Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Expert-ish Opinions

I know it's been a while since I've come around these parts, so I've come to write things... I don't feel I have much to write about which likely means this will be a longer than average post.

So, let us begin.

The system would appear to be working as intended. The question of refugees being paid more than our poorest, pointed out to politicians that maybe there is something wrong, so, of course, they fixed it. Maybe the governments have decided that sanctions against Walmart were required so they've kneecapped their customers, which, in Quebec, is actually EVERYONE. Sounds stupider than most things I've ever said, but, I'm not one to delete the first thing that springs to my mind unless the grammar was awful.

Canada, a country divided, literally! Yet we are still too polite to blame a complete engineering failure on the engineers who failed... Likely for the same reason nobody fails a grade in school any more: we can't hurt people's self esteem... We can hurt people, or pretend to hurt people while 3 blocks away people really get hurt in the same way as the exercise was scripted, but that's different.

I'd like to say I have no idea how this keeps happening, but, I'd be lying. What's worse, is seeing where all of that leads, but that's all part of a plan. They likely know the plan, most of us do not. This ignorance is partially due to our acceptance of expert-ish opinions from paid shills hired to make us stupider enough that they have to dumb it down more than they may have a year ago.

It's working, isn't it?

Experts claimed a few years ago that the days of cheap oil were gone forever. Obviously, cheap oil has nothing to do with supply or demand, nor how hard it is to find more, nor anything else tied to reality.

But there's a double-talk coming out of the talking heads now as they try to convince us everything is fine, but maybe it isn't. This part of the plan I have not figured out yet. It is possible that they are covering their asses by covering all angles so they can say see we told you so... Trust us... OK, I did figure it out, didn't even take very long...

Speaking of told you so, I probably mentioned billions of dollars spent too keep a thousand people employed for a few years was less productive than just giving a billion dollars to the thousand people directly... Maybe I'll even look that post up, because I highly doubt we've got our billions worth yet, and they are playing it in such a way I'd bet billions they are trying to get more... Not that I expect to collect on that... Nor did we really collect on the 3 billion in stock that we sold last year as it was bought for more than that.

Then, there are the forecasts from NGOs whose primary goal is to bankrupt nations... I'd have to say that it's highly plausible that they will bankrupt a few more nations when they tell us that they plan to, even if they don't use those exact words.

Syria... No real change there, except for all the Putin bashing, which still isn't much of a change, given that Russia has always been our best phantom menace... Maybe the internet makes it impossible to build that kind of pure fear and loathing ever again. Maybe he has a hand in killing some guy, and maybe he doesn't, it still doesn't tally to match the war crimes committed in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and just about anywhere else NATO and the friends of Zion have left their mark. Sure he's a politician, and that is a job description synonymous with corruption, but actions in the present can absolve the sins of the past in accordance with most religious dogma.

This also works to the opposite as the past cannot absolve sins of the present. We fell off the moral high ground a long time ago when we sold ourselves to wolves in bankers clothing, at least as a whole... We cannot be a force for good when (mis)led by demons, and all the ignorance in the world cannot change the initial intent of the criminally insane monsters whose plan we are fulfilling by 'just following orders'.

It may wash our hands on the individual level, but that still bears the odour of selfishness which plays right back to the regularly scheduled programming of watching primadonnas bicker over who is more undeservedly famous for no plausible reason whatsoever. They call it programming for a reason, and it can't end so long as we keep buying whatever horseshit they are selling.


Friday, 8 January 2016

Freezing Fog, and Other Death From Above

The weather this morning is giving me some strange juju. I left the house at dawn to be met with freezing fog which makes little sense because ice doesn't hang in the air the way moisture and water vapour do. Yet, here we are... In an ominously frozen cloud. It's not even that cold, which, for anyone not familiar with Canada in the winter, still means colder than a walk-in freezer... Well I suppose that's enough about the weather.

Ice may be defying gravity, but the stock market certainly hasn't been. Some may be surprised by this, I am not. I've spent a lifetime looking at cause and effect and wondering why so few do this math to it's full conclusion.

I know it's easy to get caught up in the web as we are preyed upon from every angle, and lied to about all of it 24/7. It's all about stealing focus in a bait and switch magic act of pulling a quarter out of your ear, then pocketing it. Yes, that was the trick, it was your quarter, the ear thing was the distraction.

Politicians cannot change things despite whatever they may promise. They are either bound by whomever owns them or bound to contracts made before their rise to power. Trade agreements supersede local laws to such an extent that a Canadian company can sue Canada for aiding a Canadian competitor, so why should anyone have faith in government? Why does anyone still hold hope that the next time could be different? The only way it can be different is through a massive upheaval.

Too bad massive upheaval is already planned... We may not recognise which upheaval is thiers and which one's ours. I suspect some of us may see the earmarks, but that vast majority will not, much as they do not see the patterns emerging now. Unless we simply have death from above.