Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Extremely Moderate And The Extremely Moderated

I've been contemplating a great many things outside of my normal news feeds lately. Maybe it's the unusual weather we've been having, or maybe it's that most of my sources of reading material feel so totally compromised that they are no longer worthy of noting, fully reading, or posting here as an example. I've stopped reading at least 4 articles this morning at points when they cited San Bernardino as though it were a thing which happened as we've been told it happened, or which cite Russia's actions in Syria as being the start of world war 3, which actually started much longer ago and had nothing to do with Russia at all. It's somewhat off-putting to have come this far to find myself alone in an empty room, yet at the same time, I knew I'd eventually reach a point akin to this.

Corruption and mould spread in the same unseen manner yet can cause a change in the host in just a few short hours. These changes start out minute and barely discernible but can accelerate at amazing speeds at times, until eventually the host looks nothing like it's original form.

I've already stated my take on the sharing/gig economy, which is really just corporate greed disguised as empowerment of the people. All that whooshing noise in the background? That's the sound of the vampire squid struggling to suck blood from a stone. Nobody can pay back what banks think they are owed while most struggle to keep up with the increases in the cost of living, and living worse than we lived last year (provided we keep living). And, worse still, most of what the banks think they are owed, they owe each other in a bet where the last man standing will still be owed more dollars than exist

I suppose once realisation that all those dollars are not actually worth anything at all, and are little more than debt notes valued highest by those feel driven to keep them all to themselves for no other reason than to own the whole set, then not much else noteworthy is going on. Everything in the perverse, corrupt world of the real but not really real, was greed borne. It all depends on currency and it all falls back to currency, none of the terror wars, nor anti-terror riot squads, nor pro-anti-terror moderate terrorists, nor warmonger media exist without the currency granted them by those who'd really rather not share but do to suit some even darker agenda. None of it exists without vast amounts of currency which is seemingly very difficult to come by for Joe blow, yet Ahmed ala Alibaba the moderate extremist has a steady flow by the boatload. Wait, maybe he was extremely moderate, I forget at this point, but you catch my drift.

I mean, if you really do the math, terrorists are selling cheap (stolen) Syrian oil to Turkey and suddenly the price of oil drops globally. They'll probably blame that on us somehow, then steal our bank accounts whether we own cars or not.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

...Isn't Really News

Either I've failed at math, or the government has, especially when considering the claims I posted a week ago about the economy improving. Not that this qualifies as news, but these days most news is actually the furtherance of an agenda, which also isn't news to many of us anymore. Maybe it's yet another case of bad headlines chosen by deliberately bad journalists. Except that the first story chooses only to state we aren't doing this in the sixth paragraph, which, in newspaper terms is like continuing the front page story on page twelve. Opinions are already formed, emotions already emote, and fear has already taken hold. Once the bogeyman is in your closet, he isn't willing to up and leave without at least a few sleepless nights.
I may never understand why experts don't seem to merge ideas to the point where people owe more than they own because life is more expensive than can be afforded? It's more hard math to figure out that the inflation index is likely higher than 10% but claiming such would cause a ruckus with the masters the serve. Maybe they'll claim to see it as a problem, but in reality, debt is the financial system... Which is, in turn, a threat to humanity.
Not that it's the only threat, mind you, as there are many threats created to keep people from seeing the whole picture, and I mean many... And I do mean created, as in made up.
So much is made up these days, for example I'm not sure how one thing implicates the other here, but apparently this is the state of the law these days. However, I can totally see how this could occur, as I have almost witnessed it. What's worse is that there will soon be a hall of fame for all these political low-lifes. It should be interesting to watch them all fight for the lowest of the low spot, maybe they'll be televised awards for them some day. "And the Troll of the year award goes to" [sigh]
We have some more evidence concerning where all those Toyota trucks are coming from, which leads me right back to the place who was seemingly concerned with them to begin with. Again, this isn't really news...
I suppose, since I appear to be on a roll with non-news there's a few other things to add. Like the ISIS refugee crisis, or that the acronym was created by ISraelIS, so we can't actually be fighting ISIS if we are with them. It's not like I alone believe such things. Others are doing the math too.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Quite Some Time...

I don't feel I really need to say much in regards to San Bernardino because majority of what I might have to say has already been said elsewhere. Obviously there is something amiss when the MSM cannot decide if he was a normal guy who has been radicalized for quite some time:
This is all under the same Google News headline... It's not at all the same headline
I'm loving the scientific precision we're getting from that timepiece. I guess it has been more than a little while but not as long as a dogs age. And I could likely joke about it forever and a day... But I've spent enough countless minutes on that already [wink]. I also had a link in my feed that stated a patsie's shooter's father claimed his son supported ISIS and was fixated on Isreal, but the story it's linked to has been about the FBI and this "quite some time" thesis. When you can't read the original story because it is now a different story less than 12 hours later you know something is not right.

And, as expected, there were drills and training exercises happening at the time.

I know why the back story on the shooters is mutating from normal people to long time subscribers to terrorism weekly. There is no real way to defend against the average guy next door suddenly turned serial killer, so obviously, if laws are to be introduced to guard against home grown terrorists, there would need to be evidence that these people weren't normal. Which is also why the press got a guided tour of their home so quickly despite that the place is a crime scene. The press had to find obviously fake id's to get the word out that these were not normal people so laws and mandates written months ago could be paraded out as a means to prevent such things. Handy.

I actually agree with Bubba's wife on something [marked on calendar as the end of days], even though I don't see this whole 'disrupt' institution as actually being disruptive. I just can't quite see how you disrupt anything that's funded by the source of all currency?

So instead, let's fear our neighbours, or simply let our technology rat us out.

I'm about to put the kabosh on my whole news feed since every 3rd headline is 'radicalized for quite some time'. Otherwise I might start to actually believe it...


Friday, 4 December 2015

The Sharing Economy And Other Dream-States

I was reading something about 'the sharing economy' which seems to think not being able to find permanent full-time employment is a good thing... I figure it was written by corporate big-wigs who like not having to pay into benefits, retirement funds, unionised wages, and all those other things that used to be taken for granted while you could find a job that would keep you for thirty plus years. We shouldn't need to be working 6 jobs at a time but under these by the corporation, for the corporation governments created and run by Zionist bankers who don't like having to pay anyone but themselves, here we are.

But cheer up, there's good news, or maybe there isn't really... This is how that looks in my feeds:
In just a couple of hours they completely changed their minds about the future of the economy negating that things don't look so bad. Of course, I cannot see the original story to determine if it simply had a misleading headline yet spoke of darkness and poverty for the next hundred years, which is entirely speculative anyway, [shrug].

While I'm on the topic of speculation, I'm just going to leave this here. Discuss amongst yourselves...

I am pretty sure I know why men in their 50's are committing more suicide than anyone else: they wake up one day realizing that all of their efforts, which have been, for the most part, thwarted, to achieve 'the dream-state' of happily-ever-after were all in the furtherance of the massive lie. They've enriched the banks in attempting to buy the white picket fence and are not happily-ever-aftering, while their retirement funds are worth less now than they were then, if they even still exist. And being in their 50's there is not enough energy to rail against the system that fucked them over, and not enough time to try to rebuild 'the dream-state'. No amount of trying to go back to sleep at that point will ever place them 25 years ago where they can do it all differently and their future from this point is grim at best. Maybe they have equity in the house that's not enough to cover the cost of fixing all that has withered and broken over time, and maybe they don't even have that anymore. I've lost everything I'd accumulated, save whatever fit in the trunk of a car, more than once... Then lost the car too. I never had the illusions that the dreamland wanted me even if I may have lacked the clarity to see the big picture as I see it now. My life as a misfit never gave me the false impression that I belonged to 'the dream-state' so I never felt the same sense of hopelessness as those who cannot afford their midlife crisis little red corvette do now.

That dream, which used to appear less grim, is now ruled by fear, and being backed into a corner, while the illusion is constantly being manipulated. Fortunately for us, fear doesn't remain contained very well, and it leads to panic in the plans which are far too hastily carried out. Why else would they be so easily exposed? I suppose it doesn't help that some people refuse to play by their rules. They wanted a global community, and we created one for them, but it's one where we look outside of our narrowly painted narrative and see there is so much more to it.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How Turkeys Celebrate Thanksgiving

Just in case there's not enough proof 11/13/15 was a Zionist false flag.

I'm now done with the topic... Or am I?

All I know is that sooner or later the politically correct side will have won and my message simply won't exist. Obviously with with numbers like these we are less than a generation away from a 'censorship is good' mentality. I am mildly entertained that the numbers are higher in the less educated since that seems to pair up with the group more likely to be racists. I'm not saying it makes sense, only that it amuses me.

In what appears to be my usual precognitive fashion here's some censorship right now.

Not that I go out of my way to be an ignoramus bigot, but I won't tiptoe around calling things exactly what they are either.

For example, bankers are the scum of the earth and we'd be far better without them. Don't believe me? Ask the economist magazine they'll likely not say it directly, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Then again why do we need false flags when you have turkeys messing things up all front and centre like. I mean they really made sure nobody could claim this was in error. I even read somewhere that the prime minister of Turkey claimed to have sent the order... I guess that's how turkeys everywhere celebrate thanksgiving.


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Non-metal Death with Real Metal Bullets, Maybe...

I've learned to expect just about anything over the course of my lifetime, but that doesn't mean I'm not taken by surprise from time to time. Not that this is something I see as life changing in the Middle East, as it still leaves the provision for bombing anything seen as terroristic in nature, which, as we've seen, is determined by people with no moral compass at all.

It is interesting to note what date a Parisian concert hall was sold so it's former owners could retire to Crime Syndicate Nation... Also interesting to note that there is an 'Ozzy makes kids worship the devil' element in play with a band, who is not actually metal, nor death metal, yet whose name contains these genre headings is implicated somehow... Nearest I can tell, this band is Spinal Tap, which is to say, they take themselves as a joke to such extent that everyone else does too. Otherwise, they might have earned some notoriety in the almost 20 years they've been around outside of 'people were shot at their concert in Paris'.

Some may claim encryption is a real problem in trying to prevent these attacks, but then, these people are known liars. The big brother surveillance state is not a workable solution, it wasn't designed to be. Sure there is encryption, but that doesn't beat cunning linguists who replace all the bad words with innocuous bullshit frivolity, does it? Mob bosses did it and most of them weren't known to have bachelors of English accredited to them.

One thing is certain, or maybe a lot less than certain... Um, never mind, I have no idea where that was going.

Oh, now I remember, the fictitious world has you. It has us all in some shape or form regardless of how aware you are of the bindings. We all interact here on some level, we are all slaves to currency even if we are debtless and want for nothing, there are still some day to day needs that somebody's charging to deliver. The obviousness of the collapsing fake narrative is closing in on the corrupt fucks who propagate it is growing. (Not sure who signed off on that search warrant, but I suspect they'll be thrown under the bus soon enough, possibly literally.)


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Am I Still Charley?

No, and I never was.

So it would appear that they sacked Paris, apparently over prostitution and obscenity... Despite that I've heard of no hookers in the headcount. I would think a more likely target to be Amsterdam or even Las Vegas to lash out at for such reasons, but then I'm not much of an event organiser.

Retribution doesn't make much sense either when you consider U.S. coalition air strikes have been dropping weapons and supplies instead of bombs, unlike Russia... I have to assume this is intended to keep the charade out of focus and keep up appearances of how effective the (ineffective) ZATO campaign has been. Admittedly, I could still be very wrong in my conclusions as I have only read a couple of MSM featurettes this far. One thing is certain everybody wants in on this photo opportunity.

There is still the fact that most successful terror attacks were not carried out by supposed terrorist groups at all, but we are not supposed to remember such details. Something I just saw on the idiot box: a Syrian passport was found near one of the suicide bombers.... I'd love to know how terrorists manage to obtain these indestructible paper booklets... I mean, they found passports 12 blocks from the utterly destroyed WTC which had survived exploding planes and falling skyscrapers...


Oh, wait, there's talk of heightened security at 'soft targets'... I guess this was needed so we could be strip-searched prior to being seated at popular pubs and eateries. Oh, and let's not forget the complete lack of public support for carpet bombing Syria, Landdestroyer has it pretty well illustrated already, no sense rewriting everything.


Monday, 2 November 2015

The Show Must Go On

It seems that I need to write more often... I was going to mention something about a billion dollar bailout and how it probably would backfire... Too late... I've just rechecked the numbers, and, well, I'm not all that late to the table, but, rather, the announcements are only a couple of days apart. I've also all also run some numbers and figure with the 8.2 million people here, and 1 billion of our dollars invested, we should all receive our 100 stocks in bombardier Inc. in the mail shortly... Because then we can be charged the capital gains taxes that the government will need to make up for the fact they didn't have a billion dollars to begin with... If I had a billion dollars, if I had a billion dollars I'd buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress: that's cruel.

Pragmatic, I know, and even optimistic since there is an already speculation against the theory of gaining anything. Of course with 8 million equal shareholders suddenly added, or even a billion in shares in government holding, fat cats would get fatter and we'd be left holding an unfinished jet and penny stocks.

There really is no winning while we continue to play by the rules of a game they created. This much should be obvious by now. There is a deliberate setup, failure by design, because nobody could really be so inept.

Maybe that's wishful thinking since I've met people that inept more than once, one of them was even called 'manager', which is what I'm told is a title bestowed on those who cannot do whatever needs to get done. Not that I think the figureheads are truly managing anything at all, simply maintaining appearances so that the show may go on.

Sidebar: I've just read this and cannot figure out how not being able to open a bank account or get a credit card is a bad thing... Not that I agree with centralised tracking of 'human capital' either, but the writer really needs to better contextualise his subject matter... Anyhow... Moving on

I know why my writing has slowed. It's very simple. There is so much that is simply more of the same that it holds no merit to write about it again, and when it isn't at all the same it still boils down to the same base components. I started hearing the record skip and no amount of rephrasing tallies to more or less than the original sum. Sure there are blank spaces where the paint-by-numbers were missing, and they always will be, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough picture to extrapolate it's remainder.

The principals remain true to themselves throughout which is to say they lie in in total inverse of reality we already know whose side we are on even if we continue to claim otherwise, and despite knowing the lie is who we thought ourselves to be. It's not possible to be both for and against the same thing at the same time yet they manage to do it via our apathy.

People are to busy singing the praises of freedom nation where you have to piss in a cup for a job and get ass-violated in order to travel because terrorists, while most terrorist are armed and trained by freedom nation to be what we call terrorists while not bombing us: freedom fighters. I think it's important to remember how language works for just a moment... Fire fighters and crime fighters fight against the prefixed noun, pit fighters and cage fighters fight in the prefixed noun... So what the hell are freedom fighters?!!


Friday, 9 October 2015

The B Movie of Life with Described Video

I know I'm going to sound curmudgeonly in saying it, but I'm going to say it anyway... You have either an innie or an outie in your pants, there is no real transitory state in this regard, I hope this alleviates all the confusion... Until such time as this is changed you are a man wearing a dress or a woman in, um, man clothes, if there really is such a thing... Deal with it so we can stop walking on egg-shells or being sent off to sensitivity training (read reprogramming centres). The rest of us are not confused about the birds and bees... I can sympathise that these are very confusing times thanks to the constant media bombardment of reverse psychology, and I know this causes a great many of us to feel we don't belong here. This imbalance is the intended effect and we play right into it when we channel all that negative energy inward... No there is nothing wrong with you. Yes there is something wrong with the world.

Just to prove how wrong the world is, I have 2 headlines, back to back to demonstrate: nuclear material may be in the hands of ISIS so officials want to know why they have all those Toyota's. Not that buying a Toyota is very difficult, nuclear materials, however, are rather more difficult to come across at your local strip mall... Besides, officials already know where they got them, and maybe there is no nuclear material... It's not like I am inventory control in the CIA terror network. What other reason could there be for the world's most expensive military being so ineffective for years, while another country manages to kick ass in a week.

I know that, were I a patriot, I'd be on the wrong side of history while my country supports the terrorists yet arrests citizens for shipping railway components to Iran. A country is off limits but moderate rebels killing innocents in Syria are fine.

Well, enough time has elapsed that we can consider this a new post, so here goes. Bear in mind that I've just gone away for another week and have little idea what's currently going on.


I can say that Canada has now pulled a sequel like the Bush saga, though, that could still become a trilogy. I sort of knew it was going that way because campaign attack adds 'he's just not ready' do tend to sway the vote, just ask Jean Chretien. Given that young Trudeau is the same age as I am, I think he might just be young enough, ambitious enough, and foolish enough to do a number of things that really need to get done. A prime example being to borrow enough from the bank of Canada to pay back the international banking cartels, not borrowing more from the aforementioned cartels, killing any funding for F-35's, not signing the TPP, and putting whatever 'surplus' created by Harper back into the services it was stolen from in the first place. There are other things which come to mind, but we shall see where all this goes in the coming months.

Besides, the first two items are likely enough to get disappeared for, so, again, we'll see...

Regardless, with a majority government, there will be little resistance, which is a double-edged sword. More speculation based on not having payed much attention to the electoral campaigns.

Speaking of campaigns, is the campaign circus formerly called the united states supposed to vote this year, or next? My research seems to indicate that farce is supposed to end in thirteen months which beggars the question: why? Does it take that long to program Joe public to like the candidates, or do we need to watch people à là celebrity big brother reality show to vote for which clown amused us the most? Neither of these pairs up well with the deteriorating attention span inherent in the now generation.... Maybe it would be simpler if, in about 56 weeks, they start us out with a 'previously on' intro, because that's what the video kids are accustomed to.

Maybe I've given a bad idea to the wrong people just now. But I see no sense in what polls seem to suggest from so far away from the event horizon that the event cannot be seen with the naked eye except to serve as yet another distraction to duck and cover from what is going in the present...


Not that I hold any faith in this hope for spare change process which is owned and operated by those who own and operate everything so long as enough people grant them the ability to continue owning and operating in their blind faith of system that they use to lord over everything. I know this is a paradox but you really cannot fight the system from within the system. No amount of 'money' or stolen power can negate the power and 'money' we continue to feed it from ourselves so long as we see the system as real. Yet, here we are, another day of work fighting for our less than fair share of currency, which, regardless of its denomination or country of origin is worth less by pay day than it was the day we earned it.

Well this post of getting long in the tooth, and has been in the works for longer than I care to admit. There are always other posts... But I will leave you with this irony of life imitating art: it appears a zombie movie broke out at a zombie movie fan convention. <sigh>


Monday, 5 October 2015

Moderate Extremism and Other Idiosyncratic Iconoclasms

Well, my news reader is all kinds of fucked up, so I am not certain what is going on out there. I am aware that Russia is getting involved in Syria because any headline to that effect was repeated plagiarised no less that four times back to back. Obviously, there is nothing more important to the banker owned media than someone sticking their nose into the banker created crISIS situation. Meanwhile, in Canada, there is some confusion, you see, there is little point fighting your own creation... Maybe, we'll start openly funding them as they do to our south.

Now, maybe that's always been the plan, as I'm certain all the goading was intended to lead here. However, I'm inclined to think claims should still fit a timeline. I have been known to have high expectations at times, so it's possible that I am asking too much. Speaking of goading, and while also proving points made in the 1st paragraph, yet, still asking myself why McCain is still relevant and limelighted... Nope. No answer materialised when I wrote the question... I half expected a blimp, or plane flying a banner... I guess I'll have to live with the 2 word answer: FOX news. The spin machine is certainly in high gear, and with any luck, they'll simply fall face down into a puddle of their own vomit.

And the band plays on. Not that I would call futures, speculation, or derivatives wealth because most of the money on the roulette table evaporates as soon as the ball stops.

Apparently, secret trade deals have been finalised, and I'm lead to think it was under duress. Amazingly we've still not been told much outside of 'history will look back on this as a great thing'... Mulroney likely said similar about NAFTA, which is why his kid is hosting entertainment news instead of running for prime minister. Thus far, from what I have read, 'labour mobility' sounds far too innocuous to be, well, innocuous... Maybe it's just my political correctness radar that's too sensitive, and maybe it's dead right. Time will tell, and we shall see.

Maybe I won't even be here to care, but, I can't figure out where I'd go... Can I claim refugee status elsewhere if I have no citizenship, or passport from anywhere? Better question, do I still have to pay taxes? There are certainly some grey areas to be found down this rabbit-hole.


Monday, 28 September 2015


September is ending, and it's true that not all things I've expected have come to pass. It does bring one to wonder if they've only not happened because so many have been keeping an eye on the situation... Not that this keeps bad people from doing bad things from the secret day-trader operation centres in the control room of their bat-cave who's entrance is hidden behind a bookshelf in the study of their stately manor, but maybe it has some level of cold-shower effect on the need to steal everything not already stolen.

This is not to say the the stock market is finished it's wild mood swings, because it really isn't... It just hasn't been a single day event, nor has it been fixed to a single locale. But that is how I expected that part, slow, steady, and everywhere inch by inch. The last 14 years have worked so well in terms of loss of liberties and increased random cop-a-feel checkpoints that it's become a template for the fake money industry... Hmmm, weren't all those post 9/11 war on terror lemme stick mah hands in yo pants or take naked pictures of you stations, and the list of places needing bombs dropped on them, and 9/11 itself all fabrications from the same people still running the fake money scam?

Yes... Well, OK, the cover story of 9/11 is a fabrication and calling it such is political suicide no matter which 'free country' you live in... I don't need to look at videos of buildings falling to understand that buildings fell... I've never contested that part of the narrative... There were buildings, now there aren't... Sadly this is the only real part of that while story, and reality doesn't even agree with how many buildings fell which is why I've not put a number in that statement.

Well, I guess this is what I get for telling myself I wasn't going to do a 14th anniversary post... I'm still not going to...

Ah, but most of this dream world started then, which is why more expensive trumps most inferior in the circles of power. Obviously somebody important stands to lose their own money if nobody buys this flying Edsel which, strangely, does not have submarine capabilities in it's 'one model for every purpose' design. Anything designed to do everything tends to excel at nothing... My coffee maker does an excellent cup of Joe, but I don't even want to talk about how badly it fucks up toast., I am NOT a morning person

I can't put my finger on it, but, something smells funny here. Maybe I've misunderstood something, which won't be the first of last time, but, are we going to buy things for those who can't afford them so GE can still reap massive profits? Or are we financing things for a customer who also owns GE Capitol (and if a predatory financing company isn't interested, obviously it's a wonderful opportunity)? Maybe we are going to subsidise these products so that they don't overshoot all other competitors... In all cases we appear to be left holding a flaming bag of road apples for the benefit of 350 jobs.

One thing I possibly mentioned, or maybe just read, years ago... Dunno I read a lot and talk a bunch too... Anyhow, eventually the elite will bite the hand that protects them. So not only have they started messing with several aspects of the collective agreements, now they are outlawing the protest of such. And why not? They've outlawed every other form of protest so why should this be different? Maybe they've forgotten that these people protect the bankers and serve corporate interests, and maybe they are finally running out of people to steal from.

It has to happen eventually and given that tangible proof of the supposed recovery since 2008 doesn't really claim to have actually recovered, now seems as good a time as any. It matters not whether the word recession is used or not when people feel their asses pressed into a corner because they can't pay the rent.


Monday, 14 September 2015

Wake Me Up, When September Ends

When politicians put their money where their mouth is, I realise just how bankrupt they actually are. I mean, when you lose an election, you are no longer prime minister, unless there was something else in that C-51 anti-terrorism law I've railed against since starting this blog which allows the PM to override the democratic process... If there really is such a thing. I'm not bothering to go back and read that now as it already became law and won't really help a whole lot any more.

One thing's certain, though it can be read in two ways: either we're paying too much, or, we aren't getting what we are paying for. Neither of these is particularly desirable. Not that any outcome of buying banker debt helps to pay the bills. But we're not supposed to understand such things as they would claim their process creates wealth...

Well, it does, kind of, as they lend the same dollar to ten people and are somehow now owed 15 dollars while still holding the original dollar for someone else... Maybe my numbers are off, and maybe I'm oversimplifying the process by not using fancy words, but the end result is the same. They get rich and anyone buying into the process gets fucked in the largest ponzi scheme ever legalised... Well, it's illegal if I try to do it without bribery, government approval, and taxpayer backed insurance. Not that I have any desire to follow such dark paths.

I'm not sure why I'm bothering to point it out anymore, but the government gives our money to shortsighted corporations too stupid to to smell the scent of death on themselves, then tries to claim it's somebody else's job to spend our money on us. I suspect once that near quarter billion is safely moved to offshore accounts that the plant will shutdown anyway, and I'd give it 5 years maximum.

I'm not sure why I'm so focused on the local and nearby events today, but then, I never really know what I'm going to write until it's been written anyway. Maybe it's that I've been looking for a multitude of signs that haven't fully appeared yet. Not that I've taken all predictions as absolute, but there are a good number of dire September predictions which I believe are waiting in the wings, and many which are well past due.

Now that I've mentioned it, my attention was grabbed by that warm ocean blob which appears to be caused by not Fukushima, and yet, by something new and different every time it is mentioned... I could be wrong, I could always be wrong, and if I am I accept that, but it is hard to swallow a different cause for the same 'phenomenon' every other week without concluding that either they don't know, or they don't want us to know.

Kind of like how real estate isn't demonstrating the recession, nor the general state of personal finance.

Well, I'm talking in circles, so I guess it's time to go elsewhere.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Vacuous, and the Realm Without Mass

Human behaviour can be a real mystery at times... The other day as my manager and I had closed up shop, we went to the bus stop we normally wait at to read a sign stating that the stop had been moved around the corner. When we arrived at the new temporary stop we were alone but eventually were joined by others who'd obviously read the sign. One lady, who might actually need (or has an addiction to) happy pills, paced back and forth muttering love poetry, or gypsy curses from the moment she got there eventually calling someone on her cell to gripe. The bus was not yet late... The following day, knowing that the stop had been moved, we didn't cross a busy intersection-less 6-lane boulevard twice to read the sign again, but noted that there was a girl waiting at the cancelled stop. We tried to get her attention to no avail, and I reminded my manager that no good deed goes unpunished: crossing the street twice to be good Samaritans would likely involve a trip to the hospital... We pressed on. When the bus arrived, the driver made a point to advise all those already on the bus that this was the stop for the mall, 1 person darted out the door, while another lady signaled that this was not her stop. After the bus turned the corner and passed the cancelled stop, my manager and I laughed that there were now 7 people waiting at a stop which no bus was going to... Then it got funnier... The lady who didn't need this stop, about 150 metres from the cancelled stop, realised that we'd passed her stop she protested that the driver let her off immediately... We laughed until it dawned on us that maybe the present incarnation of mankind is not meant to survive much longer...


Now it's true that I believe about 5% of anything that I read, which can become problematic considering I do read warning labels, but, that out of the 11 people mentioned in my story, (7 at the wrong stop, 2 needing to get off the bus, myself and my manager, waiting at the right stop) that only 3 people could figure out the mystery of the roaming bus stop, despite signage and verbal warnings is a very sad average in deed.

During all of this fiasco I had been pondering the fact that the collected work of knowledge of present times won't survive a millennia even if some of the things we've made will. Consider that we are presently digitising all things and that a hard drive seems to live no longer than about 5 years, a CD or DVD might live 20 years in ideal conditions, and, in our infinite stupid, DVD and blu-ray media has encryption meant to make it hard to copy, or, for that matter, play it back in a different region from where it was sold. The blueprints need specific software to be read, and the formulas are corporate secrets which are likely encrypted even further. Yet, sometimes we find ancient papyrus filled with glyphs from a dead language... Obviously the most advanced knowledge of a society on the verge of utterly decimating itself is stored on an environmentally friendly medium, or in a well protected and difficult to decrypt manner.

Would a newly evolved version of ourselves a millennia from now even understand that the mirror-polished perfectly round hard disk platter contained information stored in magnetic frequencies? Or would they think 'wow those poor bastards had very large coins'? I can't presume to know the answer, but I doubt that disc would still contain data even a few decades from now were it buried in silt and seawater. I do know that advanced hard drive recovery currently involves special equipment in clean rooms and quarantine suits, so it seems unlikely there would be enough 1's and 0's unscathed to rebuild the information. I have no idea how to play back a CD without a device made to read it, but I can play a record with a lazy Susan, sewing needle, and a paper cup...

I've long felt a déjà vu about the here and now and never wrote off the idea that it has all happened before, just like it did last time. Not that such things can really be proven one way or the other. But we are certainly in a situation where all recent knowledge would be the first portion obliterated if all human DNA suddenly turned to dust tomorrow... Even our long-range space probes like voyager 1 could roam the galaxy for eons and never encounter it's predecessor in there vast beyond. Though it's more likely to find itself sucked into the gravity some star and melted at the first available opportunity.

Ironically, my own words here in this realm of electrons passing through a datastream could disappear without a mass extinction event.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Redefining Words When Fudging Numbers Wasn't Enough

I know that I can tend to get fixated on all the artificial sciences, and other rigged statistics we are too often bombarded with. Let's face it, sometimes it's like shooting fish in a barrel to point out that 'the unemployment rate remaining steady for months' is not a sign of moderate growth, and 'the rising price in the housing market' not actually levelling off to meet an apparent non-growth in household income is more likely a sign of bad people doing bad things... And as for the stock market rebound, if you drop a dead cat from high enough, it will bounce, but that does not mean it's alive.

I am not angry about such things regardless of my tone, in fact, I find much of it makes me laugh. I simply point things out as I see them because I am acutely aware that all of these things are generating a hypnotic hum outside of the auditory spectrum that even dogs can barely hear. It's not really about trying to resist the vacuous draw of the entire freakshow because that's impossible. But once recognised as being exactly what it is, it loses any ability to draw you in at all.

I do realise that some level of my awareness was quite likely gifted to me because on a certain level, it's always been there, but, on many other levels it's been a practised skill fed by endless curiosity.

Here is a curious question: is a 5525 mile-long wall meant to keep people out, or in? I know that Canada has already defeated the U.S. invasion in the war of 1812, and burned down it's own parliament once, but most people have forgotten all about these events, so they could hardly serve as proof of present intentions. Besides, we've built the underground railroad once too, so I'm really losing sight of the purpose here. Maybe, just maybe, a wall is in Canada's interests in keeping out the riff-raff.

It looks as though I'm ending where I started in the science of bad numbers... Except now we are redefining words when we can't fudge the numbers enough to match a desired outcome...


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trumped Only By Sheer Insanity

Unless you are clinically dead, you've probably heard, read, or seen smoke signals informing you of the stock market's wild mood swings. If you hadn't, then my condolences to those who shall mourn your passing.

As an outsider looking in, it appears as though the market has begun it's death throws, or maybe it has simply entered menopause... Either outlook would seem to be bad news, but then, as an outsider, I will not mourn it's passing, nor will I send a donation on lieu of flowers... I'm not sending flowers either, mind you, but I'm certain this shocks nobody who comes round here.

September hasn't even started yet and its already looking like it'll be one helluva year, and before we know it we'll have to choose a worse solution or create a better one for ourselves. I have many ideas in the second category and absolutely no idea how to implement any of them in time... Worse still, almost none of them could be accomplished by a single person save for the "inquire within" phase, which I do not see helping anyone but myself.

But enough doom and gloom...

How about a joke? I'm sure there's a punchline in there somewhere... Actually, if I were allowed a computer in my cell I'd likely commit a crime, because the only 'life changing' thing that would be missing would be the 40 hour work week... I probably wouldn't mourn over that loss either.

Outside of all this, I've been finding that the level of stupid seemingly grew during that week of being unplugged... Here's a gem depicting just how stupid bureaucracy is. There are others I could regale you with, like closing a business on religious grounds, or um, I'm not sure what to call this one. And don't even get me started on how there's a breaking news item every time Trump passes gas. I swear there were 20 links to that last story in my feeds. I suppose I should expect nothing less than pure insanity in a world that's clearly lost its mind.


Friday, 21 August 2015

Playing with Fire on Black Transgender Monday

Reality kicks in, in full force when you emerge from the information-free forests and outlying regions far removed from civilization... You simply cannot please people who are already unpleased with themselves, I'm sure there have been studies into such matters, but I'm really not going to bother looking. Just know that no matter how we attempt to appease them, it will always be too little, too late. In the end, there will not be a language left to describe anyone aside from institutionalised neutered drivel...

That's likely the goal as we blend the faceless with the soulless in a tango of touchy-feely diddley do... You don't really have to feel anything to know you're getting screwed, unless you are doing the screwing.

I understand that China exploded at some point during the week. I haven't looked into the motives, but since I'd recently mentioned they've been outsourcing their jobs to India so I'll assume this was the quickest way to fire everybody all at once... Bad pun? Perhaps. Still, I am saddened by the loss of life. Not that lives mean much to those buying and selling them for fun and profit.

What's been on my mind lately is why does a Google maps search for 09/23/2015 point to a location? Is that when CERN was planning to implode the universe? I mean, I've heard claims of trying to create a micro black hole which they believe to be child's play... Children have occasionally played with matches, despite repeated warnings and threats from parents.

Maybe it's coincidence, or maybe it's synergy, but it appears my vacation ended on Black Monday. It's definitely one of those signs of danger I've brought up recently, and I expect much worse things to follow.


Friday, 7 August 2015

Financial Instability and Digital Insecurity

It's been a long journey getting to the mindset in which I currently reside. So many distractions and pitfalls, and so much opposition from people trying to convince me that my cynical contempt with a world I've already seen as fundamentally broken stemmed from depression that I've almost been convinced they were right. I suppose it's may be hard to convince some people of this given the vague symptoms associated with such a non-descript mental affliction.

It's much easier to be convinced something is wrong inside, than it is to convince others that almost everything is wrong outside. But I haven't really let that stop me from trying. Let's face it, given how enamoured people are with the endless quest for needless things the infinitesimal odds of getting anyone to leap from one speeding train to one speeding in the opposite direction is less likely than getting struck by lightning in the middle of the third basement of a parking garage. So maybe some level of crazy is required in continuing to try despite it all.

History is spattered with misrepresentations of those who've tried, and even those who've succeeded in beating back the greed demons even if for only a short while. And some such people lived in times while demons were much less worshipped and revered than they are in present times, would similar successes even be possible today? Maybe, but I suspect the process would be much more intricate today while considering the feds 100 year lease on the U.S. monetary system expired and they persist regardless...

I won't outright call the U.S. elections but do see patterns emerging from the media parrots. If I had to guess, I'd say Trump will be forced to step down very close to the day itself causing a large rift in any opposing votes and Hellory will get a landslide victory. If I'm wrong, I suppose I shall have to make amends by donation the entire income generated by this blog to charity... Oh, right, there is no income generated by this blog... There are more pressing things to be wrong about than who wins a rigged election anyway.

In fact, here's an example right now of pressing issues... Maybe there's a good reason for China to be running scared, and maybe it's all part of the timetable. I wasn't at the last shareholder meeting, and as such can't confirm anything one way or there other. There's likely a word document with the meeting minutes somewhere out there, which, like all things digital, can be hacked with the proper tools, keystrokes, and know-how. There is a well known rule in the back-end of technology being that the more we simplify the usage of complex devices and software, the easier it becomes to hack them. If you want the most secure computer in the world, simply leave it in the factory sealed box it came in... Even that's not a perfect guarantee, but it's as close as it gets.


I'll be in the middle of nowhere next week ignoring all my gadgets as they don't work there anyway... Feels like it's been so long since I unplugged.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Colour By N...apalm?

The ridiculous nature of our cause and effect society never seems to veer off course... I'm not certain what the pastor thinks can be done to stop the illegal gun violence... Speaking of which, I would shoot the guy on the bus who thinks we all should be listening to his shitty music via his low-fi cell phone ghetto blaster speaker phone if such actions were available to me... It's some of that 'black douchebag who needs a synthesiser in order to sing... BADLY' music mixed with self-important ego-maniacal douchebags like this. He's in the seat right in front of me so the the chance of collateral damage would be minimal... As expected, he won't turn it off when requested either. And on scanning Bluetooth I am not surprised to find his phone listed as "mj the great"... I should hack it and play back the ugliest metal in my library.

Maybe I'm simply in a bad mood from yesterday's being dragged into the first Walmart I can recall my girlfriend actually wanting to strangle more than a dozen people in... My count was much closer to simply going down every aisle with a flamethrower and maniacal laughter, but I feel that way in close proximity to most Walmarts, give or take the laughter...

Things are just too blatant to ignore at the moment, and I know that creates its own stress which has to find an outlet somewhere. It's been claimed that there are places which 'help' integrate those who've succumb, but I don't fully trust the end results, and I've not even touched on the motives aspect which is where my imagination runs wild.

I know we are supposed to be completely dependant on the provided system instead of eschewing it as is my preference. Not that the system provides even the most remote sign of being a safe place to live while it continues to prove my point for me. So many things keep proving things I've said at another time that it, maybe, worrisome to some people, it's not worrisome to me to think my online privacy is easily compromised because I worried about that years ago and am finished with worrying.

You see, I've come to understand that if I am to be offed, disappeared, or silenced for writing things that drift through my mind during my analysis of what's being passed off as existence, then I will be. There's nothing at all that will change that... I know there are methods to hide, but then I also know I could easier not write anything at all... Not that any of what's been written here to date can't go into the ether in the blink of an eye, but I tried. I was compelled to by forces better described by someone with a better grasp of karma and other metaphysical forces who is not me... Not that I do not understand the process but simply lack the verbiage to adequately describe it.

Funny though, as I have just read some bullshit on the elites fearing 'flat earth theory' (link deliberately not provided) and delete yet another information source I find myself more reliant on my inner compass. I suspect 'divide and conquer' tactics at play, but suppose it could also be some evolutionary leap in consciousness. ...I won't lie in having done no research into flat earth theory, but the article I read started out well, then became a sales pitch of 'drink the tainted kool-aid' which I simply cannot buy.

'Global warming' or hell on earth? I'm not passing judgement, heck I've barely pondered that last link outside of its fucking hot over there... I'll leave judgement to my betters... But the global warming ideology was already replaced by climate change by those selling carbon credits, who are mostly behind the bombing to hell of the same locale... Hmmm, maybe I just judged, and maybe it's all part of the connect the dots colour by napalm world we exist in.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Erectile Envy and Gas Pump Ejaculate on a Vibrantly Neutral Canvas

I saw a commercial for some new drug, at least, I think it was a drug, the other day which will: improve my health, make friends for me, do my taxes, lend me money, purify the air around me before I inhale, and build muscle tone.... I think... Honestly I'm not sure what the drug was intended to do based on the commercial, but I intend not to find out. If only it would make coffee for me in the morning I might be more interested.

I laugh because I've run out of tears to shed over the death throws of this dying age of material overload. Not that I recall having cried over it's impending departure at any point since learning Santa wasn't real but I can't think of a better metaphor to illustrate my distain for the world painted around me in vibrant hues of black and very dark grey. I know that knowing none of it is important is the important part, and persist in trying to illustrate this in new ways in hopes that it eventually makes sense to others still trapped and enticed back into the thrall of a new car cure for penile dysfunction and erectile envy. Maybe, some day...

In the meantime we know that $150 a barrel oil caused the great recession and so did $50 a barrel oil, because they've told us so. It may not be my place to disagree by pointing out other possibilities, but being me all these years has taught me that the bank owns my place so I don't really have one anyway. While I'm pointing in the direction of dinosaur flatulence, there's also this going on and I can only guess it's happening because someone said $50 a barrel was gone forever so a firmware update on the pumps now causes a kernel dump if they drop below a certain amount per litre.

I wonder if a BSOD on a gas pump causes an explosion? I would think it very possible given that training exercises can, and often do, so why not blame technology? I mean, it was built to support a broken and backwards system which is already causing many misfired synapses among organic brains, hence the need for the previously mentioned drugs that do.... I still don't know what...

Sure, let's simply blame the technology for the infidelity of the, must be corrupted, data or did I mean politicians instead of data... Sounds somehow correcter, yet I'm not sure making up words makes it more so <grin>. That I have more faith in a hacker's recently open-sourced data than I do in politicians or media has to say something about the state of the counterfeit Monet pulled over the eyes of those too distracted reaching for that brass cock-ring that's likely attached to a grenade pin. Boom!

I bet they never saw they had it coming either... Or, at least they won't have when it does. Some say that's in October, but like all things that haven't yet happened, we'll see...


P.S. Baby parts! Get yer fresh honey-roasted baby parts!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pencil-pushed Imbalance

The news wouldn't bother me nearly as much if it didn't posit stupid questions like "Only in Vancouver?" with complete amnesia over the fact that 3 days ago, we found out it also happens in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. I'm pretty sure amnesia is the culprit in lowering the prime rate so soon after declaring us not in a recession (though, technically in a recession, ??? Dafuq did I just say?) despite every economic pointer stating the opposite. But, at least they don't seem to be trying to sugar-coat things... Unless it's actually worse than "expect banks to screw you", not that this expectation thingy is really news, but rather a motto to live by.

It's to early in the morning for all this math talk, my head hurts.

The politically correct camp is really pushing to erase a flag from the annals of history. If only they'd try to eliminate what the flag represents via education instead of the symbol itself we might be in a better state. But that would likely unify us as people who aren't corrupted to the core to the point of realising those who are have a numeric disadvantage to a unified rest of us... They don't teach that kind of math in schools because, well, schools teach that the authority figure knows more than you and must therefore know what they are talking about.

Deprogram, unplug, retrain yourself. This is the information age regardless of the massive piles of disinformation spread about for mass consumption -or- growing mushrooms.

If you look at it all long enough, eventually you can smell the dank compost scent on the untruths. The truth never needs justification to exist and doesn't attempt to hide behind weak and incomplete arguments. The truth, despite any amount of desire on our parts to not be true, cannot be proven wrong with a simple examination of presented evidence.

The truth is that society is evolving to find ways to counter the old guard. Maybe it's not fully there yet, but you can feel the push-back as local communities adapt their way around the coldness of this one planet one economy with not not enough work or money to accommodate every one of us. Slowly we're coming around to the idea that we aren't a number on an imbalance sheet to be pencil pushed into insolvency or early graves, we're human beings and we share a common interest in not being minimised.

This is why there is so much mainstream pressure and focus on anything that makes us different and incompatible. Murder is sensationalised most when race, religion, or gender can be indicated and monetised otherwise it's a minor blip in the local news like '2 drunks in a knife fight, 1 died'... Nothing to see here, move along... This is also why there is so much focus is shone upon the outermost fringe of of society.

I won't deny that there is plenty of 'feeling like you don't fit in' to go around in a world that so desperately wants to alienate us from ourselves as I've never felt I fit in here either, I'm simply not busy convincing myself that it's because my vagina hangs to the left and my ovaries are somehow below it producing sperm. And I don't feel myself better than anyone else for having the realisation that I'm much happier not trying to fit in, even if I no longer attempt to explain my actions or reactions to those closest to me. Either people accept who I am or they don't, I don't have the time to wait until someone is willing to listen, so I speak when I have something to say.

Hmmm... I think I've run out of things to say presently.


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Drunk and blindfolded dart lobbing

One of the things I've found common during economic recessions, is the official denial that one is happening. Maybe it's simply in hopes that not talking about it will make it go away, or maybe it's because calling it such makes everyone stop buying things which, needless to say, causes a recession to spiral more out of control. But, since I've yet to see a recession announced early, while people still have jobs, I have no scientific data to suggest calling it one and urging people to buy anything not nailed down would actually work.

I'm inclined to think it wouldn't because the people with the most money (unless there really isn't any money there either) will simply hibernate in their pods until prices are so disproportionate that people are selling acres of land for a ham sandwich, because there is no money, only IOU. Add to that, our largest export in present times is well-paid jobs to slave labour countries unless it's already being done by (killer) robots or poorly programmed computers... Or, still more poorly programmed computers...

Of course, I'm speculating on things as if the world were actually the way we are told it is, instead of being the way nobody wants us to know it is, which it actually is... The same names are involved across the planet as the same plan is in play, albeit, in varying phases just about anywhere you could land a dart on a spinning globe while both drunk and blindfolded.

Maybe I'm simply not making sense to anyone anymore, but, I don't feel like I'm the one trying to sugar-coat a diarrhea sundae, am I? No. I don't have that shit-peddling flavour in my mouth, so to speak... I mean, this is the same world where one of the world's leading death peddlers is part of the UN human rights council, which leads me to wonder when Ashton Kutcher is going to reveal that I'm being punked. Claiming to be the same people promised things nearly 6000 years ago does not make it so, and history likely never recorded the moment where they broke their end of the bargain and forfeit the favour of the almighty in the name of profit, but, from where I sit, that appears to be how it really went down.

The human ego can so easily convince itself that everything is justified that it will find the exact right data set to prove it... Just ask anyone who still believes that in two more generations snow will be as foreign a concept as an 8-track cassette tape is today. I do the same thing on payday as the influx of money illustrates I could get very wealthy as in that day my income far exceeds my expenses... But, when normalised over a lunar cycle, I'm pretty certain I'm fucked, so I do understand how the process works. As an additional example, one might look at my news feed and think there is an underground movement in Canada to kill all the lawyers:


Monday, 29 June 2015

Backdoor Tango with Sexually Deviant Eunuchs

I am quite certain that we've been told for decades that default backdoors do not exist in our devices, unless, they actually do, in which case... Well, um, I don't really have a case, and if my case were a Cisco product, I might have a Viking funeral for it.

The smart money is not going to listen to those who think they know smart money. Not that I think there is smart money, but, I'm less inclined to have faith in the 'everything's fine, go back to your own business' approach. I know they don't want to start a panic, unless it's in Greece, or Italy, and I think Portugal's pretty well on the verge of similar... Well, technically, everyone is very near to one missed debt payment from homeless, which is where the overall plan was leading us to. Correction, it's a plan. There are other plans so real you'll wonder if it's live, or Rolodex, or however the saying goes. I try not to figure out how these peoples minds work when buying twice as much for only 75% more cost was a good reason to vaccinate boys against cervical cancer... ............. Nope.. I'm going back to not trying, it hurts far less.

They are out in full force in order to assert their superior weaponry, because they know the veil is slowly being torn away, and we are less likely to go willingly unto our doom while they write checks nobody can cash. ... And I mean nobody has that kind of cash, I've checked the couch cushions, and found myself $49999.45 short of my portion of the 350 trillion... But I'll gladly send them the 55¢ I found there... Except that it costs more to mail it. Besides my math is still flawed in that I've counted newborns as having the same share, but, technically, so did they.

OK, maybe the veil isn't being ripped off quickly, like a band-aid, but it is becoming so much easier to to read between the lines and see the motives written in lemon juice while the pages are being backlit by yet another unseen force. It must be as frustrating as being a sexually deviant eunuch, to watch such plans unraveling so easily.

Speaking of unraveling, this has to be one of the shortest 'head of the bar association' appointments ever... I suppose being married to the minister of justice affords some gratuitous rug sweeping.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Good, Old-fashioned Flag Burnings

Media whores gotta keep on whoring, witness the white/black, straight/lesbian who will be anything for 5 more seconds of fame... Just remember, without Kaitlyn Jenner none of this is possible... And that's all I have to say about that.

Obviously the distraction is working, though I'm not certain why the CBC is reporting on this... Maybe that's a distraction from the Greek/Ukrainian double-standard, or, maybe it's just about Greece. Who knows? I certainly don't. I've seen a a completely worthless chart depicting it which tells me not a whole lot thrown out there like it's the holy grail of collapse theorem, despite being a tweet of an image with little source data. Maybe there is something to it, and maybe it's just 2 lines on a chart, but I tend to prefer seeing the thousand words behind the picture before I judge the veracity of things.

In other financial arenas, the last time something like this was announced was on September 10th, 2001, then, the very next morning, a large section of that building collapsed having been struck by a high speed incendiary flying thing... They probably have the same accountant as these people. Just making an observation.

While I'm on the topic of bean-counters, which I've arrived at unintentionally, we are fast arriving at the point wherein we shit on a scale with a direct uplink to government databases as they'll tax it on the way out too. Imagine the money they could make selling that data to perfume companies trying to create new 'designer shit scents'. Win/win. I mean it's not as if they are making money via their old bag of tricks, at least not since the banks figured out how much enslavement they can amass with these same tools. Why steal the cow when you can foreclose the entire farm for free?

I'm confused by the progression at some of the sites I read... On the one hand you should train your kids to be a bank slave, then on the other you shouldn't be one yourself. I know these are two different sites, but the progression in my feeds puts then in immediate progression of each other. Maybe it's all part of the confuse and distract campaign... Hmm, I think I've found a proper slogan for the next political race. Or, maybe they won't even need to do that anymore.

The politically correct Nazi camp has seemingly banned a flag. Now it's true that this flag seems to make an appearance at any and all staged events of bigotry, but, that wouldn't likely have been the flags fault... It's all part for the course because the course is all about changing how we got here and forgetting about it completely. If we don't talk about it, eventually it never even happened. Of course, you probably can't read about it unmolested these days either, at least not without taking a government sponsored timeout.

All expense paid vacations to an unmapped S&M Gulag, well, not precisely, you have already prepaid the trip. Strangely, the media seems to be conditioning us for it already as the summer box-office releases contain a number of U.S.A. VS U.S.S.R. depictions. Only this time around nobody knows which side we're actually on. Of course, the vast majority will come out chanting U.S.A! U.S.A! thanks to their conditioning, but I digress.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sunshine, Rainbows, and McCarthyism

I admit it, I do not twitter. Which means I could be wrong here, but, isn't the service a 'one-liner post some random thought to the publicly viewable internet' type of thing? If I am correct in this assumption, then this type of thing should not be happening. Obviously while the internet is viewable by the general public, every single word posted to it could, potentially, be aiding the enemy... Though, the definition of enemy is kind of a grey area in present times while posting a one-liner that a group may read is criminal yet selling or giving that same group weapons is not. One simply needs to read the signs to see the picture emerge, provided you are taught how to read, which you likely are not.

Some information age this is turning out to be while, we revert to days where clerics controlled the information by being the only ones who could decipher the strange glyphs on a page of papyrus and it was criminal to even gaze upon the page were you not a member of that class which knew only to read every second line so as not to publicly announce the true intent of the scripture.

New-age McCarthyism meets Salem witch trials in new Sodom. Confuse the distracted masses with objects so shiny they reflect darkness...

I witnessed a commercial yesterday reflecting the new normal and highest standard of living we are expected to achieve: "You bought your car. You named it Fred. You loved Fred. He survived 2 boyfriends and 3 jobs, until, 4 years later, you totaled Fred. Then your Allstate agent calls you to tell you 'how easily replaceable Fred actually was, and life is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns'." Yes, I am paraphrasing, mostly because I had to stop listening before throwing the television, which I don't own, out a second story window. Consider the statement made by the young supposedly heterosexual and fertile lady about the state of the nuclear family and job security that she's more broken up about failing to maintain a relationship with an inanimate object which she owns (or the bank still owns, this portion was not made clear). I was rendered speechless by the undertones in this attempt to sell car insurance... I, kind of, still am. Of course, I suspect the homosexual version should start airing soon where Allstate covered the funeral arrangements and expenses, the remainder of the mortgage, and the university degree of an adopted Chinese daughter, after the sudden death of someone's life-partner. But I digress...

Well, this post took a sudden turn... But, as we'll soon be forced to say in this province, c'est la vie.


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Public Dental Extractions and Failed Call Centres

It's the beginning of a bad stretch of road that I'm fairly certain nobody knows how to navigate at least not properly. Just ask the movers and shakers of the criminal investment banking cartel where we go now, it won't be an answer you like, but they'll likely all agree that it's the only place to go. There are meticulous blueprints being followed in efforts of creating the perfect enemy and environment to lead us exactly where we are supposed to be led.

What other reason could there be for all the criminals who are still controlling their criminal empires, while wholly responsible for more death and suffering than any mob leader ever was... These monsters could make Al Capone blush.

It's compounded by retards in crown sponsored monopolies, who will want to raise the price of power to make us compensate them for their incompetence. Yet this is probably the same equipment Iran is not allowed to own... Not that I believe this cover story for a second. Far too suspicious and unlikely that it would be sold as scrap. Not to worry though, the equipment won't be used for terrorism because we're getting 2 calls a day at the anti-radicalization call centre, which, from a business perspective, is a huge failure and would be outsourced were it not government run... Them again, you never know, one thing is certain, they have something most do not: job security. Not even douchebag engineers at previously mentioned crown sponsored monopolies are safe while committing heinous douchebaggery while not working. Not that I'm condoning his idiocy, but I think a more fitting punishment would be to hold him down while the reporter in question kicks out a few of his teeth.

What does it matter? The news never puts all the pieces together, like in this gem which claims a warm blob in the ocean might be caused by a low pressure system yet fails to consider Fukushima radiation as a factor. Except it's probably exactly that, low pressure systems seem too too benign especially while there is a perfectly plausible cause to both problems. Scientists likely can't draw this conclusion though, so don't wait for the results of that study. Even in the unlikely event some scientists were left unmolested long enough to conclude my suspicions are true, it would never get through the second filtration system of lying journalists.

I'd say you could search the web to find your answers, just don't try to cover your tracks, because deleting data is criminal, unless you happen to be in a government committee, in which case, knock yourself out.