two stories due to lack of interest... This is how our opinions are stolen from us, and they do it all the time.... Sufficed to say, the second headline was 'hit-&-run victims were soldiers'. Shock, sympathy, justice, and now we are supposed to ingratiate ourselves to the system for keeping us safe from someone who tried going to Turkey... Isn't Turkey part of the Zionist Marionette Brigade? Maybe i missed their fall from grace, as it can get muddy in this fog of war, Middle East situation that's been played out through the past umpteen decades, but I'm fairly certain it's still an area on the map that NATO isn't bombing to oblivion, meaning they must still be "the good guys" in some Rolodex of war criminals and shit golems somewhere.

Well, I've come to realize that I've managed to hijack any sense of direction in this post... Not that I'm renowned for having a sense of direction or topic at any given time. I suppose that's just how it has to be given the number of vectors from which we are being attacked from... Until next time.


speaking of attack vectors...

Friday, 10 October 2014

Darwin awards and the Stupified Zombies

There are times when I am inclined to believe Darwin's law is in full effect, now is one of those times... I just watched 2 young unattended children run through a busy intersection against the lights and between moving cars... 1 was not hit by, of all things, the oncoming school bus... I don't blame the driver based on what I saw, as it appeared the 2nd kid almost stopped to let the bus go by before thinking himself invincible and running headlong into inevitability... He's not dead, but I suspect the foot which went under a wheel might require a cast... Thankfully all the drivers nearest the accident rushed to his aid and an ambulance was there within seconds. The 1st kid, who might have been an older brother, took the longest to realize what had happened as he was preparing to cross against the lights in another direction through 6 lanes (the 1st crossing was 4 lanes)...

Are we programmed to a destiny, unable to prevent our own fate? Watching that kid's 'deer in the headlights' moment, followed by the split-second decision to continue to be hit by a bus suggests to me that some of us must be. Granted this was a young child who's cortex may not be fully developed into recognizing that continuing a bad idea through to it's ultimate consequence is far worse than knowing when to try something else... Like not running under a bus...

Stupid is as stupid says and does. Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid is as stupid does... It could go on and on and on, but I simply don't have that kind of energy. Sufficed to say those you've empowered couldn't give a flying fuck about you and they're contented by this stupid they've created, the only question remaining is what are you going to do about it? Sure there may be the occasional proof of karma at work, but it's really not working fast enough to drown all the rats trying not to go down with the ship whose hull they chewed through while betting who would drown last not understanding there'd be nobody left to ante up. Bear in mind, that turning on the lights only reveals the slowest cockroaches as the fast ones already scurried under the stove.

Maybe it's just me who sees the irony of things like this, or maybe it just fits the trend where big pharma goes the extra mile to keep us toxifying ourselves as they are constantly engineering new ways to kill us slowly one pill at a time. Side effects caused by this pill cured by that pill which causes other side effects cured by a 3rd and so fourth. The simplest cure for depression having always been to turn off the TV and go for a walk... Yet we get upset when products don't give us wings as advertised despite knowing full well nothing, except for, maybe, MySatan's lab grown crops will cause us to grow appendages we weren't meant to have.

...and going back to the beginning of my story, the news can't even get the story I witnessed right. it was not near the intersection, it was at it, and there is no street parking anywhere near there to run between... Were they twins? Could have been I suppose, I wasn't close enough to the action to tell. Well, I almost became news there


Monday, 6 October 2014

Keeping Up With the Khazars or Killing Cardasians

Well, I've finally fixed my offline news reader as it had been failing to synchronise. Took a while because I had to figure out which of the backwater batshit-crazy feeds was messing it up. In the end, it was the phone company... Not my phone company, mind you, but the one that used to be a regulated monopoly who are now a near monopoly on media in Canada... Yes CTV news (a Bell globe media channel) was failing. The same company who Canadians petitioned against being allowed to buy astral media which halted the sale for at least a week or two before the CRTC decided to ignore the petition... Oh well, they weren't really serving much purpose lately anyway... crackpots...

So I've read that we are finally bombing the Cardasians instead of keeping up with them... Or was it that we've gone to war with the Khazars? I suppose the name of the group doesn't really matter anymore as long as it hasn't already been flogged to death by the media to such extent that the general population begins thinking the media might have made them up for the purpose of fear-mongering... Tune in next week to meet the latest 'more evil than evil itself' extremist group of brown people who want to harvest our unconceived children to be served up as caviar on cheap crackers... These talking heads are running out of creative language to make the next fake splinter cell sound more dangerous than the last, and, strangely, despite how much they like to hear themselves talk they don't appear to listen to themselves talking. Otherwise they might have concluded that saying 'the really real bogeyman' sounds just a little contrived. Maybe the 7 countries in 5 years was over ambitious, but, then 7 countries in 13 years sounds like numerology to me.

Most are so in awe of the spectacle of the right now that they fail to remember what steps they took to get here. Sufficed to say: we got here despite the occasional detour around the road-blocks thrown up by those souls brave enough to point out that something is very wrong, even if majority of the boiling frogs weren't listening or might even have decided that this new temperature was almost as comfortable as it had been ten minutes ago until it suddenly wasn't.

I mean, the latest distractions are simply meant to prevent us seeing them sweep yesterday's distractions under the rug. They reward their agents behind the scenes while believing everyone is too focused on act 2 to notice, and make each proceeding act more grotesquely aberrant in an attempt to keep our ADD/ADHD lack of attention focused on an ever smaller section of the stage. The plot and premise are usually the same in that when it's not more bad it's even worse until it's worse still... At least the theme doesn't completely change until long before anybody even realizes that the music stopped long ago. How else can we define times where we are advised to not get pulled over in order to avoid being raped or shot by a cop except to say that something is seriously fucked up.. This obey the law and don't get brutalized universe most assuredly took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, while the violence of bugs Bunny was censored so long ago anybody under 25 doesn't get that joke.

Forget about common sense, there is only nonsense, and not one red cent left... I can't give a penny for your thoughts on the matter because the manufacturer discontinued them for being as inconvenient as the truth which eludes so many in these times of wanton craving over things nobody needed before the word want was deprecated for being too easily confused with the word need. -d©

Monday, 22 September 2014

Redundancy In Cyclical Patterns

I spend a lot of time reading news and observing life around me. This leads to some very unusual emergent patterns that can only serve to prove the existence of a hive mind while history repeats and people seemingly desire the same thing on the same day... I work in a computer boutique which sells custom built computers and just about any computer component presently manufactured. Over a period of six months, I have sold zero PC speakers until last week when I sold 3 in the same day. How does that happen? What compels such odd behaviour? Given that this is not my only point of reference, but simply the most recent one portraying a pattern where a type of item which never sells, suddenly, and on the same day, becomes that thing to make everybody's life complete. I can only attribute this to some media article or commercial that I've not seen nor heard. Heh heh! "Herd"...

I'd love to find the concrete proof of this, but, the fact is, my subconscious seems to override commercial programming. I am prone to falling asleep rather than the normal (and I assume, highly desirable) trance-like stupor when subjected to the shimmering glow of a television set, and as such, I tend to miss the subconscious suggestion that I 'need' whatever was sponsoring this wasted hour of my life. Studies have shown that you actually have less brain activity while watching TV than you do while sleeping, and you burn less calories too. I would think this also reduces your resistance to the power of suggestion at the same time given you are in a near state of hypnosis.

I can only presume this explains why certain brand-name products are requested multiple times on the same day then not spoken aloud again for months on end.

But then there is the second ugly trend I've seen where those who exclaim the most guilt at switching salesmen to close a transaction are the ones who are seemingly able to dodge any and all attempts to sell them anything that might add a commission to their sale... These same people are also quick to reveal themselves as the largest pains-in-the-ass who think you should be so grateful at their not augmenting your salary that you should dig into your pocket and pay half of their purchase for them. It's not so much that I give a shit about money, as I know it to be the source of every evil presently running amok, but the feigning guilt and empathy out of these types is so transparent it's sickening. I can almost envision these people in their natural habitat where they shed their skin and feast on their own offspring... Thankfully I wear long-sleeves so as not to allow them to see the tell-tale raised arm hairs humans generally experience in heeby-jeeby moments.

Wow... I've fallen so far off-topic that I have no idea where I was going to...

So the buzzwords of the month appear to be 'climate change', which, as I've pointed out in the past, is like looking up redundant in the dictionary to be told: 'see redundant'. Yet there are marches going on all over the place to raise awareness of ever-changing, non-static, change. The fact is that global warming turned into out of place snow-storms and the climate scientologists are getting no answers as to how or why from their tea-leaf readings nor their chicken bone yatzee ouiga communion. They don't even want to admit that they might have been wrong because they know the gravy-train ends if they do, and they might even have to sell the Ferrari to pay us all back. Since that can never happen they invented a term which can never be wrong. I live in a climate which is known to change temperature drastically and dramatically by +/- 30°C throughout the year... And it's worse in Winnipeg and Calgary which has seen 20° variations in a single day. That's just the climate Canada exists in. If I can reference the climate in my own country to mean something which never stays the same then what the hell does adding the word change behind the word climate do as an adjective or adverb? Nothing! I might as well say the grass is a greenish green and the sky is a blueish blue and the leaves are turning a reddish red. There is no purpose in adding a synonym as a descriptor other than to waste my breath.

I suppose it's less foolish than the U.S.A. funding, training, and arming groups to later be named terrorists so it's military has something to do... Not that it's the first time they've done it... In fact they've been doing it so long I wonder if they know how to do anything else. The one trick pony has the military budget of the next 10 countries combined and most of those are supposed to be allies. Obviously the only enemy which could put up a worthy fight has to be it's own operatives in a shirts vs skins match, and they need the constant enemy threat to justify the budget.

Sigh. I've been writing this over a period of about 3 days now. I'm not sure if I've made the point I was trying to make, or even of I was trying to make a point... But I've certainly lost all sense of direction, and so I shall say adieu.


Friday, 12 September 2014

A day late, A buck short

So I was a few bucks short of a fuck-tonne in my last post when mentioning the the announced missing Pentagon money press release from 9-10-01... I say eleventy million, Rumsfeld said 2.3 trillion, tomayto, tomahto... The funny thing being, I had not seen the amount for long enough to not remember it, then my news feed immediately spat it out eleventy hundred times over the next couple of hours leading me to wonder if I even need Google anymore. Since we are already a buck short, maybe we also need to be a day late... This doom and gloom solar flair/storm is just a little late to the party when adding together the how these things are known to knock out power grids in the same way we've repeatedly been warned terrorists will attack the grid... Oh well, it's not as if nature reads our calendar or gets alerts via smartphone or anything like that... Well, that's all I've got at the moment... -d©

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Deafening Sound of Silence

Warning signs have been popping up to indicate that the 13 year anniversary of the largest psy-ops joint action committed by international war criminals may be a case where the celebration outdoes the original party. Impressive considering that most sequels, no matter the effort, budget, or planning, tend to remain overshadowed by their predecessor. True, there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, once you've suspended disbelief so much the first time 'round, anything that follows is simply expanding that disbelief in small increments and are, therefore, less dramatic. Maybe the problem resides in my inability to suspend disbelief at how many people simply don't remember a 3rd New York skyscraper falling at free fall speeds or a Donald Rumsfeld briefing on September 10th about the Pentagon losing eleventy-billion monies somewhere in the newly reinforced (with C4) section of the building with a giant bullseye painted on it.

I could post links to these things, but, I figure making people actively look may break the memory hole by turning the process into a research project...

Maybe missing planes are some kind of ruse meant to throw us off track while they keep trying to goad Russia into all-out war, or maybe they are only part of a plan, but given that I am only privy to history after it has occurred, I can only wait and see what comes.

Then again the same non-occurrences could make uneventful anniversaries while we all brace for the impact and that hollow sound of absolutely nothing... We expect, therefore silence...


Thursday, 4 September 2014

What Karma This Way Come for Mudmen & Vampires?

I'm never quite certain why people bother wasting time analyzing the central banks of nations which handed monetary policy over to charted banks and private corporations decades ago... Especially when factoring in the currency of said nation carries the value of a fistful of air and is exchangeable for absolutely nothing should the deceived populous ever really come to understand the enslavement of our debt-note economy. But, all the same, people do, and are seemingly appalled by their results. Remember, the most important part in that equation of CIDC insurance is not how much they've stockpiled, but how much and over how many generations they feel we, the uninformed and enslaved public, are willing to pay those who loaned out exponentially more than they stole in this ponzi scheme shell game where there was never a ball under any of the shells to begin with...

The economy stops if all banks reject 100% of all new loans... And after there is zero paper currency and no black ink in anyone's bank book there will still be metric shit-tons of dollars owed to banks somehow. That is 'the economy' in a nutshell. Whether you have a positive or negative bank balance, you work to repay a debt which can never be repaid over any number of lifespans. The system is a house of cards built as an upsidedown pyramid, which cannot be expected to remain standing under the restrictions of the basic principles of physics. It's much like the coyote who does not fall into the canyon until he realizes there is no ground beneath him, this house of cards relies on our believing everything is OK in order to continue to exist in present form (or exponentially worse form, the further time passes, as it never actually stays the same).

This logic can even transpose itself into other areas, like law and politics. These systems may have served a purpose at one time, but have since become a complete mockery of the things they once were as they grapple with new ways to term stealing so that it only applies to those who couldn't afford bread... I once had a lawyer whose favourite word was 'continuance', he said I had a good case until the check bounced then thought it best I pled guilty... Apparently, this is not stealing, according to my next lawyer... Fancy little cyclic redundancy that was...

Ah, but as they say: a fool and his money are soon parting... Except that we were all fooled because debt is not money, so we never really had it to part with in the first place, did we? If only we were more learned in these matters we'd likely have already turned the tables on them, but instead we trap ourselves in the divisive politics calling heads or heads on the coin toss of a two-faced coin worth less than either face value or it's own weight in base metals. A good citizen is a brain dead citizen or obedient stooge, fodder for the next generation of death machine.

All karma comes if one is patient enough, just ask Joan Rivers who's opinion went from 'all Palestinians deserve death' to complete silence in mere weeks (and after throat surgery, no less)... That is of course, assuming there was any actual Joan Rivers left under all that botox, plastic, mastic, and silicon... But this is a whole other 'does life begin @ birth, or conception' debate... Even if one only need observe a photographic before, after, and after that journal of her transit from her original self to horrifying 'B' rated horror film claymation monster she had herself transformed into... I suddenly find myself wondering what George Carlin or Robin Williams would have to say in her eulogy. I suppose we'll never know.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Giant Robotic Dinosaurs and the Goddess of Rebirth

I know it's been a while since I've written anything... Somewhere between sensory overload and a total backlog of news stories and fake news stories I've been finding myself at a lack for both time and words. I won't apologize for this susceptibility to exhaustion from externally applied forces as I've never claimed to be anything outside of human, have I?

No. I have not.

I admit I'm somewhat baffled by the mixed signals of the Ebola pandemic which vacillates between 'most deadly and contagious thing ever unleashed on humanity' (likely by the same people planning to make the largest profit from a cure) to 'diagnosed patient to be transported from Africa to Atlanta "under total quarantine" 'walking from ambulance to hospital without so much as a mask'. This can really only lead 2 places... Either the disease was not spreading fast enough through certain locales, or the panic and fear of epidemic was not spreading fast enough through certain economic markets. Time will eventually reveal whether there is suddenly a lockdown on travel (even to the next town), or an enforced at gunpoint vaccination program where you can either buy overpriced needles, or overpriced bullets and body bags... Likely the 2 will be worked out to the same price after taxes and inheritance fees, because it's still about the bottom line no matter how you look at it.

I saw a fake news story this week about the creation of a Canadian 'donut burger' company... Some Americans seem to be angry about the tax shelter implications and I might comment on that, or I might not... I call it a fake news story because of how the bring out an economics expert to tell us how moving a corporate head office into or country creates jobs and how this is a record setting year for the fact 9 companies have done it so far, but fails to cite even a single statistic or list any of these companies for us to examine ourselves... For all we know, these corporate big-wigs are simply driving up the cost of housing and growing the demand for underpaid illegal immigrant nannies and gardeners as their job creation... Maybe all they are doing is changing their address to a P.O. box... Without any point of reference we are expected to take a so called expert at his word which these days, is almost as worthless as the title 'expert' itself. I could compile a list of satisfied clients over the last 30 years to attest to the fact that I am an expert at giving breast exams, just don't ask me if you've got the boob-cancer. Besides, how has a burger joint ever beefed up the slumping middle class? It hasn't.

Where was I?

I'm sure I was going somewhere before being interrupted by 8 hours of work... Hmmm... The modern black death... Boob cancer... Ah, now I remember.

Is it just me, or is there just far too much symbolism involved in the naming of the latest fear-mongering name drop? Isis? The mother of rebirth, with a throne for a headdress? Given that Wikipedia asks if I might have been looking for the terrorist group ISIL, I'd have to say yes! Far too much symbolism, unless this is a typo gone viral... But, that likely would have pissed off a group of well trained, well armed militants who surely would have corrected the western media, or at least bombed it by now... Which brings me to one odd point... You see, if I had some cause going on and was doing stuff to get attention, I'd be rather angry if someone changed my name to dirtychild®. There would be, at minimum, a press release video correcting their error... I know this is a bizarre way of looking at it, but, it makes one wonder if maybe the PR department simply said: that doesn't sound like an Egyptian goddess at all and it rolls of the tongue badly. Thus the name has been unofficially changed...

Russia invaded the Ukraine in an effort to kill them with kindness... Perhaps all these plain white trucks were actually top secret military transforming Autobots which convert to tanks or combine to form a giant robot dinosaur, but, as with all things internet, pics or it didn't happen. You might expect that this show of goodwill might get NATO and the media to stop poking the bear, but they simply won't be happy until they've cornered Putin into launching a giant nuclear arsenal to rain radioactive death upon all humanity... That's just what NATO does at this point, guardians of doom and purveyors of misery, just like the parable of the scorpion riding a turtle's back... It's their nature and they can not resist this overwhelming urge regardless of whether or not it assures their own destruction.



Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Unending Circular Logic Of Feeding Our Own Demise

The speed of things has seemingly hit the frantic manic panic pace as I appear to be consistently a thousand news articles behind. Not that there appears to be much outside of rhetoric and repetition with the exception of the destroyed non-existent Russian tanks.

It's not that I wish to claim WTC 7 as unimportant especially given it's role as the emergency management centre, followed by it's odd disappearance caught live and even reported before the fact by more than one media outlet. And, when I use the word management, I consider that to mean very similar to how a former manager of mine used to dictate when, how long, and how brown of a shit I was permitted to take, meaning micro-managed in every minute detail. Obviously such an operations centre was not going to be allowed to exist long enough to be discovered even if those who were there to document the event were discovered.

Sure the whole 'event' played catalyst to just about every war that's since come to pass, but outside of that realisation, we are no closer to naming names or changing games. We are not going to get a revised official story or admission of guilt by the CIA or Moussad so it's rather a waste of resources trying to bust down that door while nobody's home... They vacated that place so long who they no longer remember their old zip code so what makes anyone believe that we'll get anything outside of a poorly structured retelling of the same lines and lies we already don't believe?

Besides, once the whole picture comes into focus you realise this was not actually the beginning of anything but the simple continuation of things which had been in play much, much longer... Just ask those who have owned Britain and France since the Napoleonic wars... OK they won't likely answer honestly, but they'll sure seem nervous at having even been asked in the first place, maybe simply taken aback at how you got past security, or maybe that you'd dare confront your owner despite their generous gift of caged freedom over all these centuries.

So few out there seem to save their outrage to lay it all on the bankers whose war we've fought against our own best interest while paying their interest... Why are so few interested in pointing out the irony that we pay them to lend us money they don't have so they can foot the bill on our travel expenses to anywhere people (they've trained and hired) are willing to shoot us?

No, instead, we blame Obama or the price of fuel. We cower at the ideology that someone was willing to kill us because they were told we are coming to kill them because they will come and kill us if we didn't... Did that circular logic swallow it's own tail yet? I certainly hope so because it's the only real way to illustrate this properly. I mean not to make sense here as there is absolutely no sense to be made of it in the first place.

It's not about brown people regardless of how the media spins it. They were loaned fake money to buy their weapons just as we were.

Even the hegemony of corporate bandits shall fall by the wayside once their loans hit past due. That is already evident while billion dollar corporations who came to be so wealthy by paying politicians the money they saved by underpaying us to pass laws allowing them to pay us even less have all but stopped hiring, and even started reverse hiring. Yes, even the days of super-national companies built in an economy based on fictitious money are rapidly approaching their death throws, and, blinded by greed, they never even saw it coming.

It's all connected, and it all comes down non-existent money of which somebody everywhere owes more of than existed in the first place.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pin the target on Putin, and other reindeer games

I've attempted to write something, anything, for a number of days now only to be met with a blank page starting back at me. It's not that there is nothing to say but that there is too much to say.

By now, it's becoming pretty obvious that MH-17 was gunned down by Ukrainian fighter jets because they had "intelligence" indicating Vladimir Putin was on a plane in approximately the same time and place which means the downing of a plane in that time and place was planned. That it was completely wrong plane, however, was not planned, and no contingent excuse had been arranged leaving all those originators of the plan making up wild and crazy stories... I'm somewhat surprised they haven't tried blaming sunspots or aliens yet, but that may still come to pass. This cat and mouse game of pin the blame on Russia has been at play for some time now and thus far Putin has won every round.

I must say that it's been fun to watch as bankrupt nations drive their economies further into a nosedive by refusing to sell Russia select products only to have Russia refuse to buy any products... I mean, who is schooling who here? Because, it really has become some lowbrow comedy of an 'I'm rubber, you're glue' type scenario playing out... I'm just trying to decide how low our integrity can go as the puppets and talking heads try to emblazon their phony outrage at how Russia is not playing by their rules in a game where the same talking heads and puppets are constantly changing the rules to suit whatever self-serving ends they feel they can justify. Wait, what? Integrity might have been a poor choice of words, but I find a distinct lack of proper replacement words in this politically correct landscape of meaningless and toothless drivel.

I know that I am geographically locked into the losing side of the equation, but then I've pretty well known something wasn't quite right about this society for most of my life. At least now, I understand why I've always felt it, and am able to close the chapter on discovery and move on to whatever the next chapter holds in my choose-your-own-adventure story. Besides, I'm not truly on the losing side so long as I do not trust the system I am chained to. Am I?

Maybe it is a situation of 'walks like a duck, talks like a duck' even despite that I am aware of just how trapped I am, or maybe that realization alone is enough to separate and buffer me from all the wrong-headed things done by my supposed proxies elected into office. Maybe I have not gone off the deep end far enough to prove that I do not approve (not that I agree with the protests in the last link, but, I sure do live in a weird place). It's enough to wonder why I am not insane yet, at least, given all the backwards agendas in play at any given time. It's not like it requires a mathematician to work out that the game is rigged.

It saddens me to realize just how many willing shills there are given the number of places where someone trained and financed by the al MosC.I.Ada is busy killing his own for pocket change and the furtherance of an agenda intent on killing anyone in the line of fire. And with all the modern choices of ammunition, whether using darpa's smart bullets, drones, ebola, or 'nucular' warheads, the line of fire would seem to be everywhere and everyone. But then, most everyone seemingly believes their government will protect them somehow regardless of just how impossible that math might be especially when you factor in that those same governments couldn't save themselves from us were we to decide to take matters into our own hands... But Alas. War is not in our own backyards spoiling the Sunday football game so why would we do that?


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Proctology and the tootsie-roll center of a tootsie-pop

Ebola is now in Atlanta... The mayor of Atlanta was told to expect this in the end of May, when he attended the Bilderberg Meeting... Cragslist needed Crisis Actors for Atlanta, and while the dates maybe wrong, the fact that these things come to light so quickly these days may cause some scheduling delays. I also read something about an executive order to detain citizens with respiratory illness, which sounds pretty convenient in it's timing, even if the airborne strain of Ebola would have already killed patient-X due to it's short gestational period. It's true that I am no proctologist, but something smells kinda funky here all the same, and I am not sure which end of it needs me to put my finger on it.

Maybe it's all part of the distraction... The Ukrainian thing, even with a civilian plane crash, er, missiled out of the sky, er, shot down by military jets sporting 30mm guns has not inspired mass outrage @ Russia for their having nothing to do with it in the 1st place, so boom: 3 teenagers kidnapped and killed in, near, or on the same planet as Gaza starts a 'retribution' leaving egg on Israel's face... Then a solder kidnapped, er, captured by Hamas, er, killed in action, er, tripped on his own shoelaces and accidentally shot himself? (forgive me, I have no idea where that one ends yet)... ISIS! SYRIA! IRAN! TERROR!


I will admit that it is actually getting harder to distinguish these things from one moment to the next because we barely get to hear a full sentence on any given topic anymore. I am seeing similar even from sources I once relied on as this author or that blogger gets caught up in the moment with whichever OUTRAGE was coming down the wire at this moment, then it spreads through several other sources as it chants repetitively through my news feeds like a broken hypnosis record, unless that too was working as intended.

The reality is that everybody is slowly going broke right up until that time when everybody immediately goes broke... Everything else was put out there as something to keep us from thinking about who's what is really probing our rectum.


Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Knights Who Say 'Meh'

It's fairly incredible to watch this world unravel as the fictitious drama unfolds. Something happened to three teenagers so a whole race of people who were likely not even involved have to pay for it while those engaged in genociding the people whose land they already stole party like it's 1999. And the world involves itself with a hearty and resounding 'meh'.

Ceasefires are called and broken in under 10 minutes and the outraged rest of the world rustles in it's armchair to reach for the omnipotent clicker and changes the channel with not even so much as a sigh. meh.

The war on terror is revealed to be fought by and against mercenaries all financed and trained by the same people in the effort to terrorize the general populous into thinking more war is the best solution and we switch channels to some rerun sitcom whose lines we have memorized while releasing a sigh of 'meh'.

Vilainizing Russia has failed so miserably to this point that we have to dredge up crimes of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Please, can someone find this place on a current map? I was rather unable to locate any GDP/GNP/Census data for 2014 pertaining to the U.S.S.R either... In other news: every time I throw my invisible darts I get a bulls-eye, 'meh'.

The economy limps along like it has one foot in a grave,

er, well, maybe not so literally, while the fed prints unlimited petro-dollar world reserve currency debt notes and what happens to them? Meh. It isn't even as though no reference exists as to how endless currency printing ends, just look how well the Weimar republic fared. Though, we know why that was done, therefore I suspect similar motives are in place in the here and now since there is not enough currency on the planet to pay the debt that we'll somehow owe the bankers when their roulette wheel (I think they like to call it derivatives, or something) inevitably stops and is revealed to contain all double zeroes.

Cuba develops four vaccines for cancer and the media says 'meh'.

Maybe the elite aren't wrong in their desire to cull the herd and extinct the breeding, feeding, mouth-breathers after all. Maybe my efforts are all for naught and I should take up the quest for the holy ale and join the knights who say 'meh', since my pichez(ing) of vache(es), and farting in general directions appears to be having little effect. Meh-be I should just go to sleep, but then meh-be I quite simply cannot.

Meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh. At least these are things worthy of my indifference of their current predicament. Wait, did I mean people just now? No, probably not.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Half-chewed table scraps

This is what the world needs... I am sorry, I see nowhere this type of thing fits in with anything I normally talk about, so I started with it... It's like Matt Groening's Futurama has come to life with a robot that serves absolutely no purpose. But then there are plenty of things which serve little purpose like spending 125K to add 'Du' to the front of metro station names while the Transit employees get their pensions fucked with, even though “For the common people, it’s not going to change anything.” because they are not changing signage or maps, only the awful recordings nobody understands in the 1st place are being changed...

But this is the way of bureaucracy, a bunch of people with zero creativity living on the government teat trying to leave their mark on history by finding whatever means they can of wasting money that wasn't theirs to begin with... I'm certain we can all think of dozens of recent examples of such in whichever tier of government we wished to point a finger at so I'm not going to get link happy with it. Besides these are the small outrages which I often consider as designed to distract us and keep us looking at the small picture within the larger picture. Currently that larger picture is aimed at starting the next war to end all wars with a side order of genocide. I'd post links, but, if you actually need them at this point, you are not paying any attention and have likely stumbled this way by accident while looking for this.

I'm not implying that Putin is a saint, especially given my opinion on the gang of child molesters who govern entry into sainthood, but he certainly appears not to be fulfilling the role of willing banker stooge mixed with Zionist which appear to be prerequisites for entry into the political dimension of late. I'd have said sphere just now, but a sphere is an object of perfect mathematical symmetry as a function of a number calculated to never end, while politics is a contrived place in which logic either cannot enter, or, at least, cannot escape... Yes, a logic vortex... A black hole where logic divided by zero, and it somehow worked. We can all hear the sucking sound of this vacuous black hole, but can't see any discernible effect beyond the aftereffects of legislation or decrees which seem to have no place in a world where we expect things to make sense. The only logical conclusion that can be made has to do with going beyond not biting the hand that feeds them, no they bend over backwards to appease their source of sustenance even if those are the meager pittance of half-chewed table scraps.

Sure, they may appear to have all the fancy toys right now but these objects of envy are the same disposable garbage after warranty plus 2 hours which leaves them trying to reload the cork-gun when the shit hits the fan. What good are toys when there's nowhere left to buy batteries anyway?

They get us all caught up in some contrived left-right paradigm keeping us from realizing that after a 180° turn what was left is now right and you're still in the exact same place as you were just a second earlier. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! We expend our energies debating the issues that the media bring to our attention never stopping to wonder whose agenda we are pushing while the media is owned by a very small number of people who are likely all members of the same country club and share the same secret handshake to distinguish 'they' from the rest of us.

It does not matter which evil corporation is closing down it's factories or stores in which city or country, when so many are doing it for the same reasons: to cut costs. Moreover most are using the same bullshit lines “We are very mindful of the impact these changes will have – particularly to our employees, and we will help those who are impacted through their transitions.” then pulling the same bullshit tactics closing 2 plants in one country then opening 1 in Malaysia and another in Thailand. Help people through their transitions how? A 2 hour seminar on how to write a resume?!! Yes, because all those boarded up factories and shops full of homeless squatters (who used to have a punch card in that very locale) will only mug you if there's an improper use of bulleted lists... Why do they need to cut costs? To make the interest payments on loans they took out to build the factories they no longer occupy, whether those loans were bank loans or shares purchased by investment bankers makes little difference to the end-sum if the equation when they promised to return more than they borrowed in the future they sold out that very same future as nothing can grow infinitely and indefinitely.

Yes, the hand that was feeding them has begun feeding off of them (we were already the half chewed table scraps) as there appears to be not much beyond skin and bones left on the original food source.


Monday, 28 July 2014

were you planning to eat that?

I am a sympathetic person, most of the time. That is to say I don't feel bad when people get exactly what they ask for and are somehow think it's some great world-ending catastrophe, even if it isn't. The fact is the customer is very often wrong despite whatever brainwashing might be @ play. I know sympathy is a difficult commodity while murderers claim it's in self defense that they bomb hospitals and even schools, or when the 'supposed good-guys' openly endorse rape as a means of 'avenging the deaths of'... Um, was all this bombing not about 3 dead teenagers? I must have missed an important memo somewhere... Now where was I? ... ... Actually, I'm lying, is easy to find sympathy, just not for those who feel they deserve it. Strangely none of this stops the support checks from being sent.

Meanwhile, in the Ukraine... Ugh. I could fill pages and pages with the history, the heresy, and official lies, but that likely wouldn't slow the endless waltz on broken glass. The IMF really needs to own them because their collection is worthless unless they have a full set. Of what? is a good question, and can only think 'of whatever is left standing' as being the proper answer, given that Iraq and Syria are still war zones...

Strangely I get a sense that some portion of all of this is bubbling just under the surface of others I encounter. Not all people and not all things at once, but it's on the tips of tongues in some dialect of a long dead language nobody remembers how to pronounce. Maybe that's just a vague optimism on my part, or maybe it's all the oddly misplaced rage which suddenly escapes certain people over things which should be considered trivial at best, and thoroughly unimportant at worst. The gen pop is either three short steps from bankruptcy, or already batshit insane, even if that is the new normal that does not mean I have to like it.

Eventually the last straw has to break the camels back, and it won't be over some triviality like that customer who could not return a $40 item purchased four months ago and became so incensed that he threw the item across the store and stormed out.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Uh, did you say "common cents"?

It's true that I am known to change my mind from time to time, but this, in combination with this, plus defectors and accidents while Russia had no involvement yet somehow created the conditions... Wait, where was I? Damn, I think I just got dizzy in the spin... The future U.S. President, Darth Vader, already told us Putin fired the missile himself when he inadvertently slid his android lock-screen left instead of right to answer an incoming call because that was what facebook said and there was a poorly produced youtube video to back it all up... Open information is common sense, and anything that might state otherwise is obviously wrong...

Undeniable proof from the same assholes who brought you WMDs in Iraq, and toxic gas used by Syrian Governm, er rebels? Wait, who's side were they on? Yes it was the government poisoning it's people with toxic chemicals (even if it wasn't), and let's not forget that Israeli terrorists flew planes into 3 buildings and knocked down 4 of them... Wait! Shit! I think I was supposed to say Arab terrorists! Fuck it! Cut and let's to a reshoot or overdub. What's that? We're live on air? <this station is experiencing technical difficulties, have a coke® and a smile™ while we subliminally reprogram your brain in this 'test signal'>

I am not going to claim that I have undeniable proof to back my claims, but I will state that the bankers set up the conditions under which this plane was shot down. It's common cents™ and undeniably logical that the weapons were purchased with currency that was printed by a bank, or created with a few keystrokes and a signature in triplicate (and of blood) on the dotted line of a contract guaranteeing that someone would owe more money than existed on the date of signing, in what is commonly called "the economy". While it could be argued that there is not one single smoking gun out there to back this accusation, there is also no solid proof against it either.

I am glad to see that the trance appears to be wearing off, and that 'social media' is not convincing enough argument... and as for the 'it was taken down quickly afterwards' well, honestly, when you read the sources I read, many things are gone in 2 hours time. I am sure this blog contains a great many dead links to things that were relevant at the time but mysteriously vanished under the guise of 'offensive content', or 'copyrighted material', and often held some key to unlocking a truth even if none directly depicted things being swept under the rug. This does not stop me from posting links to things while I can still see them, in much the same way as the finger-pointing never ends in the efforts to start WW3.

Sure you could call me an armchair critic but I have a sudden fear that it would be a crime to leave the country to investigate things myself, of course, not that air travel looks too shit hot right about now. Not sure who put these ideas in my head though.... Maybe it happened so long ago that it's nobody's fault.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bugs in the Viral Code

Maybe it`s bugs in the software, or maybe it`s something more sinister @ work, but I do not get these results from checking the history of MH-17 in this tool... in fact I get 3 identical flight paths over the region in the 3 days prior with the largest variance on the 12th... many flights flew the Russia / Ukraine border near Mezentev over the course of a week, so either this youtube video is using falsified data, or the tool now is... But both cannot be accurate @ the same time. But then neither can all the finger pointers who are busy trying to implicate one side or the other. So we are left to believe that Russian/Ukrainian/Rebel/US/Terrorist/Aliens shot down the plane with missiles or lasers on their heads, or an engine exploded... All the mis-matched information about this downed flight is listed here. And While I am mis-matching information let's just remember who else wants to get their hooks into the country and why.

Meanwhile in Israel/Palestine...

It seems that others out there are warning of the same thing I routinely bring up, and have for months, albeit, in a much more 'calm' and 'nothing to see here' manner. It's odd to think any of this makes it to print given that the news is owned by so few people these days, and that number is getting smaller all the time. And while I am mentioning numbers being reduced it tends not to get any better if nobody is working, not that corporations are empathetic or anything remotely human-like. It's not a situation where feeding the head until it explodes is actually going to work, because currency has no calories and never did, which is why everybody seems to always need more. Shut up! Eat your gruel! And get back to work!

I'll admit, I may have mistakenly used the words 'U.S. / Mexico border crisis' or some variation in a previous post, but, now the bigger picture is emerging. Maybe I watched too many X-Files episodes in the 90's, or maybe, under all that alien virus garbage there really is some allowance for FEMA to overthrow what the U.S. laughingly refers to as their democratically elected government during a national emergency... But as is often the case around here, we'll find out, likely after it's too late.


Friday, 18 July 2014

Exiting The Bermuda Triangle

I almost thought I had nothing to say and was going to have a mild case of coma for a week in the redundancy of 70% of all my reading materials being 'blah, blah, blah, Gaza', 'blah, blah, blah, ISIS', or 'blah, blah, blah, Kiev'... But then I read it... So far as I've been able to read, based on what's available, terrorists, or Russians (which, based on prior early infotainment 'news' intelligence, most likely means neither) found that Malaysian plane everyone was looking for... Now we just need to figure out where the one bound for Kuala Lumpur disappeared to... I could be wrong because it is still early in the morning and the thin film of sleep still coats my eyes... And, as per my usual stance, I'd rather be wrong because the implications of being even partially right are huge...

If only this didn't coincide with other timelines I already suspect to be going on any minute now I'd have some reason to doubt myself, but I smell catalyst in the stew in much the same way as I taste sucralose in my 100% fruit juice to the extent I can no longer detect the fruit...

I read the Snowdon excerpt concerning 9-11 and while I will stop reading anything else this strawman has to say, I do agree with one portion of what I read... The haystack... This is the thing that has always stood out in the 'NSA recording everything' thing... Where would you keep "everything" and how do you make any sense of it? Majority of people consider the internet as a virtual place which does not actually exist... This virtuality is only partially true, as these very words are stored as a magnetic resonance in a physical location on the surface of a physical disk platter. As small a space as that might occupy, it still takes up space as the 1s and 0s a computer understands. So, the first problem is space... The second problem is the needle in a haystack... The easiest way to find a needle in a haystack involves gasoline, a match, and a magnet. Adding more hay tends not to work, so this is the part of the Snowdon statement I agree with... AI is not advanced enough yet to decipher as much data as I suspect is gathered, and I doubt there are enough staff to actually read/listen to all of the data gathered either... Add to that the list of words that have everyday usage like 'cloud' that flag conversations into the dragnet and you have a complete overload of data. I do disagree with the entirety of the rest of the statement based on all other available evidence.

If, however, AI capable of making sense of all the gathered data does actually exist, then we are likely too late to do anything useful to prevent a catastrophe.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Apple Π ÷ 0

I'd like to start by wishing Les Visible a speedy recovery... Best wishes Mr. Visible.

I had some really odd encounters with people yesterday which, seem to have as much to do with the coming full moon as they do anything tangible. Almost everyone I dealt with in the computer boutique store I work in expected some kind of gratuity or discount for patronizing (hahaha, I was trying to write 'patronning' but this is fine) the store... One couple, who I should have left 'waiting for the other salesperson', kept feeling 'guilty' that I might have stolen his sale, actually stormed out because I couldn't discount their purchase by 10% despite the markup on their desired purchase having been only 7%... If they truly felt guilty they'd give us back the combined 3.5 hours of life they leached out of us during our interactions with them... I'm done whining now.

I'm not going to bother mentioning all the Israeli business as usual Gaza goings on outside of this sentence, because it's already everywhere I look... it might be time to consider moving out of town but I will have to consider my options carefully since I'm apparently not part of the "in" crowd, not that these fads ever last all that long anyway.

<long pause... days pass and I forget I was writing anything>

Call it what you may, but it looks like someone is doing some 'cleaning up house' from my perspective, maybe this is not as ironic as some of the things I like to point out... But this is. So is the fact that the media is finally catching up to me in certain statements I've made in regards to staged opposition in the political sub-universe, and yes, you have to scroll a while to find it... It's almost amazing how unsurprised I am at certain headlines these days. It's almost as if I have to fake outrage at certain goings on except for the fact that a part of me was already outraged by the fact I already suspected as much to begin with. But in other news, WE'VE FINALLY FOUND THOSE WMD'S BUSH WAS LOOKING FOR. Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

I know I visit this topic a lot, but it's getting way out of hand given the situation that the job market is in. I suspect that this is the next great land grab approaching even if I have no proof of such, or maybe I do to some degree... One thing is certain, the banks understand that currency ownership is not wealth even if they have so many others convinced this currency is money and so they will need to own something tangible if they are to survive to feed off of the misery of others after the shit hits the fan. There are plenty of signs out there for the astute, just none with an event schedule... except maybe the 20th as was stated earlier (even if a Sunday makes no sense).

But then, what, here, does make sense? It's a well observable fact that those with the worst math skills are highly paid to fudge the numbers, yet, instead of a lynching we end up with everybody else reciting 1+1=potatoe in hopes of one day fudging the numbers even better. Yes, that guy seems to have it all and so we grovel and ego-prime chanting out my 'hero who can carry the zero' in a mystical long-division of hieroglyphs and never repeating decimal places disguised as apple π.

Somehow we still manage to placate ourselves with such asanine statements as 'better the devil you know...' When the reality is better no devils at all. Why do we cower in fear of the unknown? I've come to realize that the unknown has much smaller teeth than I was trained to believe and as such I poke the unknown with a stick just about every chance I get... It's a process some might call learning even of most call it heresy.