Tuesday, 29 November 2011

There's no "I" in "government" or "leader"

Granted there is an "I" in "president" and even three in "prime minister". Oddly enough there is no "I" in "ego", maybe this explains the confusion... But it certainly does not explain why the Canadian Government has been explicitly instructed to issue their press releases as being from the "Harper Government".

Maybe it's a simple question of ego-maniacal self centeredness and vanity, but I suspect it's worse than that... Especially when some official (even if 'former') tries to downplay any suspicions as "the stuff of "black helicopters and conspiracy theories."".


The silent U.S. invasion of Canada

As the old adage goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. However, you must remember to occasionally stand back and analyze who belongs in which group, because once our enemies are closer than our friends the line becomes blurry in much the same way as abduction victims often become sympathetic and even amicable towards their captors. Another adage 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth' despite it's meaning and origins tends only to remind me that the Trojans were once gifted a horse, giving this yet another double entendre.

Where was I going with this? Well, politicians fall into that group of people I try to keep 'closer' in terms of scrutiny. I particularly don't trust those that somehow managed to win despite the massive turn of events in my own Province, which is often the anecdote to the rest of the country, but I feel this time was acting as the antidote instead. Add to that there is another politician who I could not have voted for, and whom I believe was illegally on the ballot to begin with for a sum of two people I highly distrust. Well, now both of these leaders who've shown me no reason at all to trust either of them are engaged in talks about a 'perimeter agreement', the details of which are fairly secretive, but make "gift horse" promises about how much better it will all be. Well, don't look that in the mouth... No, instead we should carve open it's belly to see if it's intestines are, in fact, horse and not a security force bent on killing us in our sleep.

The Canadian Media is citing privacy, security, and consumer related concerns from many Canadian watchdog groups but is at the same time claiming that the agreement is not available for review by press nor public. To a large degree I actually believe this. One of the large points in the soundbite I watched last night cited there may soon be labeling of 'Made in North America' on products which sounds much worse to me than the way it was enthusiastically read by the announcer/reporter. The soundbite also made claims that Canada would see prices fall more in line with those south of the border... Where have I heard that line before? Maybe in 1991 with the introduction of the GST, or was I told this when NAFTA was signed? Either way, something that Mulroney had a part in... I have never voted 'Conservative' since, not that I did before anyway

Monday, 28 November 2011

Why Censorship­® is good for you*

The December 5th issue of Time Magazine in the U.S. VS the rest of the world. Something seems a bit different, but I can't seem to place it. Both are "TIME" magazine and dated DEC 5 2011. Both have a red border... So what's wrong with this?
U.S. Cover
Europe, Asia, and South Pacific Cover
I think this demonstrates the level of censorship that is actually going on.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


So on the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, (former U.S.) President George W. Bush, and (former U.K.) Prime Minister Tony Blair are found guilty of war crimes for their 2003 Iraq invasion. While this seems like a fitting celebration to commemorate the 1st false flag in the chain, and an unpunished "regime change" military operation I am left to wonder what it means.

I commend that the judges introduced such ideals that; there were no WMDs; PNAC already had a road map to this war including a 'new pearl harbor' event; and that 9-11 investigations and official stories are quite lacking in substance. It also makes note of the fact that any WMDs that might exist in Iraq were sold by Reagan and Bush senior to Saddam. Of course none of the prestitute media that has made mention of this verdict highlights any of this, but I'd expect nothing less from the talking-head puppets.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Greece and Italy would like to welcome their new overlords.

...And the central bankers all cheered...

Gone is the misconception of 'democracy'. Now the New World Order's plans are becoming very public, very visible, very bold, and absolutely illegal. They've had to accelerate the timetable because the veneer over their forged artwork called life has begun to crack, and the stick-figure behind the Mona Lisa's smile is becoming more clearly defined.

How dare the democratically elected Prime Minister of Greece ask the people if they would sell their children's children's children into bondage for a quick buck? It was not a question. It was never a question. It was an command not a choice, and you dare to question the judgement of those who know and worship the almighty buck more than anything tangible in this universe. The nerve! How dare the pawn question his king! Did he forget that he is an actor in the grand political theater? This will not do.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Walking the Razors Edge

Darkness approaches. I can hear it in my dreams.

A vision came to me many years ago that I would witness a time of great chaos. I never really knew what that meant. I also never saw it end, better nor worse, just no end at all. I never really understood what that meant either.

Yet here we are, standing on the precipice of a global revolt. Awakened to the startling reality that we are ignorant of our world and at fault for trusting those who willingly lied to us. It's haunting in it's familiarity even if only on a vaguely subconscious level, and again, I don't know what it means. All I've learned to do is ask the questions that few deign to ask, and to point out when those questions have not sufficiently been answered.

All I know is that the lie feels wrong and uncomfortable and initially only on a barely perceptible level, but once examined closely the more obviously flawed it becomes. Further to that end the exposure of the lie reveals that it's propagation is founded upon another lie, and further down ad infinitum until there is simply nothing of any real substance left. A house of cards built on a foundation of lies in a mirage of sanctity.

Have I wasted my time asking the wrong questions? or simply the wrong people? Have I protested the magician too quietly for anyone else to notice that i was on to him? Have I misread the vision? I've been called out on my beliefs and stood my ground while not turning my back on the wisdom of others. I've never claimed to always be right in most matters, but my gut feeling is usually proven to be correct.

A vision came to me today, but I found myself too busy gasping for air to try to remember what it was. But I think I might know what it meant.


Friday, 11 November 2011

The shell game (revealed)

The 'slight of hand' trick had us fooled for a great many years now. But it would appear the people shuffling the deck have become sloppy or possibly arthritic in the wrists. Always with their trusty patsy at their side 'big oil' trying to distract us from what was really at play. Maybe, they should not have been so eager to back-stab their long-time buddy with all the carbon-tax rhetoric. Pointing that finger might have left 'big oil' feeling a bit betrayed, and so 'big oil' has decided to let this hand play in silence. Not that they themselves are without guilt, but they are not the grand-standing event in this rant.

Yes, that's right, and oddly enough the press did not get the script this time either... Maybe the oil used on the printing press had dried up on that day... Oops! A minor mistake, 'big oil' forgot to fill the tanks despite that the bill had been paid. And so the mask that hides our reality slips ever so slightly as John Carney (Senior Editor for CNBC.com) raves about how Libyan rebels are the 1st coo in history to create it's own Central Bank while still enduring active resistance from the incumbent government.
He continues this vein by adding
"It certainly seems to indicate how extraordinarily powerful central bankers have become in our era".
This was all the way back in March of 2011, long before the coop d'état had even finished, and well before October 23 2011 when Libya celebrated it's so-called 'liberation'.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Are we at the boiling point yet?

So many things seem to be converging on a point of oblivion that I am not even sure what I should be talking about anymore. Maybe this post will just be a number of rants and questions that I can't seem to answer in my own head... Bear with me, it might get confusing.