Wednesday, 1 May 2013

burning down the lake, among other things

OK, So I've finally been reading some news... I'm not sure if he knows what sociology is... I would think using the word implies that he does, so this is really just a way to dodge the real issues, like whether there is any 'real' terrorism anymore (or was there ever any to begin with)? I tend to think motive and origin teach us a lot, so maybe that's why we are not looking too deeply into such things, and are instead, attacking anyone who suggests we should. I'm also not sure if he realises that if we are backing the so-called 'Free Syrian Army', he is guilty of number 6 on this list of horrible. And just in case you think I am wrong about Boston forwarding an agenda...

Consumerism kills. That's what I think that headline should read... But it doesn't, and never will.

I am no detective, but I already pointed this "trend" out a week earlier than they did. Maybe I am in the wrong line of work. I am really quite shocked to find out what some people seem to get paid to research when you consider I have not earned a penny in 3 months... I mean really, really shocked at the money thrown around yet, not a tuppence for me. Why am I even paying attention anymore when it appears nobody else is? I mean, we're all up in arms about bullying, but it's do as I say not as I do, here in never-never land, but at least some people are calling a spade a spade.

I mean could it be that investigative work is so badly botched purposefully so we can announce 11 years later that we've found something right where we left it? It's the gift that just keeps on giving. Somebody, somewhere, knows what's really going on. I can speculate it all fairly accurately but have no smoking gun proof and by the time my allegations come into the spotlight it's usually too late to change anything.

...And when there's nothing else to do we can drudge up some trivial crap I'm sure was already investigated months ago to remove focus from things that might actually make a difference. I did not much care about it then, and I still don't. Or, there's always new trivial crap we could talk about... 'Cartoonish'? let's pause for a second and remember that we already have looneys and twoneys, then add a bitter pill about all money being fake and realize that somebody is laughing at us, not with us... Angry yet? Good.

Is anybody else with me when I say maybe it's time to deliberately set lake Erie on fire? I mean there's that urban legend from mixing this with that line from T-Bird in The Crow, so why not have life imitate art? I know what you're thinking: you anti-environmental maniac... But I have never much cared what others think, so why should this case be any different? If I really tried I could probably find studies that suggest we'd be better off after a major display of what should be physically impossible, but I'm not going to bother.

This is an interesting twist, let's guilt people into paying more for the same garbage, instead of pointing out that not buying the damned garbage in the first place is the most sound solution. We all know that guilt works wonders which is why even people we don't give two shits about try and evoke it.

I really wasn't aware that welfare in Ontario meant that Ontario was your nanny making sure you didn't spend all your allowance on jube-jubies... But now that I am I think that everybody should learn to wipe their own ass by a certain age, or quickly realize the discomfort they have trying to sit down when they fail...

It's called "Spin" and the news does it all the time, like in this headline as a prime example... I would sooner have titled that one 'idiot tourist dies for not heeding warnings about touring the bad part of town wearing a solid gold "mug me" sign', but nobody would print that, would they? I'm not saying anyone deserved to die, but I'm also not calling someone who likely narrowly escaped a bulldozer crushing his home "the terrorist" or antagonist either.

I think I am done reading the news for now...

And then the doorbell rang with that 'other shoe' I mentioned earlier... The case for harassment against my former employer will not be carried by the government entity responsible for such things. They suggest that I could hire a lawyer, but make no mention as to how anyone without income does such things...

This should alleviate any questions as to why I am so pissed off and questioning why I pay taxes most of the time.


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