Saturday, 18 May 2013

The goose that laid the rotten egg

There appears to be an acceleration in the rate at which scandals tarnishing the ruling class are being discovered and reported on. From my perspective, this acceleration has very little to do with the number of scandals in existence, nor the number of back-room, underhanded, 'you scratch my balls, I'll scratch yours' deals that these narcissistic control-freaks get involved in. No. The way I see it, the only acceleration is in how many of these come to light, and how quickly they are discovered as compared with the good ole days (if there ever was such a time or place).

Obviously, somebody has lost control of the information flow which leads us to reasoning behind SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and any other of these acronyms meant to protect 'copyright', 'patent' or 'intellectual property'. You see, existing laws on such matters are already effective, and already indicate that distribution of owned content without express permission of said owner was illegal... Granted, they might need to update the terminology defining 'distribution' to include digital transmissions, but that isn't the nature of these proposed laws, and this certainly did not require a new set of laws.

You see, it isn't that there are a few bad eggs... There was never any question that a few bad eggs existed because it is statistically impossible to have no bad eggs among the ruling class. The problem is that there are almost no good eggs among the ruling class. I've long suspected this to be true, and have been vocal on these matters in many situations... Take what you will from this story, but I see one line clear as day: Conspirators don't conspire in public. Call me crazy if you choose to, I'm not here for fame, fortune, and glory, if I were, I'd write fairy-tales or pornography or pornography based on fairy-tales because we all know when it's about someone getting tail that somebody will shell out dollars for it.

Obviously this is only a tip of the iceberg moment for some people when you look at the following timeline:

  1. Mike Duffy dodges questions as residency uproar continues
  2. Sen. Mike Duffy says he will repay taxpayers for housing allowance
  3. Senator Mike Duffy says he's repaid $90K in housing cash
  4. PM's chief of staff paid off Mike Duffy's Senate expenses
  5. Duffy claimed Senate expenses while election campaigning
  6. Duffy campaign invoice contradicts expense claim
  7. Senator Mike Duffy quits Tory caucus
  8. Mike Duffy drops out of sight in P.E.I. as controversy grows
11 days from Senator embroiled in 'housing allowance scandal' to shut-in refusing to answer the door. And this is a person who has only been in his political office since the end of 2008, imagine how far deeply corrupted someone might become after 10 or 15 years of hobnobbing with the hob-goblins! Oddly enough, Mike Duffy seemed to have taken issue with journalism when journalism was how he himself became known (and inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1994, no less)... The longer I look at it, the stranger it becomes...

So back to the rate of scandals. It isn't that corruption is new to the political sphere, it's that information now has too much availability. 8 simple hyperlinks point to the demise of a senator and I don't have to incorrectly paraphrase something I heard on the TV 2 weeks ago... Problematically, this is a story that has been getting mainstream focus, which leads me to the point that so many other things will not...

I get the most worried with that prospect. If this makes it to the news, what isn't making it into the news? This 90K misuse of public funds, is possibly less than the amount of money the media has spent reporting on it (though, admittedly, I do not have the balance sheets on that). And this is only on the Canadian front, where the media is somewhat less sensationalized, albeit, more centralized to 3 or 4 owners than in our neighbour to the south where I count 6 or 7 owners.

I mean, if 3 or 4 (or 6 or 7, with the IRS, Benghazi, AP, ATF gun running, et al... and how some of this goes all the way back to Watergate, but they are not mentioning this fact) owners of media conglomerates are willing to point out how easy it is for several thousand bureaucrats and elected officials to conspire with each other, how hard do you think it is for a much smaller number of skankily rich media conglomerate owners? Pot, kettle, kettle, pot. I presume 'black' needs no interpretation.

Those media owners are increasingly aware that they are losing ratings as people seek alternate sources for news and information, or even opinions from people who question the paradigm, so the obvious answer is to control the internet. They place the inference on some of the worst and most perverse and inhuman of activities like child porn or human trafficking, but write the laws so vaguely that it allows content to be removed with a single unverified complaint from any anonymous asshole who doesn't like what was said because it might expose somebody's agenda. When the punishment for 'copyright infringement' is greater than the punishment for the embezzlement or defrauding of millions of dollars, does it not raise red flags for you? In fact, sometimes, in a just world, copyright collectors are the embezzlers. Funny, isn't Spain on that list of countries now doomed to live in abject austerity? Maybe it's related, maybe it isn't, I'm simply making an observation.

No, the scandals are no faster than they ever were, it's just that the information is no longer as feeble as human memory having heard a story 2 months ago and forgetting the punchline. And it isn't even a simple matter of re-writing the original story, or publishing a correction in small print right next to the "transexuals seeking transexuals" personals section of the classified ads, because now there is caching, and there are those who've figured out what the 'print screen' button on the keyboard is for in a growing army of people who don't believe the official story. Especially when the official story seemingly gets revised 15 times before the previous 14 versions are forever erased from our internal chronometers via parroted repetition of a contrived narrative.


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