Thursday, 30 July 2015

Erectile Envy and Gas Pump Ejaculate on a Vibrantly Neutral Canvas

I saw a commercial for some new drug, at least, I think it was a drug, the other day which will: improve my health, make friends for me, do my taxes, lend me money, purify the air around me before I inhale, and build muscle tone.... I think... Honestly I'm not sure what the drug was intended to do based on the commercial, but I intend not to find out. If only it would make coffee for me in the morning I might be more interested.

I laugh because I've run out of tears to shed over the death throws of this dying age of material overload. Not that I recall having cried over it's impending departure at any point since learning Santa wasn't real but I can't think of a better metaphor to illustrate my distain for the world painted around me in vibrant hues of black and very dark grey. I know that knowing none of it is important is the important part, and persist in trying to illustrate this in new ways in hopes that it eventually makes sense to others still trapped and enticed back into the thrall of a new car cure for penile dysfunction and erectile envy. Maybe, some day...

In the meantime we know that $150 a barrel oil caused the great recession and so did $50 a barrel oil, because they've told us so. It may not be my place to disagree by pointing out other possibilities, but being me all these years has taught me that the bank owns my place so I don't really have one anyway. While I'm pointing in the direction of dinosaur flatulence, there's also this going on and I can only guess it's happening because someone said $50 a barrel was gone forever so a firmware update on the pumps now causes a kernel dump if they drop below a certain amount per litre.

I wonder if a BSOD on a gas pump causes an explosion? I would think it very possible given that training exercises can, and often do, so why not blame technology? I mean, it was built to support a broken and backwards system which is already causing many misfired synapses among organic brains, hence the need for the previously mentioned drugs that do.... I still don't know what...

Sure, let's simply blame the technology for the infidelity of the, must be corrupted, data or did I mean politicians instead of data... Sounds somehow correcter, yet I'm not sure making up words makes it more so <grin>. That I have more faith in a hacker's recently open-sourced data than I do in politicians or media has to say something about the state of the counterfeit Monet pulled over the eyes of those too distracted reaching for that brass cock-ring that's likely attached to a grenade pin. Boom!

I bet they never saw they had it coming either... Or, at least they won't have when it does. Some say that's in October, but like all things that haven't yet happened, we'll see...


P.S. Baby parts! Get yer fresh honey-roasted baby parts!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pencil-pushed Imbalance

The news wouldn't bother me nearly as much if it didn't posit stupid questions like "Only in Vancouver?" with complete amnesia over the fact that 3 days ago, we found out it also happens in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. I'm pretty sure amnesia is the culprit in lowering the prime rate so soon after declaring us not in a recession (though, technically in a recession, ??? Dafuq did I just say?) despite every economic pointer stating the opposite. But, at least they don't seem to be trying to sugar-coat things... Unless it's actually worse than "expect banks to screw you", not that this expectation thingy is really news, but rather a motto to live by.

It's to early in the morning for all this math talk, my head hurts.

The politically correct camp is really pushing to erase a flag from the annals of history. If only they'd try to eliminate what the flag represents via education instead of the symbol itself we might be in a better state. But that would likely unify us as people who aren't corrupted to the core to the point of realising those who are have a numeric disadvantage to a unified rest of us... They don't teach that kind of math in schools because, well, schools teach that the authority figure knows more than you and must therefore know what they are talking about.

Deprogram, unplug, retrain yourself. This is the information age regardless of the massive piles of disinformation spread about for mass consumption -or- growing mushrooms.

If you look at it all long enough, eventually you can smell the dank compost scent on the untruths. The truth never needs justification to exist and doesn't attempt to hide behind weak and incomplete arguments. The truth, despite any amount of desire on our parts to not be true, cannot be proven wrong with a simple examination of presented evidence.

The truth is that society is evolving to find ways to counter the old guard. Maybe it's not fully there yet, but you can feel the push-back as local communities adapt their way around the coldness of this one planet one economy with not not enough work or money to accommodate every one of us. Slowly we're coming around to the idea that we aren't a number on an imbalance sheet to be pencil pushed into insolvency or early graves, we're human beings and we share a common interest in not being minimised.

This is why there is so much mainstream pressure and focus on anything that makes us different and incompatible. Murder is sensationalised most when race, religion, or gender can be indicated and monetised otherwise it's a minor blip in the local news like '2 drunks in a knife fight, 1 died'... Nothing to see here, move along... This is also why there is so much focus is shone upon the outermost fringe of of society.

I won't deny that there is plenty of 'feeling like you don't fit in' to go around in a world that so desperately wants to alienate us from ourselves as I've never felt I fit in here either, I'm simply not busy convincing myself that it's because my vagina hangs to the left and my ovaries are somehow below it producing sperm. And I don't feel myself better than anyone else for having the realisation that I'm much happier not trying to fit in, even if I no longer attempt to explain my actions or reactions to those closest to me. Either people accept who I am or they don't, I don't have the time to wait until someone is willing to listen, so I speak when I have something to say.

Hmmm... I think I've run out of things to say presently.


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Drunk and blindfolded dart lobbing

One of the things I've found common during economic recessions, is the official denial that one is happening. Maybe it's simply in hopes that not talking about it will make it go away, or maybe it's because calling it such makes everyone stop buying things which, needless to say, causes a recession to spiral more out of control. But, since I've yet to see a recession announced early, while people still have jobs, I have no scientific data to suggest calling it one and urging people to buy anything not nailed down would actually work.

I'm inclined to think it wouldn't because the people with the most money (unless there really isn't any money there either) will simply hibernate in their pods until prices are so disproportionate that people are selling acres of land for a ham sandwich, because there is no money, only IOU. Add to that, our largest export in present times is well-paid jobs to slave labour countries unless it's already being done by (killer) robots or poorly programmed computers... Or, still more poorly programmed computers...

Of course, I'm speculating on things as if the world were actually the way we are told it is, instead of being the way nobody wants us to know it is, which it actually is... The same names are involved across the planet as the same plan is in play, albeit, in varying phases just about anywhere you could land a dart on a spinning globe while both drunk and blindfolded.

Maybe I'm simply not making sense to anyone anymore, but, I don't feel like I'm the one trying to sugar-coat a diarrhea sundae, am I? No. I don't have that shit-peddling flavour in my mouth, so to speak... I mean, this is the same world where one of the world's leading death peddlers is part of the UN human rights council, which leads me to wonder when Ashton Kutcher is going to reveal that I'm being punked. Claiming to be the same people promised things nearly 6000 years ago does not make it so, and history likely never recorded the moment where they broke their end of the bargain and forfeit the favour of the almighty in the name of profit, but, from where I sit, that appears to be how it really went down.

The human ego can so easily convince itself that everything is justified that it will find the exact right data set to prove it... Just ask anyone who still believes that in two more generations snow will be as foreign a concept as an 8-track cassette tape is today. I do the same thing on payday as the influx of money illustrates I could get very wealthy as in that day my income far exceeds my expenses... But, when normalised over a lunar cycle, I'm pretty certain I'm fucked, so I do understand how the process works. As an additional example, one might look at my news feed and think there is an underground movement in Canada to kill all the lawyers: