Tuesday, 7 May 2013

of shit-flinging opinion builders and the language pirates

Ah, the news... Sometimes I find it 'unshocking' (really, the chief sexual assault prevention officer accused of, well, it was in his job title, what would you have him do?), others it's 'unsurprising' (wait, did you not just... Oh never mind then, if you are just going to pull the anti-semite card), then there is the expected flogging the boogeyman at the precise right moment, and BINGO! We've finally evoked the expected response (they were beginning to think the sleeping dragon might be dead after all the other poking and prodding).

The stage is set, all the actors are ready to willingly, or unwittingly play their roles, and now if we could just fabricate a little more public opinion sympathy, even if we're paying those guys. The public wouldn't think we told them to do this, because they are stupid sheep who believe: what we tell them it's OK to believe, while leaving the impression that 'we care' about them deeply. Idiots!

<we interrupt this blog post for a special edition of the subliminal news report>

Syria is just another of those freedom hating countries in which the line between government and terrorism has been so completely obscured that we only need associate Serin and Syria because the WMD story has worked so well in the past that it could never fail now... Wait, where are my pictures of mutilated babies? Damnit we need some mutilated babies right now or they might start to think about Iran... Oh, wait, freudian slip, I meant Iraq. (though I'm not sure how the desire to sleep with my mother relates to n vs. q)... Shit! What do you mean we're still 'live'? Roll the commercial already!!! <this segment is brought to you by trojan, because who really wants to explain how or why they are their brother's father?>

It doesn't matter that there are some who see through it all because those people are all well known to be mentally defective, so how could they possibly be more credible than someone whose every word (if not very persona) has been a lie. Public opinion is bought and paid for through airtime and rigged polls, not via some PDF document that escaped the 'burn immediately' order which most people consider to be fakes anyway... The crackpots even proved how easily those can be proven faked with that whole birth certificate goose chase we sent them on: 5 hours later it was proven fake, but by then we'd stopped insisting that they ask... But we told Alex Jones to keep on asking just so they'd know it was important to them.

™ Walt Disney 'killing Injuns to a musical' film corp

We don't need to talk about the unimportant details because some doom and gloom is actually too depressing to sell. And some things are just so 3 years ago, that by now it's just business as usual. <we're richer than you think, and how is "Canada's" banking infrastructure so "safe" in 54 countries that aren't Canada? Just curious, kind of a rhetorical question, which, I suspect nobody can answer with a straight face.>

If all else fails DENY EVERYTHING. Man, Reagan had it to an art form... Have we invented an injection for Alzheimer's yet? The world needs another shepherd, er, um, leader like that because Jim Hensen is dead and nobody worked kermit the frog better than him. Oh, wait, even he remembered that Israel sold their American missiles to Iran... Strike that idea, Alzheimer's isn't selective enough in what details are forgotten... Stick with puppets, psyops, false flags, and fake opposition.

They can't stop anything anyway... Sure there's all those 'normal channels' we've set out for them to petition things, but they'll either be convinced the system works, or realise that it's so hopelessly rigged that it makes no difference anyway, and they'll just stop trying because we won't accept no for an answer. (oh, and while we're at it, make sure to trivialize their made up language by inferring we wish to ban ice cream or some equally moronic bullshit)... [honestly I didn't realize the word "neverendum" had been gaining popularity... I was using such a word almost 20 years ago, interchangeably with "referendless" and people would just look at me funny, like I'd invented some bizarre kind of pig-latin or had a brain aneurysm... So I'm even more pissed to see it somehow has to do with banning ice cream... Fucking language pirates.]

Besides, everybody has ADHD these days so we can always change the subject and not even make 75% of the population remotely dizzy. We covered the other 24% with the batshit crazy label already, and can placate the majority with a 24-hour marathon of monkeys flinging their poo, or of monkeys training their offspring to fling poo, or, how about, people eating poo for failing to properly fling it. [I could cite these examples for a week, but I already feel *dirty* for knowing this much about any of it]...

I think I am done ranting for the moment... Well, I'm never really done ranting, but, I very much need to do anything else for a while, like shower, again... But before I go, I am presuming that #OpUSA 07/05/2013 is the exact bullshit I suspected that it was when I first read about it, since I've heard nothing else...


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