Friday, 10 May 2013

curiousity killed the prostitute

Many, including myself, have pointed out that the CIA won an Oscar, this should remove any doubts of that fact. They know, all too well, that moulding public opinion these days requires some Hollywood pizzazz because those organizations claiming to report on the NEWS are losing credibility, because they routinely fail to point the finger where it was supposed to be pointing. We've become increasingly aware that NEWS is no longer the 'unbiased' information it would have us believe itself to be (if it ever truly was to begin with), because now it paints the agenda of it's owner in a much more obvious manner than it used to.

I could point out that it's been going on for much longer than most people think, but it won't change the past. Though, I suppose revealing the false paradigm that was the past we were told to believe is a helpful illustration to the fact that little has changed since then in terms of what we are now told outright, not to question at all. That part has changed tremendously. These days, not only is the debate framed exactly the way they want it to be viewed while the media asks the wrong questions, but we should not be asking questions ourselves. Because, as they say, curiosity killed the terrorist. Unless I am remembering the quote incorrectly, which is possible with all the brainwashing to which we're constantly subjected (or is subjugated the better word?).

I know hind-sight, yada, yada... But you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone from my past who would claim I didn't suggest that we'd eventually end up here, in the place where the law is above the law and we're all guilty unless we can afford an alibi.

Sure you would find people who would claim I used to advocate environmentally friendly solutions much more than I do now, and that would be true. I still see problems with acid rain and deforestation, and do believe we should recycle and reuse what resources we can even if I don't buy the carbon credit and global warming scams. I know the ground will not endlessly supply us with metals and fossil fuels, but we're no closer to solving those issues than we were before Solyndra. I suppose this is why there is truth to the statement: if you ever want something done @ 10% efficiency for 10x the cost, get the Government involved. Greed all too frequently consumes any effort at progress, whether these things were planned that way from the start or not.

Conspiracies do exist even if some are extraordinarily difficult to prove. It isn't all that far-fetched to think that groups of wealthy, and powerful scumbags might discuss ways to screw the rest of us over when gathered in a room free of public scrutiny. Why shouldn't we raise the same point as they do all too often: 'Why should you object to being watched or filmed if you are not doing anything wrong?'. They use that line to paint everyone as being criminally paranoid that we are guilty if we object to the idea of having cameras everywhere, so why can't we use it against them? Police themselves object to being filmed by this cameras everywhere society... They, strangely, wish to criminalize filming them while they 'do their doody' instead of favouring the idea of doing nothing unlawful and actually 'protect and serve'-ing the public as they were originally meant to.

Of course they can't protect and serve the public when so much of the law has been altered to consider corporations as more human than humans. It's simply the reflection of the corporate puppet-master world having run unchecked for so long.

Nobody denies where the deep pockets pay for politicians, yet we are expected to presume the money has little to do with the end results. How could it not? Why don't we set campaign budgets to a bare minimum, and maybe we could invent some technology that allows communication across vast distances so candidates don't have to travel everywhere? I mean, do we really need the handshaking and baby kissing parades? I could probably run a campaign and never have to wear pants with technology I already own... If an unemployed shut-in can figure out how to do that, why can't the people who so frequently claim they'll balance the budget of a nation? And imagine all the time I could save. I could do 'town-hall meetings' in a different town every hour for a few days without requiring a security detachment, hotels, or dead prostitutes. OK, maybe I'd keep the dead prostitutes just to keep up appearances and so as not to be outdone by my competitors, but the other fanfare can go away. Ban the advertising too, since it's all become an opponent-bashing pissing contest anyway, save that for the debates, and let it happen in debates where real questions are asked.


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