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I would never consider myself to be a conventional thinker. Not even in my prime programming days of school did I believe that this education was any greater than a waste of my time. Sure, I stayed and obtained a piece of paper to indicate to prospective slave traders that "I Я smart" but beyond mathematics I cannot state that I've really used any of that nonsense they tested me on ever since.

Irony is a close personal friend of mine. In grade 10 computer science I actually received a 30% overall average, I found the curriculum was horrible and would never be required: 1 term of WordPerfect­­™, 1 term of Lotus 1-2-3™, 1 term of DB1™, and one term of LOGO (all of these things are reasonably extinct at this time and have been for years). In spite of the educational institutions failing grade I managed to become a network administrator and have worked in Information Technology for years with no further formalized education. I would consider that a victory.

I was in a band in the mid 90's playing guitar (also self-taught). One of the songs I wrote was called Disgruntled which I selected for this blogs title. In essence the song was about the greed and corruption of our corporate oligarchical governance. Here's a portion of those lyrics:
Living under laws and rules
The values of today's society
We respect money, power, not character
Few are remembered for their good deeds
Now our social net crumbles
As my impatience grows
Bureaucrats make cutbacks
To increase their habits

I wrote that song in 1994... Since then not much has changed. Granted my pay scale went up for a time and maxed out in 1999... 12 years later I make 20K less than I did then and everything costs so much more now, so to say I am still as pissed off at the world as I was nearly 2 decades ago is somewhat understated.

I would deign to say that I have never been asleep (or a blue pill, sheep, drone, propagandist sympathizer, or whatever you'd like to call it). Not even as a child. As early as I can remember, I can't recall thinking of Christmas as anything other than the height of consumerism, bought and sold using the Coca-cola image (in their patented Coke red) of Santa Claus™.

I've never fallen prey to the 'repent for your sins' control schemes that have gone on for a millennium. I've long seen the war, famine and plague that mass religion has unleashed in it's wake. Hence I took it upon myself not to 'hate' this group or that group based on some religious dogma created to quell humanity's fear of death and the unknown. I apologize to those directly affected by whatever darkness overtakes my common sense upon the realization that nobody is completely without selfishness. So long as I can live without huge regrets over the consequences of my actions (or inactions) I should find a pleasant afterlife (if there is such a thing). Nobody can take that from me, as it is my own religion with a follower base of one.

I remember where I was on 9-11, but more importantly, I remember the uncomfortable feeling I had in my gut on 9-12 while watching as some of the previous days commentary and events were seemingly wiped from history. I was then given no compelling evidence to believe the official story, and wondered how the conclusions could have been drawn so quickly. Even on 9-12-2001 I felt something was amiss, despite the fact that so little evidence was even available yet. I did not even go looking for experts debunking the officially presented evidence until after the 9-11 commission concluded it's report, but still I felt all wrong about this Osama bin Al Qaeda theory, and I still had not placed placed Bin Laden into his historical context of working with the CIA to kick the U.S.S.R. out of Afghanistan...

But then I already had no desire to believe that fiction about JFK either. Too convenient, and too easily cleaned up.

I am inclined to believe that my brain has a filter for propagandist brain-washing techniques; the more I hear something the more I question it's validity.

Other than helplessly watching the world implode, my biggest pet peeve is any asshole who uses the statement "think outside the box". This would imply that I had actually allowed myself to be corralled into the box way back when I was considering the entire educational system a waste of my life... I wanted nothing to do with the box then, and I've forgotten where I might find said box with much deliberated effort... There is no spoon, and there certainly is no box in which the non-existent spoon can be contained. It is just another means of control set forth by the owners of this planet. So take your brainwashed MBA head out of your ass and leave me to do my work, I do not wish to discuss the box as a committee in an even bigger waste of my life known as a 'meeting'.

I have actually begun to instantly reply to 'think outside the box' with 'go fuck yourself! ...and when your done with that draw me a map to this box so I can duct tape you into it'. Ironically I have not been fired for that... Further proving my point that there is no box or at least proving I was not under any illusion of having been inside of one to begin with.

Many years ago I was listening to a wise man named 'Jello' who said over and over "become the media". Originally, I figured being a musician was enough, but given that I would probably need an audience and more than 10 fans it seemingly was not enough. So now I have this blog that I can rant on and where my thoughts can live and hopefully enlighten, entertain, and educate others (except for my very 1st post which has apparently vanished with no trace into the digital great-beyond).

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    lots of old struners out there know the truth but lack the ability to communicate effectively.