Friday, 23 February 2018

The dreaded A-Word

Admittedly I have been out of the game for a while. I've not been writing, I've not been reading, I've not be watching. Sure there have been things that have caught my eye here and there, but nothing t that's inspired me to write.

Then along comes this bizarre headline from major news outlets, and i mean, pretty much all of them, refuting claims that David Hogg is a crisis actor... Curious as I am by nature, I search. And I search. And I search some more... I can't find any such claim anywhere, only references to a YouTube video that had been deleted under the site's anti-bullying policy. 


I know a lot of rude and obscene names to call people, and I've used many of them, sometimes, right to people's faces if I feel they've earned it, but I've never had the gall to call someone the A-word... I'm not referring to the common asshole here, I call a lot of people that almost daily. That word rolls of the tongue easier than douchebag. 

No. I'm talking about the word actor. I've only called one person that: this guy I met that was in a bunch of commercials for a local cable provider... But he called himself that first so I thought it was okay. Had I known it was so derogatory at the time I'd have used a less offensive term, like whore. So, I humbly apologize to that guy I met some twelve years ago and whose name I've long since forgotten, I didn't realize at that time, the stigma and PTSD inducing language I was insulting you with.

I mean, it's made worldwide headlines that some bully made a video calling some guy we've never heard of before last week, an actor. The horror! The agony! The trauma. And with fourteen pages of search results of claims that it's simply not true, this must be the new n-word that features so prominently in rap music.