Monday, 6 May 2013

I think, therefore I am... depressed

I know that so much that goes on these days is for the purpose of demonstration, because someone else told me so (many times)... It doesn't really matter what anybody else thinks of that source, so long as I believed him, and it doesn't hurt to have suspected as much long before being told. So I am happy to state that it would appear that the human memory hole is getting smaller, which means that they are going to have to try and find more crisis actors if they intend to keep the smoke and mirrors game in play:

The whole video is here (for now) this frame is @ 8:13

The demonstration is simple: we're smarter than all you deaf, dumb, and blind cattle, so we shall do whatever we wish to do and you'll even thank us for protecting you from us later. Obviously this arrogant overconfidence is the weak spot since it leads to some very foolish mistakes which are easily pointed out, and very difficult to deny once highlighted. One only needs to point out one small flaw in the wallpaper appliqué to drive the person who normally sits in that room to begin to tear it away. Whether they do that slowly or all at once doesn't matter much, as eventually the end result is that the writing on the wall beneath that wallpaper cannot be ignored any longer.

My TV was left on by my ladyfriend when she left for work and it only took me 15 seconds to find no reason it should be on... But I figured I should at least point out this gem of thrilling reality programming:

I'm not sure how I ever 'lived' before this moment
I'm fairly sure it was all meant to drive people to this point, but I could be wrong as I am no expert in such things.

The great divide these days really comes down to whether you are completely insane or only mostly insane. They have methods to ensure you are converted from mostly to completely, or there's an alternate path which some appear to have found, but that one doesn't lead anywhere. The critical mistake was thinking there was any actual path in the first place... It isn't a multiple choice quiz we're living here, which is why 90% of the symptoms of depression parallel with the symptoms of being alive. The age old line needs revision... So I shall revise it: 'I think, therefore I am: depressed'. Fuck you and your SSRI drugs whose symptoms all appear to include taking that aforementioned alternate path. Surely one need not go from feeling disinterested in continuing to live, to being convinced there's no point in continuing to live, but then I am not someone with a plan that nobody would agree to sober. Hell, beyond meeting some friends for lunch tomorrow, I have no plan period.

We are not supposed to ask who the terrorists really are. We are supposed to be the humanitarian heroes and saviours of the planet who fight for justice, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness, aren't we? Nobody ever said freedom did not have it's price, did they? I know I shame our dead ancestors who fought and died to propagate the hegemonic desires of the evil few working behind the scenes... Oh, wait... No. I wasn't the one who convinced them their lives would fuel some valiant lie. It wasn't me who turned shame into honour, I simply exposed that honour was never there to begin with, just as much as there is no shame in realizing that my lineage has not killed a single jew in as far as I can trace that lineage backwards.

So why should I be ashamed or guilted into a corner? If I really chose to, I could simply state that my grandmother was both Jewish and in Europe during a certain time period, and was spared a train ride by some kind German speaking folk who shouted out 'that's our child!'... I am not going to imply this story gives me any kind of special entitlement to demand pity or call anyone who disagrees with me a racist. I invite and welcome discussion so long as it is a two way dialogue... I'd like to be proven wrong in my assessments, given the despairing nature the contents of this blog contains. I just doubt that there is much empirical evidence to dispute much of what I say.


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