Monday, 22 September 2014

Redundancy In Cyclical Patterns

I spend a lot of time reading news and observing life around me. This leads to some very unusual emergent patterns that can only serve to prove the existence of a hive mind while history repeats and people seemingly desire the same thing on the same day... I work in a computer boutique which sells custom built computers and just about any computer component presently manufactured. Over a period of six months, I have sold zero PC speakers until last week when I sold 3 in the same day. How does that happen? What compels such odd behaviour? Given that this is not my only point of reference, but simply the most recent one portraying a pattern where a type of item which never sells, suddenly, and on the same day, becomes that thing to make everybody's life complete. I can only attribute this to some media article or commercial that I've not seen nor heard. Heh heh! "Herd"...

I'd love to find the concrete proof of this, but, the fact is, my subconscious seems to override commercial programming. I am prone to falling asleep rather than the normal (and I assume, highly desirable) trance-like stupor when subjected to the shimmering glow of a television set, and as such, I tend to miss the subconscious suggestion that I 'need' whatever was sponsoring this wasted hour of my life. Studies have shown that you actually have less brain activity while watching TV than you do while sleeping, and you burn less calories too. I would think this also reduces your resistance to the power of suggestion at the same time given you are in a near state of hypnosis.

I can only presume this explains why certain brand-name products are requested multiple times on the same day then not spoken aloud again for months on end.

But then there is the second ugly trend I've seen where those who exclaim the most guilt at switching salesmen to close a transaction are the ones who are seemingly able to dodge any and all attempts to sell them anything that might add a commission to their sale... These same people are also quick to reveal themselves as the largest pains-in-the-ass who think you should be so grateful at their not augmenting your salary that you should dig into your pocket and pay half of their purchase for them. It's not so much that I give a shit about money, as I know it to be the source of every evil presently running amok, but the feigning guilt and empathy out of these types is so transparent it's sickening. I can almost envision these people in their natural habitat where they shed their skin and feast on their own offspring... Thankfully I wear long-sleeves so as not to allow them to see the tell-tale raised arm hairs humans generally experience in heeby-jeeby moments.

Wow... I've fallen so far off-topic that I have no idea where I was going to...

So the buzzwords of the month appear to be 'climate change', which, as I've pointed out in the past, is like looking up redundant in the dictionary to be told: 'see redundant'. Yet there are marches going on all over the place to raise awareness of ever-changing, non-static, change. The fact is that global warming turned into out of place snow-storms and the climate scientologists are getting no answers as to how or why from their tea-leaf readings nor their chicken bone yatzee ouiga communion. They don't even want to admit that they might have been wrong because they know the gravy-train ends if they do, and they might even have to sell the Ferrari to pay us all back. Since that can never happen they invented a term which can never be wrong. I live in a climate which is known to change temperature drastically and dramatically by +/- 30°C throughout the year... And it's worse in Winnipeg and Calgary which has seen 20° variations in a single day. That's just the climate Canada exists in. If I can reference the climate in my own country to mean something which never stays the same then what the hell does adding the word change behind the word climate do as an adjective or adverb? Nothing! I might as well say the grass is a greenish green and the sky is a blueish blue and the leaves are turning a reddish red. There is no purpose in adding a synonym as a descriptor other than to waste my breath.

I suppose it's less foolish than the U.S.A. funding, training, and arming groups to later be named terrorists so it's military has something to do... Not that it's the first time they've done it... In fact they've been doing it so long I wonder if they know how to do anything else. The one trick pony has the military budget of the next 10 countries combined and most of those are supposed to be allies. Obviously the only enemy which could put up a worthy fight has to be it's own operatives in a shirts vs skins match, and they need the constant enemy threat to justify the budget.

Sigh. I've been writing this over a period of about 3 days now. I'm not sure if I've made the point I was trying to make, or even of I was trying to make a point... But I've certainly lost all sense of direction, and so I shall say adieu.


Friday, 12 September 2014

A day late, A buck short

So I was a few bucks short of a fuck-tonne in my last post when mentioning the the announced missing Pentagon money press release from 9-10-01... I say eleventy million, Rumsfeld said 2.3 trillion, tomayto, tomahto... The funny thing being, I had not seen the amount for long enough to not remember it, then my news feed immediately spat it out eleventy hundred times over the next couple of hours leading me to wonder if I even need Google anymore. Since we are already a buck short, maybe we also need to be a day late... This doom and gloom solar flair/storm is just a little late to the party when adding together the how these things are known to knock out power grids in the same way we've repeatedly been warned terrorists will attack the grid... Oh well, it's not as if nature reads our calendar or gets alerts via smartphone or anything like that... Well, that's all I've got at the moment... -d©

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Deafening Sound of Silence

Warning signs have been popping up to indicate that the 13 year anniversary of the largest psy-ops joint action committed by international war criminals may be a case where the celebration outdoes the original party. Impressive considering that most sequels, no matter the effort, budget, or planning, tend to remain overshadowed by their predecessor. True, there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, once you've suspended disbelief so much the first time 'round, anything that follows is simply expanding that disbelief in small increments and are, therefore, less dramatic. Maybe the problem resides in my inability to suspend disbelief at how many people simply don't remember a 3rd New York skyscraper falling at free fall speeds or a Donald Rumsfeld briefing on September 10th about the Pentagon losing eleventy-billion monies somewhere in the newly reinforced (with C4) section of the building with a giant bullseye painted on it.

I could post links to these things, but, I figure making people actively look may break the memory hole by turning the process into a research project...

Maybe missing planes are some kind of ruse meant to throw us off track while they keep trying to goad Russia into all-out war, or maybe they are only part of a plan, but given that I am only privy to history after it has occurred, I can only wait and see what comes.

Then again the same non-occurrences could make uneventful anniversaries while we all brace for the impact and that hollow sound of absolutely nothing... We expect, therefore silence...


Thursday, 4 September 2014

What Karma This Way Come for Mudmen & Vampires?

I'm never quite certain why people bother wasting time analyzing the central banks of nations which handed monetary policy over to charted banks and private corporations decades ago... Especially when factoring in the currency of said nation carries the value of a fistful of air and is exchangeable for absolutely nothing should the deceived populous ever really come to understand the enslavement of our debt-note economy. But, all the same, people do, and are seemingly appalled by their results. Remember, the most important part in that equation of CIDC insurance is not how much they've stockpiled, but how much and over how many generations they feel we, the uninformed and enslaved public, are willing to pay those who loaned out exponentially more than they stole in this ponzi scheme shell game where there was never a ball under any of the shells to begin with...

The economy stops if all banks reject 100% of all new loans... And after there is zero paper currency and no black ink in anyone's bank book there will still be metric shit-tons of dollars owed to banks somehow. That is 'the economy' in a nutshell. Whether you have a positive or negative bank balance, you work to repay a debt which can never be repaid over any number of lifespans. The system is a house of cards built as an upsidedown pyramid, which cannot be expected to remain standing under the restrictions of the basic principles of physics. It's much like the coyote who does not fall into the canyon until he realizes there is no ground beneath him, this house of cards relies on our believing everything is OK in order to continue to exist in present form (or exponentially worse form, the further time passes, as it never actually stays the same).

This logic can even transpose itself into other areas, like law and politics. These systems may have served a purpose at one time, but have since become a complete mockery of the things they once were as they grapple with new ways to term stealing so that it only applies to those who couldn't afford bread... I once had a lawyer whose favourite word was 'continuance', he said I had a good case until the check bounced then thought it best I pled guilty... Apparently, this is not stealing, according to my next lawyer... Fancy little cyclic redundancy that was...

Ah, but as they say: a fool and his money are soon parting... Except that we were all fooled because debt is not money, so we never really had it to part with in the first place, did we? If only we were more learned in these matters we'd likely have already turned the tables on them, but instead we trap ourselves in the divisive politics calling heads or heads on the coin toss of a two-faced coin worth less than either face value or it's own weight in base metals. A good citizen is a brain dead citizen or obedient stooge, fodder for the next generation of death machine.

All karma comes if one is patient enough, just ask Joan Rivers who's opinion went from 'all Palestinians deserve death' to complete silence in mere weeks (and after throat surgery, no less)... That is of course, assuming there was any actual Joan Rivers left under all that botox, plastic, mastic, and silicon... But this is a whole other 'does life begin @ birth, or conception' debate... Even if one only need observe a photographic before, after, and after that journal of her transit from her original self to horrifying 'B' rated horror film claymation monster she had herself transformed into... I suddenly find myself wondering what George Carlin or Robin Williams would have to say in her eulogy. I suppose we'll never know.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Giant Robotic Dinosaurs and the Goddess of Rebirth

I know it's been a while since I've written anything... Somewhere between sensory overload and a total backlog of news stories and fake news stories I've been finding myself at a lack for both time and words. I won't apologize for this susceptibility to exhaustion from externally applied forces as I've never claimed to be anything outside of human, have I?

No. I have not.

I admit I'm somewhat baffled by the mixed signals of the Ebola pandemic which vacillates between 'most deadly and contagious thing ever unleashed on humanity' (likely by the same people planning to make the largest profit from a cure) to 'diagnosed patient to be transported from Africa to Atlanta "under total quarantine" 'walking from ambulance to hospital without so much as a mask'. This can really only lead 2 places... Either the disease was not spreading fast enough through certain locales, or the panic and fear of epidemic was not spreading fast enough through certain economic markets. Time will eventually reveal whether there is suddenly a lockdown on travel (even to the next town), or an enforced at gunpoint vaccination program where you can either buy overpriced needles, or overpriced bullets and body bags... Likely the 2 will be worked out to the same price after taxes and inheritance fees, because it's still about the bottom line no matter how you look at it.

I saw a fake news story this week about the creation of a Canadian 'donut burger' company... Some Americans seem to be angry about the tax shelter implications and I might comment on that, or I might not... I call it a fake news story because of how the bring out an economics expert to tell us how moving a corporate head office into or country creates jobs and how this is a record setting year for the fact 9 companies have done it so far, but fails to cite even a single statistic or list any of these companies for us to examine ourselves... For all we know, these corporate big-wigs are simply driving up the cost of housing and growing the demand for underpaid illegal immigrant nannies and gardeners as their job creation... Maybe all they are doing is changing their address to a P.O. box... Without any point of reference we are expected to take a so called expert at his word which these days, is almost as worthless as the title 'expert' itself. I could compile a list of satisfied clients over the last 30 years to attest to the fact that I am an expert at giving breast exams, just don't ask me if you've got the boob-cancer. Besides, how has a burger joint ever beefed up the slumping middle class? It hasn't.

Where was I?

I'm sure I was going somewhere before being interrupted by 8 hours of work... Hmmm... The modern black death... Boob cancer... Ah, now I remember.

Is it just me, or is there just far too much symbolism involved in the naming of the latest fear-mongering name drop? Isis? The mother of rebirth, with a throne for a headdress? Given that Wikipedia asks if I might have been looking for the terrorist group ISIL, I'd have to say yes! Far too much symbolism, unless this is a typo gone viral... But, that likely would have pissed off a group of well trained, well armed militants who surely would have corrected the western media, or at least bombed it by now... Which brings me to one odd point... You see, if I had some cause going on and was doing stuff to get attention, I'd be rather angry if someone changed my name to dirtychild®. There would be, at minimum, a press release video correcting their error... I know this is a bizarre way of looking at it, but, it makes one wonder if maybe the PR department simply said: that doesn't sound like an Egyptian goddess at all and it rolls of the tongue badly. Thus the name has been unofficially changed...

Russia invaded the Ukraine in an effort to kill them with kindness... Perhaps all these plain white trucks were actually top secret military transforming Autobots which convert to tanks or combine to form a giant robot dinosaur, but, as with all things internet, pics or it didn't happen. You might expect that this show of goodwill might get NATO and the media to stop poking the bear, but they simply won't be happy until they've cornered Putin into launching a giant nuclear arsenal to rain radioactive death upon all humanity... That's just what NATO does at this point, guardians of doom and purveyors of misery, just like the parable of the scorpion riding a turtle's back... It's their nature and they can not resist this overwhelming urge regardless of whether or not it assures their own destruction.