Wednesday, 15 May 2013

the polarized polarity of poles not properly polled (i think?)

I'm not certain where science went, but, I don't think very much of it went into this conclusion which appears to suggest that a cause, was actually the effect... It's as if they are blaming the pedestrian struck and killed by a drunk driver, as though that pedestrian had fed the driver excess alcohol and handed him car keys then suddenly appeared further down the road in the exact correct time and place to be killed. In fact, what I've taken away from this story is that we 'should' expect to see more ice forming in Greenland in the coming years while the Northern Ice Cap shrinks some (possibly even at the exact same rates), but I am no scientist nor 'climate witch doctor' so I could be incorrect in my assumptions. Time will tell.

Now for some more local events.

The 'shocking news' would appear to be that Senators don't believe in being accountable for other peoples moneys, and don't want to discuss it. Of course they believe they are doing the right thing, and think that there's nothing for us to worry about certainly not the collapse of a bubble or any such nonsense. But then again, why should they worry about such things when they have each other's backs? The fact is, not one of these people is actually concerned about Canada's economic development. In case you don't believe me ask yourself how this helps the Canadian economy, when it represents more money leaving the country and being spent elsewhere? Sure it will make some people happy, like the tourist industry of Florida, but it is 58 days of living, eating, partying, and sleeping expenses that left the Canadian economy forever.

There was some small victory in mental health, in Canada, but I am depressed to realize that there was some kind of plan for 'routine depression screening' to begin with. There are many reasons why depression is on the rise, and almost none of them is 'fixable via prescription drugs'. All the drugs do is obliterate the concerns that led to the depression... Like: while I am sitting here making zero moneys, senators are spending excesses (of Government moneys (which I am not entitled to)) then being handed Government moneys (which I am not entitled to) to pay back the excess spending.... No amount of drugging me fixes that source of mental anguish, and that is only one of the many circular logic examples I could cite which 'may' cause one to spiral downwards into utter despair.

Why are some criminals simply not treated the way common thugs treat other low lives? I think much of this rising depression would be solved by a very public beating of the criminals we've elected, don't you? In fact, we could set up legalized gambling around how many stones it took to render the less-than-honorable senator shit-for-brains unconscious during his public stoning, which could help with Canada's Economic Development! But I'd suggest doing these only during the winter months so maybe the aforementioned 'Snow-birds' might spend 58 days less outside of the country (grin).

Sure, I may be ignorant of some of the facts, but most of those facts were hashed out behind closed doors and are not meant for public consumption. I've also never claimed to be the smartest person alive nor been called such by anybody else, so I am hardly a disappointment to myself or others. Actually that last item may have earned a whole separate paragraph.

Steven Hawking is now 'A THREAT TO ISRAEL', or at least, if you are a Zionist terrorist, then he is a lemming: even if lemmings aren't really lemmings. I'd requote some of the statements made by Dershowitz in the article {link repeated for dramatic effect}, but it's far too supremist, exceptionalist, elitist, and outright vulgar for my tastes. Which says much if you've read any of my other work, of which, this blog contains two years worth... I am no chicken-shit where vulgar is concerned... I also don't tend to attempt to lump all Jews into the Zionist corral, which most Zionists, like Dershowitz, try to do whenever they can... They even resort to outright lies whenever it's convenient. It's odd that some of the most xenophobic and racist of people are even allowed to call anybody else a racist, I guess that is because they know it works. It's even more odd, that some things slide right by unnoticed while others demand nuclear retaliation.

I'm not going to say I am pure as the freshly fallen snow, but I do make a very deliberate effort not to be guilty of the things I accuse others of doing. I sometimes falter or fall short of my goals because I am still human. There are others out there who might consider being human as an insult, but I do not. I learn from the mistakes I've made, and as such, I frequently wear them as my badge of honour. I am not ashamed of having been in error, and I never find myself this at odds with my own belief structure, because I understand I cannot claim to be two opposing things at the same time. I am also not suggesting that any of the solutions I propose are the absolute, or 'only possible' solutions. I am simply spit-balling ideas around, because, as it's been said, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem... Which leads me to wonder: why we are looking to those who caused the problems (like the IMF) to feed us with the solutions?


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