Wednesday, 19 June 2013

the trip down memory lane via detours through unfamiliar territory

I heard a good joke last night: Quebec spends $500,000 to examine wasteful spending by feds. I am not sure if that was the joke or the punchline or where the drumroll fits, but it made me cry so hard I laughed. I know it's not nice to cackle wickedly at dumb animals, but I could never take myself seriously as a card carrying member of PETA either. I am almost sure this idea came directly from PETA because it leads me to wonder if there is going to be a mass kill of now 'illegal to sell' animals. Sounds like the logic of PETA (or dumb animals) to me.

Another thing that struck me straight out of the "what could possibly go wrong?" department is why attract a potential doomsday that we don't fully understand for 'further study'? Maybe we'll learn something, or maybe it will kill us all, but there seems to be very large potential risks associated with very small potential gains in this plan. Of course I'm not a rocket surgeon so there is a potential that I have no idea what I am talking about. I'd defer to my gut feeling, but I haven't eaten yet so my gut is somewhat upset right now.

I am impressed at how the lense flair
makes this look like he's firing a laser rifle.
Not so impressed with the statue.

Lately I find myself taking long walks through areas I used to frequent but haven't visited in a long time. It doesn't feel much like I am trying to reminisce over days that passed a dogs age ago, because so much has changed over the spans of time that these places bear little resemblance to my memories. The streets may still bear the same name and buildings the same numbers but the tenants moved elsewhere long ago save for a choice few who may have moved back. No it feels more like I am taking a last look at what is as though it may never be again. I don't know why that feeling comes over me yet, maybe it's due to some of the things I read, or maybe it's due to the unease that comes over me when I look into the eyes of random strangers and feel an almost soulless emptiness emanating from so many of them. I won't deny that some of my memories have been tarnished with age, or soiled by change because when I arrived at a park on the lakeshore, something seemed very 'off'. It was easy to target that there was now a WW1 memorial statue where some statue I can no longer remember used to be. But this statue was placed here in 2010 according to it's plaque, meaning my memory is not wrong.

I found myself thinking about how sad it is that we 'must never forget' those who sacrificed their lives to protect the 'interest of the bankers' (which they've chosen to call 'freedom'), yet it is somehow morally unacceptable to call it for what it really is. No, we must remember them for the heroism of fighting a brainwashed cause and not dare to look at it any other way. What do you think the fabled history would be if Germany won? Obviously everything written since WW1 would have been turned on it's head, but I suspect the bankers would still be exactly where they are now (hiding in in the shadows, which is out of bounds for us), since they are well known for hedging their bets on both sides of the conflicts they create. I don't wish to soil the memories of people who died believing in a cause, but if I choose to examine who or what truly benefited from WW1 or WW2 then I am somehow desecrating their memory? Why is that so when I had so little to do with desecrating their lives in the first place? It's true that I wasn't there in this lifetime, but with all the indoctrination and programming that goes on, would it matter if I was? History is a one sided story with an occasional footnote discrediting those who disagreed with whatever might have been decided at the time, but often we don't even get that much of the story. There are only a few reasons why history repeats itself, and these are the most prominent I can think of: we didn't learn from it last time -OR- it is no longer told as the lesson it was meant to be.

I think it is more wrong not to look for the lessons of history, than to blindly follow a moral rule meant to villainize us for thinking that there was supposed to be some lesson in the first place, don't you? My consequence for being wrong in this is much lower than everybody's consequence if I am right.



  1. I used to be one of those brainwashed fools, yet I appreciate you taking the time to see us as heroes because we did fight and we id only do it for the falsehood of real freedoms.
    It is a sad day.

    patrick from western KY

    1. I'm certain that if the reason for going to war were explained on day one of military recruit training as "we will send you to kill people you don't know so that the bankers, who presently own you, can steal them (and their oil/gold/silver/or whatever other resource they have) too" anyone of conscience would either quit the military on day one and risk dying penniless and in the streets, or wait until after the weapons training then go hunt down some bankers.

      There is nothing 'humanitarian' about bombing a nation because it's leader 'might' have been inhumane... If it were ever truly the case that an inhumane leader needs to get offed, wouldn't a small recon/assassin team be the most effective action? Lower body counts on all sides, reduced risk of collateral damage, no radar warnings, less risk of POWs leading to hostage negotiations... Imagine an entire war won without changing magazines at the cost of some training, gear, and fake passports, but that does not serve the profit machine so that is not how it's done.


    2. I have deleted a reply. I put it in wrong area.
      I signed in as conscientious objector, so they put me on a Destroyer Class as Gunner's Mate.
      Makes no sense.
      I paid a heavy price for refusal to harm others with intention, when I- know them not
      patrick in western ky

  2. Anaughty Mouser20 June 2013 at 02:02

    All wars are based on lies and all wars are bankers wars.

    You do the math.

    1. That math is simple

      X = X + Y%
      X < ∞

      The problem is they won't know what to do if we ever manage to pay back $infinity...

      Wait, we could mint an infinity coin and give it to them, couldn't we?



      Goddamn them all.
      BAl worshiping fuckers [the ELLS live there mainly].
      They have strong allegiance with Archons,
      dirtykid, I am a sensitive person, so to speak.
      I am not a hippy or new ager, and I want you to know that sincerely.
      I appreciate your work here.
      Please keep it up. U are going to get more readers.
      I could have gone into detail about Archons and their reptilian cohorts here in Israel, but that would mess things up in here.
      patrick from western ky

    3. And it gets creepier too.
      Glad to see you reading about it. Jay's been a cool man to listen too, yet he is not exactly treating you to the meat.

      You want a book?

      I am getting threatened to be put into psycho hospital by disgruntled ex wife who knows how to get new houses and children that live with dad- out of the picture.

      That's me ;-(
      Sorry for off topic...

    4. Funny... I have an ex-wife who knows how to get new houses too... She claims to be antisocial yet is terrified of being alone so she usually has a suitor or two at the ready. I am just thankful that I didn't procreate with that one, because now I don't have any dealings with her.