Friday, 27 June 2014

The Grandmaster Expert Guru Ninja... AKA error 404: person not found

I know there are a number of things I tend not to mention here. Sometimes these are simply things I've not made any formal decision on due to either side of the equation appearing to have some flaw or incomplete data set while also having logical sidebar explanations. Contrails are one such example in that they tend to hang around much longer on days where atmospheric conditions support the natural formation of clouds... This is not to say I haven't read some pretty compelling arguments in support of Chemtrails, but that those often leave me with certain unanswered questions as does the contrail question of 'why, on a day when MOST jets are leaving contrails behind them, are there still a few which do not?'. Neither side can sufficiently debunk the other, and this region does not have many days with overwhelming numbers of 'plane trails', so I leave that in my undecided bin. Not that I trust science given its recent foray into climatology where normal is the new bad and the sky is falling because they have some alarmingly incomplete data.

Maybe it's possible that I do not decide on these matters because I know full well that despite my apparent anonymity that I am in no way anonymous, nor under the protection of being unknowable or untraceable and am to some degree self-censoring. This question is multiplied exponentially when taking into account that I've made a living from this digital age of computer insecurity where information is secured by imaginary locks with visible keyholes. Yes I understand this statement is a paradox akin to living on a diet of only donut holes, or pissing in the corner of a perfectly round room, but where there is a will, there is always a way.

In the end it really only comes down to myself believing what I say to be as true as was possible given my lack of access to any real truth since I formulate everything based on my perception of things I get from whichever sources were available at whatever time I sought them out. I would rather admit being undecided, or simply answer with a confident "I don't know" because sometimes that's the only honest answer.

So I end up with the things that are so unbelievable that they MUST be true, things so ridiculous that I wish they weren't true, things which are slowly admitted to be true (despite everyone's best efforts to convince people that it's not really true), and that pile of 'pending further evidence' which I try not to discuss. I know I could revisit that pile and make bets on their outcome, but gambling tends to require a certain amount of excess cash one could afford to lose, which is not one of those commodities that falls into my lap often, or maybe I meant ever. *disclaimer: many of the links in this paragraph are actually in the 'wait and see' pile of undecided, but not all*

One thing which rarely fails to be true is the rule of thumb that: if it's parroted by the media it likely contains little to no truth, and was based on the speculation of somebody bearing the name 'expert', who, by next week will have a name change to 'scapegoat'. Everybody knows that an expert has nowhere else to go but down which is why I have never narrowed my focus away from the concept of general practitioner or jack-of-all-trades. That's possibly the other reason for my cash-flow being about level with the cost of breathing, I do not apply to ask the odd job titles (IT Guru, Networking Ninja, DBA Expert, Codemonkey, Grandmaster Sysadmin, System Building Enthusiast (note: enthusiasts spend tons their own money on 'stuff' because they like doing something), or any mix and match combination of these) which I've been seeing evermore frequently... Who the hell came up with these retarded and formerly childish (though, now, "new normal") job titles anyway? (Rhetorical question) The answer is simple: somebody who wants an IT person for a fraction of the regularly expected salary, as nobody can cross compare an invented job title for 'market averages' for use in salary negotiations...

Another rule of thumb which applies itself almost universally is anything the government guarantees: gives the bankers more of our money somehow, costs way more than it was supposed to, was delayed by no less than double it's expected completion date, and completely failed at it's intended purpose, and the think-tank that came up with it will be used again next time. It isn't that I don't think the economy and 'youth' are in dire straights, but that I fail to see how the rest of us non-youth can foot the bill on this while we're barely making ends meet. Outlaw usury and cancel all compound interest debts and suddenly the economy might begin to move again, simple, inexpensive, and the legal system can sort out the mess of the "too rich to jail" rats that come out of the woodwork wondering why their graph of infinite exponential growth stopped filling the swimming pool with the sweat of our labours...

Ah, but instead, most blame Obama, or bicker over lost IRS emails, or a Squirrel!! -or- whatever other distraction of the day was available... Remember in this "Global Economy" that everything is connected and while these 'small' details might get our attention, there is still a "Global Economy" which traces most things back to the same source: the pit from whence money came... And in closing, WTF?


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mugshots, Common sense, and Karma

15% of the headlines I just read, published in the past day in MSM sources seem to have something to do with "hot mugshot guy". It's truly remarkable what passes for NEWS these days all while police behave badly and get away with it. It's all put out there to distract us from the facts that we go malnourished while the rich keep it all for themselves, no worries, it will only get worse from here because things are working as intended. Far be it for anyone to be interested in fixing the problem by maybe finding an alternate fuel source. No, that would not be financially sound in the profit driven world, even if there is very little in that profit driven world that makes sense at all, like mass retiring to solve the retirement deficit...

Common sense, and his BFF logic vacated these premises on permanent vacation some time ago. Maybe they'll send us an occasional postcard, though I suspect those will be lost in the mail or at least lost in translation.

So long as we all know who is evil even if communism and Russia parted ways a couple of decades ago then maybe we can get this economy moving again sometime... Of course this simply means we can stop killing the impoverished through malnutrition and crime infested cesspits and get back to killing them with depleted uranium like good civil humanitarians. Far be it from anyone to take the logical approach and outlaw banking to maybe get things back on some kind of track, but, then I have already stated common sense and logic fled this place for fear of being labelled terrorists some time ago.

Speaking of some time ago, which we likely were not, I am fairly certain I have brought something like this up right here in these very pages at some point or another, and I know I have mentioned things like this on more than one occasion as well. I just find it odd when considering the source of who is doing the saying of it now. Maybe this simply means it is now a matter of months instead of the years ago that I could see it all shaping up into the perfect storm.

I suppose not all the news is such a terrible tragedy since sometimes things happen to reinforce the idea of Karma.


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

No news is... Well... Um... No news

Well, my news readers appear to be down, and much as 'they' say "no news, is good news" I've never really given 'they' much credibility or faith at any point during my journey through life. Perhaps it's all in the timing and accuracy at which any promise they've made have been all at once both realized then nearly instantly crushed.

There was a time where things seemingly fell into place: a good job with good pay, a stable relationship, a house, 2 cars, a kid and several pets... All of this did carry a certain debt burden which, funny enough, covered itself and returned some profit on its collapse, but the timing of it all was a synergy which can be traced to 2 things: the "dot.bomb", and 9-11. One drove off the good job, the other began the rising cost of the basic building block of the entire economy: Oil.

Despite leaving that 'american dream'-like life with some cash, it would not compensate for now having a half-empty apartment which somehow cost as much and more to live in than the house had on a salary that was 40% lower than the one I had before merging and purging half of the furnishings I'd owned prior to the dream-state... And then we add the almost double cost of a tank full of gas and child support payments which had not existed in the past and I am now assured a bankruptcy within 3 to 5 years.

I know these things were required to happen because needed the wakeup call... I had already, long before any of this, in fact, even before my 1st summer job, understood that retirement would be delayed more than once (1st time has already happened: 67 is the new 65). I already knew in my youth that there was going to be a 'too many old people to take care of' crisis, which is starting now and will only get worse. And I already realized that 'national debt' could never be paid in my lifetime. I also understood that most 'good jobs' would not actually become vacant until I was... Well, actually, I'm still not that age yet... And that by that time I would be passed up for someone younger, less experienced, and above all less expensive, which has already started as well, which is how I've come to be in a minimum wage tax bracket and with no benefits nor even paid vacation. Though, I suppose the fact that this job doesn't drive me into a murderous rage every twenty minutes counts for something.

I know having had 'it all' back in the good old days (which never really were) only to end up with even less than I had before then was the demonstration that the quest for stuff is an endless path to nowhere and is a highly stressful and consuming force against one's own well-being... But I've meandered away from the news long enough...

It's not as though I've been paying much attention to news lately anyway, yet I am seemingly still alerted to a great many news items via unsolicited channels. I am aware of the irregularities in the 'maple-syrup Rambo' story and the only line of the entire 3-day affair which I read was 'apprehended, unarmed, with weapons found nearby'... Funny how placid these 'lone-gunmen' types appear to be in the end, one might think they were programmed that way if they had the belief people could be programmed. And let's not forget the convenience of their decision to hide the weapons in plain sight... Of course, since I'd been informed of all this 'through the grapevine' I decided to run the headlines scans to find 1 officer wounded and 2 dead followed by a blitz of 'oh that poor widow' stories all with the same photo speaking of one of the 2 dead and never really speaking of the other dead person... So either they didn't exist or his misdeeds are too numerous to raise even the most miniscule amount of sorrow at his passing. I've not investigated either angle, I'm simply pointing out some oddities and following logic to some conclusions... Oh and my news service was being DDoS'd which was why I was not getting anywhere... I guess I'll have to change some passwords again.

I know there is some other big to-do about some shooter in Vegas as well, even if I have no idea where I obtained this notion... I won't get much more into that right now because I think I've exhausted my entire knowledge of the topic in one sentence.

I have begun to think that this posting has lost any cohesive direction. I suppose that's just how these things go sometimes, especially when it had no real goal from the get-go.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I see you

I have withdrawn myself from your systems. I can no longer, in good conscience, feed your machine of systematic destruction with the fuel of my attention. I can see the systemic greed and corruption toiling away at grinding the ever-decaying cogs into dust. No doubt the machine's masters can feel it as the pieces that once were vanish into nevermore which would appear to give motive to change the focus to the next enemy of freedom™ faster that a four-year-old hopped up on sugar.

I see you.

I see you wiping the sweat from your brow attempting to imply you are working hard at keeping a dying age alive, when, in reality, you are sweating in nervous fear wondering how long until someone lights a match in the dynamite factory you've created... You know that if we light the match first that it's all over for you but you are not ready to light the match yourself because all the carefully aligned plans are not turning into carefully aligned and timed fuses, meaning it's still all over for you should you light the match too early.

I know that I am the cast aside weirdo for not accepting the programming spit at me like venom at my every turn and I take a certain comfort in being labeled abnormal in a place where everything seems deliberately turned inside-out. It takes conviction not to give-in while a majority of voices try to medicate such a 'symptom' for 'depression' or 'stress' or 'politicophobia' or 'Schizoid personality disorder' or whatever other name they might come up with for which a pill exists to cure... Yes, I know the whole industry of pill making is reliant on making people "normal", or "pretty" rather than "healthy" which is why they go so out of their way to find new ways of being "not normal", and I've never felt an urge to to be 'normal', 'average', 'cool', or even 'acceptable' by any social standards.

I smell the desperation as you try to blame it all on the weather. I know it could not possibly be related to this, this (also seen here), or this have anything to do with any of the problems pointing to an unending downward spiral...

I see that this is all according to a grand design as planned by the masters of banking, because if they really wanted to the economy shell-game rolling all the free money would have gone to the poorest people so they could buy homes, cars, beer, cocaine or whatever it is that the kidz are into these days... But, instead all that free money went to bankers as a reward for all the laws they broke when they bankrupted themselves, our savings, our retirement plans, and our entire future when they lost a bet against their own greed, avarice, and pure stupidity in that plan where they were considered 'too big to jail'. Hmmm, fancy that, those who planned it all reaped the highest rewards... Call me a conspiracy theorist all you'd like but I do not present any theory here at all, which annuls the most important part of the label. No, I see one bank paying a bunch of other banks @ low to no interest with money borrowed on our behalf @ high interest. Claim whatever you'd like in retort, but I am fairly certain most agree that this looks a lot like this.

I simply don't care what labels I am given, as I know it's all geared at protecting your system from it's inevitable collapse.


Monday, 2 June 2014

Hacking the Media

Ubisoft has made quite the buzz in the news since releasing Watchdogs... It's rather laughable that most of the media has managed to spin this game into a step-by-step guide to computer hacking with a tap on your smart phone... Let's just end that debate by stating this 'hacking' is very much the same as it is in movies, except that the techno-jargon used in the scripted cut-scenes actually goes together unlike when they techno-babble on CSI: "blocking IP access on the backdoor of their gigaport", I mean, what? -OR- "they DDoS'ed 'her' facespace site"... Either the whole ". com" goes down or it does not, and a DDoS isn't actually a hack on its own, the thousands of Trojan infected zombie computers, on the other hand, were. Not to mention that they claimed 9000 hits a minute brought down a system processing millions of access requests per second.

On the other side of 'the spin' they have missed the undertones of a corporation that has access to every bit of digital information in a city and any 'big brother' type implication the story portrays. Actual game reviewers have also shied away from mentioning this, though I suppose that could be in order to not spoil the plot for those yet to play the game, but then, considering I already saw these references in the first hour of gameplay, that seems like a poor excuse.

The trouble I have with this obvious smokescreen is that technological convergence is not actually very far from how it is being portrayed in this game. Governments have been t trying to force factory installed backdoor access into a variety of products so that they have access to every single 'bit' of your digital footprint... You may not know who Cisco is, but chances are very high that your data passes through their hardware somewhere along its path. And the bigger issue is with an embedded backdoor is far beyond the government having access, which is already a terrible idea in its own right just for all the ways government employees will use it... What do you think the hacker community will focus on if there are built-in backdoors? Why: making streetlights hackable with a swipe of a cell phone, of course ;-)

Remember, just because it's not possible right now does not mean it's impossible under the right circumstances... There are tons of things I can do on my phone that were impossible just a few years ago... Like typing an entire blog entry :-D

I can't believe I've said all of this without my standard 'hacking' rhetoric, yet... You see, 'hacking' is not actually a criminal activity... Hacking, is finding alternate uses for something outside of its intended use, like, for example, there is IKEA hacking which is turning a TV stand and 2 night-tables into a computer desk, there are Google hacks like unit conversion or arithmetic which, granted, were programmed into the system but still fall outside of the 'search engine' description but having been programmed makes them completely legal and even endorsed by the company. Some hacking does lead to exploits and vulnerabilities but even finding such things is not illegal, what you do with these weaknesses could be. Motive always plays a role in criminality regardless of how the media like play it's broken record of 'drugs-r-bad' & 'hackers-r-terrorists'. The real trouble with the hacker archetype is their curiosity and their willingness to see things from a different perspective. Most hackers I've met have similar character traits: a general disregard for 'rules and regulations' especially those which serve little purpose, little respect for authority, hierarchy, or rank: respect is earned not assumed or bestowed by 3rd party, and they tend to be free-willed and free-thinking non-conformists to varying degrees. Though I suppose all of these things do make them a threat to a system built on arbitrary rules, lies, and hypnosis simply for not accepting the status quo.