Thursday, 31 January 2013

...slow night and the seven deadly dwarfs

[continued from: Mirror, mirror on the wall...]

...We came to be here through a once open door, greeted with open arms, wiping or feet on a mat we now realize said "well, come". Our families, teachers, idols and peers all taught us that this was the way things were, and the only way things could be. And so, naive and trusting, we came in, to bite into the cursed apple, and sleep.

The seven deadly dwarfs: lusty, greedy, envy, gluttony, sloth, wrath, and pride, were there by our bedside singing hymns and lullabies, they weren't out seeking help. Prince Charming? A fiction, a puppet, or simply a trick. Another staged actor to prevent you thinking 'what's wrong with all of this?'.

Until one day, maybe even while things are seemingly perfect, something still doesn't feel quite right...

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

It's all coming to a head, agendas laid bare, and the cards are all on the table. You can see it everywhere through a thinly veiled fog.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

deliberated asyncronism in backwards land

These are backwards times we live in. I know we're meant to be knocked off balance and pushed out of sync with the world, and this doesn't really bother me all that much. I can't say as I've ever really been in sync with the world anyway, however, I don't appear to be off balance in the least. If anything, the more that's thrown at me, the more balanced I feel, and the clearer my vision becomes.

I've been dreaming again lately. Not just any dreams either, but the dreams I used to have which caused a near constant state of deja-vu. A few of weeks ago I was having dreams of my cat becoming ill, he is now ill. Last week I had a dream which presented me with a solution to a problem at work, which had not yet happened, but when it did I already knew what to do and fixed it before anybody was even aware that the problem had occurred... I was watching the right server at exactly the moment the problem occurred.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Debt + boobies + ??? = Profit

Some of the elites say some pretty stupid things considering the context. Too complex to explain how it all works? I work with computers and networking, and, I understand that these things can be pretty complex to some people. Yet I can generally find a way to explain it that is understandable even if it's a much more simplistic version of what's actually happening. In fact I've only ever had 1 person I could not really break it down for and had to resort to "Click 'send' + magic = email gets to recipient". Banking is no different: "Debt + magic + fairy dust = Profit". The recent trouble springs from a malfunctioning translator which defined magic as theft and fairy dust as fraud. Nobody will go to prison though, because those are reserved for the truly hardened criminals

There are other elites saying pretty stupid things, of course it's all in the effort to forward an impossible dream that won't work anyway. It will be even scarier if they manage to separate because I don't think these people understand to concept. I am not certain what the current rhetoric is, but in the past I've heard utterance of 'We'll be our own sovereign country, but use the Canadian Dollar as currency".


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

brainwashed wage slaves, unite!

Now and then, an encouraging piece of information surfaces that proves that all is not right with the world, and more and more people are waking up to it. I know this is causing panic in the upper echelons of the present control structure, because they rely so heavily on the illusion that 'they are concerned for our well-being' despite all evidence to the contrary. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) the pendulum will be ready to swing back against them with the full force justice deserves, which, technically has already begun but does not have proper momentum yet.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

the Snuffleupagus has left the building

Canada's biggest problem is all the coal-fired
nuclear (or nucular as some like to say) power-plants
that those damn Germans use... I think...
Sometimes I just have to laugh at it all. It's as though the only way I can remain sane is to realize that "the powers that be" are attempting to sell an 8-foot tall invisible purple bunny... I know purple is not invisible, and I stand by my analogy of the situation with the very simple logic: they call it purple, and I don't see an 8-foot tall bunny anywhere.

I know that laughing at it means I have likely not even read the story, but does one need to taste the arsenic to verify that it's toxic? I mean, seriously, when the ducks are frozen to the pond it is actually safe to assume it to be cold outside.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Status Quo's at full speed in neutral

Modern terrorism has completely transformed from the good old days. It used to be limited to theft of strategic importance, hijackings, kidnappings, assassination attempts, and bomb threats from some faction of wing-nuts claiming to want freedom for some tiny backwards nation nobody's ever heard of. Not anymore. Now that terrorism has gone mainstream and appears to be universally accepted as "God's work", it's very difficult for the old form 'Peoples Liberation Front of Easter Nauru' to get any kind of a rise out of us. I suppose it really doesn't help that so many are already hiding under their mattresses afraid of what's on the T.V. that the old school terrorists cannot find anybody in whom's hearts to strike fear. It doesn't much help that everybody's a terrorist these days, so they're having to blend in and take jobs as New York cab drivers to make ends meet.

But who are the real terrorists when some terrorists get a slap on the wrist while others are tortured until they sign a confession? Was that the point? Build the new normal until everybody thinks backwards or gives up trying to fight it?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Protecting the recepticals

There's an odd synchronicity going on right now. I sit here wondering what to write yet, I am already typing. I have no idea what I am going to talk about today yet somehow it will find me, and if it doesn't I can still republish things I've already pointed out in the past because I don't think enough attention has been focused on the topic. I could draw attention to things happening now, whether they are good or bad, and that it's the same tired faces which appear over and over again.

Over the past two decades my opinions have changed on a great many things, so I'm obviously not on some single and close-minded crusade. So why do some people never change their tune over the same two decades? For me, as I look into things and think about what I've read or been told, a certain level of clarity sets in. I can even go so far as to ridicule my previous stance on a topic when I understand that I was incorrect in my prior assumptions, and now have more facts to prove the opposing side of my own arguments. I'd probably make a horrible politician, but that would hardly be enough for me to blend in with all the other horrible politicians, namely all of them, but I'd at least attempt to stand up to the bankers if I were a politician. I know that has a tendency to end badly, but I would do it all the same regardless of the outcome.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Props to the Ganda and luv to the frienemies

It's nice to see comments made to news stories, which have no real insight whether or not they are supposed to be good news or bad news, actually reflect that we understand that the statistics aren't worth a bag full of fart... Only 1 comment has been posted to this story since this morning, which presently reads:
Those numbers are so meaningless. The fact of the number "falling" only means that so many people are no longer collecting benefits. The truer number would be if they reported how many people actually started working because right now when your benefits end, you are no longer counted. That's it. You just cease to be counted. So, basically, reporting that claims fell by 1.9 percent is a fallacy. It could be that half of the .2% difference from the last report is made up of people who are no longer counted because benefits ran out even though they may still be looking for work.
I'll paste that here in case some server troll decides to delete it, because that is how server trolls can be at times.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Workplace VS. Mental Health

Workplace mental health guide sets national standard:
Canadian employers and unions wishing to promote mental health in the workplace can now turn to a new national standard to help boost the well-being of employees.
I admire the efforts put into this 'voluntary standard', but am inclined to think that there will not be many non-unionized companies who will be volunteering. I do hope that there will be some kind of metric gathered with this, where companies are actually named and not lumped into region and industry. I doubt that my company would dare to dream of implementing such a thing, but let's have some fun with that anyway...

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Spooning with the fishes

I suppose this should start with the big surprise of the day's news, which was there are no big surprises. How does one of Canada's largest and and most valuable companies lose everything and not find anyone to blame for it? Is it justice that a company goes from approximately 93000 employees in 2000 to bankrupt in just over a decade and nobody is found guilty of any wrong doing? Billions of dollars in reserve cash, vanished into thin air...

Again, let me restate that I am not surprised by this... It all fits into the program where psychopaths have each others backs. Carpe Diem and don't shit where you eat. Vikings of the modern era own the governments and legislatures, the false paradigm of competition vs. law and order seem to have all signed their non-competition agreements with one another and even pay each other with my money while claiming it isn't what it is.

Monday, 14 January 2013

The lost and found 3 blocks past normal

It's amazing the things you find, and in some very odd places too. The parade continues to trumpet it's requiem while marching valiantly toward the one way dead-end. Sure there are signs abound which could direct the band towards better scenery and away from the artificial traps, though perhaps they are not written in a properly understood language, as they seem to be largely ignored. Perhaps the melodic death march has hypnotically over-ridden survival instincts, or maybe it's just the fear of walking to a different drum.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Oh Canada?

The Harper Government™ really does seem to be all about change... Less change rattling around in our wallets, more change for MPAA and RIAA, omnibus changes to the law so those opposed don't even have time to read what they're opposed to.

I'm not really sure why the Natives were expecting any good news to come of their meeting with the prime minister, mind you, it's not like they don't deserve some good news. Especially when they are asking for things that are not unreasonable. Education, consultation on environment and land usage (and abuse in the name of profit), resolving unresolved land claims... And then there is the change to protected waters...

Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Pseudology of the modern world

I've read a very odd argument to counter this trillion dollar coin idea in the last couple of days. It isn't really about fiscal immaturity or immediate currency deflation (which are plausible arguments), but rather focuses on the value and availability of platinum... Obviously this argument is fundamentally flawed and is out there as a strawman to further confuse those who already do not understand currency. Here's why: does a $50 bill contain $45 more worth of ink or or paper than a $5 dollar bill? NO. Did a $50 dollar bill cost $45 more to manufacture than a $5 dollar bill? NO. So what makes it worth more? The number printed on it... the addition of a zero increases it's value by a factor of ten. Beyond that, all that is required is that it is recognized to be legal tender. Society's imagination makes up the rest of the value.

If we all believe that a $50 dollar bill is worth 10 times the value of a $5 dollar bill, then it must be so.

You see, a trillion dollar coin could be smaller than a dime and made out of plastic or egg shells or pain-stakingly glued together used coffee grinds just so long as the government chooses to back it's value.


Monday, 7 January 2013

<no title><no comment>

'Joke' Solution to Debt Clash Gets Serious Study - Wall Street Journal:

Sydney Morning Herald

'Joke' Solution to Debt Clash Gets Serious Study
Wall Street Journal
What if Washington's next debt clash, widely expected to be as bitter as the "fiscal cliff" fight, could be resolved with the minting of a $1 trillion coin? That is the idea being pushed by a handful of policy wonks and columnists, and it has caught the attention of ...
GOP lawmaker proposes ban on trillion dollar coinCBS News
Paul Krugman: Trillion-Dollar Coin A 'Silly But Benign' Debt-Ceiling FixHuffington Post
Funny Money: Pundits float $1 trillion coin as answer to debt-ceiling standoffFox News
Politico -Reuters -Washington Post (blog)
all 290 news articles »

</no comment>

Why stop there? Mint a 16 Trillion dollar coin, pay the Federal Reserve and end their mandate. Let the bankers worry about where their compound interest is going to come from beyond that... There are other things which need to be added to such a solution like outlawing fractional reserve banking and nationalizing the banks in general... Sure pure chaos will result, but it will normalize after a while because that's what humanity does... Oh, wait outlaw the speculator from gambling on the 'futures of food sources' like grains as well, at least so they won't be driving up the cost of bread as their revenge.


</no title>

Saturday, 5 January 2013

My cup runneth over with emptiness

I had a thought implanted in my consciousness yesterday which hasn't waned yet. It's a fairly rare occurrence, and even rarer that it did not stem from outrage at some bullshit media coverage, nor via any recently uncovered truth from the counter-media. This thought was seeded by something that someone close to me said and quickly exploded into a rather odd comparison to something I'd heard decades ago.

Decades ago I befriended a person who claimed to be a Wiccan high priestess. Whether I believe in such things or not (is irrelevant to this story), there were a great many very odd things which would happen in her presence, or within an hour of randomly crossing paths. I won't go into any great details on these odd occurrences as these are not where my point lives.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The tie for worst place and the toll-bridge trolls run amok

Fuck Walmart. I return a gift I received in duplicate and all I get is a lousy 'Walmart Gift Card'. I am not sure what that is going to be good for when you consider that I make a very conscious effort not to shop there at all... It isn't even like Walmart Canada offers stupendous savings unless you buy only their off-brand garbage... $15 dollar (crotchless in a week) pants that didn't fit right after the 1st wash (which means the first time you wear them after the fitting room). I am debating standing at the check-out lines asking if anybody is paying cash... They claim if I brought the gift giver and original receipt that they would credit the debit or credit card the gift was purchased with, or return cash if it was payed cash which leaves a 1 in 3 chance that I'd not be getting anything at all, some "gift". Thanks.

Apart from that, my holidays were good.

Now, on to business.