Sunday, 30 September 2012

Saturday, 29 September 2012

♪And Iran, Iran all night and day♫

The broken record that is the media and it's continuous efforts to villanize all Arabic nations not already under USrael's control either by Al Quaeda proxy uprising or by puppet CIA/Mossad/Banker owned politicians has been giving me a headache for weeks. So I am overjoyed when the occasion arises that they trip on their own feet in a tantrum induced frenzy so childishly foolish that it looks like a 3 year-old who has been told 'no ice cream before dinner'... It's even better when they have the global audiences attention because it makes those normally called crackpot tin-foil hat wearers look guilty of no more than responsible parenting:

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

trapped in shit castle without an exit

I don't know if it's the fact that soon we'll have nothing to hide, by order of the government, an organization that seems to do nothing but hide, or the fact that they can be so blatant when they choose to expose their agenda through symbolism, but I am definitely getting more and more annoyed lately. Bankers continue to do what bankers do, police keep deliberately looking in the wrong direction, politicians continue to promise the not possible, and citizens get stuck holding the whole flaming bag of shit without even so much as an oven Romney, er, I mean, mitt.

The banner atop the highest pinnacle of this castle of shit simply reads: Purgamentum init, exit purgamentum. Of course it's in Latin so that few question whether it actually has any meaning or not, and fewer still, question what that meaning actually is. But sufficed to say your soaking in it now and that's all that counts.

Study finds: what it wanted to find

Canadians a satisfied bunch, study finds:
More than 90 per cent of Canadians report they are either satisfied or very satisfied with their lives, a high enough score to enough to officially rank Canada among the happiest countries in the world.

"The StatsCan data that formed the basis of the centre's report was gathered from 65,000 people nationwide, but excluded some of the populations most likely to report dissatisfaction with their lives."... So the point of this study was to ask happy people if they are happy? I might have missed the point when I blinked...


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Your TOS sucks

I find it interesting when a News reporting service does not even bother to re-host the videos they are reporting about:
So now, we do not get to see the video they are speaking of a meager 2 weeks later. I am not certain what Terms of Service this video violated because I did not have time to watch it while the thought police had overlooked it. However, now that it is on the public record as "NEWS" I think they might need to re-examine things just a little...

Possession Obsession

I won't deny that I've lost everything I own more than once this lifetime. Other than the couple of guitars that have managed to follow me through the years, I don't really care much for things... I can find pride in who I am and don't generally need huge ego bolstering compliments, nor do I feel the need to put others down in order to prop myself up. Granted, I doubt there have been many people who've known me throughout the years who would have held any great envy of me, my life, or my material possessions other than the occasional envy of who I was dating from time to time (while failing to note the long periods of time I sometime spend in self-imposed exile from the 'dating' scene). But lust is fickle, and that cannot be avoided at all times, especially if it is not your own...

Which makes it odd when I realize that so many people out there seem to justify their existence on the fancy 'things' they can show off about.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Blue Skies on Mars

I realize that only yesterday, I made some mention to us not being too late to fix the problem wherein we are dumb as a bag of hammers, but that was before I read that even smart and highly trained people might be stupider. Maybe there was life on Mars, before we sent our flu bugs to populate it (microbes, bacteria, etc.) but we will never know that now or ever in the future because we've tainted any future findings. I know that sometimes protocol doesn't make a large amount of sense in a large bureaucratic entity, but sterilization of shit that might inadvertently teraform a neighbouring planet actually does make a great deal of sense and I cannot find any good angle to dispute this.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I know everybody's going to be mentioning the eleven year anniversary of the 9/11 False Flag Events. And they will make you feel all warm and brain-washed inside and you will rise from your arm-chair chanting some propaganda meant to make you feel superior to everyone else. Don't get me wrong, that day was one of the largest man-made tragedies ever recorded, but not for the reasons everybody on the idiot box talks about.

Freedom and Liberty gasped their final breath on that day. Yes, after decades of having a boot heel on the throat they finally ceased to exist. There was no funeral service as most people did not notice they were missing. They'd already been replaced by impostors: Safety and Security.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Can you handle the truth?

The truth is a funny thing in our day and age. I am told that many are looking for it and some are even finding it in small increments, which is probably better then the all out kick to the groin of realizing just how big the lie truly is all at once. Well, metaphorically speaking anyway. Because it really is not all about one big lie but thousands of small lies in varying states of decay, each of which has repeatedly battered, tortured, and raped the truth until it is so unrecognizable that one can barely discern it even when it is staring you right in the face.

You see, it isn't that the truth is not out there, so much as it is that the truth has to pin you down and force feed you until you are ready to vomit before you actually accept it for what it is. You've been trained all your life to be afraid of the truth; the truth is the boogerman (wink); the truth is Pandora's brain fart; the truth leaves a bad taste in your mouth; the truth is more toxic than fluoridated radioactive particles; and the truth will draw out the four horsemen of the Appalachians.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

That went as expected, mostly

I was asked in the car on my way to the polling station how I thought the election would turn out. My statement was this: "A PQ Minority government, with a Liberal opposition. The popular vote will be very close to a 3-way tie with PQ, Liberal, and CAQ all right around the 30% mark, but the CAQ will not win as many seats as recent polls suggest, and The Liberals will win way more seats than even they expect." I was questioned on why I thought this, but did not really have an answer except that I had a feeling. And the results are in (stolen from CBC, because the official results page is ginormous and not as nice looking):

Quebec Election Results

Updated: Sep. 5, 2012, 1:58 AM EDT
All results are unofficial until final ballot counts are verified by Elections Quebec. CBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.
Looks very much like what i said, though I expected the CAQ to be more like 29% on the vote share.

What I did not anticipate, was the bizarre scene that transpired afterwards. Not only am I not understanding how a man in a ski mask and a blue robe somehow managed to enter through a back door, I am not understanding how this person did not stand out as 'suspicious' at the very least. There are some other oddities here too. This story indicates that this man used a door 6 meters from the stage but fired shots at people not the stage and decried 'the English are waking up' in French but with an accent. And all of this was performed with an assault rifle, which is a rather rare specter in the streets of downtown Montreal.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Decisions, decisions.

So it's vote day here in Quebec. Sufficed to say that there is absolutely no choice to be had in this provincial race. Do I vote for the status quo same old face that's been in power for almost a decade, or do I vote for the separatists? I could vote for the new separatists the old separatists or the separatists who will (they claim) not talk about separation as alternative to the present power holder who are a corrupt, party of clowns who are no longer attempting to veil their fascism.

I'd vote for the separatists if their dream sounded like less of a dream than an actual plausible solution. You see, in every scenario I've heard these separatists (not the new separatists, or the ones who aren't talking about separation, but the old separatists who've been around longer than a week) talk about, they want to move out of their parents house and into the bachelor apartment in the basement, rent free and with an allowance. -- OR -- to stop paraphrasing, they would be their own country but continue to use the Canadian dollar as currency, which is essentially the exact same thing I just said before.