Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pulling the Door Marked Push

The oddities of the parliament hill shooting are already starting to surface. For example there is no license plate on the "hijacked" car, the driver of which does not appear to be a suspect. Except that this does not appear to be a hijacked car but rather the car brought there by a homeless lone wolf... Hmmm. Given that it's not yet winter in Canada, one with a car is not truly homeless, at least not until the snow flies.

I'm also seeing reports to indicate that an armed gunman slipped past a number of police who had already gathered @ Parliament for no apparent reason... Maybe they were conducting a drill where a lone gunman enters the Parliament building as so often occurs when 'bad things' happen. Not that it matters how long draconian laws aimed at changing online hate speech or police powers has been on the table, these things tend to be enacted while the urine in the pants of elected stooges is still warm... I've got dozens of links to follow up on (unless they are different now than they were) before declaring the picture as complete, but this doesn't even sound farfetched in retrospect of some of the other events of our present age. I seem to recall an official story of a 2nd gunman who hijacked a green car, and even an interview of the carjacking victim who is not a suspect and now nowhere to be found... I am not the only one who recalls this but can I find videos of him getting into a gold corolla then there are these which show 3 "RCMP" vehicles of officers who apparently ride without a partner, oh, and a carjacking to get from here to 100 meters from here. Not sure where that corolla got too...

It's a broken record you just hear the same things, sometimes EXACTLY the same, and they propose to keep us safe via increased police powers and villainizing the internet. Now, I DON'T condone terrorist acts online, whether by bankers or useful idiots, on our soil or the countries where we employ our own terrorists via proxies and 'accidental' care packages parachuted into 'enemy territory'. I have no idea how they accidentally loaded those crates into the bomb chutes instead of the garden variety explosive bomb-shaped care packages for which a bomb chute was most probably designed, unless I am reading the name bomb chute too literally... I have, on occasion, read things too literally, which might be the reason I've never eaten silica gel... Where was I going? Yes, I remember now; I may not condone such things, but they've redefined a great many other words throughout the years of politically correct sanitatization, that, for all I can tell, my words now might be 'condoning' by the definition of the word condone next month.

Queue the patriotism, queue the rhetoric, queue a police state.

One of the questions I'm not hearing in all these calls for increased security, is how existing security failed? Sorry, failed is too mild a word, unless there is less security @ Parliament than there is @ the CN tower... At the great Toronto phallic symbol, a building of little strategic importance other than to add a landmark to an otherwise bland skyline, there are guards, bomb sniffing devices, and metal detectors, whereas Parliament seems to have a pull door marked push which might explain how our elected officials miss so many days of work, but does not stand in the way of homeless gunmen, who probably didn't bother to read the sign in the first place... Oops, homeless gunmen was supposed to have been sanitized to read homegrown lone-wolf Islamic extremist,... An obvious misspelling and I shall update my autocorrect , NOT!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Marionette Brigades, Deadly Headlines, and Other Attack Vectors

I've long understood that I live in that darkened area on the highway at 3am between major population centers where the road ceases to exist beyond the gleaming of headlights under cloudy skies on the eve of the new moon. There is a solace found here which goes unbroken for periods long enough to hear nature's eerie chorus overlaid on the backdrop of timelessness. It sings, it screams, it cries out in joy and agony all at the same time. Here the wind whispers what's come to pass and what's yet to come in the same breath and if you listen closely enough you can hear the ancient dead languages overlaid in a myriad of suggestive undertones calling on you to, well, that's where it starts getting tricky... Dead languages are not a specialty of mine. I know there is something that needs to be done, just as I know a number of catastrophic event horizons are plainly in view for anyone choosing to pay attention, and some are becoming plainly visible to any who simply look in that direction.

This is not to suggest that the journey has been one of complete solitude, as I do have friends and family, but that I'm used to being on an unpopular side of the debate.

I can't say what triggers what else in the order of dominos but that's likely to be both irrelevant and unimportant. Between the sudden spread of engineered diseases, to the death cloud from the Nile to the Crimean river, to the collapse of debt money and other areas where the greedy bet everything on nothing and expect more than everything win or lose, all while the clock counts down to midnight despite that this clock doesn't even tick... or there are always slower deaths.

It's obvious that all the Ebola foibles are by design otherwise they wouldn't be patting themselves on the back, would they? Not that I'm suggesting that this is as virulent as the press coverage is making it out to be. But then, I trust doctors about as much as politicians these days. I'm not sure if I'm wasting my breath by accusing anyone of making up false diseases, but figure there's plenty of breath left in me... There is certainly no lack of speculation and hype to add an air of confusion into the mix.

Speaking of hype, this story has gone from 'police shoot hit-and-run suspect' to 'police save world from Jihadist' in 3 evolving headlines. I'd show you the progression, but I failed to bookmark the first two stories due to lack of interest... This is how our opinions are stolen from us, and they do it all the time.... Sufficed to say, the second headline was 'hit-&-run victims were soldiers'. Shock, sympathy, justice, and now we are supposed to ingratiate ourselves to the system for keeping us safe from someone who tried going to Turkey... Isn't Turkey part of the Zionist Marionette Brigade? Maybe i missed their fall from grace, as it can get muddy in this fog of war, Middle East situation that's been played out through the past umpteen decades, but I'm fairly certain it's still an area on the map that NATO isn't bombing to oblivion, meaning they must still be "the good guys" in some Rolodex of war criminals and shit golems somewhere.

Well, I've come to realize that I've managed to hijack any sense of direction in this post... Not that I'm renowned for having a sense of direction or topic at any given time. I suppose that's just how it has to be given the number of vectors from which we are being attacked from... Until next time.


speaking of attack vectors...

Friday, 10 October 2014

Darwin awards and the Stupified Zombies

There are times when I am inclined to believe Darwin's law is in full effect, now is one of those times... I just watched 2 young unattended children run through a busy intersection against the lights and between moving cars... 1 was not hit by, of all things, the oncoming school bus... I don't blame the driver based on what I saw, as it appeared the 2nd kid almost stopped to let the bus go by before thinking himself invincible and running headlong into inevitability... He's not dead, but I suspect the foot which went under a wheel might require a cast... Thankfully all the drivers nearest the accident rushed to his aid and an ambulance was there within seconds. The 1st kid, who might have been an older brother, took the longest to realize what had happened as he was preparing to cross against the lights in another direction through 6 lanes (the 1st crossing was 4 lanes)...

Are we programmed to a destiny, unable to prevent our own fate? Watching that kid's 'deer in the headlights' moment, followed by the split-second decision to continue to be hit by a bus suggests to me that some of us must be. Granted this was a young child who's cortex may not be fully developed into recognizing that continuing a bad idea through to it's ultimate consequence is far worse than knowing when to try something else... Like not running under a bus...

Stupid is as stupid says and does. Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid is as stupid does... It could go on and on and on, but I simply don't have that kind of energy. Sufficed to say those you've empowered couldn't give a flying fuck about you and they're contented by this stupid they've created, the only question remaining is what are you going to do about it? Sure there may be the occasional proof of karma at work, but it's really not working fast enough to drown all the rats trying not to go down with the ship whose hull they chewed through while betting who would drown last not understanding there'd be nobody left to ante up. Bear in mind, that turning on the lights only reveals the slowest cockroaches as the fast ones already scurried under the stove.

Maybe it's just me who sees the irony of things like this, or maybe it just fits the trend where big pharma goes the extra mile to keep us toxifying ourselves as they are constantly engineering new ways to kill us slowly one pill at a time. Side effects caused by this pill cured by that pill which causes other side effects cured by a 3rd and so fourth. The simplest cure for depression having always been to turn off the TV and go for a walk... Yet we get upset when products don't give us wings as advertised despite knowing full well nothing, except for, maybe, MySatan's lab grown crops will cause us to grow appendages we weren't meant to have.

...and going back to the beginning of my story, the news can't even get the story I witnessed right. it was not near the intersection, it was at it, and there is no street parking anywhere near there to run between... Were they twins? Could have been I suppose, I wasn't close enough to the action to tell. Well, I almost became news there


Monday, 6 October 2014

Keeping Up With the Khazars or Killing Cardasians

Well, I've finally fixed my offline news reader as it had been failing to synchronise. Took a while because I had to figure out which of the backwater batshit-crazy feeds was messing it up. In the end, it was the phone company... Not my phone company, mind you, but the one that used to be a regulated monopoly who are now a near monopoly on media in Canada... Yes CTV news (a Bell globe media channel) was failing. The same company who Canadians petitioned against being allowed to buy astral media which halted the sale for at least a week or two before the CRTC decided to ignore the petition... Oh well, they weren't really serving much purpose lately anyway... crackpots...

So I've read that we are finally bombing the Cardasians instead of keeping up with them... Or was it that we've gone to war with the Khazars? I suppose the name of the group doesn't really matter anymore as long as it hasn't already been flogged to death by the media to such extent that the general population begins thinking the media might have made them up for the purpose of fear-mongering... Tune in next week to meet the latest 'more evil than evil itself' extremist group of brown people who want to harvest our unconceived children to be served up as caviar on cheap crackers... These talking heads are running out of creative language to make the next fake splinter cell sound more dangerous than the last, and, strangely, despite how much they like to hear themselves talk they don't appear to listen to themselves talking. Otherwise they might have concluded that saying 'the really real bogeyman' sounds just a little contrived. Maybe the 7 countries in 5 years was over ambitious, but, then 7 countries in 13 years sounds like numerology to me.

Most are so in awe of the spectacle of the right now that they fail to remember what steps they took to get here. Sufficed to say: we got here despite the occasional detour around the road-blocks thrown up by those souls brave enough to point out that something is very wrong, even if majority of the boiling frogs weren't listening or might even have decided that this new temperature was almost as comfortable as it had been ten minutes ago until it suddenly wasn't.

I mean, the latest distractions are simply meant to prevent us seeing them sweep yesterday's distractions under the rug. They reward their agents behind the scenes while believing everyone is too focused on act 2 to notice, and make each proceeding act more grotesquely aberrant in an attempt to keep our ADD/ADHD lack of attention focused on an ever smaller section of the stage. The plot and premise are usually the same in that when it's not more bad it's even worse until it's worse still... At least the theme doesn't completely change until long before anybody even realizes that the music stopped long ago. How else can we define times where we are advised to not get pulled over in order to avoid being raped or shot by a cop except to say that something is seriously fucked up.. This obey the law and don't get brutalized universe most assuredly took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, while the violence of bugs Bunny was censored so long ago anybody under 25 doesn't get that joke.

Forget about common sense, there is only nonsense, and not one red cent left... I can't give a penny for your thoughts on the matter because the manufacturer discontinued them for being as inconvenient as the truth which eludes so many in these times of wanton craving over things nobody needed before the word want was deprecated for being too easily confused with the word need. -d©