Sunday, 20 November 2016

Playing The Trump Card and Other Political Mumbo-Jumbo

So Trump won, and the stock market went weird just to confuse people enough to wonder if Harambe might not have been the best choice for president... I'm not questioning why 11 thousand people voted for a dead gorilla as I've met enough people in this life whom I've almost asked how they managed to navigate the birth canal without getting lost... No the real question is how did a dead gorilla get on the list to begin with?

Will things actually change for the better? I suppose that's a wait and see kind of question. I'm not leaning in either direction at this point, though I suppose it's somewhat telling that I can find no cynicism to insert here, as that is far more of a positive than is usually seen here... Maybe that will change as it all sets in, and maybe the positive will be nullified by foreign policy makers, and foreign banks.

Fuck banks! A lot!

I'm fact, fuck corporations too... Canada chose not to give money to this company, Quebec, on the other hand, got fucked over hardcore. It's less than 6 months ago, how bad has our memory gotten? Worse still, I had to post a Google archive of the story because I couldn't otherwise find it. Seriously, 20℅ of your global job cuts are in the place that gave a billion dollars less than 6 months ago? There are only 8.2 million people here... Cutting everyone a check for $120 would have been a better investment in the economy.

This is the opposite of what I just said... I cannot think of any company that deserves slaves who's dinner is paid by taxpayers. Can you?

It really is time to let some of these faltering, mismanaged companies and to big to fail dinosaurs become extinct. I know it's all about the intellectual property with the corporations, and all about the defaults to creditors who are likely beyond rich in all cases. I'm thinking the IP can be split to the regional governments in which these companies are closing and can then be licences to whomever wants to manufacture such things. And we could pay the vulture capitalists in government printed interest free dollars.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pinning the Tail On the Zombie

I'm rather disturbed by the recent reports of a Syrian civil war. It's only started in the past month and I cannot for the life of me figure out how terrorists and less terrifying terrorists funded and trained by the Zionist Attack and Terrorize Organisation (NATO, but the N was beaten and stabbed by Israel and has since been lying on its back bleeding out in an alley like so many nameless Palestinians on any given week) attempting to overthrow the government that thier owners and handlers don't like could possibly be called a civil war? The only civilians involved are the ones being beheaded or corralled into Europe... Though I am not sure they are civilians either given the recent gang-rape and mob violence which appears to be occurring in the same locales which you didn't hear about in the media. No you only hear about places that want nothing to do with any of it.

All I know for certain is: if it's good for George Soros it's bad for everyone else. Not that he is unique in that description, nor alone in his clique, but that he's been centre stage for a while now. And that the shoe fits.

There's a whole lotta finger pointing going on, even though it's not really working. I know what the attempt is, but it can't work while Russia is paying attention. Ultimately, the rest of the world sees what's going on, not that the U.S. government appears to be trying to hide things very well...

Why isn't the entire country up in arms? I don't get it... 15 years ago, a war on terror was declared (granted under false pretexts) and that war is now about helping terrorists and even protecting them. Has the media created an entire nation of brain-dead zombies completely unwilling to fact check something so obviously fabricated?

I guess it has... Oooooh, purdy fireworks, gona git me some popcorn.



Sunday, 11 September 2016

Migratory Lawn Flamingos

So here we are, 15 years after 'the event' which made everything worse. Given 'the official story' and the other official story where those 'claimed' responsible were buried at sea you might expect that the fighting would have stopped. You'd be wrong, of course, but I've never laid claims that logic holds much effect over the goings on of this place.

Appropriate that a massive thunder shower began at midnight last night and that the sky is black as night this morning with winds of up to 75Km/h. I can't hear the whisper in the trees for all the metal garbage can tumbleweeds enough to know if these are the winds of change, or simply a hurricane of migratory lawn flamingos, but it does feel foreboding enough to think it's not good whatever it is.

I'd love to say that the masses are wising up to the charade, yet... and... and even...  {sigh} I never put too much credo into the Bible, but it's hard to deny the sheep references whilst so many seem happily led to the slaughterhouse in this bizarre place of politically correct revisionists creating a new kind of hate which we cannot speak of as it is nameless. 

Of course 'all lives matter' not just black ones. Maybe this statement does strike a blow to African-American pride, but then, pride is one of the seven deadly sins. 

Well, I know it's not much today, but my eyes have glazed over attempting to get through my news feeds.


Monday, 25 July 2016

Demented Avengers in the Department of Interior

So, the pace has ramped up of late in the department of mass-hysteria planning. I almost don't know where to begin... A LIE. We'll start with bloodless murder truck. Then we'll go to Germany because why not follow someone who was sent to 'document the event' BOTH TIMES.

This is how blatantly obtuse it's become, or how thinly stretched the powers that believe themselves to be are stretched. Not that I think armed rebellion will work in the places where the people are the most armed, but, in other places there is much less of an arms race going on it is likely a good idea. Haven't actually determined which place is a good one, my place isn't because we can't even bear words (another example here) let alone arms. Just in case you are still on the fence about government involvement, let's review the camera footage, oh, right, we can't. I could continue to list mass-killings, staged attacks, and other violent outbursts all day, but someone else has done much of that already.

I wish I had more than conjecture to offer in these matters, but, that's never been how my particular line of sight works. I can only see what I see and try to place words to it. I've never been much for stratego or other war games which might be why the world is becoming more uncomfortable. That is by design of course because the officials need to find things to do with all the bullets they've stockpiled over the past several years, and what's better than race riots and angry mobs of looting cop killers.

Then again, we could continue inventing bizarre new crimes against humanity, more confusions and frustrations added to the already complete overload... Am I male? Or am I non-trans-unfemale who is unattracted to my own archetype? That's a whole lot of words where 'man' used to be effective and unbiased. Then again, in a general chat in a game I play, the word penis was enough to start the self-appointed PC police foaming at the mouth. It was met with 'that is the PC term cock-face!' and I smiled. It's so beyond ridiculous that it's not even funny anymore.

We have to be sensitive and unhatefilled but let's not lead by example or anything foolish like that. 


Monday, 18 July 2016

Die Gruppe Der Schläger

A few years ago, I posted something about the transit cops boarding my bus and scanning everyone's bus pass. Even took a picture of it. It was 2 people back then. This happened again yesterday, but worse... 6 uniformed thugs, armed with billy clubs, mace, radios, and I think I even saw a stun grenade, made the driver turn off the bus while 2 of them guarded the exits and the other 4 scanned people's bus passes. 

Obviously, we no longer live in 'freedom' and 'liberty' when can be held hostage at random to inspect that our papers are in order... In fact, this is sounding much like German occupied Poland, but without possibly being shot in the head for sport, for now... They didn't have so many armaments last time, so it's not that unrealistic to suspect submachine guns in a future encounter.

Not that I hold much belief in the holocaust, but, I suspect some of the stories of overzealous, trigger-happy SS officers might have been true.

The USA still has plenty of freedom, but only if you break laws and invade countries on false pretexts. And I mean really, really false. Not ;that North America is alone in its double standards.

You don't have to take my word, but, when the president of a country calls the MSM official government propagandists, maybe that carries more weight? Then again, those propagandists never showed this footage so you didn't hear his word either.

Big things are happening below the surface of this veneered reality. I'm not certain what bizarre science is concealing it from anyone who still can't feel it. I only know there is some bizarre science going on in some places.

I've run out of steam and forgotten where I was going with all of this... So until next time.


Monday, 4 July 2016

Br'Enter The Phoenix

There's a whole lot of propaganda giving me the heebie-jeebies right now. So much Brexit: 'the power of the people' and t'he NWO is running scared' and so none of it being true. Ask yourself, what would Georgie Soros do? Make public statements calling for a newer, better EU, that's what. Never fear, for the IMF and BIS will be there to befriend those nations getting thrown under the bus, and a new Euro will rise from the ashes of the still dying nations... In 1988, the economist called that currency 'The Phoenix' and date stamped it 2018. The satanic money cult has never been known for its creative genius. I would encourage everyone to read this, mostly so I don't have to keep paraphrasing it.

Unfortunately, paper is not really known for its fire extinguishing properties, especially while water is so readily available... But who am I to make such assertions, I'm no scientist and I suppose the quantities of paper they intend on throwing around might smoother the flames, but then embers smouldered underground at the WTC for weeks without oxygen and while being douced with water because jet fuel, so I don't much trust scientists lately either.

I've been seeing reports that the Orlando shooter's bodycount is rapidly counting backwards, as the SWAT team's count rises. That hot mess is unraveling so quickly that by next week we'll find that the 'shooter' had no weapon and was actually at a different club where he was roofied and transported unconscious to the scene of his alleged crimes. Not much surprises me anymore... and it does explain why the media has been endlessly parroting that he texted his wife while posting to Facebook while killing 50 people while riding a unicycle. Or something like that... They knew they had to prove guilt so everybody would just move on and forget about it. There were to many agendas at stake, so now you must be a card carrying terrorist because you've said something against the LGBT community because ISIS killed those people with SWAT issue bullets because transsexuals... I think...

I don't think the programming was successful on me, because I'm unsure what the moral of the story was. Maybe the word moral in the previous statement is incorrect given its meaning and my inability to reconcile that whole episode to anything akin to morality, but I'm not sure what word works in its place.

Not that we can tell if it's getting better or worse when we keep giving them numbers to fudge. 90% of the people I asked if I'm an asshole checked the yes box, the ninth person wrote no in an empty space next to the single choice answer box... I like the way they think, even if i disagree with their answer.


Sunday, 12 June 2016

Firing Off a Text in Sniper Vision

Highway robbery. We're all used the term, yet suddenly I no longer think it means what we used to think it means. ...But then neither does global warming, it's almost the summer solstice and this sweater is not thick enough for outdoor activities. And forget about swimming. I know nobody invites me anywhere and that should be reason enough to stay indoors, but I'm not a big believer in online shopping because it makes the only regionally available jobs 'delivery guy'. I know there's a more politically correct means of saying that, but I could give a fuck. 

I normally don't condone the actions of Walmart, but even a busted clock is right once every 43200 seconds. I mean not only is there interest to the cardholder, but fees to the vendor. There are also fees on refunds... how do you get 6% of the price of a purchase and applicable taxes when an item does not sell? 6% of zero = profit? The money changers are the only people who have figured out how to divide by zero and somehow make it everybody else's fault that the universe imploded. 

I swear I've read the headline "Orlando shooter texted his wife during attack" twenty or more times... Admittedly, I've not read any of the articles associated, but I'm very curious to why this is supposed to be such an important detail that I need it to be programmed and force-fed to me by every news agency, blog, editorial, and cereal box I read. It doesn't make things more convincing or believable. If anything it leads me to ask if there supposed lone-wolf, might-be killer has some stubby thalidomide third hand with which to text while firing an AR-15 with his other 2 hands? Fuck me! I just moved 1 headline from where I was to find there are Facebook posts also.... My original math may be flawed, this person was Kālī...

It bothers me even more that the alt-media seemed incensed that the MSM 'knew to call it terrorism immediately'... they call everything terrorism these days otherwise the sleeping denizens, whose attention never strays from whatever the masturbatory must-have-it fad of the hour is, wouldn't know what to be afraid of... we should be more incensed at that than who called terrorism when. Because, really, those are the people whose attention needs to get got.

Well, I've been writing this post long enough that there news contained herein is getting stake. I guess I'll publish it now.


Sunday, 29 May 2016

Global Warming... On Mars

How many years has it been since we landed the Mars Rovers? I calculate we've been sending things there for about 45 years, and we've completely destroyed the environment there already. I suggest we tax Martian greenhouse gas emissions so heavily that Martians can only afford 2 meals per week before the planet becomes desolate and lifeless, because, as we know from experience, taxes fix everything. Especially problems nobody knew needed fixing.


Every now and then, I wonder to myself, did I really just read that? Was I dreaming? I had to be dreaming when I read this. It's so backwards that I expect to open the front door to portal into candy land. But no, that Mercedes on blocks in the driveway on the corner tasted like neglect and rust, just like it did last year, but more so now than then.

This is still the world where my news feed explains itself in sequential headlines:

It's stopped being subliminal, and yet, day to day operations seemingly continue uninterrupted. While I'm on sequential headlines, I'll just leave this here 

Ponzi schemes continue to be illegal unless it's called banking. But then, you can break rules, and likely laws, yet still become president, so long as you know the right people. By now I figure we all know who the right people really are so it goes without needing truly be said.

So, we've all been force fed the bullshit that our cars are killing there planet, and I've long pointed there finger back at corporations being the environment killers. This is now proven with the fact that these 39 locations are 12% of all emissions of vile putrescence. I doubt that there are only 39 sites not reporting or underreporting the toxins they are spewing into the air that we breathe, and I would not be surprised if these 39 sites are owned by less than a dozen corporations / shell companies funded by 2 or 3 vulture capitalists. I have not investigated such claims and could be way off... but my gut tells me otherwise. 

I'd write all about it on Facebook, but, I really won't be writing anything there because there's rebellious, and there's blatantly stupid... One need not imply the other.


Monday, 23 May 2016

Imitations of Life from Couch-Potato Central

I was watching the news yesterday... I actually burst into laughter during the report of the air Egypt crash as it jumped from a fire started in the control room into a volley of the word terrorism being insert into sentences where it didn't fit. It was so blatant and bad that my girlfriend even made mention of it. "Why does everything have to be terrorists?" She asked. The only answer I could think of was that negligence doesn't evoke the proper response from people. Then we feel bad for the 200 families who lost loved ones at the behest of a corporation that no longer employs it's own staff in favour of 'lowest price', or is that 'value added', I get confused sometimes, contracting companies. 

Speaking of which, terrorists really are the value added outsourced contractors of CIA and other governmental agencies meant to preserve national security in some country anyway, so I suppose it's all tomàto, tomáto anyhow.

The news then went on to talk at great length about Donald Trump despite being 'Canadian news'... not sure why that needs ten minutes of rambling when we aren't voting for chump nor hilarity in this country.

Meanwhile there's been little mention of the fact that they've started tearing down part of a long delayed bridge to nowhere in the local news.

It really is the news they need us to know.

I'm not sure what I expected by turning on that abomination which teleports pixels and sound from a studio to my living room, which, contrary it it's name, isn't where much living actually takes place.

I know there is also some inane talk of legalizing using whichever bathroom tickles your fancy

Maybe we can simply outlaw bathrooms outright for being sexist and derogatory... Watch your step, the gender-neutral non-race specific homosapien (who am I calling a homo? Let's just say sapien now) who walked there two minutes ago ate at Chilli's last night. This is known to get slippery, like the slope we avalanching down as a society.

No signs of intelligent, sentient life here.

In the real world, were you to attempt to look away from the magic box, you might find out why George Soros is being missed in the Panama papers leak. You might also find a group calling this PC transgender farce 'child abuse'.

But then, we don't live in a real world.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

2nd Dimension Bathrooms And 5th Amendment Guilt

There was all kinds of hype about a company wanting to rebuild the temple of Baal all over the world. I thought the plan seemed far too blatant and in your face to be anything less than a farce even for a world as illusory as the one so many people think we live in. It seems they put the kibosh on that, maybe next year... Maybe it isn't even needed.

The Panama papers have also been making the rounds. I find them disturbing more for what they don't contain than for what they do. I'm not the only person who thinks it reads more like a CIA press release than an indiscriminate data blob so I won't bother to regale the story. In fact, I think it is a CIA press release after all.

I also read that jobless claims are on the decline. There's no link because unemployment numbers are the most heavily manipulated statistic ever created. But, I do have a theory about that too. Grim though it may be, the conventional punch-clock jobs just don't seem to be a reliable source of income anymore.

Insanity prevails and permeates everything it touches so it would seem. The more I read about all those transhumans that need our donations to build 'it' washrooms that fit in the 2 dimensional space between his and hers, the more I think to myself: you either have an innie or an outie, whether you know how to cope with that or not isn't everybody else's problem, fuck off! I wanted to be spider-man when I grew up but you don't hear me asking for special treatment, do you? It's all a front to keep us off guard and hating one another anyway.

Injustice simply runs rampant as most normal people would be fired for fucking the receptionist on the conference room table, but not police who can fuck in their car with only a tap on the wrist. In fact one of these officers should be having statutory rape charges, but isn't. Then a again, other ex-police are guilty of not proving themselves guilty, which, I used to think was perfectly legal. I'll add that to the growing list of things I used to think which simply are not true.

Overall, the plan appears to be working and people are being led exactly where the shadow puppet masters want them to be. Capitalism isn't broken, socialism isn't broken, currency is broken. And so long as we don't own currency, we are practising neither in the first place.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Washing Down Faggots With Drano

So I finally broke down and re-entered some login information into my newsreader, because I like to torment myself. This was an inevitability between all the who's and what's, Blair and Sachs were obvious, pet Viagra is icing on the cake. And while we're speaking of food (seems to be the topic of the month) you can't Instagram your faggots on Faceplant, because politically correct language Nazis are idiots. 

Some people are finally catching on, even if they aren't putting two and two together. I'm certain I've declared Mulcair an Israel first, bankster puppet years ago. Digressing... Other people still appear to still be drinking drano, and yet others try to force us to drink our drano a certain way... 

I feel I was way better off yesterday, before I read any of this, but I'm not overly surprised by it either. 

Something is definitely ary in the world though, the banks are considering giving money to those they stole it from on the first place... I'm not sure how something like that would work. 

There is one conspiracy in this world which I can make no sense of. The conspiracy against headphones. Why must I be subjected to all the shitty music I purposely avoid, played back over horrendous sounding speaker-phone intended sound systems? Headphones aren't as expensive as the cell phone, and I won't feel compelled to punch you in the mouth and toss your cell phone into traffic for wearing them. No suddenly people feel they need to invade everybody's air space with a horrible quasi-dance remake of fast car by Traci Chapman. 

And now I've lost my train of thought.


Monday, 21 March 2016

Guardians Of Rotting Cauliflower

Maybe it's all the thumb-fucking of cell phones being the cause, but I tend to expect less spelling and grammatical errors out of somewhat major publications than this article contains. It's not an isolated incident as I have been seeing a lot of this lately. Maybe there are no real editors left in that job market, or maybe they've all been replaced by newer, younger personas who've been trained in common-core educational meat grinders that won't correct things so as not to 'hurt feelings'... Yet leads to exactly this death of the language. I've probably railed against this'd before, I'll likely rail against it again. It also leads to a whole lot of other stupid, too.

Fuck it. Fuck it a lot...

There was a big sale on mouldy rotting cauliflower at the grocery store the other day. I looked at the calendar expecting April fools, but it wasn't April yet. Then there was the Brussels airport bombing and suddenly there are security guards posted at the same grocery store... Guarding mouldy cauliflower, I presume. Funnier still they were paged twice while I shopped for twelve items, strangely, they were all out of cauliflower. 

I've been catching some very strange juju lately. Recurrence of numbers, people thinking I'm someone else, odd conversations with complete strangers, seemingly supernatural sunrises and sunsets.

I've been actively avoiding media and news of any kind outside of a few choice blogs for months, yet somehow things I need to know find me either via grapevine, or random happenstance like the radio of a passing car. Maybe I miss out on the undertones buried in the din of background noise meant to trigger emotional response in this manner, and maybe it's promulgated so far that coincidence is closer to persistence. I can't say for certain without jumping back into the fray and metring it for myself, but I still seem to know more about whatever's going on in Trump Towers than a non-American should ever need to. My opinion of candidates running for president does not change my inability to cast a vote, which, I likely wouldn't anyway. 

It beggars the imagination that news is presented by a minority who is known for manipulating history by inserting whichever lies were the most convenient at the time.

This post is everywhere... Probably best to end it.


Friday, 11 March 2016

Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Let's get the obvious out of the way. I've been gone for a while. There is no reason for this other than having had nothing to say... Nothing has changed, I've not been arrested, killed, nor put on prescription medication to overcome the 'paranoid delusion' of some international conspiracy to steal the world and mortgage it back to us at subprime rates with no money down... There has simply been a stagnation in the acceleration of visible signs relevant to that end.

I know that, to an extent, we are waiting for them to play their Trump card, and no, creativity has never been their strong suit. But, then, have you ever met a bean counter? Most are bean counters because they realise they lack imagination early on. I've never met an accountant moonlighting in a garage band (weekend rebel cover-band, yes, original songs no) or painting the Mona Lisa on the weekend. And economists are simply accountants who don't know how not to fudge the numbers and could not be trusted with check signing responsibilities. 

Still, I feel it worth mentioning that I still feel something is on the verge. I don't know what it is. There is no ominous feeling associated with it, no anticipation, no restlessness, no dreams or nightmares, yet it's there. Shapeless and without name, and with nary a whisper in the winds.

Maybe I simply do not understand what's coming enough for it to cast a shadow, and maybe I'm not meant to survive it, so, it remains a distant unrecognised visage I couldn't pick out of a police lineup. I simply don't have enough data to fill in the blanks and chart the possible outcomes to any degree of accuracy better than throwing darts blindfolded. Yet, it still feels close enough to be injured during the act of throwing darts blindfolded. 

I didn't say I planned to make a whole lot of sense today. Did I? Because it doesn't make much sense to me either.

It is always possible that whatever approaches won't affect me in any direct manor, hence the lack of dread I'd normally feel.

It is also possible that I am feeling the echo of an increasing number of souls coming down from the acid trip of this reality generated to mask the true intentions of those manipulating it towards their own agenda. I hear more and more of that in the murmur of crowds of strangers, and I see it behind the eyes of the silent. More and more, it seems, people are pulling at the loose threads in the tapestry, and having traveled that path already, I know it all ends up the same ball of twine no longer covering the window to reality. People are willfully unplugging, and defiantly questioning the paradigm set forth by weapons of mass distraction.


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Expert-ish Opinions

I know it's been a while since I've come around these parts, so I've come to write things... I don't feel I have much to write about which likely means this will be a longer than average post.

So, let us begin.

The system would appear to be working as intended. The question of refugees being paid more than our poorest, pointed out to politicians that maybe there is something wrong, so, of course, they fixed it. Maybe the governments have decided that sanctions against Walmart were required so they've kneecapped their customers, which, in Quebec, is actually EVERYONE. Sounds stupider than most things I've ever said, but, I'm not one to delete the first thing that springs to my mind unless the grammar was awful.

Canada, a country divided, literally! Yet we are still too polite to blame a complete engineering failure on the engineers who failed... Likely for the same reason nobody fails a grade in school any more: we can't hurt people's self esteem... We can hurt people, or pretend to hurt people while 3 blocks away people really get hurt in the same way as the exercise was scripted, but that's different.

I'd like to say I have no idea how this keeps happening, but, I'd be lying. What's worse, is seeing where all of that leads, but that's all part of a plan. They likely know the plan, most of us do not. This ignorance is partially due to our acceptance of expert-ish opinions from paid shills hired to make us stupider enough that they have to dumb it down more than they may have a year ago.

It's working, isn't it?

Experts claimed a few years ago that the days of cheap oil were gone forever. Obviously, cheap oil has nothing to do with supply or demand, nor how hard it is to find more, nor anything else tied to reality.

But there's a double-talk coming out of the talking heads now as they try to convince us everything is fine, but maybe it isn't. This part of the plan I have not figured out yet. It is possible that they are covering their asses by covering all angles so they can say see we told you so... Trust us... OK, I did figure it out, didn't even take very long...

Speaking of told you so, I probably mentioned billions of dollars spent too keep a thousand people employed for a few years was less productive than just giving a billion dollars to the thousand people directly... Maybe I'll even look that post up, because I highly doubt we've got our billions worth yet, and they are playing it in such a way I'd bet billions they are trying to get more... Not that I expect to collect on that... Nor did we really collect on the 3 billion in stock that we sold last year as it was bought for more than that.

Then, there are the forecasts from NGOs whose primary goal is to bankrupt nations... I'd have to say that it's highly plausible that they will bankrupt a few more nations when they tell us that they plan to, even if they don't use those exact words.

Syria... No real change there, except for all the Putin bashing, which still isn't much of a change, given that Russia has always been our best phantom menace... Maybe the internet makes it impossible to build that kind of pure fear and loathing ever again. Maybe he has a hand in killing some guy, and maybe he doesn't, it still doesn't tally to match the war crimes committed in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and just about anywhere else NATO and the friends of Zion have left their mark. Sure he's a politician, and that is a job description synonymous with corruption, but actions in the present can absolve the sins of the past in accordance with most religious dogma.

This also works to the opposite as the past cannot absolve sins of the present. We fell off the moral high ground a long time ago when we sold ourselves to wolves in bankers clothing, at least as a whole... We cannot be a force for good when (mis)led by demons, and all the ignorance in the world cannot change the initial intent of the criminally insane monsters whose plan we are fulfilling by 'just following orders'.

It may wash our hands on the individual level, but that still bears the odour of selfishness which plays right back to the regularly scheduled programming of watching primadonnas bicker over who is more undeservedly famous for no plausible reason whatsoever. They call it programming for a reason, and it can't end so long as we keep buying whatever horseshit they are selling.


Friday, 8 January 2016

Freezing Fog, and Other Death From Above

The weather this morning is giving me some strange juju. I left the house at dawn to be met with freezing fog which makes little sense because ice doesn't hang in the air the way moisture and water vapour do. Yet, here we are... In an ominously frozen cloud. It's not even that cold, which, for anyone not familiar with Canada in the winter, still means colder than a walk-in freezer... Well I suppose that's enough about the weather.

Ice may be defying gravity, but the stock market certainly hasn't been. Some may be surprised by this, I am not. I've spent a lifetime looking at cause and effect and wondering why so few do this math to it's full conclusion.

I know it's easy to get caught up in the web as we are preyed upon from every angle, and lied to about all of it 24/7. It's all about stealing focus in a bait and switch magic act of pulling a quarter out of your ear, then pocketing it. Yes, that was the trick, it was your quarter, the ear thing was the distraction.

Politicians cannot change things despite whatever they may promise. They are either bound by whomever owns them or bound to contracts made before their rise to power. Trade agreements supersede local laws to such an extent that a Canadian company can sue Canada for aiding a Canadian competitor, so why should anyone have faith in government? Why does anyone still hold hope that the next time could be different? The only way it can be different is through a massive upheaval.

Too bad massive upheaval is already planned... We may not recognise which upheaval is thiers and which one's ours. I suspect some of us may see the earmarks, but that vast majority will not, much as they do not see the patterns emerging now. Unless we simply have death from above.